Skywarp holding a man

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Skywarp holding a man
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Shuttershock writes: "Crazy Skywarp's Discount Humans! Buy Three for the Price of THREE! Do it now or I'll KILL THIS HUMAN!"
Rainmaker writes: Skywarp: Lets see if I remember how to play this fleshy game called baseball...
Rainmaker writes: Skywarp: Are you the one in charge of the Ultimate Caption Contest?
Man: Y-yes...
Rodimus Prime writes: "I'm going to be in the next Bay film? Shut up and take my human!"
shockticus writes: Okay, Osama, tell me where Saddam hid the missiles!
Skywarp: I dont think the Americans will think the same.
phillmo writes: *You just wait, 20 years from now!* *A force of A-10's will arrive, renovate your contry and blame you for all the worlds evils!*
Zeedust writes: Guy: "Sim sim sala bim!"
Skywarp: "Sim sim sala bite me, fleshy."
hot rod 907 writes: Skywarp: "You aint getting away this time Osama!"
Osama: "Uuuuuuuhhhhhh, I'm not Osama, I'm a genie!"
Skywarp: "OH BOY! Here are my wishes:
1. I want to lead the Decepticons.
2. I want Megatron and Starscream to be
Zeedust writes: "I thought you said these things had Kung-Fu Grip."
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Mad_Mexicoy writes: Hey!! I found him!!! I found Osama!!!
SilentBlaster writes: Skywarp:Will you help us rule the earth Osama Binladen?
Afghanistan:For the last time I am not Osama Binladen!
Zeedust writes: Not once in Skywarp's career has he had a toy mold to call his very own. Omar chose a VERY bad day to be working at Hasbro.
luevanoalx writes: SKYWARP: OK,WHERE THE HELL IS APU???
Zeedust writes: "I'll see you at the San Diego Comic-Con, b*tch."
Demonic Femme writes: Skywarp: Alright, the rules are simple- we toss these desert-fleshlings around until they start talking. Here Starscream, you take this one.
Starscream: I beg to differ! This is the most informal interrogation I've ever taken part in!
Skywarp: Jus
gauthic_angel7680 writes: can we eat it?
ShYnE writes: Skywarp: Soooooooo, infidel, you wanna be a martyr ehhh??
King Slick writes: Skywarp: You sold me bogus warheads, that makes me angry...VERY, VERY ANGRY!
Arms dealer: I sware, the US will bring down much death on me and my people!
Skywarp: So will I...
Hot§hot writes: SkyWarp: Hmm... *looks closely*, nope you're not Bin Laden *throws behind him, w/ impact kill impersonator, and goes onto the next "rag-head"*
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Ataraxia writes: "Hey thundercracker, get another one and tie rope to his feet and we'll have us a game of conkers"
Tiedye writes: SKYWARP- Do you think the American forces would give us money if we told them we have Bin Ladin?
Megatron-First contact the Saudi royal family and hold him for ransome then we can compare prices and give him to the highest bidder.
Zeedust writes: The original plan was to cast classic action figures in "Team America: World Police Force," but as you can see... Well... It just didn't work out.
commander setinel writes: bomb us will you
Zeedust writes: Skywarp: "I told you my Halloween costume would be better than yours, Tony. I got the size right, and you didn't even get the hair color right. Who's ever heard of an arabic redhead?"

