Optimus riding on Slingshot

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Optimus riding on Slingshot
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Towline writes: In 1984. this was the only way Optimus Prime can combine with Quickslinger.
You 2016 kids are lucky.
BG the Robit writes: Sling: Get off of me.
OP: No.
Sling: Then I'll MAKE you! *flings him off*
OP:*hurtles to ground* B****!!!!!!!!!
Frenchhorngirl writes: Remember Starscream and Shockwave?
Godzillabot Primal writes: What ever you do Slingshot, don't brake!!!
Octocon writes: Prime: This still beats easyjet
Angelbot writes: Slingshot: This is the last time I fly you to Cybertron for a night out with Elita One!

Optimus Prime: Oh, about that. Don't wait up.

Slingshot: Aghhhhhhhh!!!
galvatron224 writes: SLINSHOT: HARDER,HARDER.
Backspace writes: Slightshot: See Primo, even a truck needs a flight...
Optimus: You're right Slightshot. So let's fly out...!!!!
Roadshadow writes: Optimus: I know you're hiding drugs from me, Slingshot! And I want them for myself NOW!
DeltaSilver88 writes: Slingshot *thinking*: OK, this is the last time I let Prime to practice Jet Judo on me...
Prime: ....Now what the hell did Sideswipe do the last time..? Oh YEAH! *tightens grip*
Slingshot: HURK! *pass out*
Prime: ....Oops.
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Roadshadow writes: Prime: Where's the boooooooooooooooooooze!?
Roadshadow writes: Prime: Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I'm flying my ass off! And I feel gooooooooooood!
Slingshot: I have GOT to get a restraining order. He's been at this for 5 weeks now. I think he needs a good kick in the cyber-nuts.
prime idiot writes: If you don't get off me RIGHT NOW, you'll find out why I'm called Slingshot buster!
Takedown writes: Prime: "In thinking it over I always knew the real reason I called them the "ARIEL"-bots...9 million years ago..."
Takedown writes: Slingshot thinking to himself "I wonder what happend to Sideswipe's Jetpack..."
ALISTAIRE_562 writes: Slingshot: I'm telling you Optimus, Jet Blue has TV's and decent leg room go ride with them.

Optimus: But this feels better!

Slingshot: What the!!!
bvzxa writes: Optimus(in a drunken voice sings):"Rocky mountain fly.....so high!!!!"
Slingshot:"you have got to find a better way home next time!!"
red_ensign writes: Just another reason that Optimus Prime should never be allowed near alcohol.
Starbeam writes: Prime: "I have GOT to get a new travel-agent."
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Slingshot: I told you Prime, I'm not going to jail for you again. That was the last time I transport any drugs for you.
Prime: You signed a contract with me. I'm holding you to it.
Slingshot: You don't know what it is like to be in prison
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darxide writes: Optimus and Slingshot re-enact a scene from the Ambiguosly Gay Duo...

OP: Shut up and fly I've got a good idea for a wish that I don't want
ninjabot writes: Prime: Please don't do any barrel rolls.

Sling shot: Stop being a wuss.

Prime: Thats it when we land You are grounded.
datura9 writes: This is the LAST time I fly business class...
Warhead writes: optimus-GIMME MY CHANGE YOU B@STERD
HookX5 writes: Prime: "Give it up starscream! you won't get away this time!"
Slingshot: "Umm when's your next appointment with an optometrist boss?"
cecilia writes: Optimus:(*singing*)A handwashed turkey...There's turkey for all...A handwashed turkey...This turkey's having a ball...

Slingshot: For some reason I don´t like the ending of that song.

Optimus: come on, I´m just bored.

Not Sonic writes: Optimus:Gimme back my doughnut!
Slingshot:NO!Its mine!
Suzuki writes: OPTIMUS: Remind me to upgrade our air-travel plans to at least "Business Class", from now on.
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Prowl Worshipper writes: P: Uh, Slingshot? Could you please pull over a sec?
S: We're at 20,000 feet, you moron! Why?

P: Well...do you happen to have a bathroom on board?

