Trans-Organic attacks Quintesson ship

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Trans-Organic attacks Quintesson ship
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Emerje writes: "Hey, anyone got a giant salt shaker?"
Black Hat writes: You know, we really should clean that thing off the windscreen.
Octocon writes: And they called it Puppy Love...
seminole1 writes: Trans-Organic: First, I'll crack the shell. Then, I'll crack the nuts inside.
Judynator writes: Cat-nap:

Cyclonus writes: Quint 1: The Trans-Organic!! We're all going to die!!
Quint 2: I'm sorry!! I should've been a better Quintesson!!
Quint 3 to Quint 1: I've never told you this, but I love you!!!
Trans-Organic: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Zeedust writes: "My spaceship! Mine! Go gey your own! It's mine, you can't have it!"
snavej writes: Uhuru: There's klingons on the starboard bow; scrape 'em off, Jim!
Mr. Burns: Enough of your woman's prattle! Release the hounds!
Quintesson Captain: Better yet Monty, old pal, release the 10 million Sharkticons in the hold!
Roadshadow writes: Springer (inside the ship): Oh God! It's the poop monster and it's humping our ship!
Starbeam writes: Is this what happened to Jetfire after TF:TM?
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gauthic_angel7680 writes: I love you long time, you number one G.I.
Star Glee writes: trans-organic: "I SMELL CANDY- I SMELL CHICKEN!!
Tom Of Doom writes: Yo garry whats that?An alien OR YO MAMA?!
Not Sonic writes: ooo baby!
Zeedust writes: "Slag... Out of all the people in deep space, look who we wind up hitting at an intersection!"

(Apologies to Gary Larson)
LunarFormer writes: Early experiments in Powerlinx technology had some very creepy results
Zeedust writes: William Shatner: "There's some... thing... on the... nose of the shuttle."
buddhaquest writes: "Hey Bob! Get out there and tell that thing it's mounting the wrong end!!"
buddhaquest writes: "Hey, Bob, your mother-in-law is out on the..."
"Shut up, Marty!"
Jetstreamx writes: Quintesson: Mother always told me I should space explorer, but now look what happened. I hate you mother!
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samson120 writes: "So that's how you do 'The Humpty Dance'. I thought it was more like the electric slide. My bad"
samson120 writes: Yet another reason Galactic Twister has been banned in 35 systems.
euphorion writes: I am very sorry.
Its an tachion-impulse, but these must be more versatile than an swiss army knife...
euphorion writes: We try solving that problem like they use to do ist at star trek: emitting a modulated ionimpulse via the main deflector, that always saves the day...
Delta Supreme writes: Quintesson:
Melts from your mouth, not from your tentacle...
Hammertron writes: "i leave you in charge of the ship for 5 minutes and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Traffic copter Dan here,over Rt 32 looks like a Quint cruiser and a Trans-Organic have collided just past the Weehawkin exit.So if your heading that way better plan alternate travel routes."
Öptimus Prime writes: AutoBotz, Transform!
joykiller writes: right no left no right up up down rotate 48% intiate rotar
joykiller writes: I really gotta stop drinkin before i go to work
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Suzuki writes: You see, when a monster and an interplanetary space craft love each other very much . . .
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"Damn kids leaving their toys running all over the cosmos.Where in hell is the off switch?"
fuzzy butt writes: ok now youre gonna feel a little pressure.
fuzzy butt writes: Damnit Dinobot, how many times do I have to tell you, Flush twice!!
Dark Monkelus writes: well if you open the frickin window and release my thumb, then yes, maybe I would get off your damn ship!
Dark Monkelus writes: well if you open the frickin windon and release my thumb, then yes, maybe I would get off your damn ship!
Dark Monkelus writes: well if you open the frickin window and release my thumb, then yes, maybe I would get off your damn ship!
bender writes: STOP HUMPING MY SHIP
Bobimus Prime writes: HEY!!! I had the walk signal, YOU JERK!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"DON'T! DON'T YOU DO IT.........don't.......I got nowhere left to go......."
(An Officer and a Gentleman ref.)
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Castle74 writes: PLEASE! Get me outta this contest! Please!
LagunaL8 writes: 'Now hold this small peice of terd infront of your eyes, stick some yarn and mommas hair curlers on it and VOILA! little Jimmy gets a replica...
_Max_ writes: Trans-Organic: "There must be another caption contest picture in here somewhere!"
Castle74 writes: Quintesson:"He just hates saying goodbye!"
Thanatos Prime writes: JarJarBinks-Meesa thinks we hit sompathing.

