Ratchet tries to move Wheeljack's head

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Ratchet tries to move Wheeljack's head
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Optimustard writes: I learned this in Japan. It's supposed to clear your mind so that you can build Dinobots that aren't idiots. If not it's good practice if I ever need to rip out your optics
BG the Robit writes: I'm taking your head off but my face looks like I'm concerned... I don't really have a medical liscence.
william-james88 writes: I heard there is a mustache under there!
Fires_Of_Inferno writes: Ratchet: "Look! Look with your special eyes!"

Wheeljack: "MY BRAND!"
TrinityIce writes: Your face is ugly, I'm fixing it.
trailbreaker writes: 3 Stooges have influenced Ratchet.
Rainmaker writes: Ratchet: GIMME YOUR FACE!
Optimus: That's my line!
Skywarp64 writes: "Blasted Robot Heros line! No articulation at all!"
Crashcomet writes: R: I can't get this dang mask off! RRRRGH!
Heckfire writes: GIVE.
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michellatron writes: SAY UNCLE, WHEELJACK! SAY UNCLE!
TF2 writes: Ratchet:Now If I can get this head straight, and some paint this will make an awsome robot replica.
trailbreaker writes: Ratchet - "Sorry Wheeljack, those contact lenses are really stuck!!!!"
Unknown writes: (wheeljack & ratchet fighting)
wheeljack:hey not the eyes thats cheating
ratchet:oohh sorry
shockwave_inoz writes: Ratchet: "It's okay Wheeljack, I've had chirobotic training - geez, you're so tense, so stiff, like a statue..."
(The Real) Wheeljack: "Uh, over here Ratchet!"
Ratchet (dropping statue and straightening himself out): &
Silver Wind writes: Unfortunately, what Ratchet didn't know was that Wheeljack was actually suffering from shock due to peoples' common disregard for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Roadshadow writes: Ratchet: Wow! A giant oversized HOC Wheeljack KO! It's got no paint, so I'll paint it pink! Yay for pink!
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Ratch: Teeth check
Jack: What you know the faceplate won't come off
Ratch: So it's time for your teeth check
Op: I swear theres something is wrong with Ratchet
Prowl Worshipper writes: Ooooh! A brand-new Paint-by-Number Wheeljack!
Prowl Worshipper writes: W: A spider! Get it off! Get it OFFFF!

R: Hold still, dammit!...Hey 'Jack? Did you know there's nothing between your ears?

OP: (Offscreen, muttered) That explains a lot...
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Marv writes: Weird...if I twist his head this way, candy starts coming out of his mouth!
Magnus writes: Optimus Prime: How long do you think he'll be like this?
Ratchet: It's hard to say.
Optimus Prime: That's not funny.
Tiedye writes: RATCHET- "Guess who this is Wheeljack." WHEELJACK-"I don't know.......Hotrod?"
Zeedust writes: The Heroes of Cybertron version of Wheeljack has a problem with his head popping off. Ratchet thought it might have something to do with the paint, but apparently not.
President Optimus Prime writes: Ratchet was kind enough to share this old photo.
OP Prime writes: Ratchet: Will you quit figeting I'm trying to install your Diclone head...

Wheeljack: hmmmemememmth!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: OK if we're going to play Scooby Doo, I'm Freddy and you're the villan I unmask.

Wheeljack: Zoinks!
Zeedust writes: Wheeljack: "Wow, that chick's got a nice..."
Ratchet: "That's my SISTER, Wheeljerk!"
Unknown writes: Yup, Medusa got 'im!
Unknown writes: "Mr. Big" says he wants his 10-grand by 8 pm tonight, "Wheeljackass"!
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Scooter writes: "Ratchet, I should have told you sooner but my head isn't really where you think it is. So all these years you've really been twisting my-
Jetstreamx writes: Rachet: Say it! Come on. Say it!

OP Prime writes: Ratchet: Shhh, The movie is about to start.

Wheeljack: I don't have a moving mouth, so why try to cover it?

