Slingshot and Sky Dive with no arms!

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Slingshot and Sky Dive with no arms!
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Road Turtle writes: "We want, A Shrubbery!"
SillyMcGilly writes: Hasbro's quality was so low that they stopped putting arms on Combiner Wars figures.
Amelie writes: "I'm gonna paint you green and you'll be my Rack'N'Ruin custom...."
Chrisby writes: The new Torsomasters line received less than stellar reactions.
Marv writes: Skydive: Hey kid! Guess what? we're
unARMED! Get it?
Kid: Let me get this traight: You're a
high-tech robotic alien and that's
the best you can come up with in
this situation?
Scatterlung writes: we're forming our own gestalt...
soundwavegt writes: Skydive: Slingshot that's the last time I let you buy the energon at Maccadam's.
Slingshot: Yeah, like it's my fault we got kidnapped and used for spare parts!! I get blamed for everything around here!!!
Roadshadow writes: Slingshot and Skydive: You shall not pass us to the entrance to the Disco joint of Queens, NY!
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Slingshot: Hey Sky Dive, I can't feel my arms. I think we did to much crack.
Sky Dive: Nah, your arms just fell off. And it was you choice to do that much crack. I told you that you couldn't handle that much.
Slingshot: Hahahaha, I thought you
ShYnE writes: Slingshot and Skydive: We'd like two tickets please.
Arab: Let's see your passports please. And go ahead and empty your pockets and step through the metal detector.
Slingshot: Geez... The security at airports these days is such a hassle.
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ShYnE writes: Slingshot: What's that guy saying?
Skydive: Ummmmm???
Slingshot: I don't know either, but I hope he dont think he's gonna hijack US...
Skydive: I feel ya bro.
doubleclutch writes: "how r we supposed to fight anything?, we've been unarmed?! seriously unarmed!"

"look slingshot!", "that guy has an arm..lets take his!"

"u dumbass, skydive!" "how r we supposed to do that...we dont
King Slick writes: "I sware it was not us! We are unarmed! SERIOUSLY! WE HAVE NO ARMS!" said Slingshot
"What he said. Then again we could have been in worse shape...we could have just one leg to stand on too!" confirmed Sky Dive
"Cheap shot on
punycron writes: Jamal: Hahahahahaha!!! You guys got no arms!

Slingshot: So.

Sky Dive: Stop making fun of us.

Jamal: Or what? You crush me with your bare hands! Hahahahaha!

Sky Dive: Stop that.

Jamal: AAhhhahahahahahaha! No arms!

Slingshot: We
punycron writes: Slingshot and Sky Dive used to cry at night about their missing arms... Then they rusted up and died. There was no one to wipe their tears.

Except Jamal.

But he's a jerk and didn't care.
punycron writes: Final Thumbwar results:
Jamal 10
Slingshot and Sky Dive 0

And now onto the Rock Paper Scissors contest...
skyshadowprimus writes: damn it £8.40...i got swiped on ebay again, why dont i ask the obvious questions?
Fyrehawk writes: Gee guys i hope the Decepticons don't attack now..

Why's that?

Because you're....*wait for it*...armless!
Not Sonic writes: I told you that you guys should not play with powerful magnets!
Dark Ops writes: They'd be armed to the teeth if you stacked them right.
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Prowl Worshipper writes: The Transformer version of "You'll go blind doing that" !
Jetstreamx writes: Jamal: WHAT THA?!

Skydive: How did we get here?

