Spike walks away from Hound

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Spike walks away from Hound
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trailbreaker writes: "I gotta take a dump."
welcometothedarksyde writes: *click* walk a thousand paces east and don't look back if you know what's good for ya
Rainmaker writes: You're not yellow enough
SillyMcGilly writes: ♪This is a song about me, my Hound, and my car.♪
Swoopscream writes: Just gimme ONE reason, Spike, and I will blow you to goddam kingdom come!
Tripredacus writes: See ya later! Remember, you didn't see nothing!
Black Hat writes: Hey, look over here, Mikaela is beating seven shades of crap out of Carly... Something to do with the moon...
Dinodigger97 writes: Screw you Hound.......I'm going home!!
dirtysock47 writes: Dang thing wont start
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maroyasha writes: Spike: I hate candy!!
Hound: Wait. I've got Ice Cream!!
Spike: YAY!
Skywarp64 writes: "I'm leaving you for Bumblebee. Farewell!"
altramaxus writes: look prime, i see no problem with my "shoot an annoying human in the back" game, try it!
#Sideways# writes: "Oh my gosh. It took us twelve hours to go from the Autobot Base to Yellowstone?? I should have ridden with Skyfire like the others."
trailbreaker writes:
moonie writes: hound: aww c'mon! you and carly never seemed to mind doing it in bumblebee!

spike: that's because he had a roof and did'nt have a hologram that kept shouting 'slap that sweet thang!' every five seconds.
cybertronianjedi writes: hound:don't you want candy?
Rept138 writes: Hound: "Damn get out of me and let me air out. Those burrito farts are tarnishing my paint job".
moonie writes: HOUND: got my guns aimed at you, spike.

SPIKE: what?! holy--! what for?!!

HOUND: just giving you the heads-up.
Saberspark model H. writes: Spike: Your not the same any more
Hound: Don't you walk away from me
revs up engine and runs over spike
Optimus: Hound I know it was rough between you but geez I mean what are we going to tell the parents
Optimus: Another Ki
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Zeedust writes: Hound: "You know, we really should break up the fight before Carly and Mikeala hurt each other."

Spike: "Um, yeah, sure.... In a couple minutes..."
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Spike: I'm outta here, Hound. You used to be cool.....
shockticus writes: Spike: Sorry Hound, it's over...

Dragonoth writes: Spike: "Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go! I want to be sedated!"
Hound: "Sure thing, Spike! I'll just load a tranquilizer into my cannon."
Spike: "Wait! I was only singing!"
Hound: "Well, temporal violations
what0080 writes: Hound: Don't be too sad Spike. The Jem Reunion Tour won't last THAT long. I just gotta go and use a few holograms. How bad can it be?
megatron11 writes: spike :carlys gonna be pissed when she finds out about snow- kat.
hound :tell the people at seibertron.com to remove the picture .
spike : oh hi carly .
hound : oh crap !
Screambug writes: Spike: I have to go get more gas for you.


(Hound passes gas!)

Spike: (holding nose) Yuck, you sure DO have GAS!

Hound: (embarrassed) Heh, no more of your tasty Boston beans!
snavej writes: Spike and Hound want to fix that malfunctioning Seibertron.com server but they have no frikkin' idea where it is. They decide to search the whole world, starting with the wilderness areas.
hot rod 907 writes: Spike: Huh, and here I thought all aleins were stuby green guys with anal probes...
megatron11 writes: spike : why do you have a carls jr sticker on your fender ?

hound : shut up , prime gave me that when i i i , oh forget it .your an ------- .
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Deceptiwho? writes: Hound: Aww cmon Spike cheer up, one day we'll find the Ultimate Bumblebee at the store..
megatron11 writes: spike: hey hound how did you remove your orange
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "After spending $200, and evading U.S. customs; my non-orange plug MP-5 Megatron is Rusting! Oh Hound, this Sucks!"

