Security Guard looking for his walkman

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Security Guard looking for his walkman
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Bennington1234 writes: Soundwave(Thinking):Whew,that violin duet with Rumble with a cover of "Let it Go" was a nice one.
Security guard:Why would someone bring a violin if he had a tape recorder.
trailbreaker writes: "Sir, I found Hillary's deleted emails !"
welcometothedarksyde writes: Now where did I put my taco?
Microwave Interior.
Thanks Soundwave. *doubletake*
UnderYourCloset writes: See? Even security guards like MP-13.
Roadshadow writes: Soundwave: Hey offficer! Push play! I said, PUSH PLAY MOTHERF***ER!
Unknown writes: As the confused security guard looks at the case, he ponders, "Is life really worth staring at a projector?"
Scatterlung writes: Guard: What the heck was the point of bringing this violin when the guy had a walkman to listen to?! Oh well...
Roadshadow writes: Guard:'re not my walkman, you're...
SW: Crap I'm screwed...
Guard: You're a toaster! What're you doin' in here, little fella? I should take you home for some...experimenting.
SW: Crap...
Starazor writes: Go ahead... Push "play"...
scattershot78 writes: Soundwave:"Nice flippin' hat man."
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gauthic_angel7680 writes: Soundwave: How many times do I have to tell you guys not to snort crack inside me. This human is going to check me next and then we all will be sitting in prison with a guy by the name of Buba.
scattershot78 writes: Did the professor leave another bottle of wine in his office?! It's my lucky night!
Alphatron writes: Soundwave: ...and that is your mission, 007. By the way, this cassette tape will now self-destruct in 5 seconds.
007: What?!
DarkDranzer writes: Soundwave: Right kids if you don't stop fighting in there I'll show off your baby pictures!!

*more punching and incoherent noises*

Soundwave: RIGHT THAT'S IT!!

*Picture of young Rumble on the toilet*

3 year old Rumble: I'm
Lone Wolf writes: Where's that damn walkman. You know it would a lot easier if i could see.
sppower writes: SW: So that's my plan to destroy all the world's CD players so that I can be in Don Murphy's movie 20 years from now!
Security: I knew I shouldn't have tried that stuff we confiscated!
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Guard: Mmm I thought I'd losten to a bit of Eddie Izzard
Soundwave: No! Quick ravage turn my torch on
Octocon writes: Soundwave: "ravage, look, i told you, i had a torch mode"
HookX5 writes: Guard: "Now who leaves their freakin cassette recorder lyin 'round like this anyway...sheesh!"

Soundwave: "Cassette recorder!! So THAT'S what I am!!"
Greg writes: Time To Go Get Those Decepticons Back With My Gun!
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Kal-Seth writes: Soundwave: and here is the decepticon spring break in hawaii and now we look at...

Suzuki writes: Hmmm . . . A violin, a near-mint G1 Soundwave, and a box of underpants; what could it mean?
Alphatron writes: Soundwave: Soundwave superior--- human inferio---
Guard: Wow! I'm going to give this to my daughter for her birthday!
Soundwave: Crap.
Anime_Fangirl writes: Soundwave: Now, pay attention to this slideshow I'm showing you...
Guard: OOooohhh... LIGHTS!!! @_@
Soundwave: -_- I hate humans...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: This picture displays exactly what the downfall of G1 was,in the 90's when Nirvana was big,Johnny was given the choice of grunge guitar music,or Transformers,sadly the youth of the 90's chose grunge.Strangely grunge is now gone,yet Transformers
HeliconAutun writes: Part of the new Security Guard training process was to make a rudimentary weapon out of a box, a guitar case, and a G1 Soundwave toy. Somehow Jimmy the Guard turned Soundwave into a torch instead, which was activated by waving the guitar case around. He g
Tzarinchilla writes: Guard: "A kilo of coke, a large bottle of dom-perinwhatsityon and some wicked tunes, man working for the decepticon mafia is way cool!"
Tzarinchilla writes: Guard: Damn these professors, all they ever leave lying around is cr*p that no-one wants!
Soundwave: Hey wait a minute!
Guard: Well come on a robot that transforms into a tape player...... ohhhh thats so scarey!
Soundwave: You watch it you, or i'l
RAVE DEATHMASTER writes: Guard:"Hmm(Thinking)Where the heck did he put my Walkman?"


