Series: Generation 2
Faction: G2 Autobot
Subgroup: Aerialbots
Generation 2 Sling gallery

Tech Specs

He won't ever win a Mr. Popularity contest -- incessant braggart who takes credit for exploits of other Autobots. Optimus Prime supports him because he's hard working and loyal. Extremely manuverable with vertical landing and take off capability. Flies at Mach 1.6 with 800 mile range. A sharpshooter with twin mortar cannons as jet, neutron rifle as robot. Forms Superion with fellow Aerialbots.

Total: 54
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Slingshot won't ever win a Mr. Popularity contest. He's an incessant braggart, even when he's done absolutely nothing to brag about. He likes to take credit for the exploits of others, a thoroughly annoying habit that never fails to elicit animosity from his fellow Aerialbots. Most of the other Autobots are also aware of Slingshot's rotten personality and would prefer he removed himself from their struggle against the Decepticons. But, much to the surprise of almost everyone, Autobot leader Optimus Prime turns a blind optical sensor to Slingshot's faults, and instead is very supportive of him. Optimus Prime realizes, and he may be the only one who does, that Slingshot acts this way to disguise his own lack of confidence- he's the slowest and has the least range of all the Aerialbots and feels inferior as a result. Despite everything else, Slingshot is a loyal and hardworking soldier, qualities that Optimus Prime believes merit his understanding and trust.
Abilities: Slingshot is a VTOL- a vertical take-off-and-landing aircraft, which means he can shoot straight up off the ground like a rocket and needs only a launching pad, not a long runway, to take off from and land upon. Although the slowest of the Aerialbots- his maximum speed is Mach 1.6- he's the most maneuverable. He can virtually turn, in mid-air, on the proverbial dime. His range is 800 miles. He is also the best sharpshooter of the Aerialbots- his twin mortar cannons can hit a highway stop sign six miles away. In robot mode, he uses with extreme accuracy a neutron rifle, which shoots packets of neutrons at two hundred rounds per second. A short barrage can level a city block. He combines with his fellow Aerialbots to form the giant robot known as Superion.
Weaknesses: Slingshot's unorthodox method of flying takes its toll on his equipment- he requires 50% more maintenance than his fellow Aerialbots. Their dislike for him often results in their leaving him behind in dangerous situations to fend for himself.
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