Bombshell holding his head

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Bombshell holding his head
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xyl360 writes: They said the bot who became Cyclonus in the Movie would get to come back for season 3, so who got the nod, me or Skywarp? I've watched and re-watched the dailies a hundred times and I still can't figure it out for certain!
Broadside27 writes: That's a spicy meat-ta-ball!
welcometothedarksyde writes: TFW Bombshell's library books were due yesterday
SillyMcGilly writes: Bombshell is experiencing his mid-life crisis.
Frenchhorngirl writes: Noooooo...Justin Beiber...Miley Cyrus ...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "I'm doing The Cramp!"
*Spongebob characters join him*
Nemesis Jason writes: Bombshell finds out what happens to him in the movie...
Octocon writes: "insecticons too the asprin reserves!"
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punycron writes: "Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! " - Planet of the Apes
Roadshadow writes: Bombshell: Today...I am now...a HEADMASTER! *takes off his head to realize it doesn't transform into a li'l robot*
Bombshell: Aww, f***.
Unknown writes: OMIGOD! IT'S AN ADULT VIDEO STORE!!!!!
(PigMill accepts no responsibility for this idiot's anticalable behavior.)
Scatterlung writes: A CerebroShell landed on my head and now i'm in an endless loop of continuously doing things continously as my commands are rerouted into me, thereby making me perform the commands i set for myself, which are being rerouted into me, thereby making me
DestronMatrix writes: Lord Zarak:"I have a Proposition for you and all it will cost you is your heads"

Cyclonus:"very well but you may only have the heads of the animals"

Bombshell:"Oh! No!"
Marv writes: When Megatron said "you'd forget your own head if it weren't bolted onto your neck", A worried Bombshell insisted on walking around like this for three months!
Marv writes: Fine Blaster! You win! Just turn the Britney Spears songs off!!!!!!
Marv writes: Wait! I left the oven on! MY COOKIES!!!!
Roadshadow writes: Bombshell: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! If that old guy goes more than 20 miles per hour, the car bomb will explode!
Takedown writes: Bombshell: "Kickback, I think I left the gas on in the kitchen of the Nemesis."

Waspinator flies around his ears. raises a leg, as he remembers back "ah thats how it exploded..." Bombshell puts his hands over his ear, squashes Waspi
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ALISTAIRE_562 writes: Bombshell: Eh, Macarena!
Blaster_6267 writes: AAARRRGGGGHHHH. 2+2=? Too much complicated math
Dclone Soundwave writes: "Oy Primus, what a headache.Shrapnel! Get your a** over here and get me some friggen cyber-aspiren NOW!"
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Bombshell: BOOOM SHELL ALACKA LAKA! (KLAT!)

Shrapnel: Work it GIRL!

Kickback: Agggghhhhh! *_*
Starbeam writes: Bombshell: "No! My cerebro-shell backfired!"

Brawn: "You are now a chicken…"

Bombshell: "Cluck"

Brawn: "…who likes to eat bugs!"
the ultimate head rush of snorting 400 metric tons of coke.
tron01 writes: oh god megatron is not gay so i can't make love with him
gauthic_angel7680 writes: "Megatron's going to kill me. i didn't get the sh*t stains out of his thongs. wait i'll tell him starscream did the laundry. he'll buy that one i hope."
ShYnE writes: Bombshell: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA---Huffing insecticide is just like nitrous oxide in the right doses---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
RedWing writes: Reflector, I'm ready for my close-up!
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Ataraxia writes: no! not RAID insect repellent!!!
Lone Wolf writes: "What's that on my shoulders, it's, it's a head. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
sppower writes: I thought my cerebro-shell injector wasn't supposed to be able to touch the back MY head!
Starscream7 writes: Bombshell: Dammit! I left the toaster on! Hope nothing bad happens...
Damolisher writes: Aiyiyiyiyi Zordon! I'm a bug!
skyshadowprimus writes: C'mon vogue, let your body move to the music
galvanostril writes: *splat*
optimus prime wins:hara-kiri
galvanostril writes: PELVIC THRUST!
better than the garden variety thrust
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Ratbat writes: AAHHHHHHHH!! My head HURRRRRRRTS!! more pine trees! NOW!!
Tiedye writes: Bombsell-The Macaraina is a old dance but it's still a great way to stay in shape.
Tiedye writes: Bombshell's built in radio just short circuted and now he can't get Radio Disney out of his head.
BOMBSHELL-OH For the love of Primus! Get it out!
BluavalancheZ71 writes: Ahh Liquid metal headache!!
juggaloG writes: Excedrin Headache 101!
juggaloG writes: Arrgh! It gives me such a headache when someone uses my cerebro-shells against me!
Greg writes: Oh No! I Blew Up My Weener!
Kal-Seth writes: Bombshell learns the hard way that drinking anti-freeze combined with toilet bowel cleaner is not the smartest of ideas...
greenl0rd writes: What was I Drinking Last Night (Looks at can) Industrial strength floor Cleaner?
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Brakethrough writes: See guys? If I put my hands up and bend backwards, I look kinda like Trypticon's nose!
buddhaquest writes: penishead? Why do they keep calling me peni... oh.
Kal-Seth writes: Bombshell: Why!?! why are there humans on every transformers seris WHY PRIMUS WHY!?!?!

