Starscream embraces a Lightning Bug weapon

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Starscream embraces a Lightning Bug weapon
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ksol71339 writes: STARSCREAM:. " At last, my Queen, I can't wait to take you to my Chambers, for OUR PLEASURE! "
Decepticon Stryker writes: After watching several movies with giant bugs, Starscream prepped his new Comicon costume
Susha writes: R: this is the best xmas decoration ever!
S: we'll need a bigger xmas tree...
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Still think it's cute?"
Roadshadow writes: Starscream: When we get inside this bug suit, we'll FINALLY be able to scare the ---- out of the externinator.
Rumble: God, Starscream, and I thought Megatron's plans were stupid...
Seawave writes: S: Take me to your Pharoh.
R: Yeah,like he said!
Silver Wind writes: Starscream held onto the thing, hoping that it'd take him away from all the perverse jokes. Unfortunately, Rumble informed him that doing so would only make it worse.
Roadshadow writes: Starscream: Oh yeah, Mr. Bug. You like that don't ya. Bam bam bam bam bam!
Rumble: That's it. I'm telling Megs you found the Ritalin again!
Star Glee writes: Rumble: STARSCREAM- be careful with that thing!
StarScream:(thinking)- oh I'll be very careful-
Rumble: Are you LISTENING?!! I'll blast you if you don't say there's a glitch in your audio-receptors!
StarScream:(angles bug right, pre
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gauthic_angel7680 writes: Rumble: Starscream, wake up you're dreaming. hey stupid, wake the hell up.
Starscream: oh baby, you know i like it like that. Megatron you make me hot, hot, hot!
Rumble: Don't tell me i didn't warn you. Zaaappp!
Starscream: a sh*t, that
Dragonoth writes: scene from "Megatron, I shrunk the Decepticons", inspired by Acelister's shrinkage post
Scavenger: "I'm sorry, Megatron. My machine malfunctioned."
Megatron: "If you were Starscream, I'd blast you! … Do this to
Not Sonic writes: Starscream:i haven't seen you in
eons Bug, come here and gimme a

Rumble:why are you so sensitive and
not EVIL like every other NORMAL
Marv writes: One of Tarantulas' most cheriched baby pictures. His cool uncle Starscream teaches him to walk. Awww....
Marv writes: It was a great Halloween, even though Starscream and Rumble had no costumes that year. Not that anybody noticed that problem of course...
Suzuki writes: RUMBLE: Okay, a little more to the left . . . A little more . . .
STARSCREAM: Would you just pick a spot already; I've got plans for this evening!!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Rumble: I still think that you should call an exterminator.
Starscream: But his prices are way too high.
Rumble: Said the bot who paid 300 credits to gas Decepticon HQ for a few lowly cockroaches.
juggaloG writes: S: After I absorb this bug's energy, I will be invincible!
R: Um, Starscream, you can't absorb energy...
S: Arrgh! (Gets shocked & dies instantly.)
R: (Sadly & shocked) Told him.
Greg writes: I Wish You Would Stop Riding Me!
Ratbat writes: Rumble, this may be an obscure Insecticon before our eyes.
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Demona writes: ss: spike! get me that raid! NOW!!
spike: sorry we're still using it for the other cc!
terradive2020 writes: thats the worse case of astro-crabs ever!
Repsotron writes: Starscream: Hugh.. ugh.. huh! Damn those delivery men. never bother to put it where you want it.
Rumble: Heh, I'd love ta help Screamer but, eh, I dont think it make much difference.
Jetstreamx writes: Frenzy:STARSCREAM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Starscream: Uh,... nothing.
fuzzy butt writes: s" At Last! My lego Transformer is complete!"
R" umm you missed a piece"
Minicle writes: Starscream: I bet you those miserable Captioners will have a field day with this!
Minicle writes: Rumble: Left a bit....No Right a Bit....No a Little bit more to the Left...No...A tiny bi...

Starscream: Arrrrgggg!!!
Macross2020 writes: Starscream: "This is ridiculous! Rumble, go tell Megatron that the insecticons are reproducing again!"

Rumble: "Wow Starscream, I know everyone said you were a pest, but didn't mean you have to go and marry one."

