Family at Sherman Dam

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Family at Sherman Dam
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Revenge of Bruticus writes: DAD: Ok. Tell me again honey. You were sitting here using the bathroom and WHAT came out of a hole in the wall?
Swoopscream writes: "Mom, could you have at least put on panties today?"
Heckfire writes: Hey, look! Lois Lane just jumped off!
altramaxus writes: aaaaaaaaaargh splosh, daniel, have you seen your brother?
#Sideways# writes: "The waterfall is over THERE honey..."
shockticus writes: Hey look! A waterfall that cannot be destroyed by mankind!

Is that a giant robot?

Ah, f**k...
Q_Silverbolt writes: "I don't get it. What are we looking for, again?"
hot rod 907 writes: kid: dady look!


Dragonoth writes: kid: And then, the giant robot dinosaur jumped from the water going "rarr, rarr!"
mom: That's great, dear. What happened next?
dad: Look! There's some robots over there!
mom: It's good to encourage kids' imaginations, but
Dragonoth writes: kid: In a Xanth book I read, centaurs call their mothers "dam".
mom: Don't swear, dear.
kid: Dam! I mean Mom!
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ACStarscream writes: "Honey? Where'd that red and black iron condor come from?"

"'Iron condor'? That's not in the field guide..."

"Here comes Laserbeak!"
Freddery writes: What the family is thinking..
Dad: I wonder how much in insurance I would get if my son "fell" to his death..
Mom: I wonder how much in insurance I would get if my son "fell" to his death..
Kid: I wonder why my parents made me come
Liege Evilmus writes: Yes son, she's fine, but your not supose to stare.

Now do like I do and use the corner of your eye to look.
Liege Evilmus writes: I swear if I hear that story about how once she saw some robots here one more time, I'm gonna beat her with thos binoculars then jump!
Slappyfrog writes: Starscream:"Who does that bitch think she is, wearing white shoes after Labor Day?"
TenaciousMC writes: "Daniel, look! There's a hole in the shuttle!"
TenaciousMC writes: Dad sure doesn't know how to look in the same direction as everybody else.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Little Timmy didn't have the heart to tell his mother she was looking thruogh the wrong end of the binoculars.
Tusko writes: "Good work Reflector! This photograph shows my plan to clue all of this planets flesh males to a rail has started."
"Your plans suck, Megatron! My binocular glue plan will succeed where yours fails."
"You're an idiot Starsc
Death-Ray Charles writes: Damnit!! The allspark is at the HOOVER dam....crap...
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Ramtough writes: Mom: I still cant seem to find Sherman.

Dad: I'm pretty sure he's around here someone, after all it's his dam.

Kid: I can't believe my parents are damn morons...
snavej writes: Kid: Why is that robot scratching himself there?

Mum: Don't look, dear.

Dad: Best not to think about it, really. Look! There's a man falling to his death in a barrel!
Fireblast writes: This place sucks mom, I want to go to Walley World!
Zeedust writes: Kid: "Mommy! I asked Daddy where we were and he said a bad word!"
Brakethrough writes: Welcome to beautiful Toothpaste Falls.
trailbreaker writes: "Dad, why is your hair so orange???"
Thanatos Prime writes: Kid: This vacation stinks, what kind of family visits a dam?
snavej writes: Woman: He just got out his glowing purple doodah and started waving it about vigorously. I'm so excited!

Man: You mean Megatron and his energon morning star?

Woman: Oh, er, yes! That's exactly what I mean!

Kid: Mum, what's a nymp
snavej writes: The Blonde Bombshell about to meet the Ginger Ninja. And a little boy too.
Road Turtle writes: Mom, "Oh Wow Harold, this dam is more than meets the eye!"

Dad, "Well Honey you picked the spot, you've got the touch."

Son, "Wow, that's a long way down. I wonder if anyone would dare to be stupid enough to jump.&
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Optimusizzy writes: Girl: Is this the place to go to find all that Section 7 merchadise
snavej writes: Kid: OK, hands up whoever ISN'T in Sector Seven, Al-Qaeda, The Machination, Skywatch, RAAT, The New Avengers, the CIA, the Masons, the Decepticon Drone Army or *shudder* The Mickey Mouse Club.

No one puts their hands up.

Kid: *Sigh* Do your wo
Omnus writes: Dad] Looks clear. Honey?

