Autobots ... ZOMBIFIED!!!

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Autobots ... ZOMBIFIED!!!
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Frenchhorngirl writes: ULTRA MAGNUS:"Well, they got to the blood."
mechislander writes: Kup: Brian! I want Brian!
Springer: It's 'brains' Kup!
Kup Oh. I must have read the script wrong.

(adapted from Red vs Blue)
Autobot bubbs writes: Thriller! Thriller night!
Angie Prime writes: Zombies: ENNNNNERRRRR-FUUUUDGGGGEEE!!!!!
tiar180 writes: Link comes oh crap he said Transformer Redeads
kup trys to hump him
Payner™ writes: Hasbro got damn lazy with repaints for the latest product line.
soundwavegt writes: Rodimus- Grimlock!! Has Kup been at the pure energon again?!?
Roadshadow writes: Kup: Give me your braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssss, ya rotten punks.
Brawn's Girl writes: This is what happened when Hot Rod called them old.
RedJack writes: Extras from the upcoming post apocolyptic thriller "28 Vorns Later"...
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Exulted Unicron writes: the lastest TF line from Hasbro, "Colour Your Own TF" didn't work as well as Hasbro planned
Screambug writes: Autobots escaping from the flour factory!
Marv writes: Someone help us! They're trying to repaint us!
Marv writes: Springer: How can we be zombies? We're robots! We were never alive to begin with!
Kup: Stop getting technical and keep staggering forward...
Marv writes: It was a dark day indeed, when an earthquake damaged the Hasbro vaults and countless tormented, never-released prototypes escaped into the world...
Starbeam writes: Kup: "This reminds me of the time when all TransFormers were deactivated by a Quintesson plot. Or the time with the energy being Tornatron, successor of Unicron…"
Other zombies: "Isn't it bad enough that we're zombies?"
Dragonoth writes: Springer: "We've got better things to do tonight than die!"

Kup: "But I can't remember what they are!"

all: "Augghhhhh!"
gauthic_angel7680 writes: The effects of when Arcee spreads her legs.
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Mmmmmmmm, more crack.
Saber Maximus writes: Resident Evil 5: Transformers'attack!
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red_ensign writes: "I see dead people."
ShYnE writes: The Blue Man group has nothing on us!!!
Starbeam writes: It's not hard to knock them down; it's getting them to STAY down that's the trick. (quote from Springer, who is now in no shape to appreciate it.)
Dragonoth writes: I KNEW we shouldn't have let that necromancer cross over from Dungeons and Dragons!
Predagade writes: Leaving the audition for "Thriller"

Kup:I thought we made great dancers!
Springer:I'm taking this out on Ultra Magnus 'cos he took Arcee away to watch the filming of that video
doodoobrova writes: Scourge: "Man I am SO ripped. I mean I am friggin' lit up."
Kup:"Bwah! We've come for your Chronic!!!"
King Slick writes: ...and preforming there latest musical hit...BLUE BOT GROUP!
punycron writes: Pentium commercial on Cybertron.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Everyone: Must destroy Cybertron!
SFX:Watch beeping
Kup: Hey, lunchtime.
(Everyone leaves as the energon radiation fades
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Everyone: Must destroy Cybertron!
SFX:Watch beeping
Kup: Hey, lunchtime.
(Everyone leaves as the energon radiation fades
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Masterpiece Prowl writes: Everyone: Must destroy Cybertron!
SFX:Watch beeping
Kup: Hey, lunchtime.
(Everyone leaves as the energon radiation fades
Starscream7 writes: After hearing Snowcat yodel one to many times, the Autobots were heard sceaming, "KILL, KILL!"
Starscream7 writes: Someone's been playing way too much Resiedent Evil...
galvanostril writes: heyyyyyyy... scourge is there too! and he an autobot now!

zombie's eh? get me my cricket bat, we're going to the winchester to wait this one out!
galvanostril writes: rrrrreeeeeeepppppaaaaaiiiinnnttttuuuuussssssss... kkkkkiiiiittttttttbbbbaaaaaasssshhhhhhhuuuuuuussssssss...
Zeedust writes: The Transformers... Without their caffeine!
galvanostril writes: springer: bah-weep-grana-weep-ninny-bong!
galvanostril writes: ultra magnus (off shot) how did you get out of there!? I poured cement on your graves to make sure you don't escape
scourge: you made 1 fatal mistake, you left me my SPOON!
ultra magnus: NO!
scourge: that's right, the dirt was like a deliciou
Zeedust writes: Wreck-Gar: "Klatu Berata Nikuku."

