Daniel wakes up from a nightmare

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Daniel wakes up from a nightmare
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Optimum Supreme writes: I dreamed that I became Arcee's head!
Nemesis Maximo writes: I have got to stop eating cheese before bed.
DeathReviews writes: "I dreamed I was in a really crappy 3rd season! With horrible animation! Silly plot lines! Robot olympics? Nooooooo!"
Shuttershock writes: "Awww, I wet 'em again."
william-james88 writes: Giant Robots?!?!?!!? Oh, it was just a nightmare.
Frenchhorngirl writes: "I will NEVER watch porn EVER again!!!"
trailbreaker writes: "No more chili this close to bedtime!"
MP-01 writes: Nooo!! Oh, another dream about Bay's movies.
trailbreaker writes: "Wheelie, get out from under my blanket, you freak!!!"
gogleman374 writes: Dan: Daddy I just had a ''Wet Dream''

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Zu Darkness writes: Ahhhhhhhhhhh Underwear Knomes!
hot rod 907 writes: Geez, why do I need to get a girlfreind when I can do this on my own?
Unknown writes: Danial: I just had this weird dream that Micheal Jackson was in my closet

Spike: Shut the F--- up and go back to sleep you stupid brat. Micheal Jackson is not here. Get back to sleep so I canget busy getting it on with your mother here

Danial: Ok
punycron writes: T-minus five seconds to projectile vomitting
Unknown writes: "MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Unknown writes: OH, GOD! I'm never mixing Bacardi with Cherry Coke ever again!
Dclone Soundwave writes: Daniel: I had that horrible dream again.(looks underneath sheets) Oh good, its' still there.
Scatterlung writes: OMFG PUBERTY
Scatterlung writes: Danei- - "DAMN THIS PAJAMAS SUCK!!!"
kennyman writes: Spike: Woah! starscream and bumblebee alone together wasn't a pretty sight!
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Roadshadow writes: Daniel: Holy ----! I just had the scariest dream! Giant robots that transform into vehicles and planes and trucks and monkeys-

Spike: Dammit junior get back to sleep! Can't you see I'm getting laid by your mom!?

A'Arab Zaraq writes: My GOD! Mad Caption Monday!
doowaneeprime writes: GottagoGottagoGottagoGottago right now!
Montmorency writes: Ow! What just kicked me in my testicles?
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Damn, the crack wore off to fast. I need some more.
tron01 writes: I just had a dream that my mom just ****ed me up the ass! MOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I need some water but hand it to me through the door.
tron01 writes: I just had a dream that my mom just ****ed me up the ass! MOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I need some water but hand it to me through the door.
trailbreaker writes: "YES! YES! Put your finger there, Arcee!"
Godfather Bluto writes: Daniel finally relaizes that his parents were unhappy with him when he heard the bed springs in the next room.
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Gothtimus Prime writes: I had a dream that the kid who played Anakin Skywalker played me in the new Live action movie!! HELP!!
cyberspunk writes: Noooo! not another Alternator remold. please stop Hasbro, Optimus.
gauthic_angel7680 writes: damn Arcee is hot. sh*t it was only a dream.
dragonknight writes: I just realized i am having a spazz attack
spazz spazz i am a spazz
Tom Of Doom writes: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!Not another series of go-bots!
Jetplague writes: DAAAHHHHH!!! Not the Wheelie dream again! I need to find a girlfriend fast! Geezz...I hope this is sweat...
darkwind25 writes: I suuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starscream7 writes: ......Ahhhhh!(Looks around) Fhew! For a second I thought I'd been replaced by someone of ACTUAL use...
Not Sonic writes: OH MY GOD!!! ITS SANTA!!!
Stormclash writes: "AAaaah!!! Oh man, I dreamed that I was a completely useless and annoying character in a kick-ass TV show and....oh, wait."
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Kit writes: that second no should be a now >.>;
Kit writes: no mom dont come in right no!!! im...busy!
HookX5 writes: "MOM, DAD!!! I dreamt that I was never born or introduced into the universe as a baby in any respect...it's almost as if the last 10 years of my life never happened!"
devast8or writes: I had this dream that HMW was done for 5-7 days....whew, glad that was a dream...OR WAS IT??!!
Zeedust writes: Ghost: "Aaaaaay, Scrooge mon! Jacob Marley couldn' make it. I'm de ghost of Bob Marley!"