S: Oh for the love of Primus! Why me? *Please let me crash into a mountain, please let me crash i
BLACKBIRD writes: Look up in the sky,it is a bird,a plane no it is Optimus getting away from reality
Alirion writes: Thank you for flying Air Slingshot: cake or death?
Angie Prime writes: Optimus: WHEEEEEE! (Slingshot shorts out and goes kaput) Dammit (looks through subspace pockets for quarters as they plummet)
Slingshot: Um....sir?
Optimus: Got it! (sticks a quarter...somewhere...o.o) (Slingshot moves again) WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ^^
Greg writes: I Don't Know What Your Doing To Me But You Better Stop!
Defcon writes: Sorry Slingshot..BUT ITS BEEN FOUR MILLION YEARS!!!


Everyone suspected Prime of being a memebr of the Mile High Club
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Optimus really wanted a pony ride . . .
Slingshot: Prime, a submission hold like that whould choke me up, IF I WEREN'T A GODDAMN PLANE.
star_sabre86 writes: Slingshot: Uh Prime, is this even kosher?
Prime: Uh..yeah..it is *shifs eyes*
Slingshot: ALright but if anyone else finds out that i gave you a ride to Arcee's then i'm screwed
Brakethrough writes: Optimus Prime: I tell ya, back in my day, we didn't have no fancy-shmancy powerlinx, or combiners, or Autobots what flew around, and...

Slingshot: Jeez. This is the last time I switch duties with Skydive. Carting Prime to the Old Autobots Civic Ce
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Slingshot,"At 20,000 ft?! Are you insane!"
Anime_Fangirl writes: Slingshot: Well... At least it's not Energon Prime...
Ultrabot writes: whats that in my energy drive prime?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Ooooooooo I wanna go to the cockpit!"
Slingshot,"Hold still,I'm trying to fly here,your acting like a child."
Prime,"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toy plane,toy plane!"
Pokejedservo writes: Peter Cullen's version of a 747
HeliconAutun writes: Prime: "Are they real?"
AirwalkerX writes: Slingshot: Prime...
{Optimus Prime snores loudly)
Slingshot: Prime
{Snores continue loudly)
Slingshot: PRIME!!
Optimus: Uh... what? where... Slingshot?
Ransom writes: Prime suddenly realizes that using the "sleeper" hold on Slingshot in midair really hadn't been a smart idea.
Ransom writes: Prime: Tell me where my Energon stash is NOW, Slingshot!!!
Acelister writes: Prime: "I knew I should have partnered with Silverbolt for this Scavenger hunt..."
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Acelister writes: Slingshot: "Whats the rush?!"
Prime: "Teletran One showed me something! We must hurry to save Debbie from her evil half brother's clone!"
Slingshot: "I told Spike to not tune Teletran into soap opera's..."
Acelister writes: Optimus wasn't impressed when he found out it was a human jet.
Acelister writes: Prime: "Give me the remote! You know I can't lead properly without watching Tom and Jerry!"
Sanguinarius writes: Optimus: Up Up and away!
slingshot: No prime, not 'up' anything...
Ransom writes: Narrator: --and they are off!! Optimus Prime and Slingshot appear to make a great couple! But will Megatron and Starscream make a greater, faster couple?

OP, SS, M, & SS: DIE!!!
fuzzy butt writes: Prime" ufff errrp"
slingshot"OOOohh, quick use the bag use the bag!!!!!"
fuzzy butt writes: ittle boy to his mother." Look , mom; up in the sky! Is it bird, a plane, a frog?"

mom" a frog?"

prime and slingshot" nope its just little old me Underdog!"
Slingshot,"What the hell,are you babbling about?"
Omega_ZorronX writes: "Uh Prime, are you sure it's me you are suppose to be riding with? I mean Skyfire is unattached right now"
aegrimonia writes: "Uh, look Prime, i don't care what you say, I don't think that's a Powerlinx slot"
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Yay airplane ride! Where do I put the quarter in?"
terradive2020 writes: Damb It Prime, I told you not to take Viagra!!
Optimus_Prime_2063 writes: Slingshot: "I told him not to spit. I told him it would render him unconscious. Would he listen NOOOOO! He had to be a kid. Geeze this weight is killin me. Maybe if I do a barrel roll he will fall off, but then I'd still have to carry him b
Optimus_Prime_2063 writes: Prime: "Where in Alpha Trion's name is that Omega Supreme, this ride to Cybertron will take forever like this!" Slingshot: "Well it would be easier if you didn't weigh so much!" Prime: "Hey take it easy I could be in Veh
Alphatron writes: Slingshot: Get off, Fat-ass!!
Optimus_Prime_2063 writes: Slingshot: "Hey Prime..." Prime: "Yeah?" Slingshot: "I was talking to someone in the military the other day, you know what he said?" Prime: "No, what? Slingshot: "He said Barrel Roll HARCH!" *Does a barrel roll
Optimus_Prime_2063 writes: Slingshot: "Geeze Prime that was some sneeze!"
Prime: "Yeah I know. Now when are we going to land?"
Ransom writes: Slingshot: Optimus, do you remember if I gassed up before leaving?