*Zombies messily devour a few bots whose toys weren't being sold any more.*

Rodimus: "It's your own damn fault for acesssing the Datatracks of the Dead... Seriously, a computer disk made fro
azraelus writes: 10,000 energon units for a primer job. COME HERE Swindle!!!!!!
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trailbreaker writes: TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER !!
Marv writes: Transformers the Movie 2: The Night of the Unpainted Prototypes
Powermaster Jazz writes: SSSSPARRRRRKSSS....
Air Dawg writes: And you thought the Hate Plague and Comsic Rust were bad. This is worse.
Pokejedservo writes: Michael Jackson's "Thriller" the Cybertronian Version with an awfully similar skin condition...
shockwave_inoz writes: Simon: "And here come the next contestants for CYBERTRONIAN IDOL! Hm, looks like the competion is gonna be a little STIFF tonight!! HA!!!

Randy: "With jokes like THAT, you gonna BE one of them, sucka."
shockwave_inoz writes: "Okay, you scumbags aren't taking us seriously are you? We said absolutely NO MORE ARMARDA!!! You have 2 seconds to comply!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGHHHH!!!!!"
devast8or writes: *After several days away from HMW, the addiction finally hits its highest levels*
Zeedust writes: Kup: "YOu know, this whole brain-eating zombie thing reminds me of the Stavromula Beta mission, when..."

Springer: "Fot the love of Primus... I thought dead men told no tales!"
Cyros writes: Spike: They're gonna eat our flesh!!!
Kup: Human flesh? Raw???
Springer: Oh heavens, no.
Cyclonus: How barbaric!
Scourge: What does he think we are, monsters?
*silent pause*
Scourge: Well, yeah, we ARE monsters, but we're not MONSTERS abou
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setinel writes: but weeee lllllove youuuuu
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Dark Awakening II.
Viper 16 writes: Dawn of the dead
Suzuki writes: When prototypes attack!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: AH HA! I knew listening to that 'Ketchup' song was gonna have negative effects!
Castle74 writes: Ahhhh...GET US OUT OF THIS CAPTION!!!
steve2275 writes: nobody leaves world wrestling entertainment
Acelister writes: Jacko remakes the video for his hit 80's song Thriller!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Suprisingly Cybertron's Magenta Man Group becomes quite popular.
The Happy Locust writes: Following the lead of Galvatron General, we've got Kup General, Kup General, Scourge General...
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Acelister writes: Igor: "Dr Frankenstien, what have you done?!"
Acelister writes: THIS is why Daniel woke up so scared a few Caption pictures ago...
Acelister writes: Kup: "What do you mean we're to be buried with our Master 'like Emperor Qin Shi Huang's terracotta Warriors'?!"
TheRoMan writes: The Groomsmen make a stunning entrance at Nobody Loves Wheelies Wedding...
Axei writes: Jazz: That's what happen when someone downloads Michael Jackson's music on Vector Sigma!

Spike: (while crossing his fingers) It-it wasn't me!

Kup: Hey! My nose fell of my face!
Headmaster_Decapatron writes: WARNING!: Prototypes have escaped the TAKARA vault.
Prime Nova writes: Who ever left that flour above the door is going to pay.
Magnus writes: "Kup goes Hollywood"

written by David Wise
tf dutchie writes: Kup: Look out everyone, we are deadly alive!
RazorBurn writes: Springer: You're SURE about this, old-timer?
Kup: For the last time.. YES! Impactor made this look all cool and noble, and the fans LOVED him for it!
Scourge: Impactor? But didn't he get kille-- OWWW!! Watch it CyCLOWNus!
Cyclonus: Is it MY f
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shadex writes: after coming out of the new TF movie
take a guess weather it was good or bad
shadex writes: springer:alright who's been screwing with the cement mixer bumblebee i'm looking at you
Bloodlust writes: Springer: Guy's why are there 7 legs but only 3 of us?