Macross2020 writes: Another failed attempt by Rumble and Starscream to give Metroplex crabs.
fuzzy butt writes: r" ok scream it your turn and the pointer says...right hand blue"
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: starscream,"Ok Rumble now if you wanna stay in this round of Decepticon Fear Factor,your gonna haffta eat this bug,or Triggerhappy wins."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"I'm telling you Rumble we are so gonna win the Insecticon Day parade float competition."
fuzzy butt writes: sound of pull string rolling up
" The Cow Says Mooo"
CrimsonH writes: Rumble: Your shaking that...why?

StarScream: The damn thing won't transform into something portable!
CrimsonH writes: Rumble: StarScream why are you punching that thing?

StarScream: It ate my dollar!
CrimsonH writes: Rumble: Uh, StarScream? What are you doing?

StarScream: It's a saturday and I don't have a date what do you think?
CrimsonH writes: StarScream: I specifically asked for a red bug!
CrimsonH writes: StarScream: Megatron's gonna be pissed that we messed up his statue.

Rumble: Maybe he won't be able to tell.
CrimsonH writes: StarScream: I wonder what would happen if I *lifts the wings*

Bug: OUCH! Jeez watch it buddy!
CrimsonH writes: StarScream: HEY! This looks like my prom date!

Rumble: I bet it does.
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CrimsonH writes: StarScream: This looks totally like me.

Rumble: Yea...Soundwave bring the needle.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Starscream knew pulling off Shelob's legs was insult enough, but he couldn't resist shoving her into her own web just for spite. She never should have mistook Rumble for a Hobbit.
Nomad writes: Starscream: "Tell me Rumble, does this look good here, or would it look better over the fireplace?"

Rumble: "You REALLY have to stop buying junk from yard sales, Starscream..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bug,"AGGGGHAG! huuuuuugh AKKKGGGHAK! weeze......"
Starscream,"Right now let's see how does that heimlich maneuver work?"
HeliconAutun writes: Starscream: 'Feng shui handbook says we should put this Lightning Bug over here.'
Rumble: 'You'll block our view of the giant featureless wall.'
Starscream: 'It's Feng Shui! Now get moving!'
Gundam Sniper writes: "And see, how the lady bug and giant jet- ROBOT OF DOOM coexist peacefully in their natural habitat"
_Max_ writes: Rumble: "Starscream, Amazon's sent us the wrong thing AGAIN. That is NOT an mp3 player."

Starscream: "Maybe the Play switch is that red button."
Minicle writes: Starscream: Wonder what happens if I press this button?
Lightning Bug: Huuuuuggg! ^_^
Starscream: .>
Minicle writes: Lightning Bug: Oi! Easy Mate, mind the wings!
gir writes: R: "He's committing Pesticide!"
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Bruticus Buckeye writes: Starscream, "Rumble, this is where baby Insecticons come from."
Laserbot writes: SS:hurry go get the giant rolled up newspapper!!
R: gees good thing the sunday funies add extra weight!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Now we know who's been making the Playschool GoBots.
megathunderbass writes: Rumble: Starscream, dont look now, but i think someone bugged you.
Starscream: no way! how can you tell?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"Hey look you peal this shell back and there's chocolate under here!"
alvahnomicron writes: "HEY, NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I think Bugatrons had too much to drink again."
Starscream,"Yeah he's stuck in bug mode again."
Rumble,"There's no way he can fly home like this.We can't just leave him here."
Minicle writes: Starscream: I know your hiding in there NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE!
Minicle writes: Starscream: Whats it say now Rumble?

Rumble: Twenty three Mega Cycles, and six Astro seconds...Whatever that means...

Starscream: Finelly! Just Three more Cycles and I'll have broken the World Record for Lighting Bug embracing!
Minicle writes: Its not the size that counts. Its how you Use it.
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Minicle writes: Starscream: Quick Rumble! We must hide my Beast Machines form before Bob Skir finds it!
Minicle writes: Starscream: Whats this?