Daniel: "Wrong house! Scrooge is across the street!"
LunarFormer writes: the end result of Daniel's recouring "Wheelie poledancing" dream.
Marv writes: This room’s full of Decepticons who transform into furniture!!!! Really!!! Can’t you see them?!!!!
Zeedust writes: Daniel: "Letting me oversleep is one thing? But by *forty years*? Why not just change my name to Rip Van Witwicky?"
Nemesis Jason writes: New From Hasbro! "Don't Wake Daniel!"
Nemesis Jason writes: Daniel: "There were girls everywhere...they were hugging and kissing me...it was horribul!"
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Jetstreamx writes: Danial wakes up in the middle of the night to discover the one thing he forgot to get at the grocery store.

Danial: CHEESE!
Road Turtle writes: "Primer! PRIMER! And Red glowing Eyes!"

Daniel's reocuring Zombie nightmare...
Road Turtle writes: Daniel, "Waaaah! It was like a thousand monkeys suddenly cried out in terror, and were silenced all at once!"

Sparkplugg, "No more re-runs of MST3K for you young man!"
houndtw writes: I had the strangest dream! It involved a polar bear and Victoria Silvstedt, playmate of the year. . .
juggaloG writes: Help! I can't get Waspinator's voice out of my head!
Marv writes: The surprise ending for "Energon" everybody's vividly hoping for...
Zeedust writes: After watching all 52 episodes of Beast Wars back-to-cack in one sitting, Daniel's sleep cycle is a bit off, and his dreams...

Daniel: "It was Earth all along! Damn you dirty Vok, you blew it up!"
isaiahtay writes: While Daniel is at his mothers house,to his horror, he awakens from her texas,burn your rectum,homestyle,4 pepper,chili.
isaiahtay writes: "I LEFT THE EGGS ON!"
isaiahtay writes: In all actuality Daniel likes to loudly sing himself to sleep.
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isaiahtay writes: nobody loves wheelie had a funny caption.
trailbreaker writes: Daniel realizes that Spike is playing "Michael Bolton's greatest hits" at 2:00 AM again.....
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Oh no! Ramhorn escaped from his cage again! Alert Blaster!
Tiedye writes: OH my GOD giant bunnies
Road Turtle writes: "Wait! Arcee DID turn into a Mini-Van this morning. Dose that mean she's PREGNANT!?"
Kal-Seth writes: Daniel: No seriously dad i was reading that play boy for the articles
juggaloG writes: AAAH! Armada Sideswipe is ugly, and going to be released as a Universe Decepticon named Treadshot! HELLLP!
Greg writes: That Pee Is Cold!
Pilgrim Paladin writes: Daniel: AAAAAAAARGH!
Spike: Son! What happened?
Daniel: I had the scariest dream, dad! I was surrounded by prehistoric men, and they were forcing me to kneel and worship before a Transformer that turns into a giant wasp!
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Dirtbag writes: *typticon steals daniels most prized toy's*

daniel: He just took of like a theif in the night!
Dirtbag writes: alright thats it, no more sleeping without mr.fuzzy bunny and blankey.
Dirtbag writes: AHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! MONKEYS!!!!!
SoulReaver writes: Daniel finally understands how the 3 sea-shells work and replaced toilet paper on cybertron, and that if he wants to use Arcee's head he's got to adapt FAST as he's ruining her upholstery

(reference to The Demolision Man)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I can't sleep that Cure spider eating Robert Smith video creeps me out.Robert Smith eeee he's scary! But cool!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Daniel dreamed of eating a huge marshmellow, and when he woke up one of his pillows was gone.
Dark Monkelus writes: Daniel: my god, it feels like I've been waking from this nightmare for eternity...
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Daniel was... unsettled, to say the least... when he woke to find "22/21 BECAUSE YOU ANNOY ME!" scrawled on his forehead.
kunesukwan writes: Daniel things he sees the female ninja Nightbird looking through his window
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Dark Monkelus writes: Daniel had learnt a valuable lesson this day; although transvestites are a lot different to Transformers, they sure were impressed with his head master credentials
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Beep,beep,beep,
First D.J.: Rise and shine, campers, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today.
Second D.J.: It's cold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach?
First D.J.: Not hardly. So the big que
Castle74 writes: Ahhhhhhhh!! I'm still in this same stupid caption of this contest!! Kill me!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "AHHHHHHHHH I dreamed I was Fred from Armada.Yuck all those fried Milkways."
Road Turtle writes: Daniel: "AAaaaHHH!!! DAD! MoM! I had a horrible dream! Megatron attacked Autobot City, killed Prowl, Ironhide, and Brawn with one shot each! He then killed Prime and a giant planet tried to eat Cybertron...."