Prime: No... Why?

Slingshot: Oh, nothing. *thinks* We're done for.
Ransom writes: Narrator: And this is another prime -- forgive the pun -- example of road-rage carrying over into the air.
Ransom writes: Prime: Some flight this is. Where are the in-flight Energon snacks?!
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Ransom writes: Prime: Aren't we suppose to be moving _forward_?

Slingshot: Duh!!

Prime: Then why are we moving _backwards_?

Slingshot: ... *shifts gear to Drive from Reverse*

Prime: *sighs deeply*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wsssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo!(Prime falling)
Prime,"Guess who?"
Gallonos writes: Primes addicted to energon, Slingshot is his dealer...

Prime- Where's my energon?!?!
Slingshot- I don't know, Prime let go!
Prime- You sold it didn't you? You Bastard!
Slingshot- Your over reacting...
Prime- You have some on you I k
Supreme Nemesis writes: Slingshot: TELL NO ONE OF THIS! Prime: Just keep going higher or i'll shove my gear shift in your after burner. SLingshot: Then whats in my afterburner right now...? Ogh god!
Tzarinchilla writes: Slingshot: "This could be dangerous Prime!"
Prime: "Stop being a wuss, jetfire lets me do this all the time!"
Slingshot: " Oh OK! By the way where is Jetfire these days?"
Prime: "Erm........"
Tzarinchilla writes: Slingshot: "I've got one thing to say prime..... cut down on those energon snacks man!"
Tzarinchilla writes: Prime: "The autobot mafia take lending money veeeery seriously!"
Anime_Fangirl writes: Optimus still hasn't forgiven Slingshot for taking a loop-de-loop shortly after this picture was taken...
Kal-Seth writes: far and wide optimus searched but alas it finally happened he went to transform and his trailer was nowhere to be found
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"This will be a lot easier if you don't struggle,this is gonna happen let it happen."
Slingshot,"Oh Primus no this is a rape!"
Prime,"WHAT! No,no,no look I'm just trying to help you land since your optics are on
Clunky-Bonk! writes: OP: Once we get really high up, I'm going to transform, and we'll see if my trailer section still appears out of nowhere in mid-air.

SS: But, you’re going to let go of me first, right?