Guard:"Oh there you are(Looking at Soundwave,though that his walkman-He's nearsighted--so so sad & Take Soundwave)

Mystery writes: Security Guard: Hmmm... I thought I saw something move...
Soundwave: RAVAGE! Operation: Distract guard.
Ravage: *tears wrapping off box and starts playing with it*
Security Guard: Aw, cute! (To Ravage) I'm going to take you home and name you... um
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Soundwave,"Hide me from Hasbro human,they wanna redeco me for Energon,and Universe."

Guard,"Those monsters."
Jetstreamx writes: Prepare yourself Soundwave. The Mariachi is coming for you.
crazyfists writes: Guard: "Hey this must be my walkman. It's not the right color and it has a Decepticon logo on it. Must be mine. Yeppers...why must I always talk to myself? Boss says it's bad to talk all the time to myself because of all the secrets I know
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "God Soundwave,does this small guitar please you?"

HeliconAutun writes: Guard: 'Soundwave.. when this picture has had all its caption possibilities exhausted.. will anyone come to look for us?'
Soundwave: 'No Jimmy. I'm afraid we'll die'.
Guard: 'But I don't wanna die Soundwave!'
HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave: 'Dude, which one of us just farted?'
Guard: 'Well it wasn't me. I'll waft this guitar around a bit, get rid of it.'
Soundwave: 'Just light it dude'.
Guard: 'OK. WHOA! Light show.'
HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave: 'DO NOT TOUCH the guitar, or I shall play Celine Dion until you die screaming!'

"The God not the band."
wraithchild666 writes: hmm... the eject buttons broken on that cassette deck. I'll take this mini guitar instead.
Hellspawn writes: Guard: Which one of these is not like the others?
Soundwave: The guitar you idiot. Wait. Damn!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Seen here is a rare picture of Soundwave with Boxtron,and Guitarwarp,they were edited out early in the first season.

**Oh man I milk'n a dead cow**
HeliconAutun writes: Secret US Military file photo #227: Elvis Presley was gleaning nuclear secrets from the Decepticons during WW2..
Soundwave: 'In this packing case to my right is a "nuclear bomb". We wish to make a trade in exchange for your samples of your
HeliconAutun writes: Garlic bread?!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Shockwave tries out his new Pretender shell.
Brakethrough writes: Geez Loiuse! This is the biggest darned ping pong paddle I've ever seen!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: It's nice to see that the US government has stepped up airport security.

"Alright Mr.Amiano told me in orientation which one of these was an evil robot,in disguise,but I can't remember which one? Damn. This is important why can't I
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ohhhhhhh look at the light.The pretty light.............(drool)...........
Tzarinchilla writes: Guard: All I got for Christmas was a lousy violin case, a dodgy old cassette player and the box it came in. I'm boycotting santa from now on!
Terror writes: Guard: "Well one good thing came tonight, I get to take this super-sized liquor bottle"

"I'll leave the giant walkman for the next shift"
Emerarudo_chan writes: Guard: Now lets see what can I give Bily for his birthday...a box full of crack. No thats for me...a mini guitar, nope. Ah i know this junky old casset player. damn this is old. well Billy will love taking you apart then burning the pieces!
Soundwave: *s
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HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave failed to impress the guard with his Bumblebee impression.
HeliconAutun writes: The Guard stole the obvious items, failing to notice that in the desk drawer, there was $1600 in cash and a boxed G1 Fort Max.
Acelister writes: Guard: So I could have the violin, the tape deck OR the Mystery box?! Oh what to do, what to do?! A violin and a tape deck are a violin and a tape deck... But the Mystery box could be anything! It could even be a violin or a tape deck!
TheRoMan writes: OK, boss said there may be a bomb in this office. Let me it this violin case, the talking walkman with no headphones, or the box that is ticking...the one with the return address of Ted Kazinski?
RAVE DEATHMASTER writes: Guard:"Where did I Put my new SONY CD Walkman Player? It must in here somewhere..."