Quintesson-Where the hell did you come from?

Quintesson2-Yeah, and whoever you are how about a lot less talking and a lot more shut the hell up?

Trans-Organic-They're arguing. I wonder what they�
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pilot,"What the hell does it mean $20 for a lap dance?"
Toonami writes: Now you know why we use a rope in the Interplanetary tug of war. So many people have such dirty minds when looking at these type of pictures.
Acelister writes: Putting its ear to the hull, the Trans-Organic could hear the Thunderbirds theme song. "5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."
Vanishing Point writes: See... this is why you NEVER use your screen name from a website for your badge name at a con' ... your walking around and before you know it some freak's latched on to you thinking they know you
Bruticus Buckeye writes: What? No "Houston, we have a problem," remarks?!?
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PhoenixPrime writes: "Tell Trans-Organic about petrol rabbits again!"
Operation Ravage writes: Me love you long time!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pilot,"Captain I'm running out of Trans-Organic jokes!"

Captain,"Steady pilot.We've got a whole cargo hold full of them."

Pilot,"Aye sir!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"I can hear it's heart beating!!!"
armageon writes: TransOrganic:"Wait! You foggot to pay me for the windows I washed for you in Montreal!!!!"
Viper 16 writes: TransOrganic: GIANT MARSHMALLOW MAN!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Okay, HAL, wiping out the crew was one thing, but this is just overkill."
crazyfists writes: Hugs for everyone!
The King writes: Captain of the ship said: "Earth we have problem!! Can please send some help"

King,"I want puppies!"
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Acelister writes: Quint to another Quint: "You know the bagpipes, get rid of it!"
Acelister writes: Quint: "I knew I should have gotten the black paint job... This kinda thing wouldn't show as much..."
_Max_ writes: Trans-Organic: "What! Christmas already! I wonder what's inside...(Shakes the ship) What! Quintessons! I wanted an Optimus Prime!"
galvanostril writes: quintason: attention passengers, we have some mild, godzilla related turbulence, he usually lets go around 700ft but we heard he's teamed up with gamera, rodan and mothera again so please bare with us...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"DON'T MOVE! I lost my contact lense."

That old joke.
Zeedust writes: After the incident with the radioactive spider, Mr. Potato Head was never the same.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"JIM!!!! Where've you been I've missed you! Did you put on weight?"
euphorion writes: so thats how the body of the sarlac looks like!!!
fuzzy butt writes: Ebony and Ivory, living in perfect harmony. Me and my spaceship dancing by the milky way..
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"Mmmmmm nothing like a warm engine hood in the coldness of space.Reminds me of Mom's womb."
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Acelister writes: Trans-Organic: "I just wanted to be loved!"
Quint: "Yeah, yeah baby, you know I love ya... Now go destroy those Autobots!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Pilot: We have all of infinite space, and you hit a friggin' deer!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Croc Hunter,"Blimy right hea we gowt.....well I don't rightly know,but boy is it angry.See it's cannisters arched high,it's saying,"Danger,danger,woaa fear me!" Easy girl,your alright. Isn't it magnificant! Ahm gonna sti
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Suddenly Mecha Hutt strikes!