Slingshot: We got drunk.
Acelister writes: Jamal: "A New Offer from Jamal's Autobot Busts: Buy now and you get this bottle of East Of Java Chernoblo Foam!"
Operation Ravage writes: Slingshot and Skydive hope to become BTR figures.
Greg writes: Hey! You Seen Someone Running Away With Four Arms?
DeltaSeeker writes: Skydive: "Hey Slingshot, where'd your hand go?"
Slingshot: "It's over there, between two pillows."
Jamal: "Those aren't pillows!"
Kal-Seth writes: From the "Brillant" minds that brought us Transformers: Armada comes The New seris that will shock and hopefully offend you Transformers: Koera II revenge of the commie cons
Pokejedservo writes: Jamal: Why did you guys just get surgically attached?
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Slingshot: We had an unfortunate smelting accident . . .
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Brakethrough writes: hey guys! come on in!Wanna play some video, oh. nevermind. Well, maybe DDR.
Zeedust writes: Jamal: "Visting the Obscure Transformers Homepage again?"

Slingshot: "Hey, we like Rack 'n' Ruin..."

Skydive: "He rocks."

Slingshot: "THEY rock. Two robots."

Jamal: "And THESE are the guy
Thanos writes: Slingshot and Skydive weren't pleased with the new "Terrorist Hit-N-Run" ride at Six Flags.
mizike595 writes: Jamal was horrified to learn that his self-tanning lotion turns Transformer faces orange.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: To you, they're a couple of dismantled robots. To Unicron, they're Hershey's Kisses!
Minicle writes: Slingshot: I tell ya, the crime rate in this Country is absurd!

Skydive: We turn our backs for just one astrosecond, and some damm punk makes of with our limbs!
CenturionDroid writes: Arab: "Wow, these 80s Transformer figs sure were'nt made to last"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"I am Salt shake me on your food I am better."

Skydive,"I am Pepper shake me on your food I am better."
dq writes: dont worry were armless
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"Hey human would you mind picking my nose?"
Skydive,"AH-HA got yeah,haha were just messing with you pal."
Slingshot,"That's right buddy,we really want you to wipe our
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Dark Monkelus writes: arab: Mom, they're doing that Aeiralbot thing again
Minicle writes: Slingshot: When you said that it cost an arm and a leg to get here, I merely presumed that meant...
Gambit's Mind writes: Imagine Jamal's suprise when the knock off Ariealbots that he ordered on E-bay arrived!
Gambit's Mind writes: (Skydive to Jamal) "Uh, hey buddy. Could you give me a hand?"
Slingshot: "Oh for Christ sake!!"
Gambit's Mind writes: which one of these things is not like the other, which one of these thing just doesn't belong! *EVERYBODY!*
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Everyone was speachless when Jamal walked in and found Slingshot,and Skydive in a compromising postion.
milbury writes: skydive: my god, we're lame.
slingshot: *sob*
trailbreaker writes: The new Foley's store in Iraq proudly displays their new Autobot mannequins.
Castle74 writes: Skydive:Ya know Slingshot, I really do love these Renaissance Festivals.
Slingshot:You're scarin me Skydive!!
HeliconAutun writes: Policeman (off camera, to Arab guy): "Which one of these Transformers did you see involved in an indecent act with Optimus Prime during the previous caption contest?"
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Road Turtle writes: Shut up! Before I sell you both on ebay!
Dark Monkelus writes: slingshot: ummm, skydive... is that your hand or mine?
Mkall writes: Slingshot: First Prime rides me like a horse, and now this.
Dark Monkelus writes: skydive: where do autobots keep their armies?
slingshot: retracted into their torsos.
both: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Dark Monkelus writes: Slingshot: hah, I told you buying one big skirt rather than two small ones would leave us enough money to impress the natives.
Dark Monkelus writes: Arab: behold your amazement as I whip away the tablecloth leaving the robots...
Minicle writes: Autobots are like slippers. They always come in pairs.
Amelie writes: [Slingshot:]Dammit, the MOMENT I loose my arms and I get an itch.....
[Sky Dive:]Where though, that's the REAL question!
[Slingshot:]Hey kid! Wanna scratch my exhaust-pipe? It's been nagging for ages now!
[Sky Dive:]Dear god no.......
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot: "This screencap has such a good use of perspective."
Sky Dive: "I agree. Let's take off our arms and enjoy the view."
Arab gentleman: "May I join you effendis?"
Slingshot: "Of course my good man, the m
HeliconAutun writes: Arab guy: "Tickets please."
Slingshot: "Aaahhh we're with the.. uh.. Transformers War Casualties Trust. We get in free."
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HeliconAutun writes: Spot the odd one out!
HeliconAutun writes: A photo from the early auditions for the part of Pilot in Farscape.
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot: "It is a good shrubbery. I like the laurels particularly,... but there is one small problem"
ARTHUR: "What is that?"
Slingshot: "We are now... no longer the Knights Who Say 'Ni'"
Sky Dive: "Ni!
HeliconAutun writes: "Paper or plastic?"
HeliconAutun writes: The latest Transformers convention had authentic guest appearances by two of the Aerialbots..
Slingshot: "What?! You were maybe expecting RatTrap? Well he couldn't make it, he's doing a buddy movie with Owen Wilson in Spain."
HeliconAutun writes: Saudi Arabia was renowned for its elaborate salt and pepper pots.
HeliconAutun writes: Sharia law also applied to Transformers.
Draco614 writes: Prince Jamal:what happened to your arms guys?