Guard:"Wow,forget bout mine SONY CD Walkman Player,I better take this Boombox out of here instead of My CD Walkman Player."

RAVE DEATHMASTER writes: Guard:"Huh, what we have here on my desk?"

Guard:"What a piece of junk,i better throw it at the sea or smash it with this guitar case,if i need it."
Soundwave:"...Hey,if you don't do anything to
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: A young Edward Van Halen sells his soul to the Decepticons,in trade they provide Cybertronian implants that raise his guitar playing to legendary status.
HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave: 'Attention all Caption Contest entrants! We can seeeeeee yooouuuuuu! That's right - while you're looking at us, we're looking right back out at you!'
AirwalkerX writes: Guard: Well.. I have my Ukelele here.. and my Tiny Tim Tape....

Soundwave: For Megatron's sake! If he even thinks of putting that tape in my deck...... I'm gonna have Rumble use that tape to strangle that moronic Flesh Creature!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Guard,"Still stuck in player mode? How you holding up Soundwave?"
Soundwave,"Well considering the fact that the heals of my feet have been touching my armpits,for 2 weeks now......not bad really,not bad.Can't say I'd recommend it
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adgsawd writes: Alright Soundwave, this is the police here. We got an anonymous tip-off that you've been downloading free Metallica mp3's and we're here to put your sorry metallic ass in jail.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Billy and Soundwave begin hour 15 of the intergalactic competition.

Blindfolded Guard,"Marco."

HeliconAutun writes: Guard: "If I stay still, Soundwave might not see me."
Soundwave: "If I stay still, the guard might not notice me."
Guitar case: "Well somebody better move! I've got a gig with the Dave Matthews Band in 50 minutes!"
HeliconAutun writes: Blind on the opposite side of the door: "I hear ya brother!"
HeliconAutun writes: And the bookcase on the back wall is thinking: "All that fuss over the items at the front and nobody ever once thinks about me!"
7THSON writes: Hmmm. A huge hairbrush, a big flashlight and a box of eight track tapes. Looks like the big guys been stuck again.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "A fiddle? At a nuclear power plant? Now that is odd,I mean really who plays the fiddle anymore?"

"I hope its glue."
Powerstorm writes: In the new film 'On the

Sheerluck Homeless: Aha! I bet this is Dr. V's new weapon concealed in this violin case. Oh, it's just a pistol. Still, it's evidence. Maybe this projector will tell me more.

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I've been searching for 5 hrs now and I still haven't found that DAMN Snipe!"
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thexfile writes: did you know that soundwave wil be reborn in the new transfrormes series based on G1 and 2 ??

the shape wil be the same , bit of tweaking needed here and there , and a bit of a name change...

just as before they wil use eaveryday items to disguise t
thexfile writes: yeh man this is soundwave the bling master even the Security Guard is blinded by my bling
thexfile writes: this is when soundwave got cought looking at his porn collection in the dark
thexfile writes: box : singing " la-- la-- , lalalala----la--"
Security Guard : "halt how goes there"
box : "hi i'm a mogwy , got MTV ??"
soudwave : thinking "---- you'll blown my cover stupide gremlin"
thexfile writes: Security Guard : " now where dit i leave my glow in de dark condom's.... ow here they are"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Now what.......did I come in here for? Damn I hate that.........ARGGGG now this is gonna bother me all night."
trailbreaker writes: Transformers in Mayberry presents: Soundwave and BARNEY FIFE !
trailbreaker writes: "This is one big-a$$ bottle of STP Oil Treatment !!"
shockwave_inoz writes: "This has got to be the biggest bottle of port I've ever seen! I'm gonna be GROOVIN' tonight. Now all I need is somethig to play my Britney Spears tape and I'll be REALLY happy. Hey, what luck - a portable cassette player...
Supreme Nemesis writes: Guard, "Crack, crack, is there any crack here! There has to be some heavenly white powder of Columbia here. DAMN! None. Ogh well, i'll sell this guitar case to get some cash to buy some spank on the street. Sniff, sniff. No one will ever k
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Nope didn't leave my pants here either,damn where are they?"
DeltaSeeker writes: Ok, this is the last of my eBay auctions. One giant dustpan, and a C-8 G1 Soundwave with no accessories. Easiest $100 I've ever made!
DeltaSeeker writes: Man, I hate working 3rd shift, I always get hungry. Oh well, just have to unplug this here tape player so I can plug in my 'lectric waffle iron and make me some srum-diddly-icious flapjacks! Mmm-boy!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Sigh,my first day on the job,I realize Gary's been here for a long time,and I should listen to what he says,but I can't see the value in holding this case and staring at that tape deck.I mean how does that keep the nuclear plant safe? And
Frostic_Prime writes: Oh I've been looking for my bong.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Quick Soundwave,activate The Fat Boys Tape and neutralize this guard!"


