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Tech Specs

Bugbite is a Decepticon shrouded in mystery. Many serving under Bludgeon are unsure as to why he has gained such favor. Commander of one of the finest ships within Bludgeon's army, Bugbite enjoys a unusual freedom of action, often disappearing for months at a time with his eclectic crew of ne'er-do-wells on missions of which none of them ever speak. Many under his command have abandoned partners and friends without a word leading many to suspect even greater duplicity than is typical among the Decepticons.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Thousands of yers ago in the distant galaxy of Alpha Centauri, a humanoid race of aliens suffered a mass extinction. The race that succeeded them was a more mechanical based one, capable of changing their forms into vehicles and creatures. For centuries, these creatures fought a civil war until one day extinction threatened their world once again. Putting aside their differences, the factions identified that hte source of the threat came from an alternate dimension. Once the exact dimension was identified, a team was dispatched to investigate. One of the key members of this team is Bug Bite, a brilliant scientiest with a sadistic streak. He believes science is the ultimate key to understanding the universe, and he will not allow anything to stand in that way, not even morality. He enjoys tormenting other creatures for his personal gain. When he entered the Milky Way galaxy, and discovered the Decepticons, he decided to disguise himself as one of them knowing his cruel ways would not draw any attention to him as he sought out the source of the threat to his homeworld.
Abilities: Bug Bite recently modified his form to adapt to conditions on Earth. His vehicle form can achieve a maximum speed of 150 mph. He is specially adept at evading pursuers with stunts that would impress even the Stunticons. He tows a Tidal Wave unit that performs aquatice reconnaissance for him when necessary. In robot mode Bug Bite lacks physical strength but more than makes up for it with a seemingly endless supply of gadgets and devices that do everything from scanning enemy bases to jamming nerual impulses. Specially designed sensors built into his hands and wrists allow him to determine the inner working of almost any mechanical device faster than any of his comrades. Tidal Wave transforms into a winged flight pack that links up to Bug Bite's back and fires charged plasma bursts up to a range of a mile.
Weaknesses: Bug Bite's ambition often causes him to cross his comrades, causing them to seek retribution against him.
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