Slingshot: we lost a bet to the dinobots.

Skydive:we had to put them in Prime's trailer.
Shin Kuragami Meister writes: Prince Jamal: wait a sec? slingshot? you are an arm! and for you skydive? you can't be an arm, your a leg! Slingshot: the kid got apoint there?
Shin Kuragami Meister writes: Sling shot: Wait! i'm "unarmed!" skydive:Wait till i "armed" myself you see!
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Odimus Prime writes: Prine- Hey wheres your freakin arms man?
Skydive- Well I forget somtimes so...
Prince- Oh ya i melted them down to make you both some clown suits.

SlingShot- What!?!?!?!
our Freakin are were made into some worthless clown suits? You son of a @$$ B*
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Prince, "Autobots of the supposed jury, I have one final thing I want you to consider: this is Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk, but Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor. Now, think about that. That does not make sense!"
nexus_rayne writes: "when prime told us to merge, I don't think this is what he ment Slingshot"
HeliconAutun writes: Nobody could tell the difference between the real Aerialbots and the new pewter busts that were being made in the Middle East.
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot (in best Simon Cowell voice): "No no no! You're wooden and you're not mainstream enough. You won't be going through to the next round."
HeliconAutun writes: The Saudi Customs Authorities had a pretty strict definition of what constituted "arms smuggling".
HeliconAutun writes: The Arab guy gestured with his arm..
Slingshot: "Dude, why'd you have to rub it in?!"
Sky Dive: "I'm calling my lawyer, that's discrimination!"
HeliconAutun writes: These are not the droids you're looking for.
HeliconAutun writes: When the Japanese decided to make a new line called "Arm Masters", the Aerialbots went into hiding - and where better a hiding place than with the Iraqi WMDs?
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HeliconAutun writes: Arab: "Can you can-can?"
Aerialbots: "Can we can-can?! We sure can can-can!"
HeliconAutun writes: When they finally found Iraq's WMDs they also found the Aerialbots tied to several SCUD missiles.
Slingshot: "They said they hated us because we had no poseability!"
Alphatron writes: Foreinger: Dear God! What the...?!
Slingshot: We tried to form a Combiner---
Sky Dive: ---but then Devestator thrashed us... saying no one else can be a combiner.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jamal will never forget the day he betrayed Megatron and woke up with two Autobot heads in his bedroom!
Acelister writes: Jamal: "Buy one using a credit card, and you shall receive this second one at no extra cost! How can I do this? Because I'm CRAZY! So, for only 29.95, you receive 2 partial Autobots, half a kilo of plutonium, a fusion reactor AND the applicat
Acelister writes: Slingshot: "I told you we'd end up leglessif we drank all that..."
Sky Dive: "You didn't mention LOSING MY ARMS!"
Slingshot: "Came as a shock to me too..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jamal,"My god look at the size of these Pez dispensors."
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot: "Nothing to see here!"
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot and Sky Dive were shocked when the Arab pulled back the curtain and found them only mid-transformed..
HeliconAutun writes: Slingshot: "Look what Saddam Hussein did to us man!"
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Slappyfrog writes: 'Cause two heads are better than one...
Damolisher writes: Slingshot: We're not going to kill you, dumbass. Hell, we're as 'armless as you can get!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"Well I'll be damned,look who we found?"
Skydive,"Will Wheaton,in Carbombya,I thought you were dead."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Naw, Pretenders are two aisles over."
Kevinus Prime writes: Slingshot and Skydive get busted in Carbombya for selling themselves.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hiding missles behind our backs? Ha, ha! Of course not. Uh, Is bin Laden here?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Scuse me, have you seen a gigantic torso lying around?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Paul Johnson's family sent us, you little ragheaded piece of $&!%.
Laserbot writes: Dr. Man: "bring me the next pair of cajoined twins...::turns around:: haa!"
Laserbot writes: SD:"hey who you staring at..." SS:" yea you try taking yourself apart and see how well you fair..."
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KatDrama writes: *to person* "Shhhsh! We're not here. We're just a figmit of your imagination."