Spike: "It's ok, cal
Road Turtle writes: "Oh no!!! I forgot to tell Prime and Ultra Magnus about Megatron's plan to attack Autobot City tommarrow! Well, I guess I could tell Hot Rod in the morning when we go fishing..."

A decision that Daniel Witwicky would soon regret for th
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: FINALLY! After years of waiting,Daniel stays up til 3:30am watching the last 5 episodes of Beastwars season III!

But now the wait for a boxed set of Beastmachines.
DeltaSeeker writes: Ack! I tried to sleep with my eyes open, but now they've dried up and are stuck! Visine!!
Road Turtle writes: "No Arcee!! It's 1 am and I remember what happened the last time you wanted Springer to check your oil!!! Lady I'm just a kid, and you're just wrong!!"

(the perils of being Arcee's head)
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Road Turtle writes: "AAAHHH!!! I turn into the head of a girl!!!Dose that mean I'm a crossdresser!"

(Daniel rethinking being Arcee's head)
Road Turtle writes: No Wheelie!!! You're too big to sleep with me! Now get back in the garage!! Dude it be like waking up next to a Mini-Cooper!
Road Turtle writes: What's all the racket out there!! You'd swear Unicon's eating the place from all the noise!!!
Road Turtle writes: Shut Up!!! Can't a whiny annoying side kick with bad hair get any sleep around here!!!
Road Turtle writes: AaaaHHHH!!! I'm still in the same photo caption!!! Make it Stop! Make it Stop!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Daniel dreamed he was in a Hollywood movie, and that he was the star of the movie. This really blew his mind, that he- a purple-clothed fan-loathed whining punk- could be the star of a Hollywood movie. But there he was.
DeltaSeeker writes: Mom! Why did you put frilly curtains in my room? And give me silk pajamas? And why did you change the name on my birth certificate to "Danielle"?
ArctosPrime writes: *Daniel, what's worng sweetie?*
Daniel, in a waify voice: i see Winy little punks
Dark Perceptor writes: Spike: Daniel whats wrong?
Daniel: I dreamt that millions of TF fans wanted to kill me!
Spike: Sorry son, that was no dream!
Tzarinchilla writes: Daniel: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Spike: Whats up daniel?
Daniel: Sorry I just had a dream that I had to have my conscience transfered to a Transformer made out of spare autobot parts!
Spike: Shut up and get back to sleep boy, or you'l
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badjimmy76 writes: hey, I just realised that the decepticons are totally incapable of following the most basic plans to dominate the earth without f***ing it all up.
Kal-Seth writes: Spike: Mom! Mom! help theres Hair growing near my fire man"

that night spike elarned about the special change boys and grisl go through
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel could not fall back a sleep.He was haunted by a reoccurring dream.Insecticons Kickback Jello wrestling Bumblebee.
Strscrm3000 writes: HOLY ---- WHERE DID IT GO!!!!!!!!!
Descybner writes: He finally find out that he became a
Life is horrible isnt it.
Descybner writes: After a nice day of playing and fun Daniel almost fell into sleep, when;
' AHHHH!!! Forgot to do my homework!! My teacher s gonna kill me!'

Hmm, this sounds like old stuff.
Boost writes: Wheelies... so many Wheelies! They were everywhere!
The Starscream Armada writes: Awakening in a cold sweat, young Daniel Witwicky takes his dreams to heart and makes a decision that would change his life forever.

In order to escape the shadow of his famous father, Daniel decides that his only chance is to join the organisation know
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Right hand in a pale of warm water. The bed is wet."

Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Ah dad!! I was dreaming of this shark...& it was singing!!
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Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Ah, Arcee!! What was your hand doing under my sheets!!
Dark Monkelus writes: Daniel really hoped it was a caterpillar crawling across his cheek & not the on-set of eyebrowtis
fuzzy butt writes: great hair $20
blue bed sheets with matching pj's $220
the look on Daniel's face when we glued his water spout to his belly button.
fuzzy butt writes: (from outside window) rumble" hows diz susposta work again?" starscream" Be silent rumble! now just put the rubber underpants on while I rub butter on my butt."
fuzzy butt writes: "No mom I was just comming my hair, realy.
fuzzy butt writes: "In the Navy, u sit up in bed. U wish you had gone Army instead.In the navy
1 2 3 4 " Damint Bumble Bee would u just go to sleep!
fuzzy butt writes: what do you mean that were not Jewiish any more?
fuzzy butt writes: one two Freddy's comming for u
Dark Monkelus writes: Daniel: Khaaaannnnnn!!!!!
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Viper 16 writes: OMG my g/ma was kissing Hotshot! (Armada)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Late at night Daniel awakes,he's hungry.