OP: Nope. I’ve just spot-welded myself to your r
monkeytron writes: Chicken or Fish?
monkeytron writes: SS: BARRELROLL
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Slingshot,do you know you've got a lump under you wing?"
Aeros writes: Slingshot: Outake only Mister
Aeros writes: Prime: WEEEEEEEEEE
Repsotron writes: Slingshot: Prime HAD to be narcoleptic, didn't he.
Shadowman writes: "Get your hand the hell away from my landing gear"
Mystery writes: Slingshot: Spike or Bumblebee I can handle, but THIS!?
Optimus: Quit whining.
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furysblade writes: Prime and Slingshot re-enacting a scene from "the Hulk"
fuzzy butt writes: I want to fly with my Primus, to the sea.
Want to fly with my Prime, let my jets cary me.
say do do do dudu say tic tac tock do do dudu
I want to fly like an Birdy, just my Prime and me?
fuzzy butt writes: ummmph Opths? couldth you pleth noth squeezzs mee soou hardth????
Prime" Not on your life, do you KNOW how high we are? One slip and I'm a Opto Pancake!"
fuzzy butt writes: Slingshot" This is the last Time Prime ! NEXT TIME you BETTER gas UP before YOU leave!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"I had to fly somebody stole all my wheels."
Bruticus Buckeye writes: It's WAY too easy to make really bad comment about robots and merging.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Strangely enough the wind feels good blowing through my stacks!"
Agent_One writes: Slingshot thinks to himself: "Does anyone realize that Optimus is wearing a thong?"
HeliconAutun writes: The fan reaction meant Prime had to make a quick getaway.
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot: "I'm not Wing Saber you idiot!"
Prime: "Shut up and split in half!"
Slingshot: "Eeeww! No!"
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HeliconAutun writes: The surreal alternative ending to When Harry Met Sally.
fuzzy butt writes: prime "Hey that had better have been a sonic boom"
fuzzy butt writes: Prime" wow, I can see my house from here"
fuzzy butt writes: Ha ha GOT YER NOSE ,GOT YER NOSE
fuzzy butt writes: Sling Shot" Now how is this going to make me a better Autobot?"
fuzzy butt writes: prime" man when they said a no frills flight they wernt joking"
Tzarinchilla writes: Optimus: "Who's your daddy!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: A little known fact Prime is a big practical joker.
Prime,"OK hold it steady Slingshot were right over the OTFCC parking lot.I gotta line up these water balloons just right."
Nenesis Prime writes: Before Air Convoy...
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: No matter how creative/desperate he got, Optimus Prime just couldn't squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.
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Lunarcloud writes: Slingshot's new horsy ride was a success, for Prime, that is...
Acelister writes: Slingshot: "I know why we're doing this... But why do I have to carry you?"
Prime: "You can trade with Air Raid and carry Defensor instead?"
Acelister writes: Prime: "Well it beats surfing to the Decepticon's next scheme!"
Acelister writes: Prime: "No wonder these human's love roller coaster's! Here we go agaiiiiiinn!!!"
Acelister writes: Winning Hide and Seek with Slingshot was so easy. He never looked behind himself.
shockwave_inoz writes: OPT PRIME: "Yeeee-Haaaa!! So THIS is what it's like to be in the MILE HIGH CLUB!!!"
S-SHOT: "Hey HEY! No funny business, okay Prime?!"
OPT PRIME: "Okaaaaaay...Heh, heh, heh..."
S-SHOT: "What? I didn't quite
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"You weigh a ton."
Prime,"Several acctually."
Kevinus Prime writes: Optimus: "Slingshot, it's only a checkup!"
Slingshot: "No! No! I don't wanna go!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Wing Saber, combine! OW!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Optimus: "OK Slingshot, hold it steady, and I'll moon Megatron as we fly by."
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Slingshot! No more loop-the LOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPSSSS!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "I said give me back my AC/DC CD NOW!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "OK, OK, you can ride on the trailer on the way back."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Ironhide ripped a big one! Evacuate the area!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "....because my state inspection sticker expired, that's why!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Optimus: "This is the last time I use a computer dating service."
Kevinus Prime writes: Optimus:"How do you fly? There's no engine?"
SS: I never thought about it...AIEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Castle74 writes: There's Prime again practicing his mid-air crippler crossface.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"What no nuts on this flight?"
Slingshot,"Everybody's a comedian."
Nenesis Prime writes: ON the sauce again, eh Prime?
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Nenesis Prime writes: Have you been eating Energon goodie bars again, Optimus?!
Kevinus Prime writes: Planejacked!
Kevinus Prime writes: "Boy, this new Six Flags ride is great! I can see the old guy dancing from here!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"
Ratbat writes: Elita One's gonna SCREAM HER HEAD OFF if she sees Optimus Prime risking his life--especially for NOTHING!
Mkall writes: During routine Teletran-1 maintenance, other, less high tech ways were needed to spy on the Decepticons
Draco614 writes: Faster Slingshot Faster!!!! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
GospelX writes: Slingshot: Optimus, when you told me I was dropping a spy into Decepticon territory, I thought you meant a MINI-spy.

Optimus: Shut-up and do my bidding, Jetfire!

Slingshot: For the last time, I'm NOT Jetfire!