Leaving only the great smell of Brut.
Vectorshot writes: No! No! Everyone please calm down. It's okay! This is just their way of show affection.
fuzzy butt writes: Holy Poop Batman!!
Shut up Robbin and Break out the Bat Freashner
fuzzy butt writes: Wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!
Form of a space herpy!
Shape of a Say what? Jan we really need to have a talk, about you and your "Oddities".
Binaltech Bombshell writes: "Trans-Organic gets nailed in the crotch", wins the Cybertron's Funniest Home Videos grand prize!
SaDiablo writes: "Yyyeeeaaahhhh, you like that don't ya b***h"
fuzzy butt writes: "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into Stanly"(Laural and Hardy)
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babylon queen writes: starscream : Oh silverbolt, isn't our baby adorable.
silverbolt: Autobots should never have kids with the enemy.
Toonami writes: And here we see the transorganic go for the title of "The Strongest thing in the Universe". All he has to do is lift the spaceship to more times.
But wait, the judges are going up to him. OH!!! LOOK!! He's been disqualified for having 4
Daedelus writes: The Autobots find themselves trapped on "The Darkness's" new Music video.

*cue cheezy retro music, and high pitched voices*

OP: "I believe in a thing called love!"
houndtw writes: quintesson, the other white meat
Yodaman writes: Somehow, I don't think the wipers are gonna work.
Colinus Maximus writes: Trans-Organic:Curse you Hasbro, you add those crappy Animorphs to the Transformers line but not me!
Hasbro Exec 1:I told you that would come back to hurt us.
Hasbro Exec 2:You signed the OK.
Hasbro Exec 1:You're the one who got me drunk and told m
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Man, look at the size of that hood ornament!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"Whoa,whoa,whoa,pal your gonna hafta back this thing up.You can't park it here this is Galvatron's parking spot."
isaiahtay writes: astro-parasites
Castle74 writes: From one Quint to other:"You and your shortcuts"
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fuzzy butt writes: AstroTrain awakens to yet another case of Beer Goggle Blues....
fuzzy butt writes: prime" Iron Hide, get out there and remove the Vile thing"
Hide" SAY WHAT?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pilot,"So,Dr.Tom that really came from John's colon?"
Dr.,"Yes near as we can figure he picked it up at Verlon 6."
Pilot,"Did he eat that as a microbe?"
Dr.,"No,more than likely he picked it up in the red light d
shockbox writes: ahhhhh run for u r lives
Toonami writes: The Transorganic obviously didn't like swapping partners at the Annual Space Dinner & Dance.
Acelister writes: Quint to another Quint: "You know the Jedi Mind Trick, do something!"
Acelister writes: Quint: "We already told you! You can't tig your butcher!"
Toonami writes: Transorganic: Next time I call for a cab I need to check its big enough to get inside. Its a bit to breezy out here.
Acelister writes: Trans-Organic's Charity collection policy was a tad extreme...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"I'd like to take a moment of your time to discuss with you the book of the Mormon Tabernackle..."
Pilot,"F*$k'n Mormons,Dave arm the lasers..."
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tfggerhk writes: transorganic:im fellin horny tonight baby!!!
trailbreaker writes: Why is that weird creature humping the ship????
Dark Monkelus writes: Transorganic: Mum, I had that dream I was eating a giant marshmallow again
Dark Monkelus writes: yes, he's going tho kill us, but look at little face. It's almost like he understands
Dark Monkelus writes: quints: And I thought the transorganics had naturally curly hair...
Psychout writes: Is destruction by a giant 4 legged space creature even on the insurance document?
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Finally, the answer to the question: "Where do baby Leviathans come from"?
Toonami writes: Transorganic: Damn! I knew I should have followed the instructions on that bottle of superglue.
Alirion writes: Dweller-in-the-Depths: Don't leeeeave me, I love you!
Quintesson Bob: You just HAD to let it watch all those kiddie cartoons, didn't you.
Quintesson Frank: Hey, it's not MY fault somebody didn't want to babysit the TransOrganics.
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Acelister writes: Quint1: "Its a shortcut? A shortcut?"
Quint2: "My audio receptors are working, no need to keep on..."
Optimus Eeyore writes: Hey! The Darkness, Sunbow called and said they wanted thier episode of Transformers back.