He craves flesh,HUMAN FLESH!!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Where will you be when diarhea hits you?
Demona writes: huh? oh no what time is it!? *looks aty clock* aaaaahhh! 6:30 am! i missed transformers energon! (only those on the east coast understand this)
Slamdance writes: Daniel awakes sudennly rubbing his fingers together, ''hmmmmm a hope this is just swet''.
fuzzy butt writes: two words

Monta-Zuma's Revenge!
fuzzy butt writes: the tooth fairy is a dude in a toto!?!?!?
fuzzy butt writes: " Hush little baby, don't say a word. Never mind that noise you herd. Its just the Beast under your bed, in your closet and your head!!
Exit light enter nigght, grain of sin were of to never never land"
fuzzy butt writes: Daniel finnaly realizes what HomoInseflaHerpaGonnalNecrosis is and why he should have washed his hands before eating
fuzzy butt writes: help mommy the unknowns are back!!!!
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fuzzy butt writes: Daniel finds out that bed bugs are real and that they crave the other, other white meat.
fuzzy butt writes: Can't get Iron man song out of head AGHGGHHH
fuzzy butt writes: Daniel awakes rembering that he had forgoten to plug in the autobots battery charger when he left for home.
Yodaman writes: AHHH! Dad! I had the nightmare again! The one about the annoying rhyming Autobot!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "What was I thinking going to bed now Sealab 2021 is on in 15 mins."
spider_j writes: While doing his 'manly stuff' under the covers, Daniel accidentally pulls 'Little Daniel' off.
Dark Monkelus writes: Every night it was the same, just as Daniel almost figured out the transformers continuity he woke up
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In the still of the night I hear the wolf howl,honey.Sniffing around your door.In the still of the night I feel my heart beating heavy.Telling me I gotta have more.In the shadow of night I see the full moon rise.Telling me what's in store,My heart st
The Starscream Armada writes: "Alright! Who put the Galvatron figure under my pillow again?!"
*Mini-Cons snicker in background*
Casual Matt writes: Oh, man. What a crazy dream. "Transformers Armada". What the hell was that?
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel was both suprised and injured when Sunstreaker and Sideswipe preformed WassssssssssssssssssUppppppppppppppppp! on Daniel from the top of a local Arby's.

Daniel spent sevral months in a body cast in bed.
Road Turtle writes: " AKIRA!!! "
Colinus Maximus writes: Springer! Could you and Arcee PLEASE keep it down up there?
JETFIRE-Alt writes: nnNNOO! Oh, it was just a dream! I knew OPTIMUS could never be a Stupid MONKEY!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: It happened late one night,Daniel awoke and instantly knew HE was Lord of the Dance!
Mest4life135 writes: *gasp* heartattack
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel found it hard to sleep after watching that god aweful MTV:VMA's.

Me too.
Replicator writes: AAAHHH!
MOM I had this horible dream I was really human, 'huh' I am human aaaaahhhhhaaaaahhhhh!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: After crossing the Cybertronian Mafia, Daniel woke to find Wheelie's head in his bed.
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Pyro Nosra writes: Daniel ... Stop playing with yourself!

Daniel: Whoa ... It is God!
Manchester Devil writes: I dreamt that Rob Ruffs did the Megaman Zero designs!

