Monsters from Daniel Witwicky's nightmares!

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Monsters from Daniel Witwicky's nightmares!
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Towline writes: After watching Five "Transformers" movies and Three "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" movies. Daniel dreads Michael Bay's "Inhumanoids" movie.
trailbreaker writes: I like the skull belt buckle.
Taiya001 writes: Its the monster mash
its a mash
a monster mash
vamp: What.....frank i think we have the wrong audition
frank: ja i think ve do..sorry kid
frank: I thought you couldnt go into ve light
Unknown writes: uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Voyager Prime writes: America's reaction to Daniel's impure love dreams about Arcee:

Silver Wind writes: Monsters were sent to scare off all the naysayers of Beast wars, RID, and Armada.
Roadshadow writes: These monsters were only in Daniel's dreams because they wanted to help the Autobots kill the annoying bastard.
Starbeam writes: Ronald Reagan wasn't scary enough. Bush Jr. arrived next, and Daniel woke up in hysterics!
gauthic_angel7680 writes: do the monster mash.
this what happens when daniel snorts to much crack, masturbates while thinking of doing it with Arcee
Jetplague writes: 1st Monster - "Behold, We are the lame Transformer Pretenders to come! Ooogy-Boogy-Blah!"
2nd Monster - "Gaarrrr...Look for us on Ebay Daniel...we'll be next to the reissue of JEM toys!"
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Towline writes: Next time on Transformers: Cybertron. Kicker vs. the Cult of Black Zarak.
punycron writes: And the winner of the belt-buckle contest is... Blue Creepy Gargoyle Buddy, for his hand-plucked human skull! Sorry Frank.
punycron writes: Mr. and Mrs. Witwicky, I now pronounce you man and wife.
Fyrehawk writes: Daniel Witwicky sponsers the Axe/Lynx Effect.
Octocon writes: "BRAAAIIINS!"
Zeedust writes: Franken: "Say, did I ever tell you about the time I met Abbot and Costello?"

Garg: "Help! Somebody! Anybody! I'm over here!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Gary,"Happy Hallo.....what it's Christmas."

Frank,"I told you if we stopped at White Castle we'd be late!"
Warhead writes: The origanal cast for the Van Helsing movie
Rational Gaze writes: 1,2,3...RED LIGHT!!!!
Road Turtle writes: Nightmare Before Christmas!!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"Are those..."


Frank,"I'm buying Paris."


Frank,"No Hilton."
OP Prime writes: Imp: Man, I just flew in from Monster Island and boy are my arms tired....
Frank: Ha...Ha...Huh...Huh...

Imp: They didn't get it it either... But my arms ARE getting tired when are they getting the next caption art up?
Frank: Don't..know,
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Oh man this reminds me,I gotta get Rolling Stones tickets next time their playing Madison Square Garden.
HardHead writes: Needless to say, Sid and Earl were shocked to find out what the matrix REALLY was..
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Gary,"Why do you get cloths and I only get this loincloth?"

Frank,"I've been sleeping with Nelson Shin."
d-lock writes: Y.M.C.A! i want to take ya to the Y.M.C.A
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"OK 1st I limp to the right like my leg was broken..."

Gary,"NO! *sigh* You limp to left like your leg was broken.Your not even trying are you? Were talking about THE Humpty Dance here.You wanna mess that up? Huh? DO YOU?"
Castle74 writes: Meanwhile in the Caption Contest Headquarters:
"Attica! Attica! Attica!"
Castle74 writes: Happy Halloween every...DoH! I mean Merry Christmas everybody!



