Galvatron w/ Cybertron Headmasters

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Galvatron w/ Cybertron Headmasters
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Ultra Markus writes: these Metallica mosh pits are getting outa hand!
Rainmaker writes: Autobot Headmasters: EVERYBODY HAS A CHANCE TO BE AN AUTOBOT
Galvatron: Frag it, you and your cheesy emotions, I'm crushing myself underneath an iceberg.
Mr Skram writes: Operation Hugs for Thugs was the last push Galvatron needed to finally accept the Titanmaster movement. Anything to get those greasy Autobots off his chassis...
Zeedust writes: It was then that Galvatron realized that while making a necklace out f his dead foes may have seemed like a good idea after he slaughtered the Micromasters, it was quickly becoming impractical.
omega wing writes: Headmasters: We love you unclegalvatron
Galvatron: Ah you guys
DarkDranzer writes: H1: AHH IT'S A PURPLE TRICERITOPS!!!

H2: Nahh!! It's a purple buffallo!!

H3: Well whatever it is this will sell heaps on EBay...GO FOR THE HEAD!!

Headmasters: YEAH!!

G: *enraged thinking* I am so sick of everyone makin' fun of m
Zeedust writes: The jealousy of the Headmasters finally hit a fever point when Galvatron got reissued.
Demonic Femme writes: Autobot Headmaster: Hey... is that an earing you're wearing?
DarkDranzer writes: *What pees Galvatron off: Take 2*

Galvatron: Aww jesus will you fan girls or guys or whatever the hell you are get off me before I blow you to peices!!


Galvatron: God!! P!$$ OFF WILL YA?
Zeedust writes: Chromedome: "Hey, look! Galvy's got a ruffled collar!"