*Looks at MMZ artwork*

Sinister Mentor writes: "Dr... Dru... Dru... DRUGS!"
-Daniel after discovering that somebody had taken the stash under his pillow.
monkeytron writes: Oh God! Im Transforming Into A Blanket!!
Tammuz writes: oh man, its just never gonna be as big as when i was robot X
Zeedust writes: Daniel still has flashbacks to the time he spent at Neverland Ranch...
Mest4life135 writes: (offscreen) *shrill shriek*
"MOM!!!!!!!! DAD!!!!!!!!!"
The King writes: daniel dream about the Deceptions will destroy in three days.
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Destron Leader, Galvatron writes: No, it can be! Wheelie is my real father!?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel awoke in the middle of the night sweat pouring down his head.He had experienced a horrible dream his hair had been parted poorly.Thankfully he had awoke to find it was alll a dream.His hair as usual was perfect as it always had been.As it always wo
chi-chi writes: (waking up after one of those dreams)
daniel: optimus? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
overdrive writes: Mom? Dad? i think "someone" wet my bed again!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Steve Guttenberg stars in Big II:Police Kiddie Academy
Mest4life135 writes: "omg i just had a dream i saw mommy and daddy hugging eachother and moaning"
"oh son that was no dream you can take my word for that ;)"
Mest4life135 writes: "Oh ya thats the spot.....right ther.....HEY! wat did u....?" *looks under the covers* "wha...wha....WHAT HAPPENED TO MR.TWINKIE?!?!?!?"
Mest4life135 writes: "ahhh i just dreamt i was amuro ray!!!!!!!"
*looks in mirror*
Mest4life135 writes: o oops i mean daniel :)
Mest4life135 writes: The one moment of a boys life to be remembered (spikes wet dream about arcee)
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Pokejedservo writes: Is it me or does this pic make him look an awful lot like Amuro Ray?
"Oh christ somebody farted,it wasn't me and I'm alone in the room.I think."
spider_j writes: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!!
Bloodlust writes: Daniel realizes there's an evil monkey trying to kill him in his closet also
Acelister writes: The insects in the Witwigy household decided to open a strip-joint in Daniels room...
Acelister writes: Daniel knew that if he pretended to sleep, the toy's would come alive. Little did he know, the Sharkticon action figures would take offence at being fooled...
Acelister writes: Finally, Daniel worked out who shot JR...
Acelister writes: Spike: "I knew we shouldn't have bought him that Final Fantasy VII..."

(What? You never acted like this at that one part?)
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Ah, not again....no, wait, don't go...please stay...I have reserves!!

(American Pie reference)
Dark Monkelus writes: (from out of shot) sky-dive & slingshot: hey kid, that's our oversized skirt... boy, if we had arms!!!
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Dark Monkelus writes: Daniels night visits from the invisible man would haunt him 'til his dying day
Dark Monkelus writes: the new 'real doll' transformers line failed to ignite interest.
Lambda Futile writes: Daniel wondered why this one-eyed snake was staring at him.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Jim McGreevey,what are you doing naked in my room?"
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Daniel woke up in Wheelie's room dressed in purple satin pajamas and Wheelie lying next to him, smoking a cigarette. Daniel: What the--?!
TheRoMan writes: AHhhhh! Mr.Jackson, what are you doing with your clothes off? I thought Wheelie said Neverland was fun!
Air Dawg writes: I see dead people.
Sinister Mentor writes: Daniel: What happen?
Bumblebee: Somebody set us up the Decepticon!
Bumblebee: We get signal!
Daniel: Main screen turn on!
Daniel: It's you!
Megatron: How are you gentlemen?
Megatron: All your energon are belong to us!
Daniel: What you say?
Powerstorm writes: Daniel was starting to regret killing Kenny. So he had a few drinks, and now he sees Cartman pointing and saying, "Oh my God! You killed Kenny!"
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Acelister writes: In a dream, Daniel realized how to get 200% fuel efficency from Dark Matter...
Aeros writes: Daniel: Who put the goddamn pee in my matress
Dark Monkelus writes: daniel: who put a goddamn pea under my matresses?
Shin Kuragami Meister writes: Daniel: no don't...... don't.... AAAAAAAAA!
Spike: DAniel what's wrong?
Daniel: I dreamp that, Starscream was really Barney... it was horrible....
Spike: it was just a dream go back to sleep... (while spike was walking away, daniel saw
juggaloG writes: Daniel: AAAAH! I just had a horrible dream; I dreamt that Hasbro released a bunch of Beast Wars repaints into Armada & Universe!

Spike: That wasn't a dream. It really happened. With Optimus Primal, Predacon, and Razorclaw, among others.

Patashu writes: Nooo, the monkeys are stealing my pineapples again!
Ransom writes: I just realized how horrible my hair looks! How can I ever be forgiven?!
Ransom writes: Noooooooo!! Not another Energon repeat! AHHHHHHH!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ever since Daniel was abducted by the Qunitessons,and hooked up to their dream machine,he's been having this odd dream about a Quintesson in a sexy red teddy stuffing little Wheelie's in his nose.In the dream the Quintesson tells him,"My na
Weaselmus_Prime writes: Oh god My Butt!!!!!
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Damolisher writes: Daniel: "Dad, I just had the most horrible dream that this obnoxious, deformed orange rhyming smurf joined the Autobots! He was so annoying he made ME look tolerable! What do you say to that?"