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Frank,"MAN-O-WAR KILLS!!!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Damn Mick Mars and Tommy Lee still party hard these days.Vince Neil however is just fat.
DeltaSeeker writes: Frankenstein: Yo, Gargy, what's the date?
Gargoyle: December 3rd.
Frankenstein: December?! Damn it, I missed Trick or Treat!
Gargoyle: I've had enough of this, let's go.... Hey! I can't move!
Frankenstein: Me either! My joints ha
Jetfire2004 writes: (with accent) "We are 2 wild and crazy guys!" - SNL
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Directer,"Sorry Guys your just day players."
Monsters,"Ahhhhh,back to Graveyard Theatre."
Air Dawg writes: Louis and Pilcher have invaded Cybertron Airspace
disguised as monsters. And are now rooming the tunnels of Cybertron.
Powermaster Jazz writes: Characters from the rejected Disney film entitled: "Monster Dance Party" Reason for rejection: Too original.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frankenstein was taken completely taken by suprise at his batchlor party,when Gargoyle arranged to have the parts of dead strippers pop outta the cake.
Road Turtle writes: The Decepticon's failed pretender prototypes rendered the autobots parallized with laughter. A near victory for the Decepticons had the prototypes not short curcuited from humiliation.
TYRANATRON writes: daniels nightmares soon turned into nighterrors when he saw the two voice over actors who play ironhide and kicker in transformers energon.
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TYRANATRON writes: Frankie: dude have you noticed that transformers armada is basicllay a rehash of the whole powermaster and targetmasters toyline?
Gargoyle: yhea dude I mean who the FRELL is in charge of creative devolepment at hasbro!!
TYRANATRON writes: these george lucas early concept designs for anakin and padme were scrapped when he cast natalie portman and jake loyd
Jetfire2004 writes: Gargoyle and Frankenstein were overjoyed when they heard Flock of Seagulls were going to reunite on tour.
Gigatron1 writes: "You know Larry, I am having second thoughts about this yoga thing"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"You know Gary,for a Gargoyle,you have silky smooth skin."

Gary,"Is this a gay thing?"
Powermaster Jazz writes: Bram Stoker and Mary Shelly are spinning in their graves.
Gigatron1 writes: "Burn baby burn, disco inferno, burn baby burn!"
Gigatron1 writes: "Do the hussle"
Jetfire2004 writes: Gargoyle, you throw your hands up and show off your codpiece while I distract them with my rendition of Chubby Checker!
Jetfire2004 writes: Beware the power of my underarms!
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MacrossFA19 writes: FRED: 2 scooby snacks to whoever figures out who these two are!
SCOOBY-DOO: raw right raggy!
OrionPax1978 writes: Everybody run for you lives!!!! John Kerry and George W. Bush just teamed up.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Freeze you freaks!"
Even in 2004 Monster profiling was being used by the police.
Acelister writes: Frankenstien's Monster: "We've been stood like this for a freakin month! We're breaking records here!"
TYRANATRON writes: frankies and gargoyles expresions after seeing the wet, steaming,peanuty,corn, pile of crap that is Kicker
TYRANATRON writes: this is the expression on me and my freind's faces when we find out that Peter Cullen , Frank Welker and Dan Gilvezan will not be in the new Transformers movie.
TYRANATRON writes: Dick Cheney:lord bush.........
G.W.: (in deep voice) yes master.
Dick Cheney: Riiiiiiiise!(insert Emperor Palpatine's theme here)
TYRANATRON writes: hey guys optimus prime dies in the original transformers movie. frank and gargoyle in unison: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
TYRANATRON writes: Gargoyle: Britney Spears and Maddona are gonna sing "you got the touch " on the new transformers movie soundtrack!?
Frankie: dude vince di'cola and stan bush must be rolling in their graves!!!
TYRANATRON writes: Frankie: What do you mean dargo dies in the second half of the peacekeeper wars!!!
Gargoyle: dude that sucks! farscape is dead to me now!!!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"Hey Gary does this suit look like it fits,me right?"

Gary,"I don't know man go like this,and tell me if it's too tight."
HookX5 writes: Gargoyle: "Alternators Wheelie??"
Frank: "My eyes...MY EYES!!!"
Hot§hot writes: Gargoyle: "Doesn't this band rock?!!!!"

Fankenstein: "Turn it off! AAHHH, my ears!!!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Gary,"Yummmmmm,BAGELS!!!!!!!"

Frank,"Damn craft services for this show is excellent!"
KAMJIIN writes: And Whosoever Shall Be Found
Without The Soul For Getting Down
Must Stand And Face The Hounds Of Hell
And Rot Inside A Corpse's Shell
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Holy Christ Captain America has the worst enemies EVER.
Air Dawg writes: Frankenstein: Oh no!!

Gargoyle: What's wrong, Frankie?

Frankenstein: We're in the wrong cartoon? This is Transformers. Not some generic horror movie.
Air Dawg writes: Halloween's over, dudes!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"Sweet mother of god that is the biggest turkey I've ever seen!"