Minicle writes: Starscream's Idea of "bugging" the system.
HeliconAutun writes: Starscream: 'Quick Rumble - run behind him and steal its wallet!'
Rumble: 'Where's its back pocket?'
HeliconAutun writes: Rumble: 'I don't think it's ticklish Starscream.'
Starscream: 'Nonsense! All bow to the mighty tickle attack of Starscream! Works 9 out of 10 times!'
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"This should hide the hole in the wall from Megatron,til we can go to Home Depot and get some sheet rock and paint."
Rumble,"You think they'll have the same color paint?"
Starscream,"Oh sure they got that color m
Tiedye writes: Starscream- "When the humans see this it will strike fear into their hearts." What are they doing now" Rumble- "they are just standing there sir Starscream- Dam! It worked in THE MUMMY movie
Viper 16 writes: Starscream: I'm papa roach!
Rumble: whatever you say
fuzzy butt writes: s "AHHHHHH ITS ON MY FOOT ITS ON MY FOOT!"
R "and like I can Do anyThing"
Me am Grimwave writes: Starscream: Behold Rumble, my ultimate weapon of destructive power! Mwahahahahaha!
Rumble: ..... well? Where's the destrutcitive power?
Starscream: Hold on a second. Argh! Slag! How do you turn this thing on?
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"You pulled this cybertic off of Ravage?"
Starscream,"Sure did.You might wanna tell Soundwave to check him completely after every mission."
Rumble,"Will do."
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Starscream and Rumble catch the monster trying to scare everyone away from 'Con H.Q.
All:"Mr. Crabtree!"
Minicle writes: Starscream: Quick Rumble! Hand me a Pokeball! I'm gonna catch me a Ninjask!

Rumble: Um...I don't think thats a Ninjask Starscream 0.0
Minicle writes: Rumble: You certainly do have a way with Bugs Starscream. "S------" >_<

Starscream: Oh Shut up! .\_/.
Acelister writes: They didn't believe when the sign said "Product may contain bugs", and look what happened!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: After pulling off the rubber mask,Starscream and Rumble found that all the speculation and hints on the albums were true Paul was dead,and had been replaced in The Beatles years ago with a giant bug in disguise.
Mkall writes: Starscream has failed Megatron so many times, that Megatron has sent him on the impossible mission: teach the inanimate rock bug to fly.
Blue_Monkey writes: How many times have I told you to lift with your knees, Rumble? Like this!
Patrick O'Shea writes: Rumble: "I don't care WHAT you say, I am NOT calling you Shockwave!"
Starscream: "Shock shock shock waaaave...."
Pokejedservo writes: Let did anyone know that X.A.N.A has been aided by shrunken Decepticons in the outside world. Who knew huh?
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Rumble,"What the hell are you doing."
Bug,"Yeah powerlinx with him he's minicon size.unnnnng OUCH!"
Dee-Kal writes: Starscream's fondness for movie memorabelia was finally declared 'out of hand' when he came back from the Mummy Returns premiere...
Dee-Kal writes: .
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"What are you doing?"
Starscream,"Me I'm just burning doing the neutron dance."
Rumble,"Ask a stupid question....."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Bombshell, how many Krispy Kreme doghnuts did you eat?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "No, no, you idiots! Like THIS! One,two, three, one,two, three....
Kevinus Prime writes: "Thank God you got here, Starscream! It already ate Tokyo and beat Godzilla!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "My new Pretender shell sucks."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Rumble! Don't just stand there like an idiot! Get the 'Raid'!"
turbo97 writes: arn't you supposed to remove that with a match?
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Ain't no way your gonna eat the whole thing Statscream."
Ravenous Zero writes: I don't know what the hell it is, but it's comming home with me! Look at that sexy Mech body!
_Max_ writes: Starscream: "Put a quarter in the slot Rumble, I want to ride the bug machine."
Mikeybot writes: Ooo, squishy!
Obi-Wan Kenobi writes: wow, cool. hand-puppets!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"Ok,Rumble give me that sample of Will Smith's blood.I'll let the bug get a whiff of it,and finally I will have my revenge for Wild,Wild,West."
Autocons writes: Starscream: I really hope no one sees me doing this. This new toy i got cost me my life savings of Energon. Rumble: It's just a toy. Starscream: BUT IT LIGHTS UP! BATERIES ARE INCLUDED! Honestly, how many toys include batteries, HUH! Rumble: 2,452,86
megathunderbass writes: Rumble: oh no! i knew i forgot something!!
Starscream: hehehe i came prepared for Megatrons sleep over party, got my beanbag here, i'm ready for anything, hehehehe
megathunderbass writes: Rumble: i dont see how you got that, i tried all day long tryin to hit those bottles off the wall but they wouldnt budge!
Starscream: all you need rumble is a good eye and $100 dollars sliped in to get this baby, now i can add it to the rest of my soft t
HeliconAutun writes: Starscream: "Megatron? Is that you?!"
Rumble: "You need an optics test Starscream."
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"What are you doing?"
Starscream,"Well I'm really siked up about Starship Troopers 2 coming out on DVD,and I bought this for a Starship Troopers 2 party,you think Megatron will come?"
Rumble,"Your really sad you know
y2si writes: it's black, it will go with anything
Fast Lane writes: Star Scream: Would you care to dance m'lady?
Rumble: We need to get you a girlfriend.
fuzzy butt writes: "oooo quick! hide here come megs and I don't want to ruin the suprise."
fuzzy butt writes: r" I still don't see how you got that in your tailpipe"
s" look for the last time Butter no butt, bug in rubber underpants!"
r"still don't get it.."
Sniper-Switch writes: Getting a copy of Starscreams room key: $4.99
Time spent waiting for the lights to go out: 2 hours
Having projector as a best friend: Priceless
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble catchs Starscream in another hairbrained scheme.

