Ikard Octoba Barks

Series: Beast Wars II
Faction: Maximal
Subgroup: Ultra Beasts

Tech Specs

Born Ikard Oktoba Barx, he and Scuba are cousins and friends since childhood. Ikard is like a big brother to Scuba, and taught him the Surumerang attack that is Scuba's specialty. Normally, he is a cool sort roaming about through space, playing a big role in cooperation with the Cybertron forces. On the other hand, he also has a gentle side, and is always worried for his cousin Scuba, fighting away on planet Gaea. Ikard is quite erudite, and is also known as a historian.

Total: 49
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Born Ikard Octoba Barx, he is the cousin and childhood friend of the Maximal called Scuba. Ikard is possibly the only other Transformer that Scuba trusts with his personal secrets. They are like brothers. He plays an important role in the Cybertronian war; delivering essential cargo to Maximals stationed far off in the galaxy. It was Ikard who delivered the near unstoppable weapon, the Tako-Tank, to his cousin Scuba. Ikard is also considered quite intelligent and is well-known historian.
Abilities: Ikard is an excellent pilot, able to navigate through the dangers of space with ease. He is also an accomplished warrior. He even taught Scuba his trademark "Surumarang" attack.
Weaknesses: Ikard tends to be preoccupied worrying about the welfare of his cousin Scuba. This often distracts him.
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Cartoon Appearance

Ikard Octoba Barks appeared in the following 1 cartoon episodes:

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