Dag nabit I lovvvve Quintesson Rodeo Day!!!!
Glaziertron writes: Who's your daddy?
shadex writes: you know son there comes a time in every man's life when...holy crap a giant worm's attacking the ship
shadex writes: **i don't care if your just a space ship i love you god damn it
shadex writes: i don't care if your a space i still love you god damnit
shadex writes: african lion safari ain't got nothing on this
isaiahtay writes: "intergalactic wrestling"
Acelister writes: Quint1: "I know you saw trucks on Earth with cuddly bears on the front, but where did you get a cuddly Trans-Organic?!"
Quint2: "Free with 10 Dr Pepper ring pulls."
Trans-Organic: "RARGH!"
Quint1: "Its not cuddly, is
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Castle74 writes: Crikey!!!
_Max_ writes: Quintesson: "Where's Steve Irwin, the crocodile wrestler, when you need him?"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Trans-Organic is just as bad about shaking its Christmas presents to find out what's inside as anyone else.
Rhodimus Major writes: Trans-Organic: There, there. Don't cry. Beast Wars wasn't THAT bad.
Rhodimus Major writes: "I told you to slow down! Didn't you see that Trans-Organic crossing next 10 light years sign!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: OUCH! Right in the little Trans-Organic!
Acelister writes: Trans-Organic: "You owe the Don, you PAY the Don!"
Acelister writes: Quint: "This isn't what I meant by 'All hands on deck'!"
Triggerbot writes: Jezus, Doc Ock's an Ugly Mother###er without his Glasses!
monkeytron writes: Please Help Me! I've Got Curlers In My Hair And I Can Not Get Them Out!
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commander setinel writes: @$@% #^#^% #^%#^ #^%@^&^$!!!!!!!!!!! ITS GOTS THREE ARMS!!!!
transmaster writes: God, I hope thats the fourth arm !!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pilot,"What is that?"
Co-Pilot,"I don't know,what's that sound?"
Pilot,"Sounds like......nah can't be."
Co-Pilot,"OH MY GOD I
TheRoMan writes: Damn it! We've flown into the end of "Matrix Revolutions" again? God... it sucked like, the first 10 times.
Draco614 writes: Quintesson: every time I clean the wind sheild, bom we hit Trans-Organic. Now I got to scrape him off when we get back.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"Tickle,tickle tickle.."

Quint 1,"Holy crap it's tickling the ship,aside from the Transformers,did we create anything useful?"
Quint 2,"Well there was that sucked too.Uhm how about the big freze
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In 1980 little Jimmy Wallace had left his Sea Monkey to die.

Or so he thought.

By 2010 the Sea Monkey was back and he was PISSED!
Hayloskien writes: So much for a nonstick surface
Road Turtle writes: Trans-Organic, "i yuv you mommy"

Quintesson, "For the last time! We are
not your Mommy!"
Rhodimus Major writes: Rhodimus Prime: Bah Weep Grah Nah Weep Ninni Bon he says. It'll reciprocate he says.
Kup: Did you give him an energon goodie?
Rhodimus Prime: An energon goodie! He about to give the grill of my new shuddle his own energon goodie!
Kup: Experience l
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overdrive writes: Quintesson: Damn! thats one BIG bug on the window!
chi-chi writes: Trans-org:that the best sex ive eva had
Minicle writes: I now pronounce you Trans-organic and wife.
Minicle writes: Trans-Organic: we're all going on a summer holiday!