Spike: "You get ship if I get trip!"
"Three,four better lock your door......."

terradive2020 writes: aaaah, im in love with Ultra Magnus
renman79 writes: I see dead people!!!
trailbreaker writes: Daniel wakes up in a cold sweat, realizing that he blew his month's allowance on Energon Prime, the crappiest TF figure ever created....
trailbreaker writes: Daniel realizes he forgot to take the safety pins out of his new designer pajamas.
trailbreaker writes: "I had a dream that John Kerry was in Vietnam shooting himself in the A$$ to win a Purple Heart! AAAAHHH !!"
Lord Starscream20 writes: DAD! I just dreamt that Galvatron was White and blue, and Rodimus was friends with Scorpinok and the Quintessons...
(Energon refrence)
Mystery writes: Daniel's reaction to remembering that he hid his vegetables under the bed a few months ago.
day92 writes: Man I dreamed that Bumble Bee and I got zapped in time and bumble Bee was a horse name Rumble Pee because he peed every time he got scarred. The area we were in was filled with Decepticons and we were not ever able to get anywhere because Rumble Pee alway
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Nuke Mayhem writes: Fanta Girls-......"Fanta fanta, don't you wanta, fanta, fanta. Fanta fanta, don't you wanta......"

Daniel-"Leave me alone! God, you suck worst then me."
Sinister Mentor writes: WAZZUP!
Sinister Mentor writes: DADDY! Galvatron is hiding in the closet again!
Sinister Mentor writes: ----, I shat my pants!
Sinister Mentor writes: Holy cow, what a dream! Maybe I SHOULD ask Arcee out tomorrow...
Sinister Mentor writes: NOOO! NOT THA.. Wait... Phew, it was just a dream! Albeit I wonder why I dreamt that Megatron's head looked like that of an elk...
(Transformers Armada related)
Damolisher writes: Daniel: "Ahhhh, Dad, I jsut had the most horrible dream! There was a really crappy episode of Transformers called Carnage in C-Minor and the animation mistakes weren't bad, they were unforgivable! Brawn and Huffer arise from the dead to help Bon
Road Turtle writes: Wait, if Arcee's not really a girl, but a robot who looks and sounds like a girl; dose that really mean she's a boy?....but wait, Rodimus and the other Autobots arn't really boys eather but robots who look and sound like guys...so dose that
Road Turtle writes: Wait! If Arcee's a girl bot, and I'm her head. What happens when she kisses a boy bot?!
Road Turtle writes: What is that beautiful house?!
Where dose that Highway go to?!
Am I right..or am I wrong?!

(Arcee's talking head)
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Road Turtle writes: Mom! Dad! I had that nightmare again! The one about being a badly drawn 80's cartoon with big robots!
Road Turtle writes: That's right! There were TWO Cyclonuses! Where's the other one!
Road Turtle writes: If I'm Arcee's head, then where's her brain?!
Road Turtle writes: Wait a minute! Robots don't have Gender!
ReinaHW writes: As Daniel's TV turns itself on, waking him up, he remembers the phone call a week ago that had said "7 days"
ReinaHW writes: "MUM! DAD! THERE'S SHARKTICONS UNDER MY BED!" "Told you we should have just attacked the little creep the instant we came in" "Well waste not, want not"
Dark Monkelus writes: daniel: ...lilac pj's... frilly drapes... oh my god, I'm gay!
Dark Monkelus writes: gottle of geer... gottle of geer...
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh! Dad! Uh, your Playboy? What do you mean the centerfold's stuck together?"
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Kevinus Prime writes: Danial is startled when the head of Battle Unicorn is laying on his bed....
Kevinus Prime writes: "Wheelie! Wha-what are you doing with my bat? Don't come any closer! Stop! Please! AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH........"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Aw crap, I wet the bed again. MOM!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Daniel is surprised by the size of his first erection...
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh, man, what a nightmare! I dreamt Optimus died and was replaced by a LOSER!"
-Ry- writes: spike "Carly I had one of those dreams again."

Carly "Dammit spike I told you to quit looking at that before carly archive, you could never score with those chicks it's a sham get it."

