Spike and Bumblebee with "Insecticide"

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Spike and Bumblebee with "Insecticide"
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Jetfire22 writes: Spike: Well, that's about the worst alt mode I've ever seen!
trailbreaker writes: Time to spray some graffiti !!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Oh my g
God! Yoi were too close to forgetting this before we left for Corpus Christi!"
chirtman writes: Bee "WTF this whole scene is a scale nightmare!"
dirtysock47 writes: huh how did that get there
Ratbat writes: A supersized can of extra-strength insecticide! Let's market this baby, and make millions, Bumblebee!
Mad_Mexicoy writes: I'm gonna huff this whole thing.....
Dinobot Prime writes: Spike: Something's not right here. I mean look! I am looking at a giant can of insecticide and you would turn inot a car smaller than a golf cart!
BB: Darn animators and their size problems...
Ratbat writes: Wow! A BIG can of insecticide! I knew Wheeljack was a genuis!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Raid: the only weapon against Insecticons.
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Roadshadow writes: Spike: First, pornography in a can. And now this!
Decepticon Commander writes: Spike:Who put this here????
Zeedust writes: Waspinator, offscreen: "Oooh, Waspinator has bad feelining about this..."
Castle74 writes: Whip Hits anybody?
Tiedye writes: SPIKE- SOOO.....If your not useing this to lube your joints....What do you use it for?
Unknown writes: SPIKE: "Bumblebee, it's time for your weekly waxing"
Unknown writes: RAID... kills Insecticons... DEAD!
MiGrAinE writes: This acid is freaking me out man!!
Unknown writes: "More smart, more safe, more than meets the eye, Robotic XXX!"
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Unknown writes: Bumblebee: "Drink It..."

Spike: "But..."

Bumblebee: "Drink it I say!!!"
Hot Rodimus writes: after a Visit down south,Spike and Bumblebee comtemplate the moonshine they brough with.
Rainbow Starscream writes: Spike: What in the world is this? Bumblebee: Oh, that's just Optimus Prime's deodorant.
President Optimus Prime writes: Kills Insecticons dead!
Metrotitan writes: First of all, I have the dumbest looking attire on,I mean come on, who the hell wears tight-ass jeans, a gay looking collared shirt right out of K-mart and to top it off dons some charlie brown gollashes?
Bumblebee: dude, you suck ass! Wazzup with the bi
Dash Trigger writes: Spike wonders how he and Bumblebee would be able to change the battery in Prime's trailer without a forklift or help from the larger Autobots.
Unknown writes: Spike: What's this? Bumblebee: Oh that, it's a magical can that belongs to Jazz. He says when you kick it, it'll make you younger.
Unknown writes: Spike: ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: What the hell's this for? Spike: New York cockroaches...
Sergeseca writes: I know weve got bug problems, but this is ridiculus!
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Shadow Fox writes: Spike- Ya bumblebee I've decided, I'm gonna end it all right here and now.
Bumblebee- Ya that's probably for the best Spike people stopped carring about humans in transformers after the first season..just don't leave a
Ravage writes: spike: that is the biggest can of lubricant i've ever seen!
Slartibartfast writes: contemplating prime's latest masterplan, spike thought that megatron wasn't so bad after all...
Unknown writes: (Spike): "You think this will stop those giant Insecticons?" (Bumblebee): "Sure will, according to Wheeljack you have to get in close and shove it right up their..." (Spike): "Me?"
Unknown writes: (Spike): "And you're sure Carly's going to like this?" (Bumblebee): "I hope so, it wasn't easy sneaking this outta Prime's quarters"
Unknown writes: Yep. This should be just about enough to kill Wheelie.
Unknown writes: Thanks for the insecticide, Bumblebee! My Dad wants spray the house. It's infested with hundreds of roaches!!!
Asheron writes: uuhm , do you really need a can that big ?? how big are those bugs ???
Asheron writes: well this will solve our bug problem...
Unknown writes: So...this will really get rid of the itching and burning?
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Unknown writes: I dono spike, ya think that's enough lube for ol megatron's tight ass?
Shadow writes: That's a really big can. Are you sure it's big enough. Dunno, bend over...
Unknown writes: (two captions, you choose) 1) spike: bumbles, are you sure this is just like helium to starscream? bumblebee: YEP and his voice will go so high, his head will explode -OR- bumblebee: okay spike *snicker* just press the top and a naked lady will com
skullcruncher writes: Watch 1 hour of pure robo porn! all for $5, today's special: Onslaught on Vortex, dont miss out!!!