Quint: NO! We are not!
Castle74 writes: What the? What the hell was that thud? Well, it probably was nothing.
spider_j writes: Trans Organic: I want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride mu biiiiiiiiiiike....
Dragontron88 writes: show me that you love me
souldragon writes: Mummy i missed you
DeltaSeeker writes: Trans-Organic: "Wha..? Huh? Oh, man, that's the last time I bring home a date after getting plastered!"
DeltaSeeker writes: Steve Irwin: "We've caught up with the rare space-bourne Trans-Organic slug, nasty creature. It's four tenticles can suck the power out of even the most shielded space ship. Right, now we're going to try and sneak around behind the l
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kingsnake writes: oooooooooo, me love you long time! 10 dolla! 10 dolla!
Acelister writes: Trans-Organic: "Oooh! Its a basket ball! Can I open my eyes now?"
Trans-Organic Mother: "No... Keep guessing!"
Acelister writes: Quint 1: "Its okay... We can bury it, nobody ever need know!"
Quint 2: "Okay... Bury it where? I didn't bring my Moon-sized JCB!"
Acelister writes: Quint: "Okay, okay... I was trained for this... What did the instructor say for 'When a Trans-Organic Attacks'...?"
kaoslord writes: Q1 "We're in space, he says. What are we gonna hit? Well, I'll tell you what we're gonna hit. THAT! We're Gonna Hit the Bug from Hell!"
Q2 "I didn't hear you argueing when I turned on cruse control. Stop whining, a
Acelister writes: Quint: "We COULD have waited for it to go past, but NO! 'Put your foot down!' you said..."
Toonami writes: See, I told you we should have turned left at Albuquerque.
Toonami writes: Mrs: See I told you we should have bought a pink spacecraft but no the insurance was cheaper on a white one.
Mr: mumble mumble...
Acelister writes: Troi: "I sense... Danger!"
Riker: "Sir, it got another crew member!"
Troi: "I sense... Danger!"
LaForge: "Captain, the decks are buckling!"
Troi: "There is danger nearby! Something is going to attack us!&
Acelister writes: Picard: "The maiden voyage of the Enterprise G and, for a change, we decide to let me drive... What a mistake THAT was..."
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Acelister writes: Quintesson: "I have to photo this... They'll never believe this is why I'm late..."
Acelister writes: Quint 1: "Don't apologise, otherwise its insurance will screw you over!"
Quint 2: "What?! You were driving!"
octanius prime writes: quint 1: man! if i had a quarter for every time this happ.. (interupted by quint 2): ah just shut up and get the windex!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Quint pilot: Dammit! I just know my insurance won't cover this!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Lucas releases yet another special edition of Star Wars,fans are less than happy.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Thrill-seeking audiences had gotten so jaded, Disney had to go to extremes to keep them interested in the Space Mountain roller coaster...
star_sabre86 writes: Hang on, I'll see if i have tree-fiddy. Then maybe he'll let go.
Bloodlust writes: Even in the vast reaches of space, people driving on their cell phones still cause collisions.
Wildwing writes: What would Captian Picard or Captian Kirk do now?
Casual Matt writes: Hssssss. My precioussss.
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Casual Matt writes: Hssssss. My precious.
Kal-Seth writes: Jimbo: NED IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!
Kal-Seth writes: Trans-Organic Worm: GIMME A HUG!
fuzzy butt writes: help megapoora is attacking! Quick summon godzukie.
fuzzy butt writes: I want my two dollars!!!
fuzzy butt writes: DUDE! and I thought that I was grumpy in the morning
Crosscheck writes: Transorganic Beast: Stay here, I'll go get you a towel.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"Two cans are missing from my six back pack."