Spike "LIES LIES!!!!"
Wing Zero Custom writes: Arcee: Aha! I've busted you, little pervert! Now put your hands away!
DeltaSeeker writes: The employees of Monster, Incorporated update their practice room to account for a new world to scare...
HeliconAutun writes: Daniel: "Oh my god! I just had this dream about Galvatron being Megatron!"
Rodimus Prime: "Um.. Daniel? We've known that for a while now.."
HeliconAutun writes: "Pawn takes Rook 4! Pawn takes Rook 4!"
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HeliconAutun writes: Daniel: "Help! I'm drowning in my own bedroom!"
Carly (to Spike, downstairs): "I told you we shouldn't have bought him blue sheets".
Spike: "It was either that or red sheets. And then he'd be waking up screaming t
HeliconAutun writes: Daniel was terrified when he woke up to find that someone had stolen his favourite pen from his breast-pocket.
HeliconAutun writes: ARGH! I just had a nightmare that I'd lost all my really formal nightshirts! What a vision! :(
HeliconAutun writes: Crikey! My legs have fallen off!
spider_j writes: Daniel's reaction to the Quintessons' anal probe was expected.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Daily Home Paper
In 1987 angry fans stormed Transformers child star Daniel Witwicky's home in the middle of the night and killed him.They blamed him for the cancelation of their beloved series in it's 3rd season.Now 17 years later,no one ha
crazyfists writes: "Argh. I had that dream again where I was forced to be Arcee's head...and why am I covered in a stinky substance?"

Daniel learned a very important lesson - lay off the drugs and Arcee is the only one who could truely love a loser such a
Dark Monkelus writes: whilst leaning at 10 degrees, Daniel was suddenly shocked to realise he'd misundterstood the concept of angling
Operation Ravage writes: "Aaaaahhhh! I'm having that dream where I blow myself and Wheelie up again for some reason!"
spider_j writes: Arcee: Do you have a major thigh cramp, or are you happy to see me big boy?

Daniel: Dammit Arcee!! I ain't Hot Rod or Springer!!
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rotorstorm writes: Grimlock I thought I told you to stop marking your territory in my room!
Mkall writes: Bumblebee (offscreen): Danger Will Robinson, Danger!
Daniel: How many times have I told you not to wake me like that!
Bombzab writes: mrph..ermm...AAAAH, NOOOO!!! Huh!? Whaa...well that was wierd...I dreamt that Springer and Ultra Magnus and Arcee and the Dinobots were dancing with broken washing machines with some Wierd Al song in the background while some giant planet that ate other p
Bloodlust writes: Woah! That was a great dream...what the...the sheets stuck to me!!
Powermaster Jazz writes: Wheelie waking up in Daniel's body: What the f*** this really sucks!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Daniel was so set on becoming the next Placido Domingo, he even practiced in his sleep.
Psychout writes: Bumblebee, get your hand out from under the cover!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In the middle of the night Daniel chokes to death on his vomit.

Oh wait that's not Daniel's dream its MINE!
Lambda Futile writes: Daniel: "I simply can't shake the feeling that I'm the subject of some strange caption competition"
Dark Monkelus writes: as Spike burst in the room Daniel really hoped the blanket covered his super human erection
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Omega Sentinel writes: AGGGHHH...I dreamed Hasbro started making nothing but Pretenders, Micro Masters and Action Masters. They were cheap and dumb and kids hated them and the G1 toy line was cancelled and this show was cancelled and I lost my job... *sigh*
Thank goodness it w
Dinictus writes: Every night he would wake up, screaming, crying. No longer would he be able to dream, no longer would he be able to rest. He became a laughing stock at school, with the Autobots.

"You bought an N-gage, didn't you?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!huf......huf......huf......I...I...had the Bjork dream again."
OP Prime writes: Daniel Finally realizes how strange his headmaster partnership is. Being a male human and partnered with a Female Autobot. Why couldn't he be Hot Rods Targetmaster? Why? It haunts him late at night waking him from nightmares of what might have been a
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Hush little baby, don't say a word.
And nevermind that noise you heard.
It's just the beasts under your bed.
In your closet, in your head.
Dark Monkelus writes: Daniel: Don’t you worry!
Its gonna be alright
‘cause I’m always ready,
I won’t let you out of my sight.

Spike & Carly really hated Daniel's 'David Hasselhoff' phase
Dark Monkelus writes: the pain as Daniel sat assured him; 'mini-autobots' was an ironic title
Dark Monkelus writes: dr sam beckett: oh boy...
Acelister writes: Spike: "Its his own fault he's stuck like that.. He picked up the other phone when I was in the middle of a dirty phone call to his mom..."
Acelister writes: Daniel: "DAD! ET's escaped!"
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Scatfan04 writes: Daniel: Dad, can you tell Jazz and Blaster to trun down that music? I'm trying to sleep!
Acelister writes: Daniel: "Mom! Dad! I drempt Galvatron was coming to get me!"
Galvatron: "Don't be silly, go back to sleep..."
Acelister writes: Daniel: "The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!!"
Autobot outside window: "You don't need no water, let the..."
Daniel: "Inferno!!"
Acelister writes: Daniel: "I wonder why this channel is scrambled...? Hey, it looks like a guy has had a snake bite... Good thing that woman is there!"
Acelister writes: Daniel woke up to find his life-size Autobot figures gone...