Optimus: Fine! Have it your way
hutcheedingo writes: Uh, Prime ...To be an aerialbot you have to be able to fly, not fill a balloon with hot air. GET OFF
hutcheedingo writes: SS: Why do I always get stuck with Designated Driver Duty??
OP: Hic*!@ Whoops!
SS: How many times do I have to tell you not stick your head over the side before you start puking, Dammit!!!!
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Road Turtle writes: Prime, "Say Uncle! Say Uncle!"
spider_j writes: Prime: Man, these rides at Six Flags rock!
spider_j writes: And for our next lesson: The wrong way to increase your frequent flyer mileage.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Uhm,Slingshot were in a freefall here.What's the problem?"
Slinshot,"Well I uhm just realized the logistics of a semi truck,on top of a plane are not aerodynamically impossible."
Prime,"Sooooo where do we go from her
DeltaCharlie writes: Slingshot: Hold on tight Optimums, this is going to be a bumpy ride.
crazyfists writes: Opt Prime: "Oh Slingshot, you're so...so strong."
Slingshot: "Huh. I wonder what that means."
crazyfists writes: Opt Prime: "I bet this is what it's like to ride on Spider-Man."
Ratbat writes: Not to worry, Optimus! I'll get you to Ratchet's repair bay soon enough! I may be the SMALLEST Aerialbot--but I'm the FASTEST Aerialbot as well! :)
Bloodlust writes: Silverbolt: Prime's been drinking again
Fireflight: How can you tell?
Silverbolt: He thinks Slingshot is Elita-1 again...

Slingshot: Dammit, you alcoholic..i'm not your girlfriend!

Optimus: I miss you so much my shining star!!
-Ry- writes: Optimus:Hey Slingshot?


Optimus:umm....why am I riding you again

Slingshot:The deceptiocns are gonna attack here

Optimus:in mid air...okay I've been putting up woth your advances for some time now and I'm done your of
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The day megatron whooped Prime's shiney metal ass is one Slingshot would not soon forget.
Slingshot,"I swear if you refer to me as your crotch rocket one more time...."
Prime,"Giddy up horsey! Up,up,and away my beautiful,my beautiful
overdrive writes: Optimus: "slingshot you're flying!"
Slingshot: "this isn't flying, this is falling... with style!"
overdrive writes: Optimus: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
HeliconAutun writes: A screencapture from Prime's shortlived film career - a remake of The Runaway Bride starring Optimus Prime and Elita One.
Mekanitz writes: "Red three to Red leader, do you copy?"
"Roger Red three, over."
"Red leader, I read a giant unidentified object on my tail."
"Red three, It is on your tail!"
TheRoMan writes: "Honey, don't you think we're going to far with this homeland security thing. I mean Robot Airline Protectors?" "Yeah, but look on the bright side, when we land...we don't need a rent-a-car."
HeliconAutun writes: The bizarre escape plan which had Prime and Slignshot pretending to be a robin to fool the Decepticons actually WORKED.
TurboHammer writes: Slingshot: this is what prime gets for hanging out at the pub.
Prime:augh my circuts hurt...
TurboHammer writes: Can you say freguent flyer miles ?
spider_j writes: Prime: 'Take the Greyhound', Magnus said, but did I listen? Noooooo.....

Slingshot: Shaddup!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Hey I can see my house from here."
Dirtbag writes: prime:is the ride over?
DeltaOmega writes: Optimus: Second star to the right, then straight on till morning.
DeltaOmega writes: optimus: Look at me! I'm a Barn Stormer!
DeltaOmega writes: Thats the way. ugh huh, ugh huh I like it.
Topnwe writes: Optimus: ...and just put this here, and voila! Prime-shot, the newest energon combiner!
Slingshot: ow! your foot doesn't go in my exhaust port, come on prime, we have to keep practicing for the talent show or we'll never beat Soundwave's &
Zeedust writes: "Prime," Magnus insisted, "You look like slag. Get some sleep before you go out and fight, would you?"

"I'm fine," Prime replied. "Besides, I'll sleep on the plane."
HeliconAutun writes: Optimus Prime brought the smackdown when the Aerialbots started playing piggy-in-the-middle with the Matrix of Leadership..
Slingshot: "Arggggethimoffamegethimoffame!"
Prime: "Gimme back the Matrix, Alpha Trion'll kill me if I drop i
HeliconAutun writes: William Shatner: "There's something on the wing!"
Gridlock1987 writes: Haw emberising! Sorry iahavent read that first(WARNING! Keep your posts to a somewhat decent nature (PG-13 rating). While we acknowledge some of these pictures are easy to make vulgar)

Sorry for breaking you fun :( Pleas don't banish me from the s
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Gridlock1987 writes: Prime:Now Slingshot we are alone...