Scourge: OMG! Prime's leg has come back to kill us all! Runaway runaway!
spaceduk writes: arcee: whats going on in this town
rodimus: I don't have a clue darlin! By the time I noticed something was wrong. The entire city was infested with zombies.
Acelister writes: Rodimus: "The first Halloween on Cybertron is going well, thanks to you Spike. I especially like the Zombot's. The red glowing eyes are a nice touch."
Spike: "Rodimus, I thought you made those..."
Zombots: "RARGHH!"
Acelister writes: On the Armada Cybertron, the Ghosts of Christmas Past were very strange indeed...
Acelister writes: It was Kups idea to sneak up on Rodimus, Springer's idea to freeze like statues if he turned around and Scourge's idea to sneak up on Kup.
Acelister writes: Scourge: "'Don't go up the chimney...' I said... 'There's a lot of soot up there!' I said..."
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Last Christmas, tragedy occurred when a group of Cybertronian parents and grandparents (pictured here) stormed the Wal-Mart containing the *very last* Binary Patch Doll.
Phasewing writes: Kup: Why is it that we're 'dead'?

Springer: don't know... maybe our CPU's fried... and we've turned gray like Prime did.


Kup: Aw, shut up, you winged freak. We're Zombots.
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Draco614 writes: Prime- This is some Dawn of the dead crap right here!
_Max_ writes: Kup: "By the matrix, that was THE scariest film I've ever seen. I've turned white because of it!"
Acelister writes: When they auditioned for "Big extra's for The Mummy Returns: Again", this wasn't what they expected...
Acelister writes: And on the 20th Anniversary of its death... G1 rose...
Road Turtle writes: Oh! This is the episode where Bill Gates downloaded Windows into Vector Sigma, with disasterous results...
Road Turtle writes: Kup, "C..P..U...muuusst eat CPUuuuuu!"
Acelister writes: Springer: "They said pinkeye wasn't so bad for Transformers!"
Agent Moosefoot writes: The newest members of The Undertaker's Ministry.
Nemesis Jason writes: They've Been Micheal-Jacksonelized
Bruticus Buckeye writes: In this episode of "Gargoyles," Goliath and the gang must fight the animated statues of Cybertron's finest.
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Elita One writes: Zombieformers: Monsters in Disguise!
tfggerhk writes: the generation one tfs rose from the grave to find then kill all armada and energon writers and animators
Viper 16 writes: Hey look, they're celebrating halloween early!
Castle74 writes: I'll paint any 'bot for only $99.95!
Nigatron X writes: YOSHIES COOKIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OptimusPsychMajor writes: Scourge: OK, that's it! These Universe repaints have gotten out of hand!
Springer: Guys, my arms are stuck to my side...
Kup: Where's the paint thinner?
bborst writes: When Repaints Get Out of Hand! Next on FOX!
Acelister writes: After telling the group it was quick drying cement, Grimlock didn't want to shout "April Fools" anymore...
Acelister writes: Wheelie: "You said we get in the way everyday?"
Daniel: "Well now you play, OUR way..."
Kup: "I told you we shoulda killed them! Now Daniel's talking like Wheelie!"
Acelister writes: Rodimus: "Right, stay there guys, I'll just shoot you."
Springer: "You mean shoot us free, right?"
Rodimus: "I said what I mean..."
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Acelister writes: Kup: "About this Earth game 'Musical Statues'..."
Normski writes: At the sound of police sirens blaring the Stonerbots make a hasty retreat from their afternoon session in Shockwave's basement
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Uh, oh! Better get MAACO!
Minicle writes: Redundant Autobots return for revenge on the Energon cast!
Minicle writes: All those transformers the mean father wouldn't buy his son for christmas, finelly come back to haunt him.
Minicle writes: I told you not to feed them after midnight!!
Minicle writes: Just you wait, they'll be wanting repaints of these.
overdrive writes: [sreaming] all right who put food colouring in the car wash
buddhaquest writes: The metrosexual craze hits Cybertron...
Bobimus Prime writes: "Ok guys remember the plan! We use these disguises to sneak up on barney, and then kick the CRAP out of him!!!"
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Topnwe writes: Kup: alright everybody, now that we're covered in flour, let's go sneak up on Megatron and yell BOO! Then we'll go scare Daniel so bad he'll have to sleep in rubber pants for years to come!
Thanatos Prime writes: ALL: AHH! We're blind! These new eyes are crap!
Rodimus: if you weren't blind you'd know you're all lavender!
Marcus Rush writes: the lasting effects of a teen pop concert.
Zeedust writes: Scene from "Transformers of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Energon."
st92jmdc writes: AAAHHHH! Being forced to watch those two lame season premier Enterprise episodes drained ALL LIFE out of us. AAAHHH! What a waste of time! Even Hasbro has more creativity than that!
euphorion writes: BEER, BEER, BEER, BEER, BEER, BEER, BEER...
Brakethrough writes: (Kool-Aid Man Voice)