Hound, "You payed how much?! For what?! O-TaKu! Ladiesman217, you're going down!"
snavej writes: Spike: The Zeta Reticulans anal-probed me hard and deep last night. Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Hound: Yeah, sure, Zeta Reticulans, that's right, those were the guys. Let the Autobots handle it, okay?

Hound (whispers on radio): Sunstreaker!!!
snavej writes: Later, when Spike returned, he was unable to find Hound because the green Autobot blended right in with the green trees. Spike decided to leave the Transformers saga and ...

Heetseeker_X1 writes: Spike is captured and enslaved by the decepticons!
demarcusgd writes: --Spike Doesn't have the Heart to tell Hound that Bulkhead from "Transformers Animated" isn't a tricked out new version of him--
demarcusgd writes: Spike: @#%* you, Hound!

Hound: Aw, c'mon Spike, all I said was Shia Lebouf did a pretty good job as a movie you...I mean sure he wasn't a thing like you, but you have to understand movie goers are different...

Spike @#%* You, Hound!
Crystal Rodimus writes: "Who's gonna tell you things it's too late? Who's gonna tell you things aren't so great? Who's gonna drive you home tonight?"
megatron11 writes: you said that was just the loose seat vibrating.
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megatron11 writes: alright ill give the boots back to napoleon dynamite.
megatron11 writes: spike : this is bull---- i thought you were made by takara not bandai. im outta here .
hound : spike ........spike wait let me explain !
Me_Grimlock_King writes: I...I always just thought that was a MISSEL.
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Oh god, Hound are we still here?"

Hound, "Yup, still here."

Spike, "When are they going to change the pic?"

Hound, "Probably not for another month. Want me to shoot you and make you feel better?"
OptimusIsHot writes: "I just need some space right now, Hound."
Kevinus Prime writes: Spike jumps out barfing after listening to "Oops, I did it again" for two hours.
snavej writes: Spike gets some dirt to put on Hound so that he appears to be more 'off-road' and hence 'cool'. They have definitely NOT been to the mall to buy Beanie Babies!
witstar writes: Spike: Thanks for the lift. Where's the store for high waisted jeans again?
Hound: well Spike, keep walking over to the edge of the cliff , keep going, then stop and wait!
Autobotspitfire writes: Spike: the wedding is off, you just don’t respect what we have

Hound: oh come on, Wheeljack throws a heck of a bachelor party.
god_convoy_2005 writes: Spike: How could you? That was a helluva mean trick!
Hound: Aw, c'mon you thought it was real at first. Who'da thought she was a hologram?
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TF2 writes: Spike:Be right back I got to go take a tinckle
ninjabot writes: Spike: I can't believe you shot Carlie!!!!!

Hound: But Spike, she had a Decepticon T-shirt on!!!
snavej writes: Spike and Hound didn't know that they were in Godzilla's territory. The mountains around them were actually his turds. A few hours later, he dropped one on the hapless Autobot and his boyfriend.
snavej writes: Spike: Look carefully and you can see my small blue penis!

Hound: Kinda like a baboon or something, aren'tcha?!
snavej writes: Spike: I remember when all this used to be factories, but then the environmental fascists came along and returned it to wilderness.

Hound: Bastards! No, wait a minute! Good on them! No, hang on, that makes me an environmental fascist too! Curse you
Kevinus Prime writes: Not sure what to expect with the first meeting with a human, Hound readies the anal probe...
Angelbot writes: Spike: No sign of the new caption image anywhere.
Hound: Just keep looking. It's got to be around somewhere.
snavej writes: When they found out that Spike was gay, the Autobots took him into the wilderness and executed him.

'Only Autobots are allowed to be gay' they said.
snavej writes: Spike: Now to do my 'Sound of Music' routine. This could take a while. You know, there's a lot of skipping and dancing involved.

Hound: Sweet zombie Jesus!

Spike: Hey, Jesus was not a zombie!

Hound: Was too! We were at college t
Master Kashi writes: Spike: Just shut up...