Mom] No choppers or spotters.

Dad] Ok, Junior, sink or swim!

Kid] What? (gets thrown over rail) AAaagh!

Mom] 'sigh' We really need to stop doing this...
Ericus Prime writes: Man: Oh great, I gotta go. (Lubricates over rail) Ah, much better.

Rumble: (from below) Hey, who's lubricating on me?
snavej writes: Dad: Don't drink the water, son.

Kid: Why not?

Mum: You might catch beaver fever.

Kid: Is that a bad thing?

Dad: At your age, yes.

Mum: Stop farting, dear. The falling water hides the sound but the smell remains.
snavej writes: Kid: Dad, why do you wear that red helmet all the time?

Dad: I never know when a giant robot's gonna show up and whack me upside the head.

Mum: My flimsy retro white hat is just as good as a sturdy helmet. No giant robot is going to give me br
Road Turtle writes: Mom, "Oh my gawd! Harold come look! There's a robot, fighting another robot, and OH! One of them's one of those cute little Volkswagen bugs!"

Dad, "Shut up Woman! I'm trying to enjoy the view! Can't take you anywhere
Kit writes: "Hey who left their camera down there?"
Rolling Thunder writes: Kid: Daaad, you promise me that I'd get to see Bumblebee!

Father: I could've sworn I heard the newsman say that they were filming the movie at the dam.

Mother: Ooo, ooo! I think I see Michael Bay! Wait no, that's a woman...
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dabattousai writes: Kid: DAD, you said you would get us in the TransFormers film at the Sherman Dam. What you didn't know is it was the Hoover Dam, you dumb piece of crap for a father.

Mother: Retard, we are getting a divorce once we get back.

Dad: ...
Byrerprime writes: The Allspark? No, I don't see the Allspark. No, no Peterbuilt with stupid flames, either. And please, stop saying, "I bought a car and it turned out to be giant alien robot; who knew?".
Cyros writes: Mom: Why didn't anyone tell me my breasts were so big?

Dad: Look at that water... it is very wet... and it is very sloshy...

Kid: Oh great, I can see the moron who's writing this caption right now.
ninjabot writes: Mom: I wonder if Rumble would come shake me up!!!
Dad: Is that all you think about???
Mom: Yeah sinse you can't do it!!
Son: You guys are gross!!!!
Airlift writes: Woman: At last, now I can't hear that bratty kid anymore!
megatrina writes: Dad: Tell me again about this deal you made.

Mom: Megatron told me he'll let us rule the world if we hand over our first-born son.

Dad: Well that sounds great--but can we trust Megatron?

Mom: I don't see why not. Oh look, here he comes
Optimusizzy writes: Hey Isn,t that Frenzy falling there!
glitched9700 writes: Man: I am going to jump while she isn't looking, She can take care of that brat without me.
Blazefrost writes: dad: Oooohhhh...pretty colors. Colors....
boy: Actually those colors are caused by the-
dad: *pushes kid over rails*
snavej writes: Quintesson Judge (out of shot): Guilty. Feed them to the Sharkticons.

Man: We're boned.

Woman: It's alright honey, the Dinobots are just arriving.

Kid: I told you we should have gone to Disneyland!
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snavej writes: Woman: With my binoculars, I can see that Godzilla's balls need a polish.

Man: Are you volunteering?

Woman: No, send the kid.

Kid: F**k that! [Jumps off ledge.]
snavej writes: Woman: This huge waterfall makes me want to ... need to go to the ... too late, it's gone down my leg and into my shoe.

Man: Way to go, pissy shoes.

Kid: If she's blonde and you're a redhead, why do I have brown hair?

Man: Because
Angelbot writes: Hey, those chickbots are pretty hot!
Editor writes: Honey, are sure the Allspark is suppose to be close to this dam
Wolfguard writes: Kid: "Mom...the kids at school ask me to bring them MacDonald's all the time. Why? Is it just cuz of my last name?"

Mom: "Well son, I think it's time you and father had a talk about who he really is. Ronald?"
Autobobby1 writes: Boy: Daddy, daddy! Thewe's a giant wobot down thewe! Let'th take a pictuwe!

Dad: That's nice, son.
Abrupt Departure writes: Honey, Hot Rod is staring at me from Lookout mountain again.
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