Gary,"Wow its THIS big!"
Pokejedservo writes: Darkstalkers rejects
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megatrone writes: Come on lets do the wave!
D_J_D_99 writes: "IT'S FUN TO STAY IN THE Y.M.C.A."!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"Dear god that Armada Sideswipe is one ugly mold!"

Gary,"AHHHHHHHHH! That's just not right!"
TheRoMan writes: "AGHRRR" - Excuse me are you here to get those meddling kids? "AGHHRR, Um, no...actually were only here to kill the one called Freddy Prinze JR." Oh, well, in that case, they went that way. Freddy will be the one watching Scooby lick h
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"Oh my god,we made The Ultimate Caption Contest."

Draco614 writes: Gargoyle: "we beat Halo 2 and are upset about the ending."
Frankenstien's Monster: "We want to know what happens."
Gargoyle: "I hate cliff hangers!"
Silver Wind writes: They quickly recoiled in horror at sound of Wheelie attempting to sing.
greenl0rd writes: (frankie and batfink lookin in a mirror)
Bat: quick make yourself look big
Frank: Its workin on the big ugly one but the Bat Thingy's just copying you
Dark Monkelus writes: Frank: Dude, the walking against the wind was bad enough, but for christ sake, your invisable wall routine just plain sucks!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I hired an interesting Elvis impersonator,for the party.

Undead Elvis.

Some of his hits include:Morgue Slab Rock,Bury me with my Blues Sweude Shoes,Hunka,hunka Rotting Meat,Return to Maker,Embalm me Tender,Don't Be Cruel(I'm dead),Heartsto
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metalhead24 writes: Bat guy: And 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 1...
Frankenstien: WOW! This Richard Simmons video is FANTABULOUS!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"That is so wrong!"


(ref to GD topic Naked Gnomes)
OP Prime writes: Daniel: ohh, I see UNdead people...
Kup: Me too, only his name is PRIME.
Zeedust writes: Oh, like your reaction to the news of another Street Speed Team recolor was any better...
Unknown writes: yo yo yo yo yo yo
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: No one had the heart to tell Frank and the gargoyle only *they* could see the grand piano.
Acelister writes: Gargoyle: "I don't think the comment 'Stiff acting' was a compliment..."
Frankenstien's Monster: "So we should move?"
Acelister writes: Half Life 2 went on sale yesterday. These two forgot.
ryanna writes: (The Monsters) ACK that little brat is scarier than us, and we gotta try and scare him?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: See what crawls outta the woodwork when you drop a Mint in Box G1 Fort Max into the middle of a Transformers convention?
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Acelister writes: They look like they were told J K Rowling is the script writer for Transformers The Movie...
Galacticus Prime writes: Gargoyle: "Hey this band I downloaded from called Ded Pengwyn really rocks!"
Frank: "I haven't danced like this for years!"
Snap Trap writes: "Hi, we used to work on Hanna-Barbera's 'Scooby Doo' as extras -- we were wondering if you could give us a job...."
BluavalancheZ71 writes: What the Decepticons have won the cybertronian wars!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Well they sure have my vote for cutest couple at this years prom!
Sinister Mentor writes: And so Unicron changed the Hasbro executives into his evil pawns, and their first mission was to get children across the world commit suicide trying to figure out how to transform 90% of the energon figurines. Unfortunately for them, only people older tha
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: You can dance if you want to,you can leave your friends behind,cause if they won't dance then their no friends of mine.

S-A-F-E-T-Y it's the safety dance heh! Yeah the safety dance!

(and if you get that one your older than I thought)
chainer writes: The reaction to the revalation that Grimlok is the brains behind Optimus. Thats right, you heard it here first!
JazZeke writes: Everyone on Seibertron after Heavy Metal War was shut down.
Mkall writes: When the first wave of Galaxy Force images were released, the crowd's enthusiastic response was most encouraging
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trailbreaker writes: "Wow! Carly is wearing a bikini !!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Gargoyle,"He shoots.....and SCORES!!!!! In your face Frank!!!! Deadmen can't jump!!!"