coming soon: Kup gets a little surprise from Blurr with arcee joining the gang!! dont miss out!!
M writes: No, Spike. I don't think that it's Unicron's hair-spray.
M writes: No, Spike. I don't think that if you drink it you'll fart fire.
Unknown writes: the only way to get rid of a annoying.....bug.

yeah very funny spike.
Unknown writes: another one of Hound's holograms...
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Unknown writes: When Spike and Bumblebee ask themselves "what where those Armada writers sniffing", Teletran-1 projects a following
Unknown writes: Spike: First, pornography in a can. And now this!
Arkhaon writes: look..a nice present from megatron...want a drink spike?
omega icecream writes: hey bumblebee TAKE A DRINK OF THIS!
BlItZeR writes: Spike:"Hey bumblebee this is not poison! it just Primes whiskey Keg, see its a triple X'er too. hehehe
Unknown writes: bumblebee- spike are you sure prime will not be offended if we give hom this deodorant?
Unknown writes: spike- see if that walmart smiley face comes near me. extra low prices my ass.
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Insecticide and porn, all in one can?" Bumblebee: "What can I say, wheeljack's a genius."
Jetfire Masta writes: BB:think this will kill the decetipcons im to lazy. Spike:dont be stupid u cant kill any 1 with this BB:You can kill the insecticons idiot
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Unknown writes: Bugs Bunny: “Aah… (chomp, chomp, chomp) ironic, isn’t it?"
ultramegatron writes: spike: dude i think we're shrinking.
bummble:quiet flesh bag we're not shrinking the can's just geting biger as we get closer to it
parkwood writes: -Bumblebee- "Man those were some nasty roaches!"
-Spike- "I told you trying to make a life size model of Optimus out of pancackes was a bad idea!"
DKusanagi writes: Spike: You sure this is Insecticide..
Bumblebee: I'm sure, I used it when that insipient Waspinator was after us!!!
K-nonFodder writes: Spike" i heard if we spray it into a paper bag and breath it, it will make us feel better" Bee" i'm game"
Unknown writes: "It's all right, Bumblebee. There's no shame in having robotic lice...we can take care of the problem with my little friend here."
Unknown writes: "Mighty glad, Greenpeace hadn't gotten hold of this..."
Unknown writes: Spike: What the hell is with the can.
Bumblebee: I dont know it just sits there.
then they both look at it again and just raises theres eyebrows.
TetraReris writes: Spike: Look at this prop I got for Daniel's report on inhalent use.
Bumblebee: You should see the size of the inhalent cannister in Red's room.
Unknown writes: Spike: Um....Bumblebee, what the hell is this..
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thexfile writes: spike : he waw what a good disguise , what a cool new transformer bumblebee who is it...

Bumblebee : eme that's just my anty insectecon spray spike
Unknown writes: ...Camping with the Autobots, Spike always made sure to pack his insecticon repellant.
Beast Simpson writes: Bumblebee: No.
Spike: Aww, come on, just a little bit?
Bumblebee: NO, I am NOT letting you rub me down, now drop it!
M writes: Bumblebee: "Spike, I want you to meet my father. His name is XXX."
Spike: "How ya doin'?"
Unknown writes: S: Wow robotic XXX... B: Maybe u spray it onto a tf, itll become a hot sexy female bot! I LOVE MODERN SCIENCE!
DestronPride writes: From left to right: Each one increasingly more likely to be found in a transformers porn.
M writes: Spike... I, uh, don't think you're supposed to be sniffing that stuff...
Unknown writes: Spike: So this stuff is also used to exterminate Mini-Cons?
Bumblebee: Eradicates all Mini-Con problems in one spray or your money back!
Spike:I think you've been haging around Wreck-Gar too long!
Exulted Unicron writes: S: Look what I've found, Unicron's Deoderant.