Rumble,"What are you doing with that bug?"
Starscream,"Bug,what bug."
vinlok writes: Megatron is going to freak out when he finds this under his bed.
Zero Dreax writes: "Stupid Cybertronian cockroaches!"
"Blew up another batch of energon, eh Starscream?"
PETEATRON writes: "come on rumble we gotta fix this problem or soundwave wont let me listen to my aerosmith tapes on him anymore"
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trailbreaker writes: Where's that can of bug spray Spike had in an earlier caption contest ??
fuzzy butt writes: Come on boy roll over, roll over
rumble" ahh come on dude this is so lame"
turbo97 writes: Hey rumble Check out the size of my Bling Bling
fuzzy butt writes: feed me starscream feed me!
hey rumble, stand a little closer
Jetfighter Prime writes: Rumble(frighten):Starscream, don't do it! it might wake up and kill you

Starscream(really mad): this thing is getting me on the nerves!!! Why don't you SHUT UP?! and help me you stupid tape!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"I don't think you've quite got the hang of this snowman thing,Starscream."

Starscream,"Your a tape right? Record this,This is Starscream reminding Rumble to SHUT UP!"
mangatron writes: Starscream: "finally, the legendary transforming Scarab! with this, megatron will be mummy food!"

Rumble: "why are you trying to climb it?"
Xorn writes: Star Scream: Now my collection is complete with this Lighting bug.

Rumble: Just wait for Hasbro to release the 6 repaints, then your collection won't be so complete!
happylock writes: Starscream "Look at rumble. Isn't it beautiful?"
Rumble "What is it? It looks silly to me,"
Starscream "It is the world's largest chocolate covered insecticon. And it is all mine whaahahha."
Rumble "Wait isn
HeliconAutun writes: Starscream: "..ah-ah-ah-ah Stayin' Alive Stayin' Alive!"
Rumble: "Please please tell me now, is there something I should know?"
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teletran2 writes: starscream: rumble, pass me the instructions again... this super deluxe insection is tuffer than i thought...
Ransom writes: Starscream: *thinking* Oh boy! My very own exclusive, limited edition Giant Lightning Bug!! And it was only $15 on eBay!