God, I should've taken Punch.
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gunman_sr5 writes: Why you should not fart on your friends.
The one writes: Hound:hey you idiot come back here i have a gun and i will blow your ass up
Spike:if you want to do something with my ass then ... !kiss my ass¡
megatron11 writes: spike: if someone had refueled before we left!

hound :aaaaaha.
megatron11 writes: hound: you better run bi@#$h or il shoot you in the back .
spike : f#$k off your an autobot, you dont hurt people.
snavej writes: Spike: This is too much. I'm going to sue Seibertron.com.

Hound: And I'm going to blow up their secret headquarters.

Spike: How are you going to find it? It's secret.

Hound: I'm not sure. Perhaps I should look on the intern
hot rod 907 writes: spike: why do I fell like Im being watched?

snavej writes: Hound: Bring me tasty metals or die, fleshling!

Spike: I fart in your general direction, mechanoid!
Dispensor writes: Spike: Do I have to?

Hound: You lost the bet; you have to wear the boots.
Kryptikore writes: Hound: I told you Spike! The next time you soil yourself you'd be walking!
snavej writes: Spike: I've been walking around like this since 1984. I should have had some kind of award by now!
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snavej writes: Spike: Now I know why they call you Hound - you like to roll in sh*t.

Hound: I like the feel of it between my treads. It beats sharp metal any day.
Road Turtle writes: Hound, "So Carly dumped you; you're probably better off without her."

Spike,"...but she dumped me, for, Bumblebee! Bumblebee! A crappy yellow Volkswagen Bug! She called him her, her, "LOVE BUG"! You know what she told m
Cycrolus writes: Should've used Preparation H!
tyler1451 writes: spike: why are you pointing you canon at me? it kinda creepy

hound: go on, touch it...

spike: right...im going to walk to the base on foot now...
TheKindleman writes: AAAwwww come on Spike.....I promise not to tell everyone you couldn't hold it.
hinomars19 writes: Hound: okay Spike, go make sure that group of natives know to boycot Bay's movie.

Spike: *mumbles* Just cos you're not in it. Why do I have to keep doing this, at least it gives my name airtime!*

Hound: I heard that!
Depthchargelives writes: Hound: I think the treasure is over there...why don't you go check it out
Spike: Okay, but if you're just going to drive away again, I'm telling Optimus
ACStarscream writes: Yet another day ends in failure as our two biologists try in vain to hunt down the elusive "tin turkey"...
ACStarscream writes: "You see any sign of a new entry for the UCC Spike?"

"No and we've been searching three weeks now!"
raveen92 writes: Hound: Spike, It's time for your daily anal butt probe.

Spike: Ok, Ok, I'm ready. *turns around back facing Hound*

Hound: This won't hurt a bit.
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Taiya001 writes: Spike: Dude where are we?
Hound: I'm not sure, lets ask that furry thing over there.
Road Turtle writes: Hound, "Dude, canary yellow boots. Seriously, who wears those?"

Spike, "Shut-up! My dad does!...Jerk!"
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "It's Wit-wicky, not Wi-twicky! God, nobody gets it right! You're worse than that Sector 7 guy!"

Hound, "Dude I'm sorry! Primus, you're worse than Auto-Chick!"
UFO writes: Hound....your a...

Dragonoth writes: Hound: "Sorry, Spike. Civilians don't ride in military vehicles."
Blasterscream writes: hound:Im sorry....spike
spike:(grumbling) at least bumblebee let me play around with the radio
hound:god damn spike. I told you I hate the beetles!
Ramtough writes: Spike: I told you I'm lactose intolerant.

Hound: I don't care that's the last time you do that on my seats...get out and walk back to base.

Spike: < Weeps softly >
TenaciousMC writes: Spike: "I wish I knew how to quit you."
† Sunstorm writes: Spike: "im just gonna go and take a leak, be right back"
Hound: "mvuha ha ha, nows my chance to get rid of this pest once and for all, nobody will know what happened, it would be like, a BEAR took him! a BEAR ripped him apart while he was
evilratbat writes: Spike: look theres michael Bay
Hound: i have him in my sights
Spike: on the count of 3 fire
Hound: i am looking forward to this , due to me not beinging in the movie i must have destroy him for not take me into account
Spike: will you shut up and
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ACStarscream writes: "Lost? How can we be lost? You've got Earth mapped twenty times over in your CPU!"