BB: Er.. Spike, that belongs to Superion
APOLLO writes: Spike: Wow Robotic XXX

Bumblebee: Um, Spike, that's not porn you perverted moron.
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Unknown writes: Bumblebee:"So, Spike, I hear Sparkplug got tossed in the slammer for child-endangerment, for lettin' you hang outwith giant alien robots that fight all the time." Spike:"Yep. Now, lets go spray toxic chemicals at giant
Unknown writes: Spike now understood why the spray never worked on Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel. The insecticide was for "deluxe" Insecticons.
Unknown writes: Spike: You're sure this will rid Earth of the Insecticons?
Bumblebee: We hope; everything else failed.
Unknown writes: (Spike):"Heheheheheeee!!! All right, let's do it, Bumblebee. Put some extra Spicy tabasco sauce in Huffer's Energon cube." (Bumblebee):"But Spike, don't we go a little bit too far with this?"
Unknown writes: Spike: So this is your tactic against the Insecticons? Bumblebee: Cool, huh? We're also working on a 20ft fly swatter and a 9000000 volt bug zapper.
Nimrod writes: Bumblebee wanted to help out his buddy Spike, he really did. But, then he realized he would probably just get captured or blown up, just like in every other episode.
Unknown writes: My boots are yellow, just like yours!
Unknown writes: Spike you hit that ---- and you will be flyin higher than Starscream ever could
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Hey spike! what are you doin' here?

Spike: Shut up Bumblebee!

