Megatron looking in the Insecticon lair

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Megatron looking in the Insecticon lair
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Black Hat writes: "And this is my secret clubhouse!"
digigirl411 writes: You can come out now those bugs aren't very scary at all.
o.supreme writes: You can check out any time you like / But you can never leave
Caleb.tron writes: This ain't a lair its a party Soundwave turn it up
Caleb.tron writes: I thought i told Starscream to clean and exterminate the bugs Thundercracker your his brother tell him to do it over!
Revenge of Bruticus writes: Megatron: After years of searching, I have finally found it. The infamous Glory Hole.
Swoopscream writes: Have I found the G-spot?
Sideswipe619 writes: Thundercracker: WHAT WHERE
Sideswipe619 writes: Megatron: OMFG I found the entrance to butlins
SentinelA writes: Megatron:
The hell with y'all. I'm going into my mancave
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Tripredacus writes: You right, this is a messed up peep show ya'll! Who got 25 more cents!
G1 Legacy writes: You were right IS Insecticons...smells like a Junkion toilet in here.
Black Hat writes: Oh, look at them, they're so cute!
Optimus1116 writes: Megatron: Soundwave, come over here! There's some funky transforming going on in here!
Godzillabot Primal writes: It worked for Alice
Octocon writes: I'm telling you soundwave, I saw a Hobbit!
maroyasha writes: Megatron: Where are the humans with the face paint?
Thundercracker: Megatron, I believe they're called Native Americans. Which wouldn't make sense beacue we're in like a jungle ro something.
Skywarp64 writes: "Just give it up, Megatron. Yoda doesn't live in there anymore."
Optimus Eddie writes: I swear I saw little humans with large hairy feet go down this hole.
altramaxus writes: if you go down to the woods today.......
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#Sideways# writes: For Ravage, the discovery of an ancient Decepticon Escape Pod means absolutely nothing.
moonie writes: megatron: so... this is the famous isle of goatse.
Scatterlung writes: Megatron: Candy Mountain and no Candy? What's going on here...
Rept138 writes: Megatron:"The ego in my head is so big that it won't let me enter this blasted Insecticon cave".
moonie writes: megatron: enjoying solitary confinement starscream?

trailbreaker writes: Thundercracker -- "Megatron, Ravage is peeing in the lake again!!"
Zeedust writes: "Damn it, Yoda. I know you're in there! You owe me twenty bucks! And you said you'd bake us a cake!"
Swerve writes: Megatron: What a crap hole! The next Decepticon that complains about our base will be staying with the Insecticons.
darkqueen01 writes: Megatron, Soundwave, and Thundercracker were both dismayed to find out that the secret Insecticon lair was not an actual portal leading to the mind of John Malkovich.
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Let's see how many of us can fit in here!!
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Blazefrost writes: All right, where those wall-eating scrap metals hide my copy of TRANSFORMERS: THE GAME?
shockticus writes: Thundercracker: Did you find that blasted Arcee?
Jetfire1978 writes: (thundercracker)Hey soundwave have you noticed that this tree looks like a foot
Transformation619 writes: Megatron: Hehehe
Thundercracker: Haahahahah! I don't get it...
Megatron: Don't you see!If we go through this pipe, it will take us to mushroom kingdom and then we invade that area, kill all the mario characters, then we can be the real mario a
Q_Silverbolt writes: "What is this a baby's play pen?"
Dragon_Convoy writes: I think we'll Find Osama Bin Laden in here
Dragonoth writes: Megatron: Is this the Insecticon's lair where we lodge complaints of bugs in HMW?
Thundercracker: There aren't any bugs in HMW now.
Megatron: Yes, they appear to be out at the moment.
Minicle writes: Thundercracker; Er, Megatron. I really think it´s time we called a Plumber in.
Minicle writes: Megatron; Soundwave. Remind me never to book a room at Butlins again.
Death-Ray Charles writes: There had better not be a badger in here like last time...or i'll be SOO pissed
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megatron11 writes: megatron : its a boy! thundercracker are you video taping?

soundwave : i hope my dna test comes back negative.
Ironhider writes: Megatron: I found the secret entrance to the Playboy bunnies shower room.
Thundercracker: I told you so
dabattousai writes: Megatron: This is where we will be stashing all the stolen copies of Halo 3 until the Christmas Season starts up. Then we will sell on Ebay at extreme prices.