"Shut up human and ask for directions!"
Q_Silverbolt writes: Spike: Make the human do all the work!
Boomstick69 writes: AHHH Spike's turned into a zombie! Quick Hound shoot him with you lazer!
Boomstick69 writes: Spike: Aww c'mon hound please (hik)
Hound: No Spike, you're too drunk to drive, you're gonna' have to walk back to the base tonight.
Spike: I love you man, you're my best friend ever (hik)
Hound: (shigh)
prehistoryanimal writes: Hound: How very odd, Spike. I thought only the female of your species bled there?
Spike: . . . . Hound.. I need a doctor... NOW!
prehistoryanimal writes: Spike: Aw c'mon, Hound. Look, dammit! Can you tell?
Hound: I refuse to participate in this..
Spike: C'mon, can u tell I've been working out?
Hound: I'm not listening *LALALALALA*
prehistoryanimal writes: Spike: I'll be right back, Hound.. No one, and I mean no one calls me chicken!
Hound: Spike, wait! My sensors are detecting a concealed weapon!

Hound: ¡¡¡Spike!!!
snavej writes: Spike: Hound, I'm not riding inside you any more.

Hound: Spoilsport!

Spike: You weren't good enough to pull Jessy in the 1984 comic and you aren't good enough to pull Mikaela in the 2007 movie.

Hound: I can too pull them! I have a
TinChimp writes: Hound: Accourding to my sensors, the humans pheramone levels would indicate he would like to mate with that sheep over there. (note the determined, almost hypnotised look on Spikes as he lurches off in his sheep bothering boots)
TinChimp writes: Hound: Dude!! You Stink!! You've been wearing those cloths since we rescued you and your dad from the oil rig. Now get out, and don't come back with at least changing your underpants!!!
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Bladewing writes: What Spike didn't know was that someone had stuck a note on his back saying 'shoot me!'
Tekka writes: I'm sorry hound but there is someone else. His name's Bumblebee.
Dclone Soundwave writes: Spike, I didn't mean to! Please, just give me another chance!

Sorry Hound, I just don't think it would work out....
megatrina writes: Thanks for the ride to work, Hound.

No problem, Spike.

(Spike walks into the TV studio.)

Spike: Tonight, on "Mysteries of the Mind," we examine the phenomenon of deja vu.

(doodley doodley doo ....)

Thanks for the ride to work, Hou
Switchpoint writes: Spike: *I wonder if Hound realizes I just farted before I got out.*

Hound: What smells like eggs??
snavej writes: Spike: I'm going home and staying there until I become a real teenager and all you Trannies become CGI.

Hound: I am CGI! My image is generated by a computer called In Bog Lee in Korea!

Spike: [Censored.]
Brakethrough writes: Embarrassed, Spike walks back to camp after realizing that he was trying to have a conversation with an actual Jeep for fifteen minutes.
Brakethrough writes: "This is stupid, Hound."
"But I'm out of gas!"
"So why don't YOU walk to the gas station?"
ACStarscream writes: "...and I want a couple gallons of Häagen-Dazs Cookies and Creme, a bottle of Coke Zero, some peanuts, spicy nachos with extra cheese, oh, and don't forget those little pine-scented air fresheners Spike..."
Malicron writes: Spike is condemed to the yellow booted death after pointing out that wearing the autobot symble in jeep mode kind of ruind Hound's disguise.
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snavej writes: Hound made Spike wear the Yellow Boots of Shame before he executed him. Those Autobots and their cerraazzzy rituals!!!
Optimusizzy writes: Hound: You walk now I see a pink jeep over there and I don't want her to see me with My human.
Spike: Fine Your not going to be in Transformers 2.
Road Turtle writes: Hound, "Are You LadiesMan217!?"

