Shockwave and Ramjet cower

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Shockwave and Ramjet cower
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trailbreaker writes: Sinus headaches!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Of course you had to pull another Patrick Star, Ramjet!!!"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Come on!I just changed heads again!"
Angelbot writes: What the Decepticons get for interrupting one of Firestar and Inferno's tender moments.
shockwave_inoz writes: "Okay - OKAY! Stop shooting and we'll come quietly. But please, be gentle with us Madam Lash - it's our, uh - first time.."
SilentBlaster writes: Shockwave:All fear Grimlockimus Prime!!!
Ramjet:I know, I know!
Scatterlung writes: Shockwave: These 3-D glasses make the films too real!!
Silver Wind writes: After Ramjet submitted his opinion on Megatron's "plan", Shockwave felt that logic dictated that he "deal" with Ramjet so as to ensure his survival.
Payner™ writes: Y.M.C.A.! It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A......
Not Sonic writes: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its the fart flame from hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Roadshadow writes: Ramjet and Shockwave: Crap! It's the sword from Hell!
maximox_prime writes: ramjet: noooooooooo i will do what you want but i don´t want to be a minicon in energon and armada
shockwave: please forgive me but don´t change my name in energon
maximox_prime writes: shockwave and ramjet: plese don´t attack us megatron.
Predagade writes: Ramjet:Oh no megatron is breathing fire again!
Shockwave: Side effects of the digestion of that earth substance coal shall wareoff momentarily
Megatron:Who wants barbecued incompetant decepticons?
cipher98 writes: No more! Please! No more Armada! No!!!!!!!!!!
p3rc3pt0r writes: Ramjet: can you lick your elbow?
Shockwave: that's illogical, G1 joints dont't allow this action.
Demona writes: ramjet: no! no! please dont take me off the tv!
shockwave: you got off easy! i hafta be in TF energon! they changed my name and everything!
ramjet: MOMMYYYYYY!!!!!
vinlok writes: Tripticon lets lights another fart.
Kal-Seth writes: Ramjet and ShockWave seen The Preview for NBC's Fall lineup
DeltaOmega writes: Hold me.
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Kal-Seth writes: " Megatron please put on a towel sir" Shockwave while talking with ramjet made the unlucky choice of picking outside the decepticon showers as a place of conversation
NightMare writes: ramjet-God it reeks
Shock wave-there no escape wait i don't have a nose
MiGrAinE writes: This acid is freaking me out man!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Look, we are Starscream, when Megetron is mad at him.
Ramjet: Please, don't hurt me, Megatron! It's not my fault!
Starscream(off screen): That's not funny!!
Scooter writes: Not even the mighty Decepticons can bear the sight of Janet Reno's nude pics
Metrotitan writes: Ramjet: Here comes another laser blast! Eeewww, get it offa me, get it offff!!! Shockwave:Dont be such a girl,Rammie! Aiieeeeee(screams like a girl)!!!!!!!!!!!! Ramjet: Oh Shockypoo, behave.
halljh writes: Damnit, you farted?
Unknown writes: Ramjet: EEP!
Shockwave: This won't end well...
Unknown writes: (Shockwave) NIGHTPAW!! YOU KNOW WE HATE VIOLENCE!! (Ramjet) Yeah, especially when we're the victims!!
Darth Vegeta writes: Ramjet: God those Transformer women are cute! Mustn't look... mustn't look.
TF Babe: Don't be so shy! Never saw a cutey like me unplate before?
TF Babe 2: Now don't look!
Shockwave: I ain't looking! Really..
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Shadow Fox writes: so violent..I joined the decepitcon force to see the galaxy..ahh...waahh..please no more.
Unknown writes: "Before we die, I just want you to know I love you, you beautiful purple bastard. I always have."
"Shut up, Ramjet! And hold me. Hold me tight."
Unknown writes: (Shockwave): "Ramjet, you are the logical candidate. Transform, and fly towards Ultra Magnus to divert his attention" (Ramjet): "ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!"
Unknown writes: Shockwave: "NO! Don't shake too much Mrs. Chokes-On-Dick!!!"
Unknown writes: Shockwave: These raves get better every mega-cycle...
Zu Darkness writes: Shockwave: Ackk the dinobots are back to kill me again Ramjet help me!! Ramjet: No F------ way man their too strong. Grimlock: It's time that Me settle the score with you depections!!!
Unknown writes: SHOCKWAVE: Analyzis: with just one hand is mechanically imposible to scrat your other arm's elbow. Conclusion: DARN IT!
Manchester Devil writes: Shockwave and Ramjet ran for cover after the Autobots forced Soundwave to listen to Metallica's latest album, St. Anger.