Ratchet: Well I've fixed you enougth to know where you mouth is, so stop being a know it all, just because you created the
Frost writes: Dont look! Its the new line of transforming pieces of crap! They scare me!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Prime Help (mumbles).
Rachet: Oh dear. Prime Wheeljacks dead.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: How many times have I got to tell you I am not a toy?
Zu Darkness writes: *From the files of Teletran one et again*

Ironhide: Good lord what was that

Raket: I don't know Ironhide but it came from Outside where Wheeljack is

Ironhide: Well Let's get moving then

*Few minutes later*

Ironhide: By
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Dammit, my Wheeljack toy broke! Help me get the head back on! Wheeljack: DAMMIT, I'M NOT A TOY, IT'S ME, WHEELJACK!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU???
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "OK! Now you can look! SUPRISE!!!" Wheeljack: "WOW! Seibertron has CHANGED!" Ratchet: "That's not all!" Wheeljack: "Say what?" Ratchet : "Look yourself in t
PredaKing writes: Ratchet: "I see the problem, you've got a whiplash"
Wheeljack: "I ALWAYS have a whiplash!"
Ratchet: "No, I mean your neck"
Wheeljack: "Hmmmm, I've never had one of THOSE e
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Shadow Fox writes: Ratchet- Ya this is how we fight in the 'hood'. Ya no one gonna miss you bi-atch.
Unknown writes: WHEELJACK: "Your mother sews socks that smell!"
RATCHET: "The power of Christ compels you!"
Unknown writes: (Ratchet): "Spike got hurt pretty bad so, I'm gonna need your eyes to replace his damaged ones"
Manchester Devil writes: Ratchet: Red Alert, give me your magic paint set?
Red Alert *Off screen*: My magic paint set?
Ratchet: NOW!
Arkhaon writes: lets c if theres actually anything else in there except scrap metal
Dark Cyclone writes: Ratchet: I'LL RIP OUT YOUR OPTICS!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack if you tell those kids that santa clause isn't real i'll pull your gad dam face off!
Shockwave writes: Rachet: Hey Jack, guess where my hand's been.
Minicle writes: Ratchet: Damm Gen 1 articulation!
Asheron writes: OOH MY GOD , IM SO SORRY , wait ill put it back on
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Unknown writes: EAT IT!!! EAT IT!!!
Unknown writes: Hey man smell this!
steve2275 writes: try not to lose ur contacts this time
Toe writes: Damn it get your finger out of my eye!
galvanostril writes: okay, two left, one right... and YES! I SET MY ALARM CLOCK!
micah writes: your a clown . jak:me a clown:rach.get talken!
Unknown writes: "If I twist his head off, I can get the cookies inside!"
Arkhaon writes: ratchet: guess whos this
wheeljack: mommy?
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Guess who? Wheeljack: Arrgh! No get off me Sideswipe! All right! All right! I'll admit it, you look better in car-form than me!
Ratchet: You must be going nuts Wheeljack, I'm going to examine your brain!
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BlItZeR writes: Ratchet:"Hmm just like I thought, there is a little sign in there sayin "This space for rent"
Zeedust writes: "Okay, Wheeljack... You're going to be a headmaster. Now the first part of the process may hurt a bit, so you'll have to hold really still while I rip your head off... er... Let's try this again, from the top."
Meister writes: I told you "do not look after girls who are behind you"
parkwood writes: Wheeljack quit playing with me! I know you have my energon sticks!! give 'em back! (-Wheeljack- laughing!)
K-nonFodder writes: Ratchet " i squeeze your head!"
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Die you uncolored prototype!
Galvatron writes: Damn it Ratchet!! Oil works better! Don't you know anything!
Unknown writes: i hat you so lat go
Unknown writes: Let go of me you jackass
TetraReris writes: Ratchet: Wheeljack? WHEELJACK!? Great, I'm a doctor not a stone mason!
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Unknown writes: Wheeljack: I am going to be sick...Ratchet: I told you to stay away from those decepticon drinks
skylynx writes: hey wheely i´m sure that you are an headmaster,so get your fu**kin´ head off
APOLLO writes: Ratchet: This must be the worst case of arthritis I've ever seen.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: if you call me that name, I'll tear you apart
Wheeljack: please give me a chance
Unknown writes: His failed inventions have blown up the base so many times, it's time to go the source of the problem.

GRIMLOCK: Me no let you kill creator Wheeljack!

RATCHET: You're his only sucessful invention, and even then, you're no
Rhys writes: RATCHET:(Reading). Contents of package. 1. Life-size Wheeljack model robot. (unpainted, batteries not included). Quick, and easy to assemble.