Bumblebee: Ok...
PhoenixPrime writes: Spike: oooooo...inhalent. This is going to be one nasty F&*king high.
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Scattershot writes: Spike: Let me get this straight. You got interstellar space travel licked, mass-displacement for your multiple forms easily figured out, sub-space technology so you don't have to carry your weapons in hand everywhere, and this is the best you can
Unknown writes: Oh, grate......we gotta shave anna nicole's legs again?!?!?!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"This has got to be something important maybe we should tell Prime." Bumblebee,"I don't know lets open it first maybe it's not insecticide maybe it's some new cloths for you maybe some of Puffys
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"OOOHHHH I get it this is one of those Happy Meal toys I got one that turns into a hamburger,and one that turns into a McNugget package."
Unknown writes: Ok. Bumblebee. Now how are we going to fax this thing?
Unknown writes: Ok. Bumblebee. Now how are we going to fax this thing?
Unknown writes: I didn`t ask for this to Mary. I think Mary did it once again! Ha Ha Ha
Ceptor writes: Ok, let's tap this keg!
Bluevolt writes: Im not sure this is what the clinic prescribed, Bumblebee
TheRoMan writes: "Come on Bumblebeeâ„¢, this thing has a UPC code on it. At what damn store are you going to get this freakin' thing up an a register?"
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TheRoMan writes: "I don't get you Earthlings Spike, I mean you see a giant can of Robotic insecticide and instantly you ask "Hmmm, wonder if I can snort this sh#t!" Whats that all about?"
TheRoMan writes: "I don't get it Bumblebeeâ„¢, if this can is robotic it can mean only one thing. The writers are finally out of ideas. Yup thats it. And I thought by the ActionMastersâ„¢ they were fresh out."
Unknown writes: Ok Bumblebee, now I'll introduce you to the human definition of 'chroming'
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Bumblebee with this we could kick West Nile Virus's ass."
Unknown writes: Spike: YOU AND YOUR DAMN DRUGS!!!!
Unknown writes: Hmmm. Cut myself off. Oh, well, it wasn't funny anyway.
Unknown writes: "DDD!?!?!" (BOOM!)
Unknown writes: This is better than working in Mina
Unknown writes: So this is Bon Jovi's can of Hairspray.
Zu Darkness writes: If you think this is bad you haven't wached Aramada yet
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Unknown writes: [Spike] Thanks, Bumblebee! I've got a major mosquito problem!
Unknown writes: [Spike] Thanks, Bumblebee! I've got a major mosquito problem!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"I just don't understand modern art." Bumblebee,"Don't look at me I'm not even from this planet."
OmnisValidus writes: Spkie: Are you trying to tell me I've got B.O.?
Unknown writes: Heheheheheeee!!! All right, let's do, Bumblebee. Put some extra Spicy tabasco sauce in Huffer's Energon cube.
Unknown writes: Spike: Robotic...bug spray? What happens if this doesn't work.
Bumblebee: Then we build a giant flyswatter and...
Spike: What are the writers thinking?
Unknown writes: Bumblebee and Spike:"We're back from town, Prime, we bought you the aftershave that you wanted..." ...Prime:"Thank you guys, just put it beside Teletran One. I'll get it when I'm finished with my styli
Beast Simpson writes: Spike: Yeah, I guess you WOULD need a lot of lubricant.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee,"I'm sorry this is just to weird I mean your dad wears the exact same out fit." Spike,"Give it a rest already." Bumblebee,"Now that I think about it most people on Earth wear that same stupid
Unknown writes: Spike: Man, they put the Transformers name on everything back in the 80's...
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"This is the stupidest Triple X movie tie in merchandise I've ever seen." Bumblebee,"Maybe I could get all tricked out like the cars in The Fast And The Furious."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I've got it you know how Twincast is Soundwave/Blaster well this is Cosmos/Powerglide his name is Astroglide
TheRoMan writes: "Well Spike, we did plan on using this on the Insecticons. Optimus then told us that he had a vision from the Matrix, something about a real hot spider chick name Black Arachnosomething, then it just seemed like a bad idea."
Unknown writes: Spike: Bumblebee.. i cant beleave that they recycled Prime.. i guess he gone for good times time.... Bumblebee: This is his 25th death right??
Unicron writes: SAI...........