Sunswiper writes: Quint 1 : how the hell did we hit a giant worm thingy in the infinity of space?!?!
Qunit 2 : i dunno man you tell me your driving!! you been on the vodka again?
Sunswiper writes: Quint 1:quick turn the wipers on!!
Quint 2:i hope thats its tenticle!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Quintesson cruiser,came equipt with road flares,spare tires,jack,Onstar,flash lights,lug nuts,interstellar drive train,AM/FM cass/CD player,almost everything you could want or need in an emergency.......ALMOST EVERYTHING.
Acelister writes: Quint 1: "I told you this was a bad place to park..."
Quint 2: "Don't yell at me!"
Quint 1: "I'm not yelling, I'm just saying..."
Quint 2: "You're just like my father!"
Acelister writes: Quint: "No, Quint Jr, your pet Snappy can't come with us."
Acelister writes: Quintesson: "'Drink Dr Pepper!' he said... 'Whats the worst that could happen?' he said..."
Acelister writes: Quintesson: "I knew playing 'Pin the tail on the Space Slug' using the SHIP would be a bad idea..."
shockwave_inoz writes: TRANS-ORG: "OOF! Ow, HEY what the... aw, geez, an INFINITY of space out there, and you YOU clumsy idiots go crashing into MY 478 square-meters of it!! MORONS!!!"
QUINT 1: "Hey, he's a fiesty one - can we keep him?!"
QUINT 2: &qu
Road Turtle writes: Sometimes your the windshield,
sometimes your the bug.

I can't tell which is worse.
Road Turtle writes: The Quintisson's hit yet another pedestrian.
Road Turtle writes: BAM!
"Oh My God! Something hit windsheild and I can't see nothin!"
Road Turtle writes: "My Preeeecious!!"
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spider_j writes: Heard that powerlinx was getting worse. But this one takes the cake.
spider_j writes: Quint: Get anti-bug spray they told me. But did I listen?? Noooooooo......
Laserbot writes: BLurr:"WhatDoWeDo!WhatDoWeDo!ItsGanaEatTheShip,huhuhuWhatDoWeDo!Pleas,O PleaseDoSomething!?"
UM:"I cant deal with that right now!" Hotrod: Its gana eat its way through!"
Wheelie:"Big round slug need lots of grub.. it thinks
Castle74 writes: Too bad we don't have a windsheild wiper to handle something like this!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Here we have a rare screencap from the Cybertronian remake of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
tfggerhk writes: the deceps new way on getting the autobots to surrender,
Blasta writes: AHHH!!!! I Can't Control it... Get that big worm off my precious! ohh precious.. don't scratch the paint.. hey! get the XXXLRG Buy Spray, Needlepoint..
Marcus Rush writes: It's all mine, yes it's my preasious
fuzzy butt writes: oh oh oh Its mister Hanky the x-mas poo, with the transgenic Hasbro arm up grade!!!
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fuzzy butt writes: now what did i tell u about bringing strays home??
DeltaSeeker writes: Trans-Organic: Man, this space shuttle sure is puffy! Did Pat Lee draw this?
DeltaSeeker writes: Trans-Organic: If I lose my grip, the space shuttle will explode!
Acelister writes: After stealing that shipment of high grade Energon, Trans-Organic was druuuunk!
Acelister writes: A to B? We RAC to it.
Acelister writes: After watching Teletubbies, Trans-Organic wanted a "Big Huuug!"
Minicle writes: Trans-Organic: DADDY! You've come home at last!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"Will you hurry the hell and finish fixing that transmission Harry,this things heavy you know!"

Harry,"Shut up you winey little slug,I'm going as fast as I can! Hand me that pair of needlenose plyers."
Alphatron writes: Magnus: Uh, Prime... what the hell is that thing doing to our ship?
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Dark Perceptor writes: Mommy?
uPRIME writes: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, it is trying to mate with the ship, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
isaiahtay writes: astrocraft-interstellar assault
isaiahtay writes: "Notice anything different about the ship?"
isaiahtay writes: space apples
isaiahtay writes: "I swear it was there when I left this morning!"
isaiahtay writes: "I HAVE NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!"
isaiahtay writes: "eer...wash ya windows mista..."
isaiahtay writes: "First, you must bait the spacecraft with a robotic leech,then....."
isaiahtay writes: "Talk about a really bad massage!?"
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Dern,ner,ner,ner,nerow.


