Age of Extinction

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Sub-Series: Age of Extinction: Generations, Age of Extinction: Construct-Bots, Age of Extinction: Robots In Disguise, Takara Tomy: Movie Advanced

Similar Series: Transformers (2007), Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Hunt For The Decepticons, Reveal The Shield (Movie Universe), Dark of the Moon, Movie Trilogy Series, Transformers Universal Studios, Transformers: The Last Knight, Transformers Tribute, Bumblebee Movie, Rise of the Beasts, Tiny Turbo Changers, Buzzworthy Bumblebee, Studio Series

Subgroups: Deluxe Class, Dino, Dinobot Riders, Dinobot Warriors, Dinobots, Exclusives, Flip and Change, Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures, Funrise Plush, Furyu Real Figures, Leader Class, Legends Class, Legion Class, Mega Turbo Changers, Mini-Cons, Miscellaneous, One-Step, Power Attacker, Scout Class, Titan Guardian 12" Figure, Titan Guardian 16" Figure, Titan Guardians, Voyager Class

Years: 2014, 2015

Legends Class


Mega Turbo Changers

Mega Flip Bumblebee


Slug, Strafe

Scout Class

Grimlock, Strafe

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #334 - Pulsecon 2023
Twincast / Podcast #334:
"Pulsecon 2023"
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Posted: Sunday, September 24th, 2023

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