Spike, "oh god, go away...I swear, I'm never selling anything on ebay ever again!"
Malicron writes: Hound: Give me your money or I shoot!!!
ChevyTron writes: Hound: I've got a shrink gun!I'll make you fun size!
Unknown writes: [img] http://img119.imageshack.us/img119/7453/captionno3.jpg [/img]
snavej writes: That mountain looks a bit like ... Castle Greyskull!
snavej writes: Hound: I'm the original green-skinned alien, baby!

Spike: And I am Pixie Boy, ruler of the toadstools.
glitched9700 writes: Even as an alien robot this car gets horrible gas milage
Decepticon Spike writes: Copying off of movie Bumblebee, Hound plays "Baby Come Back" as Spike leaves.
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Angelbot writes: I'm off to find the next Caption Contest pic. See ya!
snavej writes: Spike: I'm leaving you.

Hound: Who for?

Spike: The alternator version of you. I should find one warming a shelf somewhere.

Hound: Nooooooo!
Optimusizzy writes: Spike: No Hound you break down after we pick up the girl not before.
Hound: Damn Ratchet gone Hollywood and Wheel Jack is on a mission.
Octocon writes: SPIKE "how many times do i have to tell ya no will not be your headmaster partner"

(i throw continunity to the wind for change)
Octocon writes: SPIKE "sorry pal, maybe in the sequel"
Octocon writes: Hound follows to try and explain

SPIKE "go away Hound! ill never forgive you for mowing down my girlfriend"

HOUND "spike it wasnt my fault, it was dark.the decepticons. the winding roads. i didnt mean to kill her."
Freddery writes: Spike: I'm going to go chuck a whiz in the bushes over there, I'll come back.
Hound: Mind If I watch?
(awquard silence)
Spike: ...yeah..I do mind..um, could you like, not be my ride anymore?
Hound: That can be arranged (reloads)
Novacron writes: Spike: I wear yellow boots...

Hound: Them boots were made for walkin'.
Hellbender writes: After the zombie invasion was defeated, Hound and the other Autobots are deployed to eliminate any infected victims found wandering the countryside.

Hound: "There's another one. Die maggot bag! Woo hoo, 200 points!"
snavej writes: Spike: I think that your suspension needs improving. My ass is a mass of bruises.

Hound: That's not the problem. You were sitting on my meaningless collection of lumpy and spiky objects.
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snavej writes: Spike: I have to go over here, to give my balls some air.

Hound: You're pushing my tolerance right to the edge, sonny.
snavej writes: Spike: You're one of the boring Autobots. I'm going to wait here for a more interesting one.

Hound: You're just a hologram! Don't go wandering off! You'll fade away without me!

Spike: You're right. Sorry. [Thinks f
flame_leopard writes: *Ending theme from The Hulk TV show*
Unknown writes: hound is wating for the perfect shot@
biwb writes: Spike: Sorry, Hound. They cut you out of the 2007 film. I can't hang around with you anymore.

Swerve writes: "And so God told Abraham, a Jeep, to make a sacrifice of his human son Issac..."

-passage from the Autobot Bible
Unknown writes: spike:are we there yet

hound:dont make me use this
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Spike, what's with the blue pants? Is that the only pair you own???"
snavej writes: Spike: And that, my friend, is how we do 'the moonwalk'!

Hound: By about 2007, we should be well enough animated to do that move. Thanks, Spike!
snavej writes: Hound: Yellow pixie boots, with that outfit? Sheesh, why don't you put on a multi-coloured sombrero and stand in the jerk department?!

Spike: What are you - one of Tracks' gay friends?

Hound: No, I've been taken over by Bombshell
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snavej writes: Spike just realised how lame the G1 cartoon really is, so he's going to jump off a cliff. But not survive, like Cliffjumper. They replace him with a celluloid mock-up and no one is any the wiser.
Optimushide2005 writes: Spike:Dude did you just farted?
Hound:Uhhh.... maybe
Predaprince writes: Spike: "Don't make me angry Hound; you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"

*Bum bum bum bum Bummmmm !*
silvershadow writes: Hound:"Spike where are you going?"