Thundercracker: I hope to play it before Megatron goes through with his scheme.

ProwlDC2 writes: I see its head!
ProwlDC2 writes: Thunder: Yes!! time Out, 30mins this time!
Unknown writes: I found the GLORY HOLE !!!!!!
megatron11 writes: megatron :so this is the underground robot strip club.

thundercracker: i knew you'd like it .

soundwave : is arcee working tonight.

megatron : hello autobabe!
deceptitom writes: hmm yeah this won't be cheap,I can have the parts in maybe a week
megatron11 writes: megatron: wheres all the booze? its gone!

thunder: those damn autobots always find our stash.

soundwave : if starscream were call the shots we wouldnt have this problem.
leader-desslock writes: Megatron-I think I hear Eddy Murphy.
Soundwave-Ravage, not here, go by the tree.
Thundercracker-Common guys, the Play Boy Mansion is just down the street.
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Kryptikore writes: Megatron: Come on Decepticons it's time for us to cornhole us a drunk!
Kryptikore writes: Megatron: Is this supposed to be the insecticons lair or an out house? RAVAGE!!! Must you place it right there?

Thundercracker: Oh that's just nasty.

Soundwave: Scanners show ravage is on a healthy diet.

Megatron: Good very good....
silvershadow writes: Megatron: Where's skimble?
Thundercracker: Who's skimble?
Soundwave: Skimbleshankes the railway cat
Ravage *thinks: cat? what cat?*
megatron11 writes: megatron: warriors, come out and playyy
megatron11 writes: megatron: soundwave will you please clean up after walking ravage ,theres poop all over the place how are we suposed to make this our headquaters .

soundwave: ill stop feeding him meow mix.

thundercracker: whats that floating in the water. RAVAGE!!!
megatron11 writes: megatron
snavej writes: Megatron: I hope that these 'Insecticons' are really big and powerful!

Thundercracker: Umm, could be.

Soundwave: The probability is relatively encouraging.

Ravage: I'm going this way, to find other robotic panthers and sniff their
snavej writes: Ravage: Do you all have to follow me whenever I go for a crap in the woods?

Thundercracker: I'm just following orders.

Soundwave: I just want to make sure that nothing's left inside you. I don't want you contaminating my cassette com
snavej writes: Megatron: Hmm, red light over grassy underground hovel; what could it be?

Soundwave: The internet suggests that it is Yoda's brothel.

Thundercracker: Smells like Yoda and his girls died a few weeks ago. Peeyooo-weee!
ACStarscream writes: "We're not lost! There's hundreds of these mound-thingies in this place! No need to ask for directions!"
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snavej writes: Thundercracker: Umm, boss, there's a guy here named Treebeard, wants to talk with you about those forest fires we set last week.

Megatron: Tell him to frak off.
snavej writes: Slim pickings for the Beaver Patrol.
snavej writes: Thundercracker: Just fire a missile in there and let's go back to work!

Megatron: Numbskull! Hey, anyone in there - I'd come out if I were you. If we don't get you, the next big hurricane will flood you out!

Soundwave: Warning - ban
Suzuki writes: MEGATRON: Bilbo Baggins, we have come for the One Ring!

THUNDERCRACKER: Um, sir? Are you sure he even has it? I mean you only read the first book, and they were made over fifty Earth years-