Shockwave: "For the sake of logic, cover your audio sensors and turn that racket off so Soundwave can be back to
Minicle writes: Megatron: ARRRGGGGG!!
Shockwave: Query. Ramjet what else did you put in that Curry mixture?
Ramjet: Wild bean extract, for the flavour.
Shockwave: It doesn't help the fact that Rumble just had to light it.
Unknown writes: (soundwave) Hmm...did i put deodorant on today *sniff*... if i could only bring my arm a bit higher... da*m my articulation!
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Unknown writes: You got me lookin so crazy right now!
Your touch got me looking so crazy right now!
Dirge writes: All the decepticons silently stare at the strange antics of Ramjet and Shockwave. Somewhere off in the distance, a dog barks.
Unknown writes: At this point, it became apparent that Shockwave deeply regretted asking Prime how he managed to save Elita-1.
Unknown writes: shockwave: i feel naked.
ramjet: AH!! i don`t want to see it
Neko writes: CAKE OR DEATH?
Unknown writes: EJECT IT! For the love of Cybertron! The last thing I wanted to see was George Clooney's ass!
Unknown writes: NOOOOO!!!! A flying yellow beak- looking thing!!! HELP *cowers in fear*
Unknown writes: Not in the face! Not in the face!
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Unknown writes: dont eeat me!!!!!!
eat him.
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Ramjet are dancing.
Ramjet: We are much better than Britney Spears and J-Lo.
Shockwave singing: O, baby one more time!
Unknown writes: Rj: A mouse! Get it away! Get it away!
Shw: A mouse! (screams like a girl)
Rattrap: (snickering) Ain't time travel the greatest?
FortMax writes: Megatron: RAMJET! SHOCKWAVE why the hell are you naked together. SHOCKWAVE: Its not what it looks like
Arkhaon writes: Shockwave: Megatron logic suggests u should put ur breast plate back on......Ramjet: PLEASE!!!
chi-chi writes: Shockwave: this isn't the best time to say this but ... I LOVE YOU!!!
Ramjet: er right (big explosion)
Unknown writes: Dirge: I told you the wattage of that lightbulb was too high!!!!
Unknown writes: Ramjet:Oh God!No,please,anything but that!! Turn it off!
Shockave:Yes Logic dictates that you stop with this horrid presentation.
Both: Please dont make us watch GiGli again!
Unknown writes: Starscream(off-screen):"Look at my beautiful ass, guys! Look at it!" Shockwave:"Must..gouge out...eye!"
Unknown writes: Ramjet and Shockwave were terrible hiders when it came to Hide and Seek.
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Unknown writes: Eeeek! Spiders! Get'em away! Get'em away!
g2jazz writes: Mammie.......
homelessjunkeon writes: both:"oh god no here comes freds fart!"
Omega Supreme writes: Ramjet: Oh no look.
Shockwave: It's the teletubies ray.
Ramjet&Shockwave: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *both of them cower*
Ouroboros writes: That is the last time we are going to the circus
Unknown writes: ::Victims of Domestic Violence::
Unknown writes: Idiots should know better not to pull Starscream's finger.
Zeedust writes: Ramjet: "Ooh, that's just GRUESOME!" Shockwave: "Logic dictates that I no longer observe." Ramjet: "Well, it's Space Case's own fault. I TOLD him there was a reason the koala bear
slizerpro writes: AH! That glowing wasp is comming right at us! We're gona get stung!"
"Wasp? Where? Ah!!"
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Unknown writes: Shockwave: Aaaaahhhhh!!!!
Jennifer Lopez, get 'er off! Get 'er off!!
Unknown writes: Aargh !! It's The Ketchup Song. MAKE IT STOP !! MAKE IT STOP !! MAKE IT STOP !!
Skyfire the Artist writes: The horror of Megatron's ultimate weapon was tested on Scourge and Ramjet...Terminator 3!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Ah Ah! Ramjet..Shockwave, I didn't say "Simon Says". You guys are out.
Unknown writes: "W0W! These firecrackers are the best,Shockwave!! Yes indeed Ramjet, I've managed to alter them and added some eplosive power..."
Unknown writes: In a brilliant marketing ploy to make themselves more accessable, MTV and Hasboro work together to bring you "Cybertron's Jackass" featuring such stunts as "Drop Wheelie into a Black Hole" and "Don&
Laserbot writes: Ramjet:"ho ya... hey macarana hiiiaa!"
Laserbot writes: Shockwave:"ho no not pikachu's electric atack! darn pok'e-freaks how did such an cheaply animated show get so popular, and we work our butts off for what... getting whooped to he trash and hasbrow comes up with Armada haaggg!&am
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Ramjet were the first Cybertronians to ever play Dance Dance Revolution.
computron writes: *Bump* ramjet: "Ouch! shockwave, watch were you going!" shockwave "I couldn't help it! I had a silicon fly in my optic!" ramjet "Aaahh, my head hurts like hell"
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Bloodlust writes: Shockwave: EEEK!!! A MOUSE A MOUSE!! STEP ON IT RAMJET!!

SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: As many did in the 1980's, the Decepticons eventually discovered the embarassing video game periphrial that is the Nintendo Power Pad... and for some reason, thought it was a GOOD idea.
Maximus-Prime writes: I see London, i see France, i see Shockwave underpants...

Qoury: Mine???
Unknown writes: Ramjet: Check it out! This is my imitation of Wonder Woman!
Shockwave: Illogical, you are not wearing red, white and blue. Now duck!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: "Feel the groove decepticons, dance dam you dance!" Ramjet: "Vogue!"
Unknown writes: Stop!

Maximus-Prime writes: The first step to live life to it's fullest, is to love thyself, now let's all hug ourselfs, c'mon, don't be shy
thexfile writes: megatron is in a bad mode and starts having fits and is starting to randomly fire ----Ramjet : O megatron is that the time , EuMe sorry we have to megatron starts krieeng-----Shockwave : Stop it i cand stand it anymore....
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Ramjet wince at the horror that is RID.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hot off the heels of the red hot upcoming release of Transformers:Energon Hasbro preps for the follow up release with Transformers:Energon Fart Wars each figure has a whoopie cushion built right in for realistic fart action.Look for Transformers:Toiletmas
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Zeedust writes: A simple equation that Ramjet and Shockwave learn the hard way: Starscream + karaoke = pain.
Stormwolf writes: Megatron: I will now show you the slides of my latest vacation...
CapeMike writes: Despite being ruthless Decepticons, neither Ramjet nor Shockwave were prepared for the TRUE horror of 'Max Extreme' on maniac mode(Dance Dance Revolution Extreme)....
Tigra writes: Ramjet>Do you smell what i'm smellin?
Scattershot writes: The preschool transformers want to talk to Shockwave and Ramjet.
Unknown writes: Ramjet:Why..Why?! Shockwave: Hypothosis: With this all new kiddy TV show, Hasbro can finally sell us to Disney!
Ramjet: Say it aint so!
Unknown writes: Ramjet: We're so sorry Unicron! We just wondered why you liked collecting Mini-cons so much, we thought we'd pop in and see whats goin on. Shockwave: Oh god, such horror would never be seen 17 years ago!
Blackwind writes: Not the face!!! Not the face!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Its a litte known fact Shockwave,and Ramjet were at that fateful Great White concert.
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Unknown writes: Just then, the main computer console burst into flame, and lo, a thunderous voice was heard! Primus: "YOU HAVE SINNED, MY CHILDREN. BUT I WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE. MOUNT AN EXODUS TO CHARR, THROUGH THE BARREN DESERTS, AND THERE WILL YE MAKE Y
parkwood writes: Ahhh! we're too yong to fry!
Beast Simpson writes: Shockwave: Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, and this is Jackass. OW!! HEY!@!! STOP IT!!! IT HURTS!! OW!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Oooooh..Uuuugh....shouldn't drunk much so energon at Botcon.
Ramjet:Yeah, I'm seein' lights. OH, THE PAIN!
Unknown writes: Shockwave:"Ramjet, it's a stinkbug!Get it away from me! I dont want to stink.
Ramjet:" Aiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
Help, anyone, helllppppp!!!!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: The female Autobots thought Bambi Paintball was such a good idea, they invented their own version!
Unknown writes: Shockwave:"Aaaaw,... aaaw... That drinking game with Megatron yesterday was way too much for me." Ramjet:"Say what, you weakling. Got a hangover already?" Shockwave:"Don't play tough guy, Ramjet, admit
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Ramjet: Look out! It's a giant wasp! Keep away!
Maximus-Prime writes: Ow....we knew that Trans-Mutate was a very BAD idea....*shame*
Maximus-Prime writes: It was'nt me....
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The Matrix writes: "OH THE HORROR!" - Shockwave
Black Arachnis writes: noooo! stryka`s stripping again!
Unknown writes: Shockwave:"RAMJET!!!" Ramjet:"It wasn't me, really!!" Starscream:"What's going on here?" Shockwave:"Ramjet farted!!"
ionacus writes: armada isnt that bad. could be better, but it is still good.
ionacus writes: armada starscream(holding the star sabre) who is the bitch now, huh? huh? ramjet and soundwave: we are!!! we are!!
Unknown writes: backstreet boys 3002
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Oh no! They're showing the first episode of Armada again.
Ramjet: Quick, turn it off, before its to late.
Unknown writes: Ramjet: "It's the glowing hand of Primus himself!" Shockwave: "Remember what Indiana Jones said! Quickly, cover your optics!"
Unknown writes: Shockwave: I can't believe I almost teamed up with him....
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Crap!