Hi my name is Trans-Organic,and this is getting hit by a spaceship.
Dirtbag writes: space wirm:I love you to momy!
HeliconAutun writes: Why oh why could it not attack Skylynx?
Dark Monkelus writes: quints: maaaan, wait til dem bitches in da hood see our new hood ornament! bada-bing
Raevir writes: I told you not to give that giant space worm metal arms and teeth...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic places the head piece on the Quints newest creation Cyber-Pope!
Dark Monkelus writes: Daniel: Arcee, why... oh, wait... that was last month
Dark Monkelus writes: God: I'm sure I put a bit more effort in to creation than this
Dark Monkelus writes: oh my god, I have an arse at both ends
Dark Monkelus writes: trans-organic: hey, I'm just here to distract from how lame your ship is...
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Pokejedservo writes: Quint 1: For the last time you stupid beast there are no nubile school-girls here! Quint 2: Can we just go back in time and incinerate the studio that made "La Blue Girl"?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Welcome to American Gladiators 2006! I'm your host Larry Czonka......
DeltaSeeker writes: I thought I told the kids to pick up their toys!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Cybertron's fuel crisis eventually escalated to the point where *everyone* had to car-pool.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: When Glow Worms Go Bad!!!!
Minicle writes: Quint: I'm certain theres a law against this kind of practise.
Minicle writes: Quint: Normal aliens usually wear a condom...
Supreme Nemesis writes: Lizard: Don't leave me baby. I LOVE YOU!
Mkall writes: There's no can of raid big enough for this pest
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Cyros writes: A scene from Godzilla: 2010
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Hey! Where's the cream filling?!
Castle74 writes: Maybe if I just get the ship back to the port one will notice it..
Nuke Mayhem writes: Giant Worm-"Now make a TF series based on me, or I'll eat your $10'000 prop ship!"

Hasbro-"Ok ok, how does the name 'Beast Machines' sound?"

Work-"Ok, but it better not suck."

Greg writes: Ya Big Ding! Get My Bug Swatter!
spider_j writes: It's not unusual to be loved by one.....
gir writes: "There's... SOMETHING on the windshield!"
Castle74 writes: Love...exciting and new..come aboard..we're expecting you...the Love Boat!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In the deep reaches of space the crew of the Explorer finds my mother in law.
Pyro Nosra writes: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Roll Ship?

Lets ask Mr Owl ...
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In the year 2006 carjackings had become........weird to say the least.
OP Prime writes: Quint's: Where's that can of XXX-Bugspray? Just in case of triple extra large spacebugs, we packed it in the loading crate. But, now where is it? Damm, Daniel and that Autobot Bumblebee left a message that they took it.
We are so screwed...
Zeedust writes: Big Ugly Critter: "Mommy! Mommy! I want THIS Jetfire! He Powerlinxes with Ironhide!"
Mystery writes: *gremlin voice* Yum, yum, yum, yum...
cipher98 writes: Alien:Yay! My new Transformers Micro Masters kit! I wonder who is inside my new toy?
Demona writes: P|-|333333333333333333333333333333333333R!!!!!
Demona writes: mwahahahahaaaaa, its getting attacked by a giant robo bug..... P|-|34R 7H3 R080-8UG 0V |)0000000|\/|!!!!!
Ratbat writes: How ironic: The Quintessons are now being attacked by the same creature they had ordered to destroy the Transformers!
OP Prime writes: Quint#1: Great, just great. I let you steer the ship while I go to the little Quints room and you hit the ugliest cyberturd this side of seibertron.
Quint#2:Don't look at me you built these guys.(switching heads) If i remember these cyberturds were
Air Dawg writes: You're not my mother!
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Thanatos Prime writes: Well you don't see that every day now do you?
Thanatos Prime writes: Quin: Eww! it's drooling on us!

Trans-Organic: I love the Transformers. I now have the complete collection!

Shermtron writes: Alien:Hey yo, could you like give me a ride to mail or some junk..
Brakethrough writes: Micro Machines space shuttle playset: 30$
Creepy Crawlers playset: 40$
Doctor Octopus action figure: 10$

Recreating a bizarre and disorienting scene from the cartoons of yesteryear: Priceless.