MEGATRON: Quiet you fool! I know what I'm doing!
folkeye writes: Megatron: "Hmmmm....that looks dark and scary. Thundercracker, Soundwave, Ravage, you go first!!!!"
Lord Megatron Decepticon writes: Ravage: Meow
Megatron: You keep out of it to! I know I made a mistake I was meant to say "Onwards I said" not "Onwards on said".
Thundercracker: It's that time of month isn't it?
Soundwave: Appears so. Megatron would you l
Lord Megatron Decepticon writes: Megatron: The Insecticons are hiding in here. Decepticons, onwards.
Thundercracker: What's an Insecticon?"
Soundwave: The pest version of a Dinobot.
Thundercracker: Oh like human roaches and what not?
Soundwave: Correct, but bigger, made of
1337W422102 writes: Megatron gets serviced in unspeakable ways by the one and only Giant Fuzzy Green Swamp-Dwelling Cyclops.
ninjabot writes: Megatron: Sound Wave, call Orkin and tell them to send some of those Combat Roach Baits, I'll teach those insecticons to raid my kitchen!!!
Ratbat writes: These Insecticons cannot be fully trusted, Decepticons! We MUST be careful!
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snavej writes: Soundwave: Please don't crawl up Swamp Thing's arse!
Angelbot writes: Thundercracker: Megatron, it's in poor taste to find your Christmas presents before Christmas.
Unknown writes: Soundwave:Megatron,what are u doing?!
Thundercraker:Are those photos of Starscream posing nude?
Soundwave:And what are you doing with your Hot Rod..?
megatron11 writes: thundercracker : come on boss we were just kiding its not that small .
soundwave :soundwave superior, megatron inferior .
megatron11 writes: megatron crying : please just leave me alone.
megatron11 writes: megatron: shockwave, why did you transform into a bush?
Unknown writes: Frodo? Awww...come on...just let me see the ring. I promise I'll give it back.
Byrerprime writes: Sounwave: Ravage, excrete.
Thundercracker: Nasty cat. At least the boss is using that outhouse. Hey, where's Buzzsaw? Oh, s**t!
god_convoy_2005 writes: Megatron: Next time Reflector, turn on the red light so we don't ruin the film!
Zetatron writes: Megatron: Ravage! All I did was turn the light on!

Thundercracker: He just hasn't been the same since you locked him in that closet for a month.

Soundwave: Yeah well, tying him to that train didn't help.
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Deceptiwho? writes: Im taking measurements for you door right now just stop bugging me!!!
mattyc1007 writes: megatron: yoohoo anyone in here
Nightwalker writes: Megatron: ...and when the light turns green the energon-cookies are ready!
Autobot Jazz writes: TC:Megatorn's staring contest with that red light has been going on for over a Stellar Cycle
SW:Shut up, I got 50 Energon cubes on the eye.
Unknown writes: Megs: Ahh... Your dog house is done, Ravage!
Ravs: woof.
blank writes: megs: did i tell you two about my secret tf toy collection, well it'in here

tc: what collection? i don't see anything that hut is empty


Daishid writes: Megatron: Maybe Prime's Trailer is in here?
Thundercracker: Why are we looking for Prime's Trailer anyway?
Soundwave: Swamp inferior. Decepticon Base superior.
Megatron: Shut up and help me look, and stop giving me sass boy!
Liege Evilmus writes: F'n beavers and their stupid dams!
Liege Evilmus writes: SHHHHHHH, don't tell anyone, but this is my secret happy place.
Seibertron writes: So what exactly is Ravage doing in this picture?
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Dreamchylde writes: Thundercracker: You know, this reminds me of that one scene from Return of the Swamp Thing...
megatrina writes: At the lame haunted house ...

Megatron: Gasp! And in here, a human is scooping the guts out of another flesh creature!

Thundercracker: Should we tell him the "guts" are just spaghetti?

Soundwave: Shame to ruin it for him.

Unknown writes: "Avon calling!"
Angelbot writes: Welcome to de swamp!
Enigma Blackdragon writes: Sorry guys, nature's calling

1337W422102 writes: Megatron seeks Yoda in what Star Wars Transformers could have been.
Powersurge writes: Its ok Bay, all the angry obsessed TF fans have gone now, they're all off to attack the new TF Animated designers.
Powersurge writes: Dammit, where the hell did Bay hide my real face
Dreamchylde writes: Do you hear banjos playing in the background?
Dreamchylde writes: This is the hole I saw the White Rabbit enter
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Berzerker Prime writes: Peeeter... Peeeter Raaabbit. Come ouuuuut!
Road Turtle writes: Megatron, "Are you LadiesMan217!?"
Road Turtle writes: Megatron, "One..Two..Three..."

Thundercracker, "Primus! Megatron's It! I've gotta hide! Man I wish he would warn us when he wants to play Hide-and-go-Seeker!"

Soundwave, "This game sucks. I never get to play."
Road Turtle writes: Megatron, "Peek-a-Boo! I see You!"
yellow_siomai writes: I know some of the pages of the script from Don Murphy are around here somewhere...
yellow_siomai writes: You do remember my blaster gun on my right arm, right? I think I might have misplaced it here somewhere.....
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