Soundwave and Reflector in brick forts

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Soundwave and Reflector in brick forts
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trailbreaker writes: Need more Legos please!
Caleb.tron writes: I told you you we should of done it in the snow but noooo u gotta throw rocks
Bismuth writes: Where's the snow?
megatron1322 writes: Reflector: I told you this was a terrible idea Soundwave...I a camera and you're a frickin cassette player! what'd you think we could do?some kids phone does more...oh god im gonna die out dated and alone..
Swoopscream writes: Soundwave, these are not how mancaves work.

Reflector: For what?

SentinelA writes: Reflector: I don't know about you Soundwave, but I thought Command and Conquer would be more fun.
Chrisby writes: Zooming in at random locations on Google Maps can produce interesting results.
Black Hat writes: Megatron! Kreo bricks have been confirmed as a cheesy ripoff of Lego! Requesting better toys!
Optimus Eddie writes: Our "NoGirls Alowed Man Caves" are almost complete.
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optimusprimeswife writes: i hate being grounded
maroyasha writes: Soundwave: Eject: 2 brick forts.
Reflector: What do you use these for?
Soundwave: Forts: Destruction Mode
Reflector: I'm being buried under brick!!
Rex Prime writes: Now that's how to make the prefect brick fort for a perfect brickball fight
Heckfire writes: I do not understand the humans' love of this "Castle Crashers" game. We've been crashing castles all day and still have not seen a single point.
MasterSoundBlaster writes: But mom!!! Hobbes and I were just about to start having a snowball fight!
altramaxus writes: oh shit, look what we both did, the instructions said leave space for the door!
BeastProwl writes: Soundwave: Casette Player, Superior!
Reflector: Well there's only room for cameras in FORT KICKASS
Richard Walters: HA HA! Obscure television reference!
#Sideways# writes: "Hey... Maybe we should have planned for laser fire, not swords..."
moonie writes: reflector: i am never buying real estate from smokescreen ever again.

soundwave: affirmative.
Scatterlung writes: Hm, it seems our plan to ressurect the Twin Towers for no logical reason isn't going quite as we'd hoped...
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Rept138 writes: Reflector: "I told you these Lego bricks were not effective against laser fire".
Saberspark model H. writes: Soundwave: I'm never talking to you again
Reflector: Good, I hope the kids give you hect
Soundwave: What about child support
Soundwave:NOOO Why did you have to go and blow your head off
trailbreaker writes: Unicron punishes the bad Decepticons....

Soundwave -- "But HE started it!!"

Reflector -- "I did not!"

Unicron -- "SILENCE!!"
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Ha Ha!! My fort's better!!!
Blazefrost writes: Soundwave: I think our forts are too close together.
Reflector: Ya think?!
shockticus writes: REFLECTOR STARTED IT!
shockticus writes: You see, it all started last winter...
mexi-con writes: I like Chicken!
TheKindleman writes: LOOK SOUNDWAVE!!!! Just like the Transfomers Movie XBOX game.....I can break walls by just touching them......
Liege Evilmus writes: See this is why you don't start dirinking in the middle of a project!

We'll never get these dorrs done and this mess is gona sit here for months.
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Liege Evilmus writes: Man, I love when mom and dad buy new appliances.

Yeah, but lets take it easy, they won't buy another refridgerator and washer dryer any time soon!
ankh writes: As the multi-component transformer fort-building battle raged on, Skyfire drops bombs from above.
Reflector- You know its bad enough that there is an autobot who can fly but does the guy have to be such a... such a...
Soundwave- A Brick?
Rumble ejects
silvershadow writes: Reflector: We olny dozed off for a seccond and we woke up the forts we mad had fell down who did this soundwave?.....Soundwave?!

Soundwave: Zzzzzz

Reflector: Oh thats right I put sleeping tablets inhis energon to stop his from complaning
Autovolt127 writes: Soundwave:Never build forts with Play-Doh!
Lord Megatron Decepticon writes: Reflector: The constructcons were right... you are uncharasmatic. Look at your fort, how can you call that a circle?
Soundwave: Shutup it looks better then yours!
*Soundwave shoots Reflector's fort*
Soundwave: See it does look better.
dabattousai writes: Reflector: Megatron want us to build a robot out of brown legos, so lets get started.
Stormrider writes: IN THE NEWS - Scientists have recently concluded that the Greek Parthenon was destroyed by Decepticon rough-housing; not from natural phenomenoms.
folkeye writes: Reflector: "So.........who's gonna build the nose and mouth?"
1337W422102 writes: I TOLD YOU that a Transformers/LEGO crossover wouldn't work.
Novacron writes: I don't think our new cubby holes are up to code.
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Q_Silverbolt writes: Soundwave: "No human built brick wall can stop the Decepticons!"
Reflector: "We were wrong."
Azimuth writes: Later visitors to the site supposed the strange ruins might have been constructed by visitors from outer space....
Azimuth writes: Reflector: I'll be Bugs Bunny, and you can be Yosimite Sam!
Soundwave:.... -slowly, watchfully backs away-
Azimuth writes: Soundwave: I call the biggest room.
Reflector: No fair, I have three components!
Soundwave: I have cassettes. Boo-yah.
Thanatos Prime writes: Don't worry Reflector. I have a good feeling that these will protect us from Skyfire.
Thanatos Prime writes: The snowball fight from hell...
Angelbot writes: Everybody take a vote for freedom
And shout the walls down
Everybody all around the world
Going to shout the walls down

From "Shout the Walls Down" by The Escape Club
(yes, it's a real song and a real band)
Angelbot writes: Who knew there'd be Decepticons present at the fall of Jerico?
Angelbot writes: "The walls come tumblin' tumblin'..."

Reflector: Soundwave, if I hear that song one more time...!
Road Turtle writes: As a practical joke, the Constructicons mortared the brick forts with C-4.
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Road Turtle writes: Omega Supreme (off camera), "I'll Huff, and I'll Puff, and I'll blow your fort down!" (Woosh!)

Soundwave & Reflector, "Aaaaaaahh!"
Phorpus writes: And without warning, the bricks began to attack.
Autobotspitfire writes: Soundwave: Soundwave's fort superior, Reflector's fort inferior
Andore92 writes: After the Decepticons lost the war, the face of Abu Ghraib changed drasticly
biwb writes: Reflector: Aw, man ,Soundwave, youbroke my lego model AGAIN.
Angelbot writes: Megatron inflicted his worst punishment on disobedient Decepticons yet: clean up after one of Optimus Prime and Elita One's nastiest arguments. It was enough to subdue Starscream into submission for months.
megatron11 writes: reflector : arcee is realy good at that .

soundwave : are you shure that was arcee. it looked like blur dressed in pink .

reflector : i feel sick. i even took pictures.
megatron11 writes: reflector: this is some good ---- .
soundwave : ive got the munchies .i could go for some energon right now .
megatron11 writes: soundwave : hey reflector wanna play cops and robers?
megatrina writes: Tour guide: And next on our interactive tour, experience how the early colonists dealt with troublemakers.

Reflector: Why in the world did Megatron take us on this tour of Ye Olde Charles Towne?

Soundwave: He claims that by understanding the humans
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Angelbot writes: Reflector: I hope Megatron doesn't catch us lying down on the job.
TK-225 writes: Face it Soundwave. All in all, its just another brick in the wall.
Stormrider writes: Castle fight!
spaceduk writes: Reflector: soundwave i told you non metallic bricks wouldnt work! youve got cube shaped objects on the brain.

Soundwave: Reflector eject, operation shut the F**K up
autobot_aza writes: soundwave- i don't think these walla will stop us
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