skywarp26 writes: Is that some kind of love potion "xxx".
Unknown writes: RAID! KILLS BUGS DEAD.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"This is stupid how is a can of this size supposed to fit in a cabinet?" Bumblebee,"Don't ask me your 3/4 the size of me but still manage to fit inside me."(In car mode you sick freaks)
Unknown writes: Bunblebee,"Spike,is this gonna be a stand up fight or another bug hunt?" Spike,"All we know is a xenomorph may be involved." Bumblebee,"Its a bug hunt." (Aliens ref 3)
jedixtat writes: Open the podbay doors triplex roboticbugspray!
I can't do that Spike.
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Unknown writes: Spike: I don't know Bumblebee, do you think I need this much Aquanet?
little_fly writes: spike: why is there a can of bug spray here?
bumblebee: dont ask me mabey it is a bug spray??
spike i dont know bumblebee
bumblebee: i think i might need to clean my circits with this stuff incase a bug comes on me lol!!!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee thought ballon {This is it my chance to be rid of Spike for good I know if I cut him up small enough he'll fit in the can}
Unknown writes: Is it just me, or does Spike's arm looks like it swelled up? I mean, he has no wrist!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Dumb,dumb,dumb,DUNNNAA,DUMB,DUMB,DUMB,DONE,DONE,DUNNNAAAA" Bumblebee,"Spike,are you on drugs." Spike,'No it's a monolith." Bumblebee,"OOOOOOKAY? That's it no more trips on t
Galvatron writes: "Gee Spike... I wonder what it transforms into. I hope she's triple x like it says on the can!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee has just finished inflating his helium Spike balloon(fssssshhhh.) Guess where the nozzle went.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee has just finished inflating his helium Spike balloon.(fssssshhhh.)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee,"ALRIGHT,a can of silly circuits!"
skywarp26 writes: Especially bumblebee he is awesome.I wish they would come back
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skywarp26 writes: i love the 80's the only thing i love about it is we have the transformer's and i am so, glad the transfomer's are back The T.W.O. that's the transformer's world order doe's any body wan't to
skywarp26 writes: i love itttt......
Shermtron writes: RAIIID!,bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shermtron writes: RAID!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Spike: "are you kidding Bumblebee this still isnt enough for those nasty stink-ticons" Bumblebee: "umm there called Decepticons, but i agreewith ya on this one!"
Quintessa writes: Spike: Lubricant with insecticide? I dont think I want to know what Megatron wants this for...
AutobotJazz writes: Spike: I'm tellin' ya Bumblebee, this stuff will have Arcee all over you. She won't be able to resist you.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee,"Spike don't stare it's not polite." Spike," I can't help it I'm a horny little teen, and that looks just like a nipp..." Bumblebee,"THAT'S IT I'v
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Isn't this that stupid battery Megatron use to put on his shoulder and dare people to knock off?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ladies and gentleman, I give you Bumblebee,Spike,and Robotic XXX together they are the cast of Mystery Science Theater 4000!
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Unknown writes: spike" okay...so this stuff will make metroplex feel better...but i still dont understand how we are supposed to give it to him." bumblebee..im not explaining it again..ill only say..he cant reach where this thing has to go. and since n
Unknown writes: Spike: "Don't you think it's a little too convenient that there's a robotic insecticide?"
Bumblebee: "Just wait until the end of this episode (Quest for Survival), believe me it gets much worse.&q
Unknown writes: Spike: Someone has set us up the bomb!
Bumblebee: All your base are belong to us!
Shadow writes: BB: What's XXX mean? Spike: You really do come from another planet, don't you? Go ask Arcee, she knows all about it.
Kupp writes: Spike: "Ah, no wonder you don't need Female Autobots?"
Unknown writes: "Hey Bumblebee, I bet there's adult toys for robots like you in this oversized can!"
Goldbug writes: Spike: Sweet! Since when did you guys got a new drinking fountain.
Bumblebee: Spike, that's not a.... nevermind.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Hey, Spike, betcha ya can't drink all of that robotic insecticide!