Megatron: Where in %*^$* is my bathtub toy?!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"That's right Starscream lift with the knees."
Starscream,"Everybody's always got a better way,espeacially when their not lifting."
Topnwe writes: Starscream: just a tug *grunt* here, and a twist there.... Rumble: Starscream i really don't think that's an insecticon toy. Starscream: what are you talking about, Bumblebee told me it was when i bought it at his garage sale. Rumble: WHAT?! oh
Optimus Norm writes: Honestly Starscrem....why don't you and the giant bug get a frickin' room for heaven's sake?
Draco614 writes: Starscream-you have the right to remain silent
Anything you can and will be used against you in a court of law
You have the right to an attorney
If you can't afford one, one will be provided to you by the court system.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"I'm telling you Rumble this will be the Transformers of the future."
Rumble,"I don't know Starscream,Beastwars,you really think this'll work."
S,"Of course it will,we'll computer animate the whole
fuzzy butt writes: Some how I don't think this is a real spanish fly.
oh shut up and destract her while I slip it into her drink
Com&Con01 writes: Help me Rumble! I'm been attacked by those beatles from the Mummy!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"Stand back Rumble I'm gonna ride the lightning......bug."
Rumble,"That is the worst joke I've ever heard."
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Welcome to Extreme Home Makeover Decepticon Edition:Starscream,and Rumble've been working on the living room,mean while Megatron's been making the living room bigger with his fusion cannon.
HeliconAutun writes: Starscream: 'Is this an anime? 'Cos I'm sure that background's moving and we're not'.
Rumble: 'You're hugging a giant metal insect and you think the walls are moving and you're not. Could you be any more drunk
fuzzy butt writes: do you need to shed some of thoes unwanted lbs, or do you just need to get back into shape? We at Rumbles gym have what you need. With our new decpt. wait program we will help slim, trim and bring out the Killer in you! We even offer private trainers ( sh
fuzzy butt writes: after recent lay offs and energon cuts, Starscream and Rumble go into pest removel biz. to suplament threr lost income
HeliconAutun writes: Starscream: 'They say if you rub your crotch on a giant metal insect that good luck comes your way'.
Rumble: 'Somethin' else does to'.
Acelister writes: After being shrunk, Rumble and Starscream had to do fend against dust, feet, and the occasional insect.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Starscream: God, Shrapnel, you gotta lay off the Krispy Kremes!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream and Rumble had so much fun at the Wet and Wild Water Bug park.
demonslayer writes: Rumble: When Megatron told you to bug the Autobots, i don't think he ment that. StarScream: What else could he have ment?
turbo97 writes: so this is the bug that caused the unknowns in HMW
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_Max_ writes: Starscream: "I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't keep trying to climb up the wall!"
Road Turtle writes: Rumble, "Uh, could you tell me again why we're doing this?"

Starscream, "To defeat the Autobots so we can take over Earth, so we can suck it dry of Energon, then go back to Cybertron, defeat the Autobots there, so we can rule Cybert
Road Turtle writes: Rumble, "You know StarScream, you are second in command, you could get SkyWarp and ThunderKracker to do that for you...(but then again you are an idiot...)"

StarScream, "I heard that you Archaic Analogue Spool of Tape! Two words, KITCHEN
Castle74 writes: Megatron:Ok now a little to the right...
Rumble and Starscream:Yes Megatron!
Megatron:Now a little left...wait..
Starscream whispers:One Day Megatron, one day..
And a rivalry began...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"So iz dat da bug dat's bin up your reactor?"

Starscream," hate you."
sagekilla writes: Rumble: you have to release your Sexual energy here?

Starscream: YEAHH!!!! YEAHHH!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
sagekilla writes: Rumble: So..this is how decepticons are made huh?

Starscream: Away with you!!! leave me to my privacy time in the toilet!!

Rumble: But we dont goto the bath---

Starscream: SILENCE!
Wylde Fyre writes: Rumble: "I'm tellin' ya Starscream, the Insecticons don't HAVE Pretender shells!"
TheRoMan writes: "Hey Starscream, what the heck is a Lighning Bug anyway?" - Starscream "I don't know Rumble, maybe its a typo"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream works hard to peddle his new exercise program The Roboflex.
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AirFlare writes: Starscream: "LEAVE NOW, RUMBLE!!"
Rumble: "This is gross"
Cliff Jumper writes: What Starscrem uses to do his squats.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Here he is Starscream."
Starscream,"You fool this is not Gamera!"
fuzzy butt writes: rumble to Starscream" how just how did you get this past airport security?"
starscream" Do you rember the time we pretended to be pinky and the brain?"
rumble" yea?"
scream" well what do you think the rubber pants and
fuzzy butt writes: Singing" com mister starscream, carry that that big bug, Megatrom comes and we got no raid, me say Raid! we need the RAID need da raid da raid. Meagtron comes and he'll see the bug
fuzzy butt writes: after years of abuse for megatron starscream finally snapps and gives up his and follows his real dream, Entomology!
Jaw Crusher writes: Q: Why exactly did Megatron keep Starscream alive all those years? A: Because when Optimus Prime has kicked your ass yet again, you'll look for a good belly laugh any way you can.
LagunaL8 writes: The REAL origin or Frenzy and Rumble...Starscream: Come on, push, push! I see the head comin out!Rumble: Cool...I get a brother... *Frenzy pops out*
galvanostril writes: rumble: wow, it IS a weapon!
Starscream: Now I can defeat megatron!
bumblebee(under lightning bug): wait, it's just styrofoam!
TheRoMan writes: "Hey Starscream, why don't we just get that bug spray used in the caption contest 3 months ago?"
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thexfile writes: starscream : i've done it , i've done it... finaly i captured 1 of those pesky outobots...!!!