RATCHET: Dammit! The liars, quick-to-assemble. I've been at it for three days and I s
Chrono writes: HaHaHa, got your optic circuts!
Unknown writes: i told you before, when i want head, i want it now!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "I'll be damned, that comes right off."
Fallengaiden writes: Ratchet: How's your headache now?
Wheeljack: Better I think.
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M writes: DEF JAM!!!
Unknown writes: Ok, time to sculpt the finishing touches . Clay is so much fun.
Omega Supreme writes: Ratchet: Let's see if your head comes off.
Wheeljack: Ratchet I aint a headmaster for the last time damnit!!!!
Unknown writes: If Wheeljack's so smart, lets see him do an impresion of an owl.
Unknown writes: I'm sick of you being such a suckup to prime!
Decepticon writes: Ratchet:"Hmm..it's hollow...and...I'm not surprised."
Unknown writes: "Oh, and check this out! That human that said he was Japanese? His optics were slanted like this!"
Unknown writes: I know you have a mouth underneath that cap!
SlagMaker writes: No more back talk, or I'll short out your mouth circuit.
Unknown writes: Hold on, you have a screw loose.
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Unknown writes: Ratchet:"I done warned you, WheelJERK...Pay back the Energon you owe me, or I do some 'unnecessary surgery'!" Wheeljack:"So suing for malpractice is out, I'm guessing?" Ratchet:"If I
Unknown writes: R: Call me "Nurse Ratchet" again, and I promise you, you'll look like one of your inventions blew up IN YOUR FACE!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Just need to put the head on right, and my wheeljack model will be complete!
Unknown writes: Ratchet:I'LL RIP OUT YOUR OPTICS!
Unknown writes: wheeljack: get your fingers out of my eyes nurse Rachet, you b*tch!
Shadow writes: Ratchet: Don't wory, I'm fully licensed in all areas of *snap* oops, um, I'm sure it just pops back on...maybe not.
Unknown writes: Admit it, Wheeljack, you ate too much Ice-cream. No wonder that you are frozen now.
Unknown writes: ENOUGH WITH THE @$%^ING GADJETS. YOU BLEW UP BUMBLEBEE WITH THE LAST ONE...wait a minute, is that so bad?
Unknown writes: I love you too, Neo Primestar
Ricochet writes: Ratchet: Made in China