Frank,"Oh come on this is why I hate playing basketball with you! God damn showoff. From now on I'm only playin hoops with the Wolfman!"
Acelister writes: When Daniel started singing "Can't touch this", the monster's were very shocked. Until he finished and they mawled him.
Unknown writes: See what happens when you wear that stupid "memorial t-shirt" to Ronald Reagan's grave?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Oh $hit! Morons are at the front door again!
LunarFormer writes: "Hi, we're the Hasbro execs that authorized the new look of Optimus Prime!"
Acelister writes: Lets see their reaction when they are told that Invisible Man is naked...
Acelister writes: the last series of Survivor went on too long...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"Oh my god,Gary what did you eat for breakfast the pile of crap is huge and the stench!"

Gary,"Well I ate Daniel.And trust me he irritated my bowels even more than he irritated Transformers fans.Better out than in."
Marcus Rush writes: Once again Huffer's rendition of Irvin Berlin's "Blue Skies" Is met with the same horrid reaction from the audiance.
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Agent Moosefoot writes: Daniel:(waking up) Are the monsters gone?

Master Shake: They just went to go get some more food for their demons. You DO know where the demon food store is, right? It's right behind you!

Daniel: Oh,no! I'm in the store!

Master Shake: Yo
Zeedust writes: Frankenstein: "Gah! This isn't the Power Rangers set! Gargoyle, you idiot!"

Gargoyle: "All right, that's it! I give up! I see giant robots, I jump to conclusions! So sue me!"

Kicker: "Who the hell are you?&qu
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frankenpimp was having a hard time pimp'n the newest girl in his stable.
And just like a horse that can't race,she'd need to be put down soon.

eddiekane3000 writes: Bush got re-elected! AAAAAAArgh!!!
Acelister writes: These two were extremely arachnophobic.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Damn these Resident Evil movies just keep getting worse.
Omega - Prime writes: oOoOoOo shiny DIBB'S!!!!
The Happy Locust writes: I see GUMMY BEARS!!! MINE!
Topnwe writes: Gargoyle and Frank: RARGH!!!
Spike: why the hell should i be afraid of you? i'm friends with giant metal robots who carry enough weapons to put the U.S. government to shame...
Acelister writes: Gargoyle: "I told you we shouldn't put that stuff Kup and the other's put on... Now we're stuck!"
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Sunswiper writes: Daniel= "gargolye you are out i did'nt say simon says"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Gary the Gargoyle,"Yatzee!"

Frank,"Damn you win again!"
Road Turtle writes: Arcee, "Jeepers! This mansion sure is creepy!"
Wheelie, "Jinkies! We got monsters Freakies!"
Blurr, "Zoy-Zoy-Zoy-Zoy-Zoykes! I'm outta-outta-outta here!"
Springer, "Hey Gang! I got an Idea! Let's use this su
Road Turtle writes: Pretender Rejects Attack!!!
LunarFormer writes: Monsters: We're going to be playing Spike and Carley in the live action movie! Guess which is which!
Road Turtle writes: After a childhood of narrowly escaping death at the hands of giant alien robots like Devastator, Galvatron, Sharkticons, and Unicron; Daniel's greatest nightmare is being trapped backstage at Universal Studio's Hollywood Monsters Musical Review.
-SIXSHOT- writes: 'And everybody say...YATTA!'
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Production begins today on Bill and Ted's Awesome Safari!

Please stop the pain.
Dark Monkelus writes: gargoyle: damn, you could've told me it was formal wear!
Gambit's Mind writes: Frank: " Now is the time for us to rule!"
Gargolye: " YEAH!!
Frank: "OH!, *PHEW* Dude! It's called Right Guard!"
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Castle74 writes: Anger erupts at the Kerry campaign headquarters after the news of the election results!
Bruticus Buckeye writes: These will be the replacements for Ashcroft and Rumsfeld. Damn, we're screwed!
Indiana sucks!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: It was never a pretty scene when the Armada writers were due for their monthly alotment of crack.
Crusader writes: Where's all the cream filling!?
trailbreaker writes: Too many Twinkies before bedtime can do this.
Kevinus Prime writes: When Gargoyle raised his arms, Frankie's eyeballs fell out.
Kevinus Prime writes: " know I'm a model, and I do my little dance on the catwalk... on the catwalk, on the catwalk...."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Frankenstein shows offs his Dior no-button blazer with matching slacks, contrasted by the snakeskin belt and shoes. Gargoyle...uhhhh..."
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Kevinus Prime writes: The President introduces the two newest Cabinet members. And you didn't think we were going to Hell?
Kevinus Prime writes: The lunar eclipse transforms the presidetial candidates into something more horrifying than Social Security benefits...
Cyros writes: Monsters: *like wrestlers* LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMBBBLLLEEE!!!

