Megatron Origin Series On the Way From IDW

Megatron Origin Series On the Way From IDW

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007 6:52pm CST

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Some people may remember back at Botcon 2006 IDW mentioned that they considered doing a on shot Megatron Origins story. We reported this here. Well it looks like there will be a Megatron origin comic on the way, and that is not all. It will be a four part mini series. Chris Ryall has confirmed this in IDW's forums. Here are some quotes from Ryall when asked about the series:

"Quote (Ironhide @ Dec. 24 2006,12:21)
In 2005 we had 1 issue from IDW-verse: Infiltration #0

In 2006 we had 16 issues from IDW-verse:
Infilitration 1-6, Stormbringer 1-4, Spotlight 1-4, Escalation 1-2.

In 2007 we'll have:
Escalation 3-6 (4 issues)
Spotlight 5-7 (3 issues: Ultra Magnus, Soundwave, Kup)
"Megatron's Origin" 1-4 (4 issues)

That's 11 issues + probably there will be more like Devastation & Spotlights

Will Devastation start in september after Megatron's Origin or maybe other date?? And if this other date, then when??

Will Devastation be 6-issues mini-series like Escalation??

What will be the name of "Megatron's Origin" Mini-series??

Do you plan something more for IDW-verse in 2007??
And I don't count Devastation, Spotlights, Escalation & megatrons' origin
Simple answer YES or NO? ;)

Ryall: Devastation's set to be 6 issues.

Megatron: Precursor is 4 issues.

And yes, of course much more is planned beyond those."

"Quote (DanielW @ Dec. 24 2006,3:36)
Is Megatron: Precusor the Spotlight miniseries you hinted at previous?

And this infamous "character with an "o" in his name" an Autobot, Decepticon or Other?

Ryall: Yes, and yes."

"Quote (WindChargerNut @ Dec. 25 2006,6:19)
Will the Megatron mini include any existing characters? I'm not asking for names here but if you give any that's a cool bonus.

Ryall: But of course. Here's one: Starscream. But not exactly as you'd expect."

Credit(s): Chris Ryall

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