Later that day Bombshell was found dead in his trailer the decepticon evidently hung himself while drunk on energon and high on angel dust
Repsotron writes: Bombshell regretted trying a riqochet technique. The Brain control slug has him now.
Mosaic writes: Skywarp: Uhh... Bombshell? You've got something on your head.
B: Where?!
S: No... no. A little further back.
Mosaic writes: Oh slag! I left the coffe pot on! Megatron's gonna kill me!
groovygoth666 writes: (soundwave starts 2 play a busted song)Bombshell:NNNOOOOOO MY LOGIC CIRCUITS ARE MELTING!!!
juggaloG writes: NO!!! I can't take the pain from the feedback from that Cerebro-shell I implanted in Optimus Prime! I'm gonna dieeee!
Operation Ravage writes: "Damn it! I locked my keys in Dead End again!"
Tzarinchilla writes: Suddenly realising that he's joined the same side as Starscream, Bombshells circuits begin to shut down one by one!
Bombshell: Damn you starscream, you ruin all the cool things!
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Jetstreamx writes: Bombshell: Heeeellllooooo fembots!
Angie Prime writes: Skywarp: Dude! Some damn fleshy kids took all of the firecrackers we were saving to set off in Megs' office last night!
Megatron: (evil glare) WHAT was that you were going to do???
MechaDoom writes: SOUNDWAVE, STOP PLAYING THAT EVIL POP MUSIC!!! Why doesn't anyone around here play heavy metal?! We ARE heavy metal!!
Golsky writes: That's pretty much what thinking will do to ya.
Autocons writes: BRAIN FREEZE!!!
Minicle writes: Bombshell: Up, down, up, down, up, do....
Uh, Guys. I think my Back just locked.
Road Turtle writes: RAaaaID! (BooM!)
Laserwave writes: I beg you, Soundwave, stop playing that Britney Spears crap!
Pokejedservo writes: Its ok Bombshell I was like that when I first heard the Dragon Ball GT dub's theme as well.
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Pokejedservo writes: Bombshell: GET OUT OF MY HEAD MICHEAL BELL! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Micheal Bell (inside): WOOHOOHOOHOO! IT'S PLAAAYTIME!
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Must... Resist... "Macarena" joke!!!!
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Bombshell: Dammit Hasbro. If your gonna turn me into an Energon figure at least use my real name.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bombshell was glad for the seventh inning strech.His back had begun to hurt.
dreadnought writes: england won the rugby world cup!HOW!NO!!!!!!!!!
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell, king of the wild front-ear.
HeliconAutun writes: The ancient Native American totem pole had a bizarre Cybertronian appearance...
'Got Energon?'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell thought about investing in a wig.. Then they could call him 'Blonde Bombshell'.. the robotic Marilyn Monroe..
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell's penchant for vertical sunbathing resulted in terrible sunburn on his chest.
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'Dang. I thought this was a Pretender shell! Those things split like bananas!'
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HeliconAutun writes: Commentator: 'And now, preparing for the high dive... the Insecticon Bombshell! Will he perform a bomb, I wonder!'
Other Commentator: 'Seriously Bob, shut up.'
Bob: 'You shut up Billy! I've had it up to here with your bossi
HeliconAutun writes: After Bombshell was refused the job with Defenders of the Earth, he decided to end it all by jumping off a mountain top. The same mountain top that had seen the birth of Monkey, and where Zeus had been born. Did you know that Zeus and Monkey were best fri
HeliconAutun writes: 'Okay! Who towed my car?! A mountain lion?'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell's Daniel impression floored the mountain audience..
Bombshell: 'I can't.. transform!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'I wanna be the new Buddha! Show me a sign.
A sign appeared.
'Denver, Colorado?!'
HeliconAutun writes: None of the Autobots were fooled by Bombshell's cactus impression.
HeliconAutun writes: The Insecticons' holiday snaps revealed Bombshell's frivolous and playful side..
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell was just about to finish his Hanoi Jane-ercise when a mountain range sprung up.
Bombshell: 'Whoa. Crazy.'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'And for my third wish I'd like.. a bigger antenna!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'Ah! My new Photon-Phorehead has arrived! I don't know how Fed-ex found me all the way up in the mountains. Sally, come look at this!'
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DeltaSeeker writes: "Curse you, Autobots, for giving me too much ice cream!