MechaDoom writes: Guard: (looks under guitar) Now, I have my Sailor Moon tape, but where's my tape player... a-ha! Here it is!
Soundwave: O.o;; (gulp!)
Guard: Now, I'll just put it in here and play it at top volume... I'm gonna set the record for most time
Autocons writes: [Guard]: Hey, it's been a long night.. hmm *reaches in pocket* aha! A cassette with phone sex recorded on it! [Soundwave]: *oh god please don't see me. please don't see me. what i would give to have megatron here now..*
starscream_is_god writes: Megatron, "Soundwave, release Laserbeak!"
Soundwave, "ummmmm, I can not."
Megatron, "You dare question my orders Soundwave?!"
Soundwave, "Laserbeak was ate, needs rewound."
Megatron, "Human, do you have a p
fuzzy butt writes: red red wine...
you make me feal so fine
my walkmans light , it does shine...
red red wine wrapped up in black
panic attcak panic attack
red red wine ....
your the same color as prime....
don't mind the box on me desk...
cause me walkmans th
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fuzzy butt writes: shhh Pinky!! you will get us caught
Castle74 writes: Walkman? What's that?
Road Turtle writes: If you thought turning into a Micro Cassette Recorder was lame, Soundwave use to turn into a Lamp Post.

(no seriously, first two episodes)
Road Turtle writes: "Transformers! Antiques in Disguise!"
Road Turtle writes: I wonder if Soundwave ever felt inadiquite being a Micro Cassette Recorder; you know with Megatron being a Walther P-38, and Starscream being a F-15 Eagle. Well, at least he was a Sony.
Damolisher writes: Soundwave: "These Autobots keep getting uglier, and uglier..."
Road Turtle writes: For some reason I remember Soundwave being a lot cooler than this; I suppose it could have been worse, he could have been a part of a gestalt team that formed a 35mm flash bulb camera.
Road Turtle writes: Nothing's more insidous than a giant evil robot who can transform into an obsolete antique.
Road Turtle writes: Hummm... brown paper package, robotic looking oversized tape recorder with alien insignia on it; hey, this ukulele case looks suspisious!
Silent writes: a guitar...junk, a package...junk,

hey! a giant cassette......................junk
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Show him Soundwave."
Guard,"What's this?"
"Hi I'm Johnny Longsnake,I'm the plumber you called,I hear you need your pipes snaked."

"Do I eve
Minicle writes: Guard: No one will miss these here items. Heh heh heh...

Soundwave; Psst...Megatron. I thought we where the ones doing the stealing tonight?
Minicle writes: Megatron: PUT THAT LIGHT OUT!
Minicle writes: Guard: I wonder, this suspicious looking container all by itself. Perhaps it is a weapon of Mass Destruction?

*Shines Torch on it*

Guard: Oh! No it isn't, its just a Case.

Megatron: (Inside box) Behold the Inteligence of the modern unifrom.
midgetmus_prime writes: Tapedecks, MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!
ollieissatan writes: Although tape deck was obsolete, he tried to make himself useful by learning guitar and ALWAYS carrying a flashlight.
ollieissatan writes: [Insert witty, package, Guitar case and tape deck related caption here]
ollieissatan writes: Guard; What the hell are you doing here?

