Megatron with his "super weapon"

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Megatron with his "super weapon"
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Bennington1234 writes: Megatron:This is the last time I LET SHOCKWAVE INVENT ANYTHING! Where are the Constructicons?
Meanwhile,the Constructicons are watching Winx Club in the Decepticon HQ.
Constructicons(Singing altogether while watching Winx Club):Open your eyes,Open your
Bennington1234 writes: Megatron:This is the last time I LET SHOCKWAVE INVENT ANYTHING! Where are the Constructicons?
Meanwhile,the Constructicons are watching Winx Club in the Decepticon HQ.
Scrapper:Magic Winx!Tynix!
Wolfman Jake writes: You know, I'm not even surprised anymore. What was this one supposed to do anyway? Aw, forget it. I feel like knocking back a couple six packs of energon.
SillyMcGilly writes: Megatron: Make it a "super sized" super weapon ya know what I'm sayin?
Black Hat writes: It was working this morning, honest!
Heckfire writes: "Awright, WHO swapped my Particle Cannon with a Play-Doh Fun Factory?"
Malicron writes: Isn’t that supposed to come out the other end?
mechislander writes: What the..?! Those PlayMech guys ripped me off!
Zeedust writes: "Trust me, the Autobots won't come with in a mile of this if they value their dignity."
Scatterlung writes: 20CCs of Cyagra! NOW! Arcee's on her way and I DONT want to disappoint!
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Lich Lord Dranas writes: Where all of those God-Awful Armada episodes came from.
Roadshadow writes: Megs: Soundwave, with this, Nightbird is gonna get me laid for sure!
Soundwave: I'm starting to wonder if I'm even on the right side of this war...
Ataraxia writes: Hey Arcee, i bet none of the autobots have got one of these! come over here and sit on...dammit starscream you've ruined my mojo again!!!
Marv writes: I said "fie the laser", not: "Fire AT the laser!" Man! Are you guys deaf?
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Megatron: (a la Dr. Evil) Fire the "laser".
Starscream: (Loud, offscreen) FIRE THE LASER!
Alphatron writes: Megatron: Swindle said this weapon would be craptacular, but I never knew it was total 'craptacular'! SWINDLE!!
juggaloG writes: M: Starscream! You broke my ultimate weapon!
S: I'M your ultimate weapon, and the only one worthy to lead the Decepticons! Under MY leadership, the weapon would still be working & the Autobots would be right where we want them!
M: Leadership
juggaloG writes: M: Starscream! You broke my ultimate weapon!
S: I'M your ultimate weapon, and the only one worthy to lead the Decepticons! Under MY leadership, the weapon would still be working & the Autobots would be right where we want them!
M: Leadership th
Scooter writes: Unicron's sperm disgusts even the mighty Megatron
Unknown writes: "Sonuva...! And the warrantee just expired, too!"
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Unknown writes: Megatron: You're only making jokes because you know it's bigger'n yours Starscream!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Oh don't stare! It can't be anything you haven't seen before you wusses...
Unknown writes: Starscream: "HAHAHA! Now your Super weapon don't work because you climbed up the bathroom instead of the ladder, Megatron! GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" (You will probably get it if you have watched Jhonny English)
Minicle writes: Megatron: AHHHHHHH yes, I've been waiting neerly four million years to get that out.
Minicle writes: Megatron: What are you all gawking at!
Shadow Fox writes: Megatron- OOOHHHH YYAAAA....whew it feels good to sqeeze a few robo crap does not smell good..and my starfish is flaring up..I hope i don't have hemoroids that would be embarassing, here comes megatron the scarry decepticon with the huge
Shockwave writes: Megatron: Starscream! Come over here for a second. have an important job for you.
Zeedust writes: Here we see Megatron, in the process of trying to figure out why no one takes him seriously.
X-Brawn writes: Soundwave, what did I tell you obout using plastic components in hiper-distruction weapons?
M writes: Megs: "GAAAAAHK! OOOK! THE FUNK! SOMEONE GET ME A GASMASK!" Soundwave: "Robots don't breathe." Megs: "Oh sorry."
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M writes: Megs (Dr Evil voice) : "Fire the "laser."
Unknown writes: Let's face it, the animators were just begging for smartass remarks the moment they started to draw the gun.