Slingshot: WHAT?!?!?!? I only tought you want fly to the Ark!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HeliconAutun writes: The white smoke near Slingshot's cockpit gave away how the two Autobots had gotten into this situation.
Prime: "Jah love - Jah love protect us"
HeliconAutun writes: After Silverbolt gave Prime a wedgie, the Autobot leader took it out on Slingshot. Now that's just not good management!
HeliconAutun writes: Prime: "Higher - HIGHER! We haven't reached the ad at the top of the page yet!"
Slingshot: "Prime, it won't give you the ability to defeat Megatron."
Prime: "I just want my brain trained! Like a pet cat."
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot: "Hey! Did you know that Optimus Primal guy has a jetpack?"
Prime: "Shut up."
HeliconAutun writes: Prime: "How many gay jokes do you think they're making about us?"
Slingshot: "Hey don't worry about it, I give Tracks piggybacks all the time."
HeliconAutun writes: Prime: "Say 'Mon Oncle'!"
Slingshot: "Mon Oncle!"
Prime: "Ahhhh! I didn't say Simonbot says."
Slingshot: "When we land you're not getting anymore candy. And turn off your Gameboy Advance, the bleep
HeliconAutun writes: Optimus Prime's new Aerialbot shaped surfboard took a turn for the worse when all the waves disappeared. Shame.
HeliconAutun writes: Optimus: "Hey! Dis new caption is da bomb!"
Slingshot: "Youse wants me to drop a bomb?"
Optimus: "NOOOOOOO!!!! Quick, let's get outta here before we get sued by the citizens of Winnipeg!"
Slingshot: "Look dude, I
Minicle writes: All together..."BLOW IT!"
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Road Turtle writes: Prime, "Like you. I know you're a horrible braggert that nobody likes, but I like you. You remind me of a young Orion Pax, oh wait, I was Orion Pax....."

Slingshot, " 'Prime's been hitting the energon again', they sai
Minicle writes: Optimus: This is why I hate flying economy!
Road Turtle writes: If a Harrier and a Freightliner were to have kids, what would they look like?
Road Turtle writes: Slingshot, "You know Prime, maybe you should ask Jetfire about this Powerlinx thing, cause you're @#&*$ing heavy!"
Road Turtle writes: Hey kids! Wanna see a Frightliner hitch a ride with a Harrier?
Road Turtle writes: "Air Convoy" before Armada. Sad really.
Terror writes: Slingshot: This gives a whole new meaning to the word "Powerlinx"

Prime: You sure we doing this right.
Zeedust writes: Prime: "Are you sure you can throw me at the Decepticons without a giant rubber band?"

Slingshot: "Oh, ha ha, I get it, I'm a slingshot, very funny. One more pun like that, and I don't care if you're Primus himself, pal, y
Shermtron writes: Optimus prime powerlinxs!!!
Shermtron writes: OP : im leaving on a jet plane dont know when i'll be back again... Slingshot: will someone shoot me down!!!
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Air Dawg writes: Geez, Prime! Get off my back!
Castle74 writes: Ok Prime, but next time I get to ride piggy-back!
g2grimmy64 writes: Prime: OH, PRIMUS! TAKE ME BACK DOWN, TAKE ME BACK DOWN!!!
Slingshot: Oh, quit your whining, we're almost there.
ReinaHW writes: "Whatever you do, don't do any of your fancy tricks, I'm not supposed to die for another 20 years yet" "You mean like this?" "Yeah...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" "Oops..."
Prime,"Slingshot,I'm the real Prime not a toy."
Slingshot,"Whoa,these things talk too,oh these are sooooo awesome!"
Prime,"*sigh* I lead
Ratbat writes: Thanks for the rescue, Slingshot! But, from now on, I'll leave the aerial acrobatics to YOU guys!! I'll stay on the ground.
Ratbat writes: Humans call it WINGWALKING, Slingshot. But I don't I would ever try it!
Ratbat writes: We're only 1000 miles away from Autobot Headquarters, Optimus! Hopefully, we'll make it there.
Casual Matt writes: Prime: Take that, Starscream!
Slingshot: Wait! I'm not...
Ratbat writes: Thanks for the lift, Slingshot! Now, let's go home!
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Jaw Crusher writes: And you wonder why we never saw Elita-1 anymore...
shadowdancer writes: "Do you come with batteries?"
Mkall writes: Face it Prime, only the new Autobots can Powerlinx, get off my back!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Everytime Prime goes off on a drinking binge,I gotta fly his drunk ass home!"
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