Series: Victory
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroups: CombinersDinoforce
Victory Dinoking gallery

Tech Specs

As one might expect of a Transformer combining the entire Dinoforce, he's the top Destron when it comes to being violent. His rival is Landcross, the Cybertrons' Multiforce gestalt. He's pushing to become Emperor of Destruction, and if left alone, he won't stop what he's doing 'til he drops dead.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Dinoking is the combination of all six Dinoforce warriors. With the bodies and minds of all six members combined into one he is the top Destron when it comes to violence. He enhances the natural abilities of all the members of the force and adds a few of his own. He is outrageously strong, but not too bright. He is somewhat insubordinate when it comes to taking orders and prefers to go about fighting in his own fashion. He has a fierce rivalry with the Cybertron Gestalt warrior, Landcross. He will stop at nothing to destroy his enemy.
Abilities: Dinoking is a massive powerhouse. He can crush a battleship to pieces like swatting a fly. His weapon of choice is the Dinoblaster, a massive energy cannon capable of firing powerful blasts of pure energy. His final attack is the "Dino Crusher Energy Surge". He can concentrate all his energy to the core of his body and then release it in one devastating attack. The blast is capable of reducing an entire city block to ashes.
Weaknesses: Dinoking's insubordinate attitude often gets him in trouble with Deathsaurus. Dinoking prefers to act on his own terms, which enrages his teammates. His decision to fight solo often puts him in over his head in a battle.
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #280 - A Roar That Grasps Victory
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