"That's right, we are one with the cheap decor."
TheRoMan writes: Prime sent us here to protect Charlie Daniels. Someone said his show might not be popular over here.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Skyslingshotdive,"Welcome to Starbucks how would you like your cappucino? FSSSSSSSH"
Jamal,"Damn these friggin cappuccino machines are getting outta hand."
trailbreaker writes: Slingshot -- "Welcome to the Autobot House of Pancakes. Can we take your order?"
trailbreaker writes: "Slingshot, is it true John Kerry will grant me and my Al-Queda buddies amnesty if he's elected President?"
TheRoMan writes: Jamal, please pass this on to Prime: You were correct, Haliburtan is selling weapons to Iran. They sold our Frikin' wings to them today! They said they need the money to pay for Dick Cheney's embryo habit.(i.e. Southpark ref)
Gridlock1987 writes: What's wrong with you people?? I wanted a circus group Airiel Hourse, not Aerial Bots!!
Clunky-Bonk! writes: Slingshot: There you go, my good fellow.

Sky Dive: Yes, happy to help.

Beggar: Alms! I said alms! Alms for the poor? You know, like food or money? You guys don't hear too well, do you?

Slingshot: What did he say?

Sky Dive: I don't
spider_j writes: Jamal: I heard that the Autobots were down-sizing, but this is ridiculous.

S: Wait til you see Superion.
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spider_j writes: Cybertronian Idol try-outs.

SD: Jamal, that was absolutely pathetic.

Jamal: I've had no prior training. I've done my best and I have no regrets

SS: Too bad. We slag those who can't make it.
AutobotGeneral writes: Holy carp what is this Monty Python and the holy grail? wait wheres the third knight??
Lunarcloud writes: Arabic d00d: Gahh!!! I told Prime to have one Aerialbot as a bust, not two molded together!
Road Turtle writes: Jamal, "Who sent you?"

Sky Dive, "The Knights Who Say Nee."

Jamal, "Agh! No! Never! We have no shrubberies here!"

Slingshot, "If you do not tell us where we can buy a shrubbery, my friend and I will say... we
Road Turtle writes: Sky Dive, "Halt, to enter the Botcon 2004 Convention you must answer three questions!"

Slingshot, "What is your name?"

Sky Dive, "What is your quest?"

Slingshot, " and what is the air-speed velocity of an unl
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jamal,"Ahhh cool this is just like the singing busts in Disney's Haunted Mansion!"
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Prince, "I wish these WMD would quit their incessant whining!"
Superion_007 writes: It's just a flesh wound...come back here, I'll bite your head off!!
Jaw Crusher writes: "Lemme guys' favorite movie is 'Monty Python & The Holy Grail', isn't it?"
Magnus writes: Item description: Slingshot and Sky Dive...for parts.
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Pursuit writes: YOu only have two incomplete Aeiralbot costumes?