Soundwave; I'm being evil and commiting and heinous crime! STEALING YOUR WALKMAN!!!
Shermtron writes: Sound now works for UPS..
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Shermtron writes: And all the kids looked up and said whats a casette?
olimus prime writes: so, is it gonna be prize #1, a fender stratocaster; #2, a cassette deck with built-in flashlight; or #3, our MYSTERY STAR PRIZE!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In highschool Soundwave was an integral part of the AV club,(click wirrrr)"Proper hygene and you. Proper hygene is not just good habits,its good sense.........."
olimus prime writes: i wish i'd bought soundblaster instead. i'm sick of this same tape on repeat, at least i could switch between two then! damn!
CrimsonH writes: Soundwave: Hey um...what's with the case?

Guard: I don't know I was lookin for me walkman.

Soundwave: that what the was? I thought it was a frisbe.
CrimsonH writes: Soundwave: Pssst! The case it's full of the good stuff...not that!
CrimsonH writes: Soundwave: Hey you. Yeah, you. Ever wonder about the amazing world of freezer burn? Then come on down to Fridge Land!
_Max_ writes: Guard: "How on earth do you open this case? And why is that cassette player glowing like something from Tron?"
ArctosPrime writes: Soundwave: "and this is me and Shockwave with that Kremzeek thing. *click* and that me and Megatron killing a bunch of random bystanders... hey, ARE YOU ASLEEP?!?!"
Djbiteme writes: HHHHHHMMMMMM this movie is much more interesting than doing the rounds
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The King writes: Guard" I wonder how much this will sell on E-Bay?" Megatron,"See Soundwave, see what you got me into."

Soundwave,"Go away human,don't you know we're evil?"

Guard,"Ah man I don't buy all that evil robot jazz you guys are cool as hell."

Air Dawg writes: Hey is that reissue Soundwave or the real thing?
Dee-Kal writes: Soundwave tells Elvis that he has every one of his movies - and proceeds to prove it. Forced to endure the endless show, the King finds inspiration for his latest song - 'Return to Sender'...
thexfile writes: do you know withe today's tegnologie we can remake soundwave so : withe a chip in each caset robot that contains mp3's of sound so when you push eject etc. that you would here soundwaves voice say ex. " lazerbeak ejekt " etc.
Zeedust writes: Guard: "A walkman that's a flashlight too? Maybe the swiss army is on crack..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Oh thank god I thought I lost my Walkman,that woulda been bad considering it had my copy of the Transformers:The Movie soundtrack autographed by Stan Bush and Vince DiCola.That's irreplacable."
g2jazz writes: guard: geesh why does these batteries smell like ....
soundwave: *sweatdrop*
Ransom writes: Guard 1: Dude, I KNOW that I put that doughnut right here...

Soundwave: *burps*
mr_fizzix writes: Booze and TUNES! I must be having a good day!
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thexfile writes: soundwave thinking : drat i wish i was born in the new series.... in the old days they had to make due withe a pretend tape deck , but theze days eaven optimus has electrical gadjests , so there should be no problem to remake me withe a functional tape d
Darcian writes: Soundwave .oO(Tape-deck transform unacceptable. Compact Disk transform, preferrable...)Oo.
Darcian writes: Guard: "Ho-hum. More junk for the lost and found. Hey...wait a sec...I thought I saw an 8-track play---! Drat...was just a Walkmen. Nice banjo though..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Oh no I'm having the 'I found a mint G1 Soundwave'dream again."
Acelister writes: Guard: "I thought I heard something... Oh, just this violin case, tape deck and vibrating package... Back to work. And they called me incompetent..."
Acelister writes: Guard: "With this violin, I will be Lord of the Dance! Now to record myself playing, using this convinient tape deck!"
Soundwave: "Rumble, Frenzy, Eject. Operation: Kill the human!"
thexfile writes: Security Guard : " Wow cool getare"