Unknown writes: megatron: soundwave how do you like my new vibrator
K-nonFodder writes: Spike"Mr megatron sir, coach says when that happens you have an STD"
Zeedust writes: Desperate to destroy the Autobots, Megatron creates Spam.
gLOVES1000 writes: this is the biggest joint...EVER
M writes: Megatron: "I'M A SOOPER POOPER TROOPER!" Starscream: "That's just a sooper blooper."
M writes: Megatron: "I'm the sooper pooper!" Starscream: "Cut the blooper!" Megatron: "Oh, sooper!"
M writes: So this is what the Phazon cannon looks like.
Unknown writes: Victory! My Slim Jim cannon will make the Decepticons Invincible!
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Ratbat writes: With a limitless supply of hot and smelly ----, the Autobots are in for a mighty beating!
Unknown writes: Notices other Decepticons are stairing.
"What? Wal-Mart ran out of the small sized Crest toothpaste."
Unknown writes: Voice over: And this poor transformer has a bad case of elepahnt $%^#
Fallengaiden writes: megatron: oooooohh wow...... arcee......(drool)...
Unknown writes: Megatron on X-lax?
OmnisValidus writes: Just wait until Arcee gets a look at my new penile extension! mwahhhaaahhhhaaa!
Galvatron writes: Good god Astrotrain!! Draining out your waste depository on this retchid planet was a good but stinky idea! Is that a lubricated condom in their?! oh gross!! At least the flesh creatures are already used to this robotic crap!" muuuuhhhahahahah

MMEGATRON: Fall, fall (Splat! Splat!)

NELSON SHIN (DIRECTOR): CUT! Now Megatron, you're meant to shoot Prime twice with the ridiculously small laser pistol. Yes, I know it's inventive and diabolical, but sprayin
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Wait, what exactly do the instructions say?" Starscream: (translating) "Super Happy Bukakke Weapon 9000?"
yoyo writes: o prime, u make me feel so horny...
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Unknown writes: What do you find so funny?
Unknown writes: Megatron trying to deal with premature ejaculation.
Unknown writes: This always puts the girls off.
Unknown writes: "Alright, who was it that wanted the Easy Cheez?"
Hot Shot writes: note to self stay away from that damn metamucil
buddhaquest writes: Starscream, if you lick your lips one more time I am SO KICKING YOUR ASS!
Unknown writes: Megatron plans to take over the world with a large Pay-Do fun factory.
They can't agree on what stencil to use, the star or the spaghetti strands, while they fight over it the Autobots attack and steal the stencil. Wait, that's an Arma
Shadowcon writes: Look everyone, I can switch orifices!!
Unknown writes: And I swear Prime, you'll be the first one to eat it!!!
Unknown writes: Okay, guys, the poo-cocktail is ready. Feed it to the captured Autobots.
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Bruticus writes: OK, Starscream, you have got a lot of explaining to do this time.
Zu Darkness writes: Megatrn resorting to S&M tactics to defeat the autobots
Unknown writes: time for everyone to faint!!!!!
zach writes: megatrons mother:How many times have i told you not to do that in the house
Greg writes: LOOK AT MY POOP MICHINE I put a dog in it
Unknown writes: Who let the dogs out?!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Skywarp! Thundercracker! Take position Doggy! Starscream! Bareback!
Starscream: Surely, oh most POTENT of POTENT, you will be able to hold out that long?
Unknown writes: Arcee i'm ready
Beast Simpson writes: Megs: NO! DONT COME IN MOM!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: See! My IS the largest!
Soundwave: *_*
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Unknown writes: I said I wanted the ray gun to *BE* the ----~!!!
Beast Simpson writes: Anybody else"carrot" juice?
TriggerHappy writes: Oh, Starscream..
Unknown writes: Alright! Who inserted Tab A into Slot B?
Unknown writes: Fillin up the honey-wagon
MiGrAnE writes: ratchet says: "such a strong discharge, looks like v.d."
Starscream writes: "AAAAAAHHHHHHH YEAH! thats the stuff."
MEGATRON writes: opps,i didn't do anything.
crono writes: Unicron never complains, so shut up and get ready Starscream.
Unknown writes: look boys, Arcee loves it on her face.
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Chrono writes: Super weapon...more like super useless weapon Megatron.
MindWipe writes: MOM!!!! i am not MASTURBATING!! GO AWAY!!!
Broadside writes: Starscream: Yeah I bet that's what all the girls say!