Brakethrough writes: This is camouflage?!

Well, we *are* going to the blueberry festival.
Brakethrough writes: Frozen in time. Forgotten for ages. Airbrushed by street punks.
Brakethrough writes: Lavenderbots! tranthform and acthethorize!
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Brakethrough writes: Budget Cuts at the studio were hard on the transformers, especially when the colour teams were axed.
Kevinus Prime writes: "...because Larry King told us grape juice was good for us. Whaddaya mean, drink it?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "I told you not to chase Scourge into the Sherman-Williams warehouse, but did you listen? NOOOOOO...."
Kevinus Prime writes: "These new football uniforms SUCK."
Kevinus Prime writes: Suddenly, the Transformer Decoys come alive...
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh, sh*t! It's Wheelie! RUN!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Thilllerrrrr....Thrilll-CUT! Micheal's nose fell off again!"
harlanrosen writes: Kup: Aaron Archer says this paintjob will sell!
Mkall writes: [spooky voice] Scrooge, scrooge.
Mystery writes: Hot Rod: Uhhh... *looks at Daniel*
Daniel: Um, heh heh, oops?
Hot Rod: I don't even wanna know...
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-Ry- writes: Must....Kill....Hasbro Creative team....Mega Dinobot lousy name...
Bruticus Buckeye writes: You didn't say, "Klaatu, Barada, Nikto," when you took the Autobut Necronomicon of Leadership, didn't you!!!
groovygoth666 writes: Must consume energon of the inocent
Glaziertron writes: Damn!! I thought i was the only one at this party with this costume. >:(
Jetstreamx writes: Zombies: You disturbed our eternal sleep, now we about to get midieval on your ass!
thexfile writes: kup : GROUWLLLL...

kup : and did we scare you ??
thexfile writes: in the news today ; there was an explosion on sybertron. We have information that the explosion ocured at cybertron's main concrete plant. The fryk accidant happend whilste a new batch of reenforced energon concrete was prepared. Some say this new ba
thexfile writes: zombies : kil bush kil bush
thexfile writes: in his strugle to win the elections bush wil punish eaveryone that does not vote for him , he uses his eaval stare like medusa and wil turn eaveryone to stone that defies not voting for him....
Laserbot writes: Scourge: "When i get out of this RRGG!! Im going to kill RRGG those constructicons for pouring sement on us RRRR!!! those Dumb a*'s were only suposed to target the autobots arrrgg!!!"

Springer: "..."

Cup: "..."
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ReinaHW writes: Capcom was running out of ideas for their Resident Evil games, so they decided to use Transformers instead. Resident Evil: The zombies just got bigger!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Transformers were less than happy after battling the ---- beast of Crapulon 3.

Springer,"Ohhh jeezz this smells never gonna go away."
Scourge,"I'll be powerwashing myself for vorns,and I bet I'll still never get that smell
Marv writes: Oil can!! Oil can!! Oil can!!
Bobimus Prime writes: "Good job Timmy! mom will never noticed we replaced her Hummels we broke with these guys!"
Zeedust writes: Kup: "I told you this whole rising from the grave thing wouldn't work out..."

Springer: "But Prime made it look so *easy!*"
DeltaSeeker writes: Kup and Springer join the WWE as a new tagteam, accompanied by their personal trainers.
Acelister writes: Kup: "This flour... Where did you say you got it?"
Cyclonus: "Construction site..."
Scourge: "Why can't I move...?"
Springer: "Told you we shouldn't mix it with water, Kup..."