I thought you were a normal transformer like the rest of us
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Unknown writes: "Where's the $#%* USB plug on this thing?"
Unknown writes: W: (singing) This is the song that never ends... R: SHUT UP!
Unknown writes: "Don't worry, I saw this move on wrestling... I think it's called the Mandible Claw."
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "HEHE i got head"
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Got yer' nose!
Broadside writes: Having played Tenchu too often Ratchet tries out his stealth kill on Wheeljack
Unknown writes: W: It's a small world after all... R: SHUT UP!
Unknown writes: Ratchet found it really frustrating to find out that, in this position, his Wheeljack realdoll was just too akward to use..
zach writes: ratchet:yup just as I expected wheeljack: what did the scan of my brain show ratchet:nothing
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Unknown writes: hey look! there's a little sign that says "space for rent" that means wheeljack has no brain!
Unknown writes: As I've said before, Wheeljack, glasses are widely accepted nowadays!
Unknown writes: "I swear, Wheeljack, if you sing 'Blue, Da Ba De Da Be Da' one more time..."
Unknown writes: Ratchet gives Wheeljack a nice, relaxing head massage....
Unknown writes: THREE STOOGES LIVE !!
FortMax writes: Ratchet: And then Steven Seagal took the bad guy by the head and...oops
Unknown writes: Damn it! I thought these statues were pre painted....
Firestorm writes: Hey, waiiiiit... I thought that the decoys were made out of colored rubber!
Unknown writes: Ratchit: I'll teach you to steal my cookie.
Unknown writes: I'll take your eyes for that whole "I look like I'm from Armada" joke!
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Unknown writes: wheeljack: aw comon it was only one stinkin white castle burger you wont miss it at all!
Ratchett: I'll "burger" YOU!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Ooooh, you like it rough like that don't you Wheeljack.
Unknown writes: Peel back the foil on the chocolate Wheeljack for a yummy treat.
Shadow writes: Don't worry, I got one of them cheiropractor licenses out of a crackerjack box.
Unknown writes: Here we see Ratchet laying the last improvements on the die cast burst version of Wheeljack....
Anonymous writes: The autobot version of a donkey punch
Unknown writes: This is Ratchet to Control Tower! Ratchet to Control Tower! Mayday! Mayday! My co-pilot has completely frozen up!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: "Must not look at monobrow...can turn a Transformer...to...stone..." Ratchet: "You WILL look at the monobrow, dammit! Turn your head this way!" Wheeljack: "Nooo! I'm turning to stone....&
Unknown writes: Wheeljack admit it!!! You stole all my Pokemoncards! Where are they now? Answer me.
Unknown writes: Somehow, Wheeljack has turned into stone!
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Unknown writes: "Open, dammit, open!...Oh, wait a minute, this isn't the matrix. Sorry about that!"
Unknown writes: And as our hidden camera footage shows, it was Ratchet who had been stealing from the Wheeljack-shaped Cookie Jar all along!
matrix_primus writes: ratchet: Wheeljack what have I told you about letting letting wheelie play with the modeling cement? Wheeljack:mmpphh
PlasmaRadio writes: Ratchet: "You think you are all that with those things that light up and the pants that fit and underwear with the elastic still good! Well I'll show you, you snoody bastard!"
Suzuki writes: Optimus: Go for the eyes, Ratchet! He's nothing without his all-seeing eyes.
Ratchet: Out, vile jelly! Hey, it says "J&B Novelty Company...a $1.98 a piece."
Wheeljack: Guys, cut it out with the MST3K bits already...
Unknown writes: Ratchet: What happened to you? Wheeljack: Wheelie put paint remover in the oil soap again! Wheelie: Wheelie say pull prank today!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Dang, for a bootleg this thing is well made, considering the lack of color and all...
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Dang, for a bootleg this thing is well made, considering the lacok of color and all...
Unknown writes: Spit it out, come on out with the candy!
Sir Deadend writes: Brrrr Nyuck Nycuk Nyuck (other three stooges sounds)
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tf dutchie writes: Ratchet: if you take an oilshower don't forget to wash your ears next time!
Unknown writes: Ratchet says: Say uncle or i'll shove your head where the sun doesn't shine!
Wheeljack says: Uncle!
Ratchet says: Gee, I didn't know Wheeljack had an uncle :)
Unknown writes: Dispose of his parts any way you choose, but the head is mine!
Unknown writes: Wheeljack says: Remove my head for repairs Ratchet!
Ratchet says: Remove, Remove, always remove, I didn't join this outfit to be a repair van!
Unknown writes: "come on, come on! give me the Pez already!"
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Now you're powerless to resist my advances...
Unknown writes: Is it left to tighten, or left to loosen?
Ratchet writes: HEY CAN YOU HEAR ME IN THERE?????????????......
Shermtron writes: Ratchet:55ccs of visine stat....
Sharpshot writes: Ratchet: Got ya face!
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Unknown writes: And Ratchet applies his submission hold. Wheeljack has no choice but to tap out. Ratchet has just won the WWE Heavyweight Championshiop.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: For all his technobabble Wheeljack's head really is made of cement.
Unknown writes: DAMN this head's mint I can use it to replace my Wheeljack's head I lost.
EDIMUS PRIME writes: Wheeljack,"ARGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!" Ratchet,"Shut Up,your the one that pleaded ,"Come on Ratchet I know you can make me into a Head Master."
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Hey, Optimus! Ratchet just said that you're--mmmph!
Unknown writes: Thanks to the help of hidden security cameras, the police were finally able to arrest and convict the individual who had been molesting the statues in our beloved park.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: The doctor is in.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Goddammit Wheeljack! I told you not to snort that cocaine while you were on duty.
Wheeljack: Mmmpphmmmmphh mmmmphmmmmphmmmmpphh?
Ratchet: I don't know how lose the nose bleed is going to last. My hands used to be white. I never knew a
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Now let's see who you really are!
locke_stryfe writes: Ratchet: Hold still Wheeljack, I've almost got that cyber booger out...
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Unknown writes: I told you, Wheeljack, Arcee is MY girl!
Unknown writes: Shut up wheeljack!
Unknown writes: Let's hope Kasumi Tendo's not in here, Ratchet! (ha ha)
x writes: Perceptor, I need your help!
Unknown writes: Ratchet: Optimus, I just made a stone statue of Wheeljack.
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Ratchet, what are you doing?