Daniel: "I knew I thought I heard a Middle-Eastern person dragging 2 large things out of my room...!"
DeltaOmega writes: Aaaaah! No more before Carly Girls.....
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Daniel, "Yearrgh! I just dreamed that, by 2005, kicka$$ cartoons with transforming robots, kung-fu reptiles, and barbarians who 'had the power' were replaced by some BS called 'political correctness.' It was awful! Earth-friend
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel had been frozen like this staring into space ever since Kup told him exactly how Transformers are made.
mizike595 writes: Daniel is finally told the horrific truth: that his real father is Chip Chase.
Arc the ZAKO writes: COBRAS!!!! COBRAS!!!!!!!!
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Brakethrough writes: Daaad! I had a horrible nightmare! There were Go-Bots EVERYWHERE!
Amelie writes: Daniel: Oh no. My pants have turned the same colour as my hair again. O_o
Amelie writes: Daniel: DAD!!!! There's some crazy stuff coming out my nob! It looks like milk!
spider_j writes: Dniel finally realised what they meant when they said Arcee was a 'Headmaster'.
Bun-Bun writes: AAARGH, For the last time Wheelie.. NO TEETH !!!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Hey... where's my toy clown?"
Demona writes: zzz.... huh? wha? oh, man! what time is it? *looks at clock* 6:30 am!? AAAAHHH! ive missed tranformers energon! (only those on the east coast understand this.)
Shermtron writes: Daniel:Omg its not a nightmare they gave shatner another show!!... AARRRGGG!!... KHAN!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Daniel spends the night in the Amityville house.


DeltaSeeker writes: Daniel: "Dad! Can I have a drink of water?"
Spike: "Dammit, Daniel, how old are you?? Get it yourself!"
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Cyros writes: Daniel: AHHH!!! THERE ARE SPIDERS IN MY BRAIN!!!
Tarantulus: Don't be silly, boy.
Tzarinchilla writes: Daniel: "DAD!! MIRAGE IS IN MY BED AGAIN!"
Topnwe writes: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! i just realized that Beast Wars is the pinnacle of transformers, and now that it's gone, nothing will ever be as good!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Shadowman writes: It was a dream involving a paintball gun, the Matrix, Tom Cruise, floating computers, and Megatron. You'd be scared, too.
Silent writes: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Kupp and Arcee were making out!!!AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Jaw Crusher writes: Ah, nothing says 'utterly annoying kid sidekick' like purple pajamas and frilly curtains.
Acelister writes: Daniel: "DAD! I drempt there will be... No Mini Cooper Alternator!"
Spike: "Thats just silly, son... Now lets watch some TV to settle you down."
*Spike turns on the TV*
Newscaster: "This just in... There will be no Mini Coop
Acelister writes: And when he awoke, Daniel agreed there was no place like home...
Acelister writes: Daniel: "Optimus, what are you doing?!"
Prime: "K'mere Elita One..."
Daniel: "Damn you Slingshot!"
TF2004 writes: OH MY GOD!!! I just remembered that I FORGOT to watch Transformers today! And there are NO RERUNS! The horror! The agony! :(
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Preists,"The power of christ compels you,the power of christ compels you,THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!"
Daniel,"What an excellent day for an exorcism,forever will this child be trapped in this prison."
Carly,"Oh fathers my so
buddhaquest writes: Daniel pitches his first tent... and somewhere an angel cries...
Patrick O'Shea writes: I dreamed that Bob Skir was after me!
DrumKero writes: AH!!!!!!!!!
The minicons are connecting again! Ew!
ReinaHW writes: Sunstreaker watching from a window as Daniel wakes up "Heh, bet he didn't like that blast of water up his-" "Brother! Stop tormenting the target practice!"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: If Daniel doesn't wake up screaming... he won't wake up at all.
voltronic writes: ahhh....I dreamt I was Wheelie
bluemoon writes: AWWWW man that was just a dream i was dreamin i was with arcee
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I dreamed I was Will Wheaton again.
Ratbat writes: YAAAAAAAAA!!! Aw, man...that was some dream I had! I was in a swimming pool full of hungry and angry Sharkticons...and they were COMIN' AT ME!!
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