(Reference to OP Prime
Acelister writes: Sculptor: "See, covering them with cement is MUCH easier then carving them ourselves..."
Acelister writes: The scary new range from Jamal's Autobot Busts! Order NOW!
TheKindleman writes: Oh great Cartoon Network moved Transformers Energon to 1 AM
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TheKindleman writes: Dude.......way to much zima
ozbot82 writes: RODIMUS: Hey you guys look pail whats..

Ohhhhh Grimlock, not AGAIN!!!
MacrossFA19 writes: sex with a regular condom, blah.

Now here is sex with a durex condom!
DeceptiGojira writes: Resident Evil: Seibertron
DudRound writes: WHO PUT BLEACH IN THE HOT WAX!!??!??!?!?!
PhoenixPrime writes:!!!

Visine gets the red out.Use it.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Finally, a screenshot from the next Fatal Frame! I was beginning to worry Tecmo wouldn't make one.
DeltaOmega writes: They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa. To the funny farm.
Castle74 writes: Never should have replaced those guys oil with worschester sauce!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: This is what happens when herpies goes untreated.
richard writes: The directors of Armada and Energon knew that the G1 Transformers would roll in their graves, but they had never anticipated *this*...
Road Turtle writes: Daniel's nightmare. (from two pics ago)
Kup, "Annooyying whiiiny puuunk...smash Now!"
Springer, "Whiiiny! Whiiiny!"
Scourge, "Whiiiny Smash!"
Road Turtle writes: "Paaaaint! Neeed Paaaaaiiint!"
Road Turtle writes: You thought Cosmic Rust was bad?
Try Cosmic Primer!
funnygunbunny writes: SOMEONE needs a fashion makeover from QEFTSG!
Marv writes: Now, who wants to be in the "Energon" cartoon? Hey, get back here!
lordsmiley writes: little boy: "Look, its the new transformer's grape KoolAide!"

all: "HEY!"
houndtw writes: return of the living dead pt4
Brains, brains, brains! Wait, we dont have brains . . . Energon, Energon, Energon!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: A picture of NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE'S wedding party after quite a few drinks.

Is this in honor of my wedding?
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ShadowOfDeath writes: SOD: fear is in the eyes of the beholder soldier, dont let it be you!
BlackHawks: yes, Sir, it shall not be us, Sir! is shall be them, Sir!
Alphatron writes: "Sniarbs! Need sniarbs!" -Zombies
Delta Supreme writes: Hey look, it's a squad of purple rubber decoy-bots.
Marv writes: Springer: We've been zombified! We're walking
corpses now!
Scrouge: Then Kup should feel little
Kup: Hey, I heard that!
Marv writes: Ghosts of franchises past...
Marv writes: No! Please! Don't repaint us *again*!!! We liked our old colour schemes just fine! Please!
Marv writes: Kup: I've seen some lousy repaintings in my time but...MAN!!!
Demona writes: there was an accident......... and everyone went into stasis lock. problem was....... they didn't stay that way. (resident evil ^^ ......... nevermind. -__-)
Jaw Crusher writes: And as the zombie Transformers drew nearer, Optimus cracked off a shot with his rifle!
Arcee: "Optimus, you killed Zombie Wheelie!"
Optimus: "...he was a zombie?"
cipher98 writes: All(in dracula voice): I am here to suck your energon!
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JazZeke writes: The only Starbuck's on Cybertron has closed down. Needless to say, mornings just aren't the same.
Dirtbag writes: *bottle of beer walks out of cave* then look up to see what happened!
Darth Bombshell writes: When there's no more room in the Inferno, the dead will walk the earth.
Ratbat writes: It's the Transformers' Halloween Special!!!
OP Prime writes: Rodimus(looking on): Guys, it's just flour, you know.

All(snapping out of Zombie trance:Damm, we couldn't even fool a matrix barer with our Halloween getups.

Kup: Hit the road Cyclonus, it was YOUR idea to dress up like cyber-zombies. And
Silver Wind writes: Another one of Neville Longbottom's (in)famous accidents.
DeceptiGojira writes: Must...kill...Democrats.
Black Arachnis writes: all: beeeerrr....
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