Unicron writes: Megatron: Anyone got a pooper scopper? My weapon made a turn
Unknown writes: Megatron-"Thanks to my new invention, we'll cornore the fake-dog-poop buisness!"
Megatron-"Well don't blame me for this retarted idea, the new writers that they got for th
Unknown writes: I look away for one second ...
Unknown writes: ... Nothing can stop us now ... , for I shall now demonstrate the MIGHTY POWER of Viagra !!! Muhahahahaahha....
Unknown writes: "What do you want me to write on your birthday cake again?
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Omega Prime writes: I'll be there in a minute Soundwave let me tap this off.
Unknown writes: My new device will extract all the energon from the flesh creatures' waste products!
Unknown writes: What's this suppose to do again?
tfpredaking writes: When your urin's in a clump and it burns through out your stump...Gonorrhea
Battle Angel writes: Why yes Starscream, your imported energy weapon was useful. And instead of killing two birds I took out a whole flock of Canadian geese, two turtle doves AND a partrige in a pear tree.
Unknown writes: Darn this thing, the melting poop is too long. Must be commemorative series verision. Damn you HASBRO !!!
Kamikazecon writes: "Hey, do you mind giving me some privacy here?"
Inferno writes: For some reason, I'm suddenly thinking of Armada
Sounds: It is crap lord Megatron
Unknown writes: megs:Now Autobots feel the wrath of my flaming crap gu- oh great it dosn't work Soundwave get my flaming pee blaster!
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Unknown writes: megs:whats wrong with this condom? starscream:thunder cracker stole defective steel! megs:oh great now devastator probably has h.i.v or something! devastator:my turn! megs:noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Unknown writes: yeah yeah go ahead and laugh you guys.
frank writes: "Okay, Starscream, I'm done fertilizing the front yard...."
Unknown writes: No one can withstand the might of my poo cannon!
Unknown writes: Starscream: OOOOO, what does THIS button do?
Megatron: Damnit Starscream don't touch that...*BOOM*
Unknown writes: arcee/put that away megatron,this is why im not a deceptacreep
Unknown writes: Muwahahahahaa....wait.
Starscream K'dash writes: Megatron*Singing*:"I'M A ROCKETMAN...ROCKETMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN......
Unknown writes: megatron: ok optimus i warned u im taken them off see here here u happy its my HDL huge dick laser mechine wit its lava spiting action MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
Unknown writes: megatron: ok optimus i warned u im taken them off see here her u happy its my HDL huge dick mechine wit its lava spiting action MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
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Unknown writes: Megs: My superweapon will vanquish the Autobots! Dammit! Why do they run away?
Unknown writes: Megs: This scene is more rediculous than Starscream's coronation!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Captured Autobot scientist Wheeljack! You say this doomsday device will repel flies, other fleshling vermin and blow up the Earth? Yes! I should have captured you and threatened to burn your porno stash sooner! Speaking of which...
Unknown writes: Megs: Check out my new Ronco Pasta Maker! This is better than that Showtime Rotisserie Barbecue s***. Now I can eliminate the Autobots using low-fat spaghetti! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!
Unknown writes: Megatron: I've anyone sees this, I was convinced by Hasbro execs, got it? What do you mean someone's seen it? Holy s*** that is coming out of this contraption!
gabriel writes: Megs:what kind of toothpaste is this?
All transformers:POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Megas:EWWWWWW!and i just brushed my teeth with it!!!
Hairball178 writes: "'s er.....SUPPOSED to do that--I think..."
Unknown writes: Meg.: Damnit Starscream! I told you to stop watching those fleshling Poptol Biswhat infomercials!
SS: But Megatron! Can't I-
Unknown writes: What are you laughing at Starscream? I don't see anything funny...
Unknown writes: Behold, the poop gun!
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Dynamus Prime writes: Now how am I supposed to "cock" this thing again?
Unknown writes: A plan for the Galvatron costumE:megatron: Da?? I dont wanna Get into this to be GALVATRON!!!
Unknown writes: This is my new secret weapon called the "It's-Game-Over-For-You-With-This-Twin-Killing-Grenade" to wipe out those damn Double Dragons.
Unknown writes: Its not funny Starscream ! Ill destroy u with my srry machine! Dont make me do it!!
Unknown writes: This is the last time you trick me with a picture of rosanne bar in a thong Starscream!!!!
Unknown writes: Let this be a lesson to all of you, don't stck it up the wrong end of trypticon without lubricant!