Some things money can't buy. For everything else,
Brakethrough writes: Hiiiiiiiidy Hoooooooo!I'm Hanky, the Christmas Trans-Organic!
Brakethrough writes: Aww, I can't believe it! The key came off! Now I need to find a can opener.
DeltaSeeker writes: Um, I don't think that's how Powerlinking works...
DeltaSeeker writes: Quintesson: "I'm sorry! I'll use my turn signal next time!"
DeltaSeeker writes: Is this one of those Transformer things? I can't figure out how to work it. Where's the instruction sheet?
DeltaSeeker writes: The real reason NASA won't go back to the moon: space worms in heat!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pilot,"Huh,now there's something you don't see everyday."
Topnwe writes: E-Harmony strikes again.
Powerstorm writes: "Get off the windscreen, Turditron!
Powerstorm writes: Meet the new Insecticon!
Kevinus Prime writes: "Great. It slimed us."
Kevinus Prime writes: "And I thought that Garfield stick-on looked stupid."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, these things are great! Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Boy, these Amway guys just can't take NO for an answer."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "It followed me home Mom! Can I keep it?"
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, Carly, remember when our poodle used to do that to Daniel's leg?"
_Max_ writes: Trand-Organic: "Now where on cybertron is the 'on' switch for this intergalactic hoover!?"
Acelister writes: (Off screen) Trans-organics Mum: "Stop trying to eat your toys! Dinner's ready!"
Acelister writes: The trans-organic could never sleep without its toy ship...
Jaw Crusher writes: "You can't fool me, Mr. Sky Lynx! You'll give me my twelve bucks or my dad'll shove every one of these newspapers down your throat!"
Dark Monkelus writes: trans-organic: well doctor, it started off quite small, and now...
Viper 16 writes: Trans-organic thing: "I shall name you squishy and you'll forever be my squishy!"
spider_j writes: I shall now procede to gnaw this ship down to it's very elec.......OOohh!! Look!! Birdie!!
spider_j writes: Geee....I wonder what Santa got me this year? I shook it already but the only noise it makes sounds like screaming Quintessons.
Minicle writes: Quint: I told you G1 purists where obsessive freaks!
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Minicle writes: Quint: Dave. I hit an animal again...
Minicle writes: All the poor freakish mutant wanted was love...
thexfile writes: somhow the Quintessons did not realy get our drift on haning stuffed animals behind car windows....

Quintesson : "brother are absolutely shure that this thing is meant to go on the outside of the ship ?? yes broter are you quiestioning me on my le
thexfile writes: luve struck Trans-Organic Quintesson fan desprily trieing to get a glimp and following the ship.
thexfile writes: Quintessons : dam those paparazzie get more desprite al the time... i predict that 1 day they wil kill sombody...
USDA Prime writes: Dweller: "I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George!"
The Starscream Armada writes: Astounded by the nature of human emotion, the Trans-Organics, however they tried, had difficulties understanding the finer points of human relationships.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Voiceover - "Mr. Hankey, Christmas Poo - Fecal matter barely alive . . . Gentlemen, we can rebuild him . . . we have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic intergalactic poo. Mr. Hankey will be that poo. Better
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Bruticus Buckeye writes: Mini Trans-Organic, quit humping Daddy's ship!
Topnwe writes: ah crap, another bug on the windshield, and i just washed it!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Trans-Organic,"Hey I love these things especially the crunchy center that yells,'STOP,STOP,OH THE PAIN!!!!!!!' Deeeeeelicious!"
Pyro Nosra writes: (whoops ... spider beat me to that last one)
Pyro Nosra writes: Damn! ANOTHER bug on the windshield!
Pyro Nosra writes: Are YOU my mother?
spider_j writes: Where the heck do I insert the quarters into this thing?
spider_j writes: Quintessons: Damn. These bugs on the windscreen get bigger every day.
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