Thats it I'm checking out amazon.
Pursuit writes: And you thought the mafia wouldn't be able to collect from you. They always have ways of breaking both your arms and legs.
Pursuit writes: I told you Gambling would cost you your arms and Legs
Pursuit writes: Damn. I'll get nothing on ebay for these broken guys.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Skydive,"Jamal you will be visited tonight by three ghosts."
Slingshot,"We are the ghost of Transformers past."
SD,"Next up will be Energon Ironhide."
SS,"The ghost of Transformers present."
SD,"And then St
Mystery writes: Prince Jamal: Oh my, are you guys factory errors?
Slingshot: No, I'd say YOU'RE the only error around here!
Road Turtle writes: After the last Great War, Slingshot and Sky Dive retired to a life as matching bookends.
Road Turtle writes: Build your own custom transformer! Thousands of parts to choose from!
Road Turtle writes: "No Disassemble!"
Road Turtle writes: "Hey you there in the bath robe! We're not the new Palisades busts! We were captured by Decepticons and they sold our parts on ebay! Please get us out of this convention before someone buys us!"
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Road Turtle writes: "Say, How Do You Do and Shake Hands and Shake Hands and Shake Hands! Say How Do You Do and Shake Hands......."
Road Turtle writes: Slingshot, "YOU CAN ONLY ASK ONE OF US."

Sky Dive, "IT'S IN THE RULES."


kicker69 writes: slingshot: soon we will be completely assembeled
sky dive:yes. and we will be able to join the on going battle
crazyfists writes: Slingshot: "So this is why Ultra Magnus tells us not to hug."
Sky Dive: "Ah, geez."
Opium Brine writes: Prince: You have fought valiantley, but the battle is mine.
Transformers: TIS BUT A FLESHWOUND!!
Heavy B writes: SS:hey...skydive, can you lend me a hand
SD: dude, thats not funny.
Gallonos writes: Slingshot: So wait you lost yours in Vietnam? I lost mine in a construction accident, humans and their demolitions...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jamal,"Excuse me are you the Autobot Doubleheader?"
Skydive,"I hate you."
Slingshot,"What are you bitch'n about this is two times in a row I've been humiliated in the Ultimate Caption Contest."
Air Dawg writes: Look, mom! No hands, em. arms. Oh what the hell?
Aeros writes: (music starts)"We got no arms to hold us down............"
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ReinaHW writes: (This is going to be really bad) Upon seeing the two Autobots without arms, the jokes are laid on thick - "You're in the ARMy now! Woahoo! You're in the ARMy now!"
Ratbat writes: [Prince Jamal] I've ALWAYS wanted real, life-size Transformers--and since my father is a millionaire, I can afford them! BUT--these two have NO ARMS!! What good are Transformers--action figures or life-sized--WITHOUT ARMS?!?!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jamal,"Whoooa I have got to lay off the opium."
Topnwe writes: "alright, now up for auction we have two giant robots who are missing their arms, taking any bids.."
Slingshot:"what happened to us Sky Dive, last thing i remember is trying to hit on Arcee at teh Energon Pub"
Sky Dive:"i think
Minicle writes: Man: And I thought Starscream was the one with problems!
Minicle writes: Slingshot and Sky Dive attempt to impress the natives with thier impression of Zaphod Beeblebrox
Samsonator writes: The latest Hard Hero busts are revealed at OATFCC (Official Arabic Transformers Collectors Convention)
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Slingshot: "I know customes said we had to be disarmed before we could enter the country, but this is ridiculous."
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "See? I have sawed them in half, yet they live! For my next trick, I shall make Fortress Maxmius disappear."
Rodimus_Lantern writes: We are here for the auditons for Stuck on you.
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Ratbat writes: [Slingshot] Obviously, we're USELESS without arms. We need YOUR help, Prince Jamal!
Ratbat writes: What good are two Transformers with no arms?
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