Highbrow: Hey, he does! Tee hee, it's Sir Galvatron of the Queen's court!"
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Marv writes: And at this point it dawned on Galvatron that the "Peace-and-love-a-con" Gestalt team wasn't exactly Decepticon material after all...
Zeedust writes: And from the moment somebody shouted "Dogpile on Galvatron!' things went downhill very quickly.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Give me one reason I shouldn't blast you into smaller Cybertron Headmaster pieces...
Unknown writes: Chromedome: Surrender or be destroyed! Galvatron: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Galvatrons do not surrender; we CONQUER! (Galvatron proceeds to rip all the Autobot Headmasters apart!)
ionacus writes: in about 2 seconds galvatron is getting ripped apart for being in the armada comic book.
Alphatron2k3 writes: Someone told the Cybertron Headmasters that Galvatron was writing the Armada Scripts and had the sweeps doing the animation. and well the Headmaster didn't like that one bit.
Dean writes: cronedome:do you want beef bitch
Unknown writes: Galvitron: how come you guys are not sleeping dead
Chromedome & Stylor: we are the headmasters
Hardhead & Daros: the energon is bad for people to drink
Hibrow & Gort: we will defeat you once and for all
Brainstorm & Ar
Unknown writes: You think you can take me?!
Unknown writes: Behold, the mother of all orgies!
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Beast Simpson writes: Glvtrn: Dont get any ideas Slappy.
FortMax writes: group hug
Unknown writes: no everyone wants to do it with me
Unknown writes: the real headmaster is galvatron cus he is sucking them all off and leting them circle jerk all over his face!
Unknown writes: Hard-Head-"Oh my God, it's Galvatron, he's like so cute!" *Headmasters runs to Galvatron, screaming like N'sync Fan-girls*
Galvatron-"HELP!!! These fans are ripping pieces of my body off!"
tfpredaking writes: Give Me Head!!!
Firestorm writes: Hardhead: Galvatron, you're going to the dentist even if we have to drag you!
Unknown writes: Galvatron is about to be gang raped.
Unknown writes: cripes!!! the life of a superstar is never ending.
dino writes: Cybertron Headmasters: It Galvatron I'm going to his take Gun Galvatron: Hello Hello hey you give me back my Gun
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dino writes: Cybertron Headmasters: It Galvatron I'm going to tough his Gun and then take it Galvatron: Hello Hello hey you give me back my Gun
Unknown writes: Galvatron: You'll never get it out of me! Master: Oh, I think we can. (Master reaches behind him) Galvatron: No, no no not Barney!!
APOLLO writes: Chromedome: "All right Galvatron, where is he, where is Osama bin Laden."
hotspot writes: Hardhead: Take me to the prom please Galvatron. Brainstorm: No me. Chromedome: No me. Highbrow: No me. Galvatron:WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"Damn, us Jap cartoons are weird."
Unknown writes: G: Sorry children, Daddy has no chocolat for you
Unknown writes: GROUP HUG!
Speedbreaker writes: Galvatron:"Uhh... is their some reason your massaging my shouldiers?"
Unknown writes: Before having nebulans behind the wheel, the Autobot Headmasters where first piloted by teletubbies. However their excessive hugging did little against enemy forces.
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Unknown writes: Now be truthful...does this frilly collar make me look fat?
Unknown writes: Smile!, Its a kodak moment
Unknown writes: Galvatron: HEY...*uuK* I heard of a himlec manuver, but with 4 guys doin it? please!!!
Chromedome: Hey youre choking on the matrix dammit! STAND STILL!!
Galvatron: Wait! You got the wrong Galva......ERK!!!!
Thunderstreak writes: Chromedome: "We're serious Galvatron...get our names on some RiD toys too or else!"
Unknown writes: Headmasters: Will you be our special friend? Galvatron: NO! Brainstorm: Pleeeeease? (Blinks optics like Dot Warner)
Unknown writes: Galvatron:(Thinking)"Urge to flip out, scream like a maniac, andfire my gun until the barrel overheats and melts like hot butter...RISING!!!'
Blitzkrieg writes: Galvatron: "What the fµ©k...???" Headmasters: "Aaww yeah, give us some wuv, baby!"
Blitzkrieg writes: (high-pitched girlie screams) "It's him! It's Ricky Martin!" (more high-pitched girlie screams)
Silverwolf writes: Galvatron: Okay, okay, I'll calm down, but only IF YOU GET YER HAND OFF MY BOOB!
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Silverwolf writes: YOU CAN'T KEEP THE MAN DOWN!
Nightwing writes: Galvatron:Hey listen, just because I now have hooker boots, it doesn't mean I swing that way!
Unknown writes: The 4 Horny Headmasters want Galvatron's Body so badly, they won't share.
Unknown writes: KODAK:Share the moments,Share life!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Galvatron: Ok, look! I did NOT cut the cheese! I swear it was Fortress Maximus!
Unknown writes: Happy Birthday, Galvy. Happy Birthday!
Dynamus Prime writes: Relax, sir! I'm a trained professional!
Unknown writes: Chromedome (sobbing): I love you, man! C'mere! (hugs Galvatron).
Bumblebee writes: Galvatron: No autobot rape. Who is that groping me. actaully who is giving me a blow job now i know why people call you guys headmasters
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Unknown writes: GALVATRON:I can crush you Autobot Headmasters like Bill Goldberg does to wimpy wrestlers. I'M SERIOUS!
Unknown writes: Autobot: " Hey Galvatron! Do your 'Leonard Nimoy' voice!"
Mirage writes: See, we Headmasters are really BAAADDDDDDD to the bone.
Unknown writes: BIG HUG (ala Teletubbies)
Unknown writes: O.K Lets see..the arm goes here.
Unknown writes: Before they decided to make his character a maniac, the writers wanted Galvatron to be a mellow, free spirited chap who enjoyed giving hugs to large groups of people.
Unknown writes: Look, it's Galvitron as ShakeSphere! Let's shoot him!
Deceptica writes: SURPRISE! Happy Birthday Galvatron!
Unknown writes: You're the best arch-nemesis the Autobots could have! C'mere, you!
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Unknown writes: Hey, Cylonus... Whatcha think of my new necklace?
Unknown writes: DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!
Bombshell writes: Galvatron didn't much like the surprise he got for his birthday.
Bombshell writes: Galvatron didn't much like the suprise he got for his birthday.
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: AWWWWW WE WUV YOU GALVATWON!!
Unknown writes: CHROMEDOME: "Group hug!"
GALVATRON: "Damn...why did I ever join AA?"
Unknown writes: Get off me you faggits!
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