Soudwave : " pasword correct ( projektion starts ) Agent x this is you mission , if you chose to acsept will be dangeruis and may couse los of life , there wil be no way back from now..... your missio
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Guard,"What ahhhh crud I stepped in gum.Damn scientists always leaving stuff around."
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Guard: The things kids leave behind. A ticking package, empty guitar case, and the most *&^#ed-looking tape player I've ever seen in my life.
Soundwave: The only thing that's *&^#ed-looking around here is you, fleshy! (blasts guy)
Pokejedservo writes: NEXT CONAN HINT: Soundwave!
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Colinus Maximus writes: Gaurd: A talking cassette deck, an unknown package, and a giant bottle of beer? If a blue british police telephone box shows up, I'll call U.N.I.T.
fuzzy butt writes: shhh I'm hunting wabbits
Powermaster Jazz writes: Hasbro janitor about to scrap Soundwave prototype that Hasbro doesn't plan to mass produce.
Ratbat writes: Heyyyyy...! Look at what I found--a guitar and a cassette player! I can either play this guitar...or listen to this tape player. But, since there're NO cassettes in sight--AND I didn't bring any of my own cassettes here--I'll just play t
Darksword writes: Security Guard: Where did I put that walkman? Ah, there it is! [picks up soundwave by mistake, and the Decepticon was forced to endure CĂ©line Dion tapes for the next three hours...]
Kal-Seth writes: Seems the goverment is gettig serious about those Mp3 music downloads
Lunarcloud writes: Soundwave: Pray to god he doesn't see me with free music downloads.
HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave: 'Seriously, Dave, the photoelectric effect does NOT open guitar cases. Hands open guitar cases.'
Castle74 writes: Little Johnny is snooping through the christmas presents again!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Guard,"Whoa I could swear I just heard this violin tell that cassette player to prepare the Energon cubes.Man I gotta lay off the hard drugs for a while."
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Castle74 writes: Hey, a big bottle of Jack Daniels, and I got music too! Nice!!
Darksword writes: Things have really gone downhill for the Decepticons when they have to take night jobs just to make ends meet...
Kal-Seth writes: Security Guard: Say Mr Tape Player That Shoots Deadly beams of Light From it's side want to go play som tennis??

Mkall writes: Who's up for night time disco?
Ratbat writes: I'm sure the guitar case and tape player are harmless. But I'm gonna need to call the local bomb squad about this suspicious package here!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: From Soundwave,"This just in from the WCON news room,giant evil alien robots that transform have just infiltrated the miltary base!"