Spike: Yer on!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bet you 5$'s they open it and a huge spring snake pops out
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: After the Autobot X incident Spike continued to order things that just were to strange for words.
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Unknown writes: With a lid like that, I bet that porn is for Arcee
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Spike was overjoyed. According to Six Flags Cybertron's measuring can, he was finally tall enough to ride the Dweller Drop.
Ricochet writes: Spike: Bumblebee do you think this is some kinda threat from Cliffjumper when you didn't pay him back?
Unknown writes: Ok Bumblebee, you powerlink, and I'll bend over.
Unknown writes: Spike: " welcome to the team xxx "
Bumbl: "ya your ability to scare off stinktacons will be really usful!"
Unknown writes: We've finally got some extra strength deodorant for Omega Supreme and not a moment to soon! It stinks in here!
Unknown writes: Spike:"Well, now Prime can finally get rid of those Crabicons he got from Elita-One!" Bumblebee:"So THAT'S why the label says XXX!!"
Pokejedservo writes: Spike: I am curious as to WHY is this big can in here? Bumblebee (thinking): I'm more curious as to why it has "XXX" on the label?
Venom writes: Bumblebee: You sure we should be doing this Spike?
Spike: Yeah, it's ok, it's just like sniffing glue.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: And with this, we shall wipe out those pesky Insecticons once and for all!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Spike: Just..stop, man. You're freaking me out.
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Unknown writes: Spike this is my long lost cousin, Can-do. As soon as you get to know him, you'll know why I never talked about him.
mario writes: That's one big can of shaving cream.
Unknown writes: Okay, it's done, Bumblebee. The Insecticide with a little extra tequila in it will make the Mophorbots go rock'n roll crazy...
Unknown writes: Bumblebee:"I'll bet that this will kill Wheelie!" Spike:"I'm not sure, he's a tough little bastard."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"This has gotten way out of hand." Bumblebee,"What is it Spike?" Spike,"New Mountian Dew Energon."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Prime says this things gonna be our new best friend." Bumblebee,"Why?" Spike,"He's moving The Ark to Mexico City." Bumblebee,"?Que?"
Unknown writes: [Spike] Gee, Bumblebee...this big ol' can contains enough pesticide to wipe out the entire Africanized killer bee population!
Me, Grimlock! writes: Omega Supreme's air freshener.
Unknown writes: Ironhide has been remolded for Armada...Poor ba****d!!
AutobotJazz writes: Bumblebee: So what exactly is Carly going to do with you, me, and this freakin' big can of lubricant?
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Unknown writes: Prime to Bumblebee: Do you have Spike Witwicky in a can?
bob writes: I am Bumblebee.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Well, what do you think?
Spike: I think it's the worst transform mode ever!
Unlucky Autobot:(can mode) Figures, always me, even on Cybertron.....
Unknown writes: Do ya' reck this'll get rid of them insecticons, boy?!
Unknown writes: Spike and Bumblebee give new meaning to "Micromasters".
tony writes: "At last! Waspinator dies tonight!"
The Infamous One writes: Spike: Well, this is definitely not the giant-size bottle of Febreze I ordered. Bumblebee: Dang. Now I'll never get that funny smell out of my upholstery.
Bill writes: Robotic XXX? That's a weird name for econo sized bugspray.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee,"Spike,why do you wear rain boats everywhere? I mean didn't you work on an oil rig,wouldn't a pair of Wolverines,or Texas Steer have made more sense? And what's with that wardrobe of yours tan shirts,blue slac
Firestorm writes: Hey, I had a thought, Bumblebee. What if we went and used this to wipe out Beast Machines?
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Not being a cybertronian Spike was often the target of lots of jokes that went right over his head. Spike,"WOW, so is really Vector Sigma huh?" Bumblebee,"Yeah Spike...(snicker)....that's our....(snicker,chuckle)..Vecto
Unknown writes: I LIKE CHEESE
SlagMaker writes: Spike and Bumblebee prepare to take "huffing" and "whippets" to a new level.
Screamer writes: Spike: Hey look, a plot device!
Broadside writes: Wow bumbleebee Look ROBOT VIAGRA! now you can get with Arcee!
Neko writes: SPIKE: Do you really think bombshell is really that thick headed bumblebee? Even grimlock would'nt fall for "free bug spay".
tuxedoblurr writes: Carly give you the crabs again?
PredaKing writes: It's my belief that PlasmaRadio has already said it all. SUCK IT Go-bots!!!
Unknown writes: Well, judging by the shape of the top of this thing,plus the triple Xs on the side, and the fact that everyday, Arcee keeps asking if UPS has delivered anything...I`d say this is her`s.
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Unknown writes: Let's see John Laws try to endorse this product!
PlasmaRadio writes: Bumblebee: "HEY! Barkeep! I ordered 5 'X' whisky, not this sissy Go-bot piss!"
Unknown writes: Bumblebee:well? take it.
Spike:ME? i'm not going to touch it
Unknown writes: yeah time kill some bugs
Unknown writes: Spike: "Robotic cleaner, Garantied too kill 99%......of everything" Bumblebee: That just leaves the Germs then...
kingrampage writes: Spike "Heh Heh Heh hey bee wanta snort this again??" Bumblebee "heh heh heh no you try this time!"
Fallengaiden writes: Spike: Cyber-roaches do exist!!! Bumble Bee: I'll be damned...
MacrossFA19 writes: Now where are we gonna find cockraoches this big?
Sky-Byte writes: Spike: Is that a new Autobot?
Bumblebee: I don´t know Spike. If it is, than I´m Megatron´s girlfriend.
Unknown writes: BB: Welcome to Bumblebee's speakeasy! This is our best batch of poison-I mean fermented energon! Yes! Fermented energon!
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Unknown writes: Canbot : "Boy am I Pissed at teletran for my friggin alt mode"