Arab Guy: "Lemme tell you something, Dan.
Kal-Seth writes: Skywarp: Look at my New Arab Action figure With Karate Chop Action
Nightshadow writes: Skywarp: Is this Osama Bin Laden, Lord Megatron?
Megatron: No, he just looked like a tasty snack.
Castle74 writes: Skywarp: Alright, enough of your %$#@! Where's Bin Laden?!
Scooter writes: Even Decepticons don't like Al-Jazeera TV
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Hey Megatron, check out this sterotype I found!
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Unknown writes: Vishnu can't save you now, flesh creature!
Grimstormrat writes: Doctor Quest will see you now, literally
Jedi_Shepp writes: Thundercracker, go ask Megatron for the instructions. I keep breaking these things when I try transforming them.
Jedi_Shepp writes: Hey Starscream, go find another one so I can re-enact that one Ent scene from The Two Towers. Smashy smashy!!
Shadow Fox writes: And today there is late breaking news, it seems a top ranking Iraqi official that has supported Sadaam, has been caught by a massive robot, stay with us for more late breaking news at 9.
metalformer writes: SKYWARP: This is one of the so-called 'terrorist' everybody istalking so much about. Shoudl we join them, Megatron? / MEGATRON: No way! They're so treacherous they would use us as 'missiles' for their next atta
Unknown writes: Skywarp:hahahahahahahhahahaha!someone to put under our control!AUGH! GET THOSE CAMERAS OUT OF MY FACE!
Unknown writes: Skywarp:Die Osama.When you crached that plane into world trade center our stock went down 50%!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron, can I keep him? I promise to take care of him.
BlItZeR writes: "I caught Usama, youre next Saddam, muhahahahah"
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Alphatron2k3 writes: Skywarp: Hey I found a Armada Writter! What should I do with him Megatron?
Megatron: Killing him would be pointless, but trotureing him and forcing him to do quality scripts would be a start Skywarp.
Roddimus writes: look what i bought on ebay
Unknown writes: I'm gonna batter-fry you, Mister.
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Look, Starcream. A mint condition talking Osama Bin Laden Action Figure.
I'm gonna sell it $25,000,000.
Starscream: Maybe we must pack it in a coffin. Then we get more money because they shall think its Factory sealed.
Unknown writes: for once i am routing for a decepticon...go kill sudam wo ho ho ya!!
Dean writes: Skywarp: you ----ing arab die
Rhys writes: Where's your Allah now huh?
Rhys writes: These Arabs just never learn. First I had to kill Bin Laden for flying my Fiance into the Pentagon, then Hussain set fire to his oil fields when we were raiding them and got Starscream scalded, now this runt wants a free ride in me.
Unknown writes: HEy Starscream Look at the ctach of the day!
Unknown writes: HEy Starscream Look at the ctach of the day!
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Unknown writes: So you lot are supposed to be conquers?
Unknown writes: Prez-I knew enlarging our action figures would work!Mwuhaha!!!
Bruticus writes: Skywarp contemplates the political correctness of the situation.
Unknown writes: ...and to think we just ran out of toilet paper! My luck is changing! Hold your breath fleshbag!
Unknown writes: Why the hell did you make Starscream fly into those towers?
Shadowcon writes: Now Osama I told you I'm not that way! Stay out of my ass crack or you'll feel something worse than a camel...
Shadowcon writes: Now Osama I told you I'm not that way stay out of my ass crack or you'll feel something worse than a camel.
Unknown writes: Mr. sand man... i had a dream.... that i smashed you and turned you into cream!
Ricochet writes: Skywarp: I will osama yo mama!
Unknown writes: (skywarp) Now i can collect the bounty on osama bin ladin.
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Metroplex writes: Where's Saddam?! Tell me or I'll stomp on you like a waterbug!
Beast Simpson writes: Skywarp: Can I PLEASE get some Wacki Iraqui candy, Megatron?!
ionacus writes: skywarp:is this that saddam *&%#@ we are looking to kill
Unknown writes: This little Pigge went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy is GONNA DIE!!!!
zach writes: skywarp:if you wont tell me the way to the mens room ill find it myself
Unknown writes: "Megatron wants to recruit you, Bin Laden. Oh, and, we'll kill you afterwards."
Unknown writes: Skywarp meets Osama bin Laden
Unknown writes: *sings* 99 little agghani on the wall 99 little afghanis..ya turn one around and shoot him down, 98 little afghanis on the wall
Unknown writes: This will teach you to pick on airplanes!!!!
Unknown writes: I caught bin Laden, where's my energon reward?
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Unknown writes: let's throw this f u c k i n g ass f u c k against the wall and see how funny it is!
Unknown writes: I may be evil but i still have that bitch osama bin ladden!!!
Unknown writes: "Hey, Megs! Whaddya think happens when I put him in the same cage as George Bush?" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Megatron merry christmas, I bought you a tactical specialist.

Megatron: Ah thank you skywarp, I am MOST pleased.