Ratchet: I'm doing the Mandable Claw!

WheelJack: Because! The Decepticons have a better dental plans....your mouth stinks man!
Unknown writes: Ratchet:
Pokejedservo writes: Ratchet: Oh man this thing wasn't built it was poured! Prime (offscreen): Die-Cast Construction, its a lost art.
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "Wheeee!!!!" Wheeljack: "Are you done yet!? Now it's my time to ride horseback!"
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Unknown writes: "A little super-glue... Now no one will ever know I botched Wheeljack's repair!"
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: "Prime! What were Ratchet and Elita One doing in the back of my worksh....mmblmmm!!!"
Unknown writes: Ratchet explaining how Jolt 'Powerlinks' with HotShot!
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: "Ratchet, what happend here?" Ratchet: "Don't know, Prime! He was watching Armada on Teletran One and simply...FROZE! Prime? PRIME!!!"
Rodimus Primal writes: Wheeljack: Ratchet, I know you like to immitate WWE Smackdown, but GET OFF OF ME!!!!
Quintessa writes: Ratchet: You were hitting on Arcee again, huh?
Wheeljack: How'd you know?
Ratchet: Asside from your head being turned completly round...a hunch.
Unknown writes: wheeljack: how's the surgery going doc?
Ratchet: just a little bit more and those nasty wrinkles above your eyebrows will be gone forever
Unknown writes: Ratchet: A little bit more and then we can put a boomerang on top of your face like me!!!
Unknown writes: Here we see STONE cold in a headlock...no wait, that's the ROCK.
Unknown writes: "i told u wheel jack if a viagra gets stuck in ya throat and ya neck gets stiff, u have to call me imediatly!!
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Unknown writes: Wheeljack: What do you think you're doing?
Ratchet: The Vulcan nerve pinch!?!
Wheeljack: no, you got it all wrong it's where the neck meets the shoulder
(Ratchet does it correctly) You mean here?
Wheeljack: Yeah. (passes
Scourge writes: Ratchet: I'll rip out your optics!...Dammit, I thought I got Megatron completely out of my system by now!
Firestorm writes: Incredible. These lawn gnomes get uglier every year. This one looks like a hideous stone version of Wheeljack... oh, wait, he turned himself to stone again. Perceptor!
Unknown writes: Anybody and Everybody who likes Dragonball Z really needs to IM me. My email is SaiyanGirl928@aol.com
Unknown writes: Wheeljack: Come on! Get offa me! I'm not your boyfriend, ya know....................................................Oooh, wait,maybe I am...................
Unknown writes: Talk about being "stoned".
Unknown writes: "All the king's men, all the
king's horses couldn't put poor Wheeljack together again."
TheRo-Man writes: Being the caring medic he is, Ratchet covers Wheeljacks eye's as Megatron's new evil "FUTURE RAY" shows the autobots just how lame they are going to be in ARMADA. "No, no Wheeljack...your not going to be a lame
Ratchet writes: Its confirmed. Wheeljack is dead.
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Wheeljack writes: "Get off me! Get off me!"
Unknown writes: "Hmmm....It looks like Arcee gave you a 'hickey'".
Unknown writes: "Let's see. I could try cross-wiring the hyperbolic scanner, increasing the ratio of wave displacement, enabeling the coefficient random patterns to harmonize the frequency of.."MMPH!"
Blackout writes: damn it, i'm missing some parts. I'm going to kick hasbros a$$
Unknown writes: Ratchet: "Before we both die in the movie, let me say...I always loved you." Wheeljack: "SNIFF"
Unknown writes: "What the...DANIEL! Get out of there!"
Unknown writes: "EWWW! That really DOES look infected!"
Unknown writes: "I don't know, Ratchet, how DO you make a Venetian blind? YEOW!"
Unknown writes: "Let's see...'Push down and twist to open'".
Unknown writes: "Oh, oh...just like I thought. Nothing in there."
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Ratchet writes: "We really need to rethink this die cast stuff. Wheeljack has rusted together!"
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