Megatron: Stop shriveling, you p*****s!
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Unknown writes: Shockwave: Eeeek! A spider! Squish it!

Ramjet: Um... no, you squish it!
Unknown writes: No! Don't look at us! We've been animated... Armada style. (sorry, I think they look like it, I mean no harm.)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: When migrain headache strikes what are you gonna do for relief? Nucleaprin 12 hr gives you the maximium relief you need to keep you going. Ramjet,"Now I can follow Megatron's orders and crush as many Autobots as possible.Thanks Nucleapri
Unknown writes: A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena
A la tuhuelpa legria macarena EEEH, MACARENA!
Unknown writes: A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena
A la tuhuelpa legria macarena EEEH, MACARENA!
Unknown writes: A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena
A la tuhuelpa legria macarena EEEH, MACARENA!
Unknown writes: "Aw man, now they're making us play dodgeball! I just hate gym class SO much!"
Unknown writes: I DONT KnOw !1!
Pokejedservo writes: Even sentient robots like these two fear the almight power of...THE BLOWTORCH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
King Hiss writes: Ramjet: Crap not on the cone, not on the cone!!!

Shockwave: Please don't shoot me in the eye, I've only had to replace the thing once in the last four centuries...
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Shermtron writes: MOMMY!!! thier not playing fair, thier using live ammo!!!
quadrunner writes: stiffler, put it away man.
Unknown writes: Smeigal be good master.
K-nonFodder writes: DOH!!!!!!!
Dustinopolis writes: Shockwave: Did you see that?
Ramjet: I thoguht we told Soundwave to keeps his pants on after he showers.
Unknown writes: "Look out, Ramjet! They've come back to cut off my OTHER hand!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ramjet,"Shockwave,I think I soiled myself." Shockwave,"Check my purple shorts there's a big silver lump in there."
Unknown writes: Some how with names like Shockwave,and Ramjet you'd think they'd be a hell of a lot braver. Well at least Megatron thought so when he recruited them.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Decepticons in the house you all!"
Unknown writes: Ramjet and Shockwave do their best impressions of a certain human jesture.
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Unknown writes: You're supposed to be the smartest Decepticon, Shockwave! Yet, you can't figure out what to do!
Unknown writes: Some leadership you've demonstrated, Shockwave! Now we're trapped!
Unknown writes: Shockwave and Ramjet react to seeing fat girls in tight jeans
Unknown writes: We must retreat, Ramjet! The Autobots' firepower is far greater than even I had estimated.
Unknown writes: Decepticons need some Tylenol for those migraine headaches....
Unknown writes: We're doomed, Shockwave! We're doomed!!!
Unknown writes: Ramjet and Shockwave after watching a Carrot Top marathon.
Unknown writes: Can't he get it - i can't laugh at his jokes. i've got no mouth.
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Logic dictates, we're screwed.
Ramjet: Mummy!
Alphatron2k3 writes: Shockwave and Ramjet just saw their Armada Counterparts.