Oh.. my head..."
DeltaSeeker writes: "Ok, we've got the 'Oldies' part playing, but when does the 'Sweatin' part start?"
DeltaSeeker writes: Off camers: "Suprise!"

Bombshell: "Oh! I'm so suprised! How'd you know it was my birthday?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "My brain is gonna explode,can anybody explain just what the hell this last season of Soprano's was about?"
HeliconAutun writes: 'Oh no! My SUV!'
HeliconAutun writes: When Bombshell accidentally sat on the tip of a mountain he found the phrase 'shock and awe' was ironically apt, given his name.
HeliconAutun writes: The Decepticon outreach programme has led to Bombshell becoming a scout master...
Bombshell: 'Where's my head-compass led me today? Ah, the Rockies! Let's all sing a song!
She'll be coming round the mountain as she comes,
HeliconAutun writes: The other Decepticons left Bombshell in the desert to recover from his periodic psychic feedback...
Bombshell: 'Ten Tonne Tony - that's what they called me at school. Now look at me, I'm so buff I can't put my arms down - my muscles a
trinity3 writes: Come on everybody with me. Do the macarena!!!!
Casual Matt writes: Arrrggghhh! Braaaaiiiiinnn freeeeeezzzzeee!!!!
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megathunderbass writes: aaah! i think theres a bug in mah head ..... oh wait, i am a bug
Nevermind guys
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Botcon was THIS week? Ahhhh crap I forgot!!
Nightshadow writes: Bombshell: WTF DID THEY DO!?!?!!?!?!?!?! I cant believe they did this!!!!

Bombshell: I cant believe they forgot to put an autobot sign on that autobot!!
Dragon_Rider10 writes: Bombshell:WHAT?!?! I'M BEING PUT ON ARMADA???!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Zeedust writes: Nothing's more embarassing than when the laser on top of your head keeps falling off.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: A exclusive: Bombshell poses in this rare alternate cover for HIM's "Razorblade Romance."
Kal-Seth writes: Bombshell: No They...THEY CAN"T OH SWEET JESUS NO!!!!!!