Unknown writes: I hope the humans never see this. I'm sure they'd make some perverted comments about it...what do you mean its been all over the internet for the past hour? Wait...wheres REFLECTOR?
Chee-toy writes: Dang.... I hate the way it smells. Can't wait to get off this planet.
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Uh... Starscream?... Soundwave?...Anyone?... uh-oh. This things gonna keep pumping 'till I'm inside out. HELP ME! OH FOR CYBERTRON'S SAKE HELP ME!!! GAHHH!!!!
Unknown writes: I'm freakin' constipated again!
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Unknown writes: Why Transformers and viagra don't mix.
Unknown writes: Starscream, you fool! You and Thundercracker gave me cheap metal!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: I told you this would happen! I want a refund.
TeleTran2005 writes: With this weapon, we will be number one in the skat porn industry
Starscreamsghost writes: Those "all natural" penis enlarging pills should have some kind of warning on them. Stunticons, destroy the FDA headquarters
Unknown writes: Megatron: Starscream, I need some viagra, my dick just stay's limp!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: What the hell do I need with a 10 foot tube of toothpaste? This is the worst birthday party ever.
Unknown writes: I told starscream not to go to sears for the weapons.
Unknown writes: Put that down Starscream . Now look what you made me do
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Unknown writes: and thats not how to destroy the autobots. This may be on the finals so remember it
PredaKing writes: Megatron: Hey, Starscream. Do they make "Oops, I crapped my pants" for giant robots??
Starscreamsghost writes: Rumble: Anybody seen my model rocket?
Megatron: AAAUUUGGGGHHHH my crotch!!!!!!!!!!! RUMBLE! as soon as I can walk again you're in deep!
Unknown writes: Wreck Gar: YOU BROKE IT, YOU BUY IT!!
Unknown writes: Hmmm... maby we should not use your laserrifle on this weapons' end but my mean black canon instead, Starscream!!
Unknown writes: Megatron:"Now, Autobots, face the power f my Cybertronian super-feces blasting disgustinator!!!"
Unknown writes: (Astrotrain being crapped on)What the-?
Megatron: Oh, @#%$
Astrotrain:!@#$! is right!
The King writes: This will be the last time we buy something from junk yard.
Unknown writes: HADOKEN!
Unknown writes: Yeah, yeeeeeah, who da man now, dog?!
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Unknown writes: Its not my swedish penis enlarger, its my red ricket maker.
hannibal writes: Introducing... The man from V.I.A.G.R.A.
Unknown writes: Megatron's last words: "OK, the fuse burned down to the casing, Starscream...when do I throw it at the Autobots? Why are you running away???"
Unknown writes: Ya know...this is oddly arousing...
Phoenyx writes: Now, Decepticons! Watch as I destory this planet's moon with my Super Wea.... STARSCREAM!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Who's the daddy - say my name - SAY MY NAME.....
Unknown writes: Who's the daddy - say my name - SAY MY NAME.....
Firestorm writes: Starscream, you did save the receipt, right? I think we need to exchange this.
Unknown writes: Eat flaming molten seeman of death Autobots! HAHAHAHAHAH!
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RandomFerret writes: "Oh god.. Who bought a Joe Dirt prop on eBay??"
Unknown writes: Megatron! Stop humping the laser!
aeleven writes: "IT'S MADE OF STEEL......AHHHHHHHHH, I CUM 40 WEIGHT OIL!!!!"
Unknown writes: It's mine no and no one elses. SW: Uh, Megatron you built it.
Unknown writes: damn, girl u so ugly!
h writes: hehe
Unknown writes: This weapon is worthless.
Shadowman writes: The brand new show on THe Discovery Channel: "When Good Ceptic-tanks go Bad!"
Unknown writes: Megs: Did I do that?
Unknown writes: Megatron: Starscream, come over here. It's your turn to feed Robocop!
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Scourge writes: Megs: Behold the ultimate weapon! The crap shooter!
Unknown writes: what??? who has play with my veapon
Unknown writes: Look what I found, Soundwave. A giant tube of poo-flavored toothpaste!
Unknown writes: "See, Starscream! It's NOT the size of the GUN that matters, but how you use it! ..."
Unknown writes: Arcee:"My God, that's big!" Megatron:"What'd you say?" Arcee:"Um, uh, nothing!"