Spike:"There's a bush over there and im going to the toilet if you realy want to know"

megatrina writes: According to our map, the treasure should be right ... about ... here.


What, Hound? If I recall, the map says "At the intersection of mountain and tree, a buried treasure you will see." What else can it mean?

OK, OK, I can
DeceptiGojira writes: Hound: that's right, keep walking, dont turn over!!

Spike: please, let me go, I wont say anything about your relations with the Mafia.

Hound: youre right on one thing, you wont say nothing! !!BLAMMO¡¡
Liege Evilmus writes: I don't like the way you toched me with that, I think I need an adult
neliz writes: Spike: "C'mon Hound, I never knew transformers could carry an STD."

Hound: "And now you know! and knowing is half the battle!"
shoelessrm writes: That's it! We are through!
Acelister writes: Hound: "And your boots are the eighty-fourth reason I don't like you. Reason eighty-five is... Hey, get back here!"
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Acelister writes: Spike: "What kind of Transformer doesn't refuel before leaving the Ark...?"
Hound: "Just get me some energon, Spike!"
reanimate28 writes: Hound: hey whats the matter was the ride to rough?...you look a lil green....and whats this brown stuff all over my seats.... come back this new probe-u-lator I had installed will make you feel much better..
Booda writes: "That's right. Keep walking. I said twenty paces. Oh, Prime! Didn't see you there. What? Execution? No, I was just showing him where some evidence of Decepticon activity has been detected."
Thanatos Prime writes: Hound: Aw c'mon, I was just wondering why you don't have a female companion and other males your age do...*mumbles* stupid fleshies....
Hoppercool writes: "I mean it Spike ... I won't hesitate to blast a hole in your yellow-boot-wearin' ass. Now get back here!"
g2grimmy64 writes: im sry hound...its over...im leavin u...4 bumblebee...
demondevera6 writes: Wow Hound...I think I need to lay down...Michael Bay really dropped the ball on that one.
Angelbot writes: Hound, are ya gonna help me find the lost puppy or not?
Roadshadow writes: Hound: Hey there, young fella. You want some popsicles? I got a WHOLE freezer full of popsicles.
Archanubis writes: Spike: I can't believe you dropped the blueprints for your BinalTech upgrade.
Hound: Well excuse me, Mr. "At least my last name got into the movie."
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snavej writes: Spike: Must walk slowly to bushes; try not to mess my underpants. Hound, after this, we need to have a talk about careful driving.

Hound: Hey, I was just doing my usual thing - hopping from boulder to boulder on one wheel!
snavej writes: Spike: You have to upgrade to a Humvee before it gets embarassing, dude.

Hound: Hey, I came here to save Earth, not choke it with more fumes!

Spike: OK, time for a smart solution - use your hologram generator to make yourself LOOK LIKE a Humvee.
snavej writes: NINTH QUOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spike: How are we going to win the war when your damned accessories keep getting lost?! I think that I see them over there, where they flew off on that last corner.

Hound: I think that we need to do something radical to solv
supreme commander galvatr writes: it wont hurt spike. i promice.
Ratbat writes: Spike! Where are you going? We haven't finished sightseeing Earth's natural wonders yet!
Ravage XK writes: Hound: "You lost it, so you can go find my front grille. Damn punk kid,leaving my engine exposed."
Editor writes: If ya don't me to shoot you in the back of the head ya better run, Boy.

I said RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dabattousai writes: Spike: It's good to know you have Autobot friends when you are high and drunk. Thanks for driving me home Hound.

Hound: No problem Spike, just remember, don't set this example for our viewers, for cartoons and television has always been one
Autobobby1 writes: Spike: How come you have a laser in your vehicle form? It ruins your disguise!


Hound: That's it, you're walking.
Anubis Prime writes: Hound: Your never sitting on my leather seats again.. nobody ----s on my seats..thats right..walk away..ill cut you!

Spike: :(
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Unknown writes: FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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