Starscream: Kiss ass *mumbles* you do know he flies planes into buildings to blow them both up.

Skywarp: What?!?!?

Sideswipe writes: Skywarp: Hey, Megatron, where should I take this human?
Megatron(off camera): Take Detroit!
Sideswipe writes: Skywarp: Should I break Decepticon code and tell GI JOE where Bin Laden is ?
guy: I told you before I'm not Bin Laden! I'm part korean, I'm from Rhode Island! You said, it didn't matter!
Skywarp: yeah, and I&
Dj Flash writes: Skywarp: hey, can i join the axis of evil? Afghanistan: Really, we don't have any weapons! Skywarp: right...
Unknown writes: Hey, this is the first Indian guy I have ever seen with a red beard and fair skin.
Unknown writes: Get me a squishee, Apu!
APOLLO writes: When WMD's fight back!!
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Kamikazecon writes: BWAHAHAHA, NOW who's the action figure?
ryo777 writes: SKYWARP: WHAAAAAT!!! Ten bucks for a FRIGGIN Slurpee?!!...drink THIS @SSHOLE!!
ryo777 writes: SKYWARP: Hey Hadji, "Johnny Quest" called...he wants you back on the set PRONTO!!
ryo777 writes: SKYWARP: OH YEAH,"Bin Jerk-Off"!! You enjoy sending planes INTO buildings?!!...Well, this PLANE is gonna send ya into a....
ryo777 writes: SKYWARP: GO AHEAD!! I DARE you to say "Thank you, COME AGAIN"!!...I DARE YOU!!
ryo777 writes: SKYWARP: Awwwww SH*T, ya shoulda jumped on your MAGIC carpet when ya had a chance!! Say GOOD NITE, Sinbad!!
Unknown writes: Now tell me, where is the other Hasbro stereotype!? That frenchie from GI Joe, where is he?!
Unknown writes: S: How the hell did you hide twenty AK-47s under your clothes?
O: Stop shaking me, you cybernetic infidel! That was the last one.
S: Stripsearch is standard procedure before meeting with Megatron, Mr. Laden.
Pokejedservo writes: Pitching in the Middle East is being a LOT more fun now.
Omega Supreme writes: Skywarp: To drop you or not to drop you in to endlesspitwichleadstoariverofacidandhorriblecreatures??, that is the question.
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z writes: Skywarp: Hey Bin Laden, I notice you're evil too... wanna join the Decepticons?
Bin Laden: You American Pigs!
Skywarp: I'll take that as a no...
Unknown writes: Guess what I was scanned from? US Airforce, bitch!
Unknown writes: Don't we all wish it was so?
Skywarp writes: i found him. i'll take my reward in energon please.
Unknown writes: TAKE THAT BIN LADIN!!!!!!!!
dino writes: Afghanistan: Put me down Skywarp: why should I
Afghanistan: Because I...I...I have to go to the bathroom Skywarp: you have a problem
Manchester Devil writes: Skywarp: How would you like it if I fly into Highbury?
Osama bin Laden: Please, I beg of ye, anywhere but there! *cries*
Unknown writes: Skywarp: "How 'bout I sling your ass into the Taj Mahal?!"
BinLaden- "I knew that was gonna come back and bite me in the ass..."
Unknown writes: Skywarp: "Think you can take me over with box cutters, biatch?"
Arab guy: "How many are we talking?"
Skywarp: "That's it! It's a b*tch-slappin for you!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: "Your ass is grass now, Bin Laden!!!"
Arab guy: "Damn beard..."
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APOLLO writes: Skywarp "So Osama, you like crashing planes into buildings eh, how about I transform and run your ass into the Taj Mahal you little prick"
APOLLO writes: Skywarp: "Go ahead, call me an infidel, I dare you!!"
mouse writes: Skywarp, undisputed hero and savior for the USA...Say your prayers Osama Bin-Laden!!! >:(
Unknown writes: Sadly enough, Dubya then announces that Decepticon Day will go on as scheduled....
Unknown writes: Aaaaaaahh! Justice!
Unknown writes: SW:now hand over the 25 mil ive got to go buy a harem of jump jets and and commercial planes ooh yeah daddys gonna git sum suga tonight!
Unknown writes: looks a tad bit scrawny; better throw it back.
Unknown writes: This is for that 747, the best looking bird to let me stick my fuel coil in her baggage compartment!
Rodimus Major writes: the new terrorists despose of the old terrorists. the world is in for it now!
Unknown writes: SW:I codename myself...jesus
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Unknown writes: Skywarp:"You like to blow up planes, huh? My how the tables have turned."
Unknown writes: lets throw bin laden into a building and see what happens
Unknown writes: lets throw bin laden into a building and see what happens
Stacey writes: Skywarp:Hey, look Megatron, I found this loser hiding in a cave.
Megatron: Excellent work, now let shoot him with my cannon.
Unknown writes: Indian man: No. I am not Bin Laden.