Rumble: Did someone call me?
Shermtron writes: John Kerry: Hey shermtron you dumba$$ my name has two R's. Edwards: Grrrr two americas!
Shermtron writes: John Kery: come on Edwards scaring people didnt work.. We lost
ozbot82 writes: Aerobics Instructor: And One.. and Two. Come on Franky pick up the pace a bit.
Axei writes: Shaggy and
the autobots: Scooby Doo! Where are you?
OptimusPsychMajor writes: Winged Creature: Grar! I'm Energon Mindwipe! Booga booga booga!
Frankenstein: Dude, I don't think they're buying it...
setinel writes: there can only be one
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: AHHHHH! Oh god it's just an episode of Golden Girls.
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buddhaquest writes: Where extras go when Scooby Doo is on hiatus.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: The party begins at the Bush Rally as the President gives his victory speech.
Bruticus Buckeye writes: The party begins at the Bush Rally as the President gives his victory speech.
RazorBurn writes: Quintesson plot to steal satellite porn channel thwarted! Brave Junkion reroutes signal through old episodes of Real Ghostbusters... Film at eleven!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: What have you got in your wallet?
Tammuz writes: dude we rock on the invisible keyboard
funnygunbunny writes: GAAAWRRRRRR!!! ... what the...HOLY ----! GIANT ROBOTS!
Thanatos Prime writes: Frankenstein: Damn! I step in dog crap again!
overdrive writes: frankenstein's reaction to the gargoyle's B.O.
shadex writes: monster1: ok so it was good idea to make the autobots think we were sexual predators where did our plan go wrong
monster2: when you went into wheelie's room
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Acelister writes: Optimus Prime: "So Spike's come as a never-before-seen Predacon..."
Daniel: "And I've come as a Pretender!"
Spike: "It was his idea..."
*Optimus gets his weapon out*
Optimus Prime: "I see..."
Acelister writes: These two were especially happy about Disney's Aladdin being released on 2-disk DVD.
Gargoyle: "Can your friends do this?"
Frankenstien's Monster: "Can your friends do that?"
Gargoyle: "Can your friends pull this...&q
Acelister writes: Frankenstien's Monster: "I'm telling you, that's not how you dance 'The Robot'!"
Gargoyle: "Well what are you dancing?"
Frankenstien's Monster: "The 'Shut the hell up!'"
Acelister writes: Come on everybody if you can do the Bartman!
trailbreaker writes: Hasbro releases the "Pretenders That Never Made It" series.
trailbreaker writes: John Kerry looks pimpin' in his new maroon suit.
Bloodlust writes: Daniel :I didn't say simon says!

Frankenstien: Dammit, not again!
Chaingun writes: These monsters must be french, look they're already surrendering.
Ransom writes: Monster #1: "Woah, what IS that THING, Frankie?!"
Frankie: "Behold! my science project! Mwahahahah!!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bubba Ho-Tep II:Unleashed!
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Happy Noodle Blacker writes: They're coming to get you, Daniel.
Glaziertron writes: Auditions for Van Hellsing II
thexfile writes: micheal jakson was kidnapt by the outo bots to sybertron for daniels surprize birthday party , but some how the radiation leak in the transport portel had a somewhat negative affect on micheal and bubbles aperance. lets just say daniel had the shok of his
thexfile writes: and just when you thought the new transformers could'nt get any more laim they pulled this stunt o boy... wheeeeee
Acelister writes: At the Nursing Home for Old Monsters, these two were plotting to kill a carer...