Bombshell learns that yet another survivor is being made even as he and kick back speak
TrailWrecker writes: Hey, guys! Don't leave! I swear they were doing this move at the Cyber Cafe back on Cybertron!
starscream99 writes: I am crazy?? I dreamed about Megatron.... naked!!!!!!!!
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Dee-Kal writes: "..It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane
Let's do the Time Warp again
Let's d
_Max_ writes: "AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! I forgot to set the video for Transformers:Energon!"
badjimmy76 writes: whats up with you people? why the **** would you mount a mortar firing 25kg shells on my head? Why cant I just carry it like a normal robot? The pain........ too much...
Nightshadow writes: Bombshell: AHHHH WTF IS THAT STICKING OUT OF MY HEAD?? GET IT OFFF!!!
CrimsonH writes: Bombshell: SWEET BUTTERY GOODNESS! I left all my con- coins back at the base!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Bombshell was unfortunate enough to have stumbled into the Labyrinth and run afoul of the Wild Gang. He was rabidly protective of his head for months afterwards.
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'Help! I've been possessed by the spirit of Ricky Martin!!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'Enough already India and Pakistan! I declare Kashmir an independent nation under my sovereign rule! Everybody gets ice cream and has to wear a funny hat - and if I catch you not singing my favourite song I'll date your sister on purp
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'You mean the farm burnt down?! Now I'll never find my natural mother!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'They want ME to replace Julia Roberts?! I've always wanted to work with Richard Gere..'
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HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'Y.. M.. C.. Is this C? How do you do C? Is this A? I thought A was both hands down? Can we stop the music, I need a break Harvey.'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'PIANO RECITAL!?!?! But I can't even play Chopsticks right! Damn these clumsy robotic fingers of mine - damn them to the bowels of Unicron!!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: '..98, 99, 100! Hey where'd everybody go?'
Laserbot writes: ooohhh Noooo!!! not another repaint!!!!! haaa!!!
Me am Grimwave writes: "No! Someone out bid me for a MC Fortress Maximus! Damn you Ebay! Damn you to hell!
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'I think I can see Cybertron from here...'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'They're the biggest piles o' dung I ever saw!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'Whadda you mean Britney Spears has cancelled?! Cerebro-shell overload!'
HeliconAutun writes: When he realised there wouldn't be an Energon cameo for him, Bombshell racked his brains to think of a new career...
Bombshell: 'I know - I'll start my own patchwork quilt company!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU! G** DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!'
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HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'I do look like George Clooney, I really do. Just wait till I get this helmet off..'
HeliconAutun writes: When Bombshell's mountain impression didn't go down well none of the other Insecticons stuck around to see the giant dustball fly up and hit him in the head. Both midly funny and cruel, they really missed a treat.
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'What do you mean there won't be any room for Insecticons in your future society? Hey don't leave me here; it's all dusty and chalky!'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'I'm sure there was a Decepticon base around here somewhere. At least that's what this Maps To Stars Homes says..'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell lamented the latest Autobot superweapon.. sticky darts.
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!.. Oh yeah, we are the aliens.'
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: I can't believe it's not butter!!!
energonexpress writes: Scanners Part 4 Theatrical Poster.
energonexpress writes: I'm a clone!!!!!!!!
Kevinus Prime writes: "Sorry, al-Qaida! First, I'm putting my head back on, then I'm KICKING YOUR ASS!"
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Kevinus Prime writes: "OHMIGOD! J-LO's PREGGERS????"
Kevinus Prime writes: Decepticons: "SURPRISE! Happy Birthday, Bombshell!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "See! My shadow looks like I'm giving everyone the finger!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh man..I knew I shouldn't have eaten that brewery...."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Bring it aroooooound town...."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Simon sez...grab your head! Put your arms down! Ha! Sorry Rumble, you're out!"
Linly writes: Where's See No Evilbot and Speak No Evilbot?
Linly writes: Bombshell: AAAAAAAHHHHH! Stop with the Rocky Horror! I'm NOT doing the time warp!!
trailbreaker writes: "Tell Blaster to turn down the Barry Manilow music !!!!"
trailbreaker writes: "Hey, who super-glued my hands to my head ??"
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trailbreaker writes: Bombshell is drying his armpits......
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bombshell,"Surrender Autobots or bow down to my newest weapon Insecticon armpit oder!"
HeliconAutun writes: When Megatron said that he'd shove a mountain up Bombshell's exhaust nobody thought he'd actually meant it..
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'I wonder if I can get SKY on this thing?'
HeliconAutun writes: Bombshell: 'I can't believe I'm in a caption contest! I'm so flattered!'
thexfile writes: This is just in : bombshell is taken captive by a militant groupe while he was having a walk in de outskirts of bagdad , this is the video that was handed to algaziera tv , where he plies for his relase.