Skywarp: Says who?
Mr. X writes: Bin Laden: "I must warn you! I have a bomb on me!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Hey guys, I found Bi Laden, That cash reword is mine ha ha ha!
teletran2 writes: Hey, I found that bin Laden guy!
Unknown writes: i wonder what will happen if i snorted this. will i truely get to see all those funny little creatures?
Unknown writes: You just know the yanks will make some stupid Osama Bin Laden Joke and damm I was right
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Speedbreaker writes: Megatrons latest crazy scheme of the week:capture Osama, then use the bounty to buy the worlds energy supplies.
Spiderman writes: tell your boss OsamoBin Laden that no matter where he goes, we will still find him and whip his ass!
Unknown writes: so you s£!t motherfµ©king camel jockey,go home and tell osama that i come and skin his ass raw
Unknown writes: Skywarp: God damn stinky arabs with fµ©ked up turbans keep s£!tin on my shoes
Unknown writes: Hey! you and Megaton would get a long great! You know that he tryed to sink the Emiore State Bulding, and take over New York!
Unknown writes: Sky-warp thinking to himself:I wonder what Bin Laden soup would be like?
Unknown writes: Skywarp: I have come for the bounty on this f*** nut.
Megatron(as Jaba the hut): Atlast we have the mighty Bin Ladin...KILL HIM!
Unknown writes: SW: Hey guys, lookie who I found, that Osama Geek!
TC: Osama is just another name for SKEET!!!
Osama silently soiling his pants
Unknown writes: all right you little bitch osama, now its time for you to become the next suicide bomber
Unknown writes: Hey we found Bin Laden, lets go crash him into a building.
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Unknown writes: Pardon me, sir...are you Casey Kasem? ;)
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Here you go Mr. President, Osasam Bin Laden. Now, about that $25 Million?
Unknown writes: "Bin Laden" Huh? looks more like a little puke to me. Megatron, can I wipe up the floor with him now?"
Unknown writes: Hmm. Bin Laden huh? What do you say, guys? Teleport, eject his @$$ and watch his molecules get scattered across the face of the planet? Sweet! Head between your legs, terror-boy...
Dynamus Prime writes: Ah! Toilet paper!
Dynamus Prime writes: You're the one responsible for 9/11? You don't look so tough to me!
Andrew writes: Skywarp: boys and girls now watch as i blow a cap n this mothafµ©ka's ass
Unknown writes: Skyiwarp: How dare you amke me fly into things!
Blitzkrieg writes: Bin Laden: "How come Bush gets cool robot soldiers and I get some measly Muslim humans?"
Unknown writes: Skywarp:"This Bin Laden f**ker aint so tough,see?One good yank,and his spine comes right out!!"
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Unknown writes: Geez... i thought we laid traps down! these humans get everywhere!!
Unknown writes: Aw Crap,I stepped on another Human.I swear these damn things are worse than cockroaches.
Silverwolf writes: DUDE! I'm from India, not Afganistan, I CAN'T BE BIN LADIN!