Carer: "Put your left leg in! Put your left leg out! ... Come on you two, I want to see you taking part!"
Acelister writes: Jamal: "Jamal's Autobot Busts is changing, but don't worry! Order your cut price Autobot Bust now and receive a Classic Horror Bust. Absolutely free! How can I do this? Because I'm crazy!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Adventures of Ford hell!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Daniel:...Nine...Ten! RED LIGHT!
Elita One writes: TF fans on a toy hunt."Must find (insert TF toy here) Grrr"!
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SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Mr. Gargoyle and Mr. F. Monster were the only two fans to show up for the stormed-out Cybertron Cyphers football game, but they didn't let that stop them from doing the wave.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Damn the Frankenstein is one sharp dressing MoFo!
Minicle writes: Artists impression of the generic Transfan.
Viper 16 writes: "And they're off! Optimus takes the lead but Galvatron is closing in fast!"
Frankenstine: no, no, no! Optimus stay front!
"And look at that everyone! Rodimus takes the lead and winds the race!"
Gargoyle: WOOT! I win, you own me
Castle74 writes: Let's get out of here Scooby!!!
psphenom writes: When Nightscream met Frankenstein
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Frank,"Hey watch it buddy your screwing up my Cabbage Patch."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wow Huey Lewis really didn't age well.
And when the hell did a Gargoyle join the News?
Mystery writes: Monsters: Trick-or-treat! Smell my feet! Gimme somethin' good to eat!
Minicle writes: Megatron and Starscream are not impressed with Rumble's apparently accurate wax models of themselves.
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Operation Ravage writes: Gargoyle: "I remember the good old days. Man, we used to get the good roles. Classic horror films, updates of classic horror films, video games . . . we were golden."
Frankenstein: "How we've fallen. Reduced to walk-ins on 'Tr
Minicle writes: Optimus: I just knew investing into pretender shell research would turn out this way.
Shermtron writes: Kerry and edwards are out scaring old people again.. GRRR Healthcare
spider_j writes: Frankenstein: WOah dude. I think your Right Guard just went left.
tfggerhk writes: me thinking:they stool my idea for halloween now how am i gonna scare the crap out of little children...
Zeedust writes: After the old man who was walking around with him had been shot through the neck, the gargoyle promply surrendered to the authorities.
Acelister writes: Bat-man: "Run! Optimus Prime's been on the high grade Energon again!"
Optimus Prime: "K'mere Elita One!"
Acelister writes: Bat-man: "And I was all like 'Whoa!'"
Frankenstien's Monster: "And I was all like 'Whargh!'"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: They did the mash....
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Gary,"Everybody we know is just giving out candy? YA-WHO!!!!"

Frank,"LET'S GO!"
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Jaw Crusher writes: Lame-ass nightmare scaring an excruciatingly annoying kid sidekick, or lost clip from the extended and not-necessarily-improved Director's Cut of 'Van Helsing'? You decide.

DeltaSeeker writes: Gargoyle: I know the set for the monster movie is around here somewhere. Maybe it's over here. Hey.. what's that?!

Frank: Oh no, it's.. it's...

Both: PEOPLE!!!!!! EEEKK!!
-Ry- writes: Make up and wardrobe: $50

Scary voice lessons: $120

Making an idiotic little kid from g1 wet himself: Priceless
shadex writes: monsters watching a richard simmons video
Marv writes: Uhm, eh, we're very sorry we tried to haunt your spaceship Mr. Prime. We're EXCEEDINGLY sorry even! Please don't zap us!
Marv writes: Optimus' recurring nightmare. Hasbro officials come for him to give him yet another makeover and a repaint!
nothing_face writes: Here are some scrapped ideas for the convention exclusive Pretenders. Universal already filed a lawsuit against 3H.
Marv writes: Fear us mortal! Fear the wrath of the legions of the undead! Fear...EEK!!!!! Run!!! That big red truck's alive!!
Marv writes: Megatron no like Pretender shell...SMASH Shockwave!!!!
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Marv writes: Daniel: and after being bullied by giant killer robots from outer space for years after end, THIS is supposed to be my ultimate nightmare? Buzz of guys, you're old news!
overdrive writes: for some reason Scooby-Doo appeared to take off the monsters masks, to reveal that it was only Megatron and Starscream.
Megatron: "I would've gotten away with it too..."
Suzuki writes: Always remember this; the Pretenders could have been a LOT worse...
Damolisher writes: Oh, GOD NO! A Zombified Eric Idle!!!!
Bruticus Buckeye writes: This is the worst negative ad against Kerry/Edwards that I have ever seen!
Ratbat writes: Hi, Daniel! Remember us?
DeltaOmega writes: one, "We are scary, scary."
two, "ya, scary"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Because you're either Sure... or unsure.
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