Unknown writes: Megs:All right, who the fµ©k shoved a fµ©king s£!t in my fµ©king gun!?!? Starscream laughs so hard he falls apart.
Hot Rodimus writes: Megatron-"this is the last time i take out Ravege's Kitty litter box"
Unknown writes: Damn, Starscream, remind me to never have Energon Chili again!
Unknown writes: I know I have to get a better builder then you, starscream. just look at this junk you make me it can't even stand one fire from my ultimate weapon. and you want to be a leader.
Unknown writes: Decepticons! With my newest weapon, the super crapper, we shall triu-( a human bystander gets covered with the stuff)Oops. Um, ew, you might have to go home and wash that out.
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Unknown writes: I know I have to get a better builder then you, starscream. just look at this junk you make me it can't even stand one fire from my ultimate weapon. and you want to be a leader.
Unknown writes: Do you think I should see a doctor about it.
Unknown writes: I give entirely new meanings to the phrase, "flinging poo!"
frank writes: "Here comes my poop !"
Unknown writes: GODDAMNIT!!!!
Shermtron writes: Megatron:ok guys this coffee is a bit nutty...
Shermtron writes: Megatron:Coffee anyone???
Unknown writes: "Hey ladies, My name is Megatron, and I have a 110ft super weapon...AROUND. Think about it."
Unknown writes: Megatron: Are you sure this is what humans call Toothpast? Thinks to himself " I should make Starscream use this first!!"
Pokejedservo writes: Megatron: If this doesn't get me any female decepticons THEN NOTHING WILL! I mean really...nothing will!
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Rodimus Prime writes: Starscream: Oooooooo what does this button doo. Megatron:StarScream NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
RodimusPrime writes: Ummmm I think its broken.
Unknown writes: Aw guys, how did you know I wanted a sausage grinder for my birthday? Well that's it, I know a couple Decepticons that are getting a special dinner tonight!
Unknown writes: Megatron: hey! Starscream! That Viagra stuff really works!
Abrogate writes: Megs: "This truly is the greatest weapon ever!! No one can stand fecal matter!!"
Soundwave: "uh, sir, I think that only applies to humans. I don't think the Autobots could care less..."
Megs: "Ah
tony writes: "I asked for a rust making machine! Not some weird thing that spews something I rather not know about! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT STARSCREAM!"
Unknown writes: CESSPOOL: Hey Megatron, I need that for my Eco-Warriors SEPTIC TANK! MEGATRON: YOU WAIT,COBRA CREEP!
FortMax writes: Megatron: aw crap the cap came off the septic tank again
Unknown writes: Megs to Starscream: If this is a small pack oh bbq sauce, then what's a large size? Ss: Are you sure that's bbq sauce?
Skyfire the Artist writes: What do you mean "repair kit sold seperately"?
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Otacon writes: Megs: so this is what prime ment when he's said he was gonna kick th living sh*t outa me!!!
Shadowman writes: "I should tell the doctor that the food comes out the wrong end."
TRoN writes: Megatron:Look at the terror of my new weapon.......The TURD GUN!!!!!
Optimus writes: Starscream come quick! The weapon needs some viagra!
Unknown writes: After a long vacation in Yellowstone, Mrs. Megatron makes Mr. Megatron clean out the port-a-potty. "This is humiliating, where's Starscream!" exclaims Disgusted Decepticon.
Unknown writes: After a long vacation in Yellowstone, Mrs. Megatron makes Mr. Megatron clean out the port-a-potty. "This is humiliating, where's Starscream!" exclaims Disgusted Decepticon.
Firestorm writes: Megatron realizes that his 'bargain-basement' hot glue gun was a gyp.
davewelttf writes: Megatron: Oops, I burnt out the cannon! Oh well, if I blame it on Starscream no one will notice anyway.
Ratbat writes: Starscream you fool, This does not make me look like Joey Silvera
jeff writes: This is an outrage, Starscream!!! I'll turn you into scrap metal for this!
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jeff writes: Starscream!!! This weapon is a dud!
Unknown writes: What do mean??? Hot couce??? ehhh
Vector Sigma writes: "Watch out! Here comes the money shot!"
Slappyfrog writes: Megatron: Why does it burn when I pee, Shockwave?
Slappyfrog writes: Why you never have seen any female Decepticons.
The Matrix writes: Optimus Prime - "By the Matrix, I had no knowledge that a transformer can "let go" of himself, in such a humanish matter..."
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