Skywarp: Yeah, well the secretary of defense don't give a s£!t, ya fµ©king rag head.
Unknown writes: Time for an Anal probin' Bin Dumbs£!t!
Unknown writes: Skywarp : You were gonna crash us into sky scrapers......why you little...
Super Prime writes: Skywarp: Hey Megatron, I found a terrorist. Megatron: Not A terrorist THE terrorist named Osama Bin Laden. Skywarp: What do you want me to do with him. Megatron: Feed him to the Sharkticons.
Unknown writes: Who put this in my food!?!?
Mirage writes: Skywarp : Who wants to bid for Osama??
Unknown writes: One used tissue coming up!
Unknown writes: SKYWARP:Hey,STARSCREAM!I got a $25 million human germ for christmas.What did YOU get? STARSCREAM:If I was Al Bundy of "Married with children",I'd be having your wife.
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Windcharger writes: Osama: Damn, that Bush got some good soldiers
Unknown writes: Skywarp Singing: Hey O! Heyyy Yo! Come with the Taliban, turn over Bin Laden, with one bomb, two bomb, three bomb blow! Day light come and we drop the bomb. Six Bomb, Seven Bomb, Eight Bomb blow, Cruise Missile coming at your door.
Unknown writes: SEE I DO HAVE Osama Bin Laden. Now give me my 25 million dollars!
Unknown writes: Look what I pulled outta my ass!
Unknown writes: "Osama": May the Mother of your Camel spit in your yogurt"
Skywarp: "You've been watching [i]TOO MUCH[/i] M*A*S*H"
Unknown writes: You had no idea did you,
That I had a human in my pants.
Unknown writes: Skywarp: So your Bin Laden, your not so tough now are you.
Jackpot writes: "Zees is unbearable! I demand you unhand me at once, you feelthy jackal's whelp, you son of a motherless-- dude, what the hell happened to your intake things?"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Hey Prime, If I take off his turban, do you think hell have two faces like that Voldamort guy?
Unknown writes: Look at it!! Look at the Ugly that is you!! Look at the funnyness that is you!! Look at...well...its just binladin.
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Unknown writes: Skywarp: I've brought you Bob Barker, Megatron
Megatron: That Osama Bin Laden you idiot!
Unknown writes: Nah. This Beanie has no tag on him. He might run you $20 but no more.
Brodimus Prime writes: Skywarp: Hey, Prime, you want this piece of human slag??
Optimus: That's Oasama!! No Skywarp, you can have him...hehe.
Osama: Nooooooo!!!!
Unknown writes: HEEEEEYYYYY!!! I ordered no humans on my cheeseburger!!!
Unknown writes: Hey, Mr. President! I found Osama Bin Laden! Catch! (Bush misses, Osama hits floor with a deadly SMACK!).
Unknown writes: "Eeew, look what i found crawling around on my scalp!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: This Looks Alot Like Osama bin Laden!!!!
Unknown writes: Phase 1 of the decepticons bid rof world domination is about to bgin first using these guys we dorner the market on motel suites, then those japanese guys with their electronics, and oh yeah those Jewish people for good business measure
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Well whaddaya know... Something DID crawl up Megs afterburner!
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Hey, I found Santa Claus!
Megatron: You idiot, that's Bin Laden. Feed him to Ravage!
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Mtx writes: Oh almost got it that time Ravage. Just jump a little higher.
Sheba writes: Skywarp: "Hey Sheba, I'll throw him and you see if you can catch him before the first bounce."
Snake writes: i know some new yorkers really mad at you, don corna ,don lasagna,and don ded don, so i'm taking you up there and they're making you an offer you can't refuse
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Look Megs, he followed me home! Can I keep him?
JP writes: Megatron: "No Skywarp! For the last time, that's NOT Osama Bin Laden! That's just a guy with beard who is dressed like him..sheesh!I work with morons.."
Jay Prime writes: And stay out!
Unknown writes: "So Rumble, how far back do you think I can bend his shoulder?"
Lord Galvatron writes: "Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" "Aw, Skywarp! That trick NEVER works."
Unknown writes: Hey Starscream! You think I should drop kick this human...

OOS Starscream: Yea, see if you can kick him over the Atlantic!
Bombshell writes: Hey, Megatron. I found that Mango dude. Can I keep him, please?
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Optimus writes: What happens when you f**k with the USA!!!
rumble writes: Skywarp: Here, Mr. President, I got you your Bin Laden, now wheres my energon cookie?
Unknown writes: Hey, I found Osama!
Unknown writes: SKYWARP: "Prepare for the Wedgie of Doom!"
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