the groupe statmant goed as follows :
thexfile writes: this is 1 of those moments that was cut were al the bots between takes fooled around withe a tube of superglue
thexfile writes: Bombshell : ( from montiepython ) Oooops , i think i've left the iron on .
Hunter writes: Let's do the Macarena!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bombshell(singing),"'And someday I'm gonnaaaa be captain,and all the rookies will bow down on their knees,they'll be slaves baby,slaves,they'll say Captain Mouser,yowsa,yowsa ohhhh yeah,ohhhh yeah,ohhhh.....ohh..oh.......MAHONEY!&
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Alphatron writes: BombshellL: Ahh... Crap!! I never realized I had a secret weapon! Now Megatron will have my head for this!!
fuzzy butt writes: Bombshell tries a new tatic on the battle field
seduce. " boom ba chicka boom ba chicka hey sailor wadda you say I'm too sexy and need to play. Hey !ho! watch my hips swing to and frow! Boom ba chicka boom ba chicka"
fuzzy butt writes: Bombshell tries a new tatic on the battle field
seduce. " boom ba chicka boom ba chicka hey sailor wadda you say I'm too sexy and need to play. Hey !ho! watch my hips swing to and frow! Boom ba chicka boom ba chicka"
fuzzy butt writes: Bombshell's secret desire: to become a Victoria's Secret underware model.
fuzzy butt writes: ahhh crap! my stupid belly button keeps poping out.
fuzzy butt writes: ahhh butt on backwards, must turn head to back to front.......
-Ry- writes: ahh crap!!! I left my feet in the cr chamber
Diablocon writes: "Now lets check if I'm all here. Legs, check. Arms, check. Torso, check. Head, check."
Diablocon writes: "Look ratchet, it's not that my hands are stuck on my head, it's more of the whole crotch thrusting problem!"
Diablocon writes: "Head... Aching... Brain... Melting... Dramatic Speech... Fading!"
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Diablocon writes: "We Transform into WHAT??? Wait till i get my hands on my agent!"
Diablocon writes: Bombshell: It's so silky, and keeps the dandruff out my cerebral circuits.
Shrapnel: I wish he'd learn that we don't have hair to wash!
Diablocon writes: "Shrapnel, how strong did you say that glue was?"
Diablocon writes: Ahgghh!!! If I hear another caption involving Pop/American Idol, I swear...
Lord Starscream20 writes: I knew it was a bad idea to try hair gel...
/v\egatron writes: ...And then right there is when Bombshell realised he wasn't wearing any pants.
myron73 writes: Bombshell seeing a picture of himself for the first time: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Is that what I really look like!!!
Flashback writes: Bombshell is thrusting in the direction of the disturbance... OH YEAH!
PsychoAndy writes: I was just thinking.. this picture reminds me of the aftershave scene in Home Alone.
PsychoAndy writes: What do you MEAN I have to get reformatted into Cyclonus, while half our viewers believe it was really Skywarp?
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steve2275 writes: roseanne hosting cmt 40 sexiest videos what was cmt thinking
DeltaOmega writes: Awwww! Energon Brain Freeze!!
DeltaOmega writes: Ahhh! What a wounderful day.
Castle74 writes: Bombshell screaming in agony listening to another horible singer. Maybe being an American Idol judge wasn't such a hot idea after all...
Dj Flash writes: where will you be when your diareaha comes back?
Lunarcloud writes: NOOOOOOOO!!!!! My dolls are gone!
The King writes: Bombshell: "Not another reality based televison programmed. I have seen enough.
CrimsonH writes: Bombshell: Whelljack never do karoake again.
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CrimsonH writes: Bombshell: WE'RE OUT OF SPAM!?
Manchester Devil writes: NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn you Spain!, you've gone and lost my £5 bet on you! DAMN YOU!
Ratbat writes: AAAAAAHH!!! I've got a whopper of a headache--and it has "EAT A BUNCH OF TREES RIGHT NOW!" written all over it!! :)
DeceptiGojira writes: OH MY GOD¡¡¡ STARSCREAM¡¡, AND TRACKS¡?¡, YOU SICK BASTAR*S¡¡ MY BRAIN HURTS¡¡(beleive me people, you dont want to know)
Draco614 writes: Bombshell: I’m not listening, I’m not listening
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bombshell would later regret the pictures he had taken for Playbot years earlier,when they resurfaced on the internet.
"I was young I needed the energon,I'm not proud off those pictures...."
Jaw Crusher writes: "Aw, crap!!!...Wheelie THINKS in rhyme, too!!!"
Black Arachnis writes: Bombshell: oh no! they stopped making transformer sized viagra!
voltronic writes: Oh Crap!!! I forgot about my roast!
Shermtron writes: Bombshell:Hey Macarena aiiighttt!!!
Starscream:Shut up!!!
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Shermtron writes: Megatron:simon says put your hands on your knees not your audio repectors....You die now bombshell....
galvanostril writes: MAMA MIA! they cancelled POPEYE!
Elemental writes: oh my god i didn't want to see that Starscream why would you do that!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Bombshell: "NOOOOO!! I can't believe I missed another episode of Energon!"
Spartanion writes: After eatting his energon ice cream faster then the speed of light Bombshell gets a bad case of brain freeze.
thepredator writes: "the moment of choice, Advil or Tylenol?
Advil works better with liquid gel works FASTER AND BETTER than Tylenol."
Cybertronic writes: Oh my god! What have they done to the Transformers series?! Must squish my head so I dont have to listen to Billy and Fred! Argh!
ponn writes: Bombshell: Hey guys watch this, I can be a headmaster too!

Insecticons: Owww...that had to hurt.
Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Bombshell falls victim to his own cerebro-shells. Bomshell: No. I won't bark like a dog! I wo--woof! Woof! Woof.
OP Prime writes: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Soundwave and Blaster are having another Duel, And their playing .... POP music! Why can't they play Heavy Metal music?! NO more Brittany, NO more Cristania! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
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OP Prime writes: Bombshell: oh no Starscream is trying out for the next Pop Idol! Must shelid audio receptors from horrid sound. Being a super sentsiive robot with advanced sensors sucks at times.
OP Prime writes: Ahhhh! The Pain! My radio Frequence tuner has locked onto and frozed on a Pop music station playing nothing but Brittany Spears! Its worse than listening to Starscream sing karoke! Song taking over cognitive circuits... Opps i did it again... Hit me baby
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