Spike : "Hey, lets go hang out with wheelie"

Bumblebee : "sure"

Canbot : "can I come too"
Unknown writes: Hey Spike, I'd like you to meet Soundwaves younger brother. What!?
He's kind of quiet, but hit that on button near the base of the can and he'll talk for hours.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Well Bumblebee it's really sad isn't?" Bumblebee,"What's that?" Spike,"This is the unproduced prototype for Tonka's Gobots Spraymasters,it was scheduled for release af
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The ark has cyberroaches.
Ghostscream writes: If there's something itchy and crawling all over you

Who ya gonna call?

Insecticon Busters!

If they make repulcas of themselves and eat energon

Who are you gonna call?

Insecticons Busters!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: FINALLY Wheelie repellant
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Hey, Spike! I hope this gig doesn't get raided! Haha
Unknown writes: Bumblebee- "None of your quotes are funny...thanks alot -------s"
Unknown writes: "XXX Robotic"....does this mean there's PORN inside??
Unknown writes: "Spike, I know you hate ARMADA, but that's no reason to inhale the bug spray!"
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Unknown writes: Spike: I didn't know Autobots made moonshine!
Bumblebee: We saw it on an episode of Dukes of Hazzard and we thought we would give it a try.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: In the 1980's, this was actually the *travel-size* container of hairspray.
Jade writes: Damn thats a big thing of anal lube. ewww
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"I sure hope your right Bumblebee." Bumblebee,"Ahw don't worry Spike if this doesn't kill Armada we could always use it to beat the Armada writting staff to death."
Unknown writes: Cliffjumper, I don`t think you`ve chosen a very practical alternative mode, I mean the can thing...it`s got to go man.
Unknown writes: "RRRAID!!!!!!!"
Blozor writes: Spike: "This is the'secret weapon'? A giant can of bug spray?" Bumblebee: "Yeah, the writers are getting kinda lazy lately."
Blozor writes: Spike: "Soo all I have to do is put my nose to it and depress the nozzle long enough for the gas to come out, but not long enough for the liquid?" Bumblebee: "Exactly." Spike: "Seems easy enough."
AchTee writes: Spike: Hrmm... you sure this Vin Deisel repellent will work on you guys?
Astrotrain writes: Spike: So...if I killed myself, do you think the viewers would care?

Bumblebee: What makes you think I care enough to even answer that?
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Bumblejumper writes: Spike:That's how much deorderant you use!?!?
BumbleBee:Uh..no.*stinkl-ines come from his armpits.*Spike:Man,you stink,literaly
Unknown writes: So Bumblebee, why do you have this again?
Black Arachnis writes: bumblebee: walk up the the insectiocns and sprya em with that can over there willya spike?
spike: right and how am I supposed to lift the frigging can you yellow moron!?
Unknown writes: Spike: Wow Bumblebee, on Seibertron you guys have Porn in a Tube?
Bumblebee: Well, few female bots on Seibertron, bunch of bachelors... this stuff is practically the _only_ thing keeping us going. Consider it the "gasoline" of the Aut
Unknown writes: Spike: Do you think Metroplex will use this giant can of Right Guard? Bumblebee: He better, or his BO will take us out before the Decepticons will.
Skyfire the Artist writes: It was after this that Optimus Prime canceled his account with "Think Big" Novelties.
Rhys writes: WHEELJACK: Behold, my latest invention.

SPIKE: A can of insecticide?

BUMBLEBEE: Oh, those insecticons are soo dead!
Big Grim writes: Spike - It's a little quiet in here. Bumblebee - Maybe a little too quiet, old chum. TO THE BEE-MOBILE !!! Spike - You Mean 'You' ?! Bumblebee -Um .......... Yes
davewelttf writes: Spike: Looks like we're gonna need the big "gun" for them insecticons that are eating our plumbing.
Bumblebee:Can you do it quickly I don't know how long I can hold it like this.
Unknown writes: Spike: Bumblebee, you got some bad B.O., use this.
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Unknown writes: spike: XXX? PRONO!*opens the can and the stuff mist around him and he falls to the ground dead*
BB: *shifts eyes and stuffs spikes body into the can and backs away*
Jeremy writes: spike: hm... wounder if this works on annoying robots who are named after bugs...
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