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Unknown writes: Shockwave: Please, don't hurt us. Ramjet: Yeah, we just wanta talk.
Unknown writes: Ramjet: "Shockwave, what is that terrible smell? I told you not to try that human's burrito."
SlagMaker writes: Shockwave: "Hey, careful with that thing! I only have one eye as it is."
PlasmaRadio writes: Shockwave: "To dodge fireball you must... damn, I wish I had a bigger hand to write on important information on!"
Unknown writes: Ramjet: AAAGH! What is that awful sound?!

Shockwave: It's Megatron singing in the shower!
Jade writes: Please Megatron we'll never say your gay again!
Riptide writes: Shockwave: No Optimus, I don't have any lunch money. Leave me alone.
Unknown writes: Please stop hitting us! We promise to never use wire hangers again, honest!
davewelttf writes: Shockwave: You idiot! You should have knocked first!
Ramjet: I'm sorry I didn't even know Nightbird was using it!
OmnisValidus writes: Shockwave: I never wanted to be a Decepticon Comander anyway. I wanted to be...a Lumberjak! Oh I'm a Luberjack and I'm ok...."
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Unknown writes: is this okay mister Jackson?
DarkFire writes: Please don't hurt us we didn't mean to take your
pie it just looked so good. Like my mom use to make. mmmmmm warm apple pie.
Shade writes: Not in the face! Not in the face!
CenturionDroid writes: US?!? Headmasters?? FORGET IT!
CenturionDroid writes: HEADS!!!!!
gir writes: "oh no Bumblebee has a weapon Run!!!!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: In the Decepticon prison Shockwave and Ramjet would quickly learn who was the boss(Bruticus) and who would be the bitches.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Late in the year 2003 the Decepticons faced a threat that would rival Unicron: The Hasbro Legal Department.
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Ramjet: MY EYES!! THE BURN!! Think happy thought, didn't see Megtron screwing Starscream!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Shockwave,"Damn,Optimus Primal's flinging his energon crap at us." Ramjet,"This happens everytime we attack the Maximals.I'm going to pick on the Micromasters from now on."
overcast writes: Astrotrain transforms and flys out of the base leaving a big cloud of exhaust RamJet: "Shockwave did you have to pour all of it into the energon cubes!?"
Unknown writes: Ramjet: Sweet Mother Of Unicron! Are we near a sulfur factory or something?!?
Shockwave: Of course we are, you idiot!...And now that I think about, I don't even HAVE a nose!
Autobot bubbs writes: NYPD blue...cybertron style...
Sipowitz Prime: alright you greasy exaust bags, you gonna tell me who took that Energon or am I gonna have to shows you my skidplate?
Shockwave: We'll never talk!
Ramjet: Yeah
*SP moons them*
Unknown writes: Please, just leave us alone. We had nothing to do with Armada. Don't hurt us!
Unknown writes: Ramjet: Oh Primus, seeing Megatron WITHOUT his codpiece on was REAL! AAARGH!!
Shockwave: My optic! I've been mentally scarred for life! Oh, my ooptiiic!! (sob)
Unknown writes: no please put the gimp back in his chest.
Ricochet writes: Please Starscream, put some clothes on!
Unknown writes: No! Turn it off! We'll do anything! Just turn off Armada!
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