Guard,"Yeah sure thay have.You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to fool me!"
Bruticus Buckeye writes: You have to love the crack security at this military research facility! You can easily smuggle in a handgun with a silencer inside a violin case, and the guard is too fricking stupid to notice the weight discrepancy. Never mind that later, two 20-foot r
dreadnought writes: im really a projecctor by night...
dreadnought writes: hmmm aint vaptions meant to be one sentence long? do i have to tape it for you kids?
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Huh? Radio? What's going on with that radio?"
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Ratbat writes: Here're a few odd items: a guitar, a tape player...and a wrapped package?! Uh-oh!
Ratbat writes: Why would anyone bring a guitar to a science lab?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Guard,"Damn this flashlight hasn't helped at all,maybe I should pull my hat up so it doesn't cover my eyes.Nahhh that would be foolish."
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Guard: Hmm, a nuclear powered Walther P-38, a box of Ricin bombs and Saddam's tape recorder. President Bush should be happy now that I've found the WMD's. I may even be promoted.
HeliconAutun writes: SW: 'Here's the plan - you assassinate Justin Timberlake with that tommy gun and my domination of the charts will be unassailable!'
G: 'What happens if I miss?'
SW: 'Believe me, if you're holding a tommy gun and have t
HeliconAutun writes: Guard: 'Can you believe it - this is what I confiscated from those kids outside.'
SW: 'What's inside?'
G: 'Eight bottles of vodka.'
SW: 'Wow.'
G: 'You want some?'
SW: 'Yeah.'
Thirty mi
HeliconAutun writes: Guard: 'I'll give you a clue what's in this case - Rocky V'.
Soundwave: 'Dolph Lundgren?'
G: 'No! That was Rocky IV. TOMMY GUN!'
SW: 'You want a stand off you've got one pal! Eat photon gun!'
G: &
HeliconAutun writes: A late night tale...
Soundwave: 'And then I said to the elephant - "Mr. President, if you ever need to admit your problem, I'm here for you".'
Guard: 'That's so sad..'
Soundwave: 'Yes. Then 20 minutes later
HeliconAutun writes: Believe it or not, Soundwave is actually a triple-changer..
Soundwave: 'Use it wisely my padawan learner! VRRRUUM!'
HeliconAutun writes: A meeting of minds..
Soundwave: 'Riddle me this - if god was a spanish castle builder, what would dog be?'
Guard: 'A portugese fisherman struggling to make ends meet.'
Soundwave: 'Ah.. you sir are a true intellectual. Have a ci
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HeliconAutun writes: The security guard's amateur attempts at recreating the Honda adverts were met with startling failure. Even Soundwave couldn't help..
Soundwave: 'NO NO NO! Put the guitar case in the beam of light - that'll push the desk over, flip me
Gallonos writes: SoundWave: "I can't wait to see his face when he sees I've recorded over his demo tapes with John Wayne Monologues."
Me, Grimlock! writes: Big whiskey bottle for such a small Soundwave.
HeliconAutun writes: Guitar case: 'Help! I'm trapped!'
Guard: 'What was that?!'
Soundwave: 'That, my friend, was Kermit the Frog. Somebody has to finish him once and for all. Quickly, throw the case into my destructo-fart and we'll be on o
Kevinus Prime writes: Soundwave farts Energon!
Kevinus Prime writes: Someone steals Peter Cullen's guitar from the storeroom at Botcon.
HeliconAutun writes: Guard: 'Would you sign this for me please Mr. Clapton?'
Soundwave: 'Urm.. I'll just be leaving now..'
HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave's new career as a portable mixing desk for struggling musicians worked meant he worked some long hours.
Topnwe writes: Guard: now where'd i put my cd player.. hey, what's this, a tape player, wow, this thign must be really old.
Soundwave: *sniff sniff* insensitive jerk, not my fault Megatron won't upgrade me...
Jaw Crusher writes: "Let's see, it's gotta be here somewh - HOLY CRAP, A VINTAGE G1 SOUNDWAVE!!! I'm confiscatin' this baby!!!"
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HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave and has packing-box girlfriend was interrupted in their private showing of Grease by Tom, the musical security guard.
Tom: 'What are you doing in here?! - get out!'
Soundwave: 'Okay, okay. I don't think my girlfriend unders
HeliconAutun writes: Military man: 'There's a bunny rabbit in here you know.'
Soundwave: 'You monster! The American military are all the same! I'll torch you, and your little dog too.'
Military man: 'Don't be influenced by what you re
HeliconAutun writes: Soundwave's famous light-fart beam shocked the assembled military personnel. All one of 'em.
Military bloke: 'Dang maw! Dat was crazee! Hoe-down?'
HeliconAutun writes: Military Bloke: 'Can I accompany your projection with some soothing violin pieces I've been practising?'
Soundwave: 'I think that both I and my wrapped box friend would be - aha - how can I put it? Enchante.'
Military Bloke: �
HeliconAutun writes: Military bloke: 'I'm feeling a little blue'.
Soundwave: 'Is there something I can do?'
Military bloke: 'ARGH! Talking toaster!'
Soundwave: 'Who's a what now?! You need contact lenses!'
Military bloke:
HeliconAutun writes: Alright, when did Soundwave become a projector? That's right, it was the special edition Soundwave that only projected when you got a member of the US military to play the acoustic version of 'Candle in the Wind'.
HeliconAutun writes: The infamous lost Sergeant Bilko-Transformers crossover episode finally made an appearance. Phil Silvers was apparently astounded at how little he looked like himself in animated form.
HeliconAutun writes: Military geezer: 'I know you didn't want to be interrupted Mr. Soundwave sir, but your signed Lennon guitar arrived..
Soundwave: 'Fan-dabby-dozie. Leave it in the collector's cabinet along with the original notes for Imagine.'
Damolisher writes: "Hmm, I wonder where that Decepticon went..."

"Now John you could keep the guitar you've already won,or you could trade it for the cassette player,or trade it for whats in the box."
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Blitzkriegh writes: Guard- Hmmmm....where'd I put that Lion Tape?
Soundwave- Ravage, Rat-bat! Overkill, Slugfest. EJECT! Operation: Maul!

: the next day the place was depleted of its electricity and the guard out cold. Funny thing was Slugfest accidentaly stole the
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #245 - On a Boat
Twincast / Podcast #245:
"On a Boat"
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Posted: Saturday, April 4th, 2020

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