rumbel : eum which outobot wil that be than screamy ??

starscream : can't you see ??? are you blind ???? i've captured that pesky outob
thexfile writes: starscream : fly baby fly , whazz up fly baby...

rumbel : hey screamy what are you dooing...

starscream : i've had it withe megatron i'm gooing away

rumbel : yeh , but i thougt megatron disesembeld you flying circuits ???

thexfile writes: rumbel : higher , little to the left , hold it.

starscream : (rude farting noise)

rumbel : pieuwie what was that ??

starscream : ooops i think i've ---- myself
thexfile writes: rumbel : he starscream what is that ?

starscream : can't you see stupide bot , it's a bug bom , megatron told me to get 1 cos the idiot leader has got ants in his pants woehahhahha
Acelister writes: Starscream: "When Megatron said there was a bug in this room, I can see why he got scared!"
Acelister writes: Starscream thought a group hug was in order to raise moral.
Fastlane writes: Starsream: This Insecticon weighs a ton!
Rumble: Lift with your kness!
thexfile writes: Starscream : when megatron hit's this special pignata we wil have some big fun.

rumble : yeh yeh it w'll bring the house down literaly hahahhah
thexfile writes: rumble : starscream just push harder , you wimp crack it open.

starscream : it won't budge , it's so hard.

rumble : it's easy jou just crack it open , let me do it.

starscream : i do'nt know how that pig does it in the film ,
DeltaOmega writes: You put your right arm in, you take your riaht arm out, you put your right arm in and shake it all about......
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Binaltech Bombshell writes: Rumble(to Starscream): Mind if I dance wit' yo date?
Blitzkriegh writes: Starscream- RUMBLE! GET THE GIANT BUG REPELLANT QUICKLY!
Rumble- On it!
: When Rumble and the other casseticons came back it was too late, Screamer was gone and the bugs were extremely fat :
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"Alright bug assume the position.Spread em'"
Bug,"I didn't do nothin!"
Rumble,"You have the right to remain silent,you have the right to an attorney......"
Road Turtle writes: Little did the Decepticons know that the Autobots had already perfected a counter weapon against the Lighting Bug,....The Giant Rubber Boot!
Road Turtle writes: StarScream, "Hey, you! Help me move this this superweapon! It weighs tons!"
Rumble, "Dude, I'm a cassette."
Road Turtle writes: Rumble "Wow! A giant motionless bug that just sits there hurls lighting bolts at random! Thats the best plan ever! I'm so glad I quit my subway job!"
Road Turtle writes: Lame and extravagantly hokey super weapons, this is why the Decepticons lose.
MacrossFA19 writes: Starscream: I love you but, but.... I am a decepticon and I have to let you go.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"This? I taking it to the beach I call it my buggy board."
Archer writes: That wasn't my pistol
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Zeedust writes: Strascream: "I shall call him squihy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my little squishy..."

Rumble: "Little? We need a can of Raid the size of a slaggin' truck, if you ask me!"
UltraPrimal writes: MIC Starscream and Rumble, seen here frisking a felon from the planet Dung, turn good and join the Galactic RCMP.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Oh that crazy Starscream and his wacky plans.Last week he tried putting a pillow over Megatron's mouth,this week he's training a big beetle to carry Megatron off.
Kaiser Grimlock writes: and one two, CHA CHA CHA, three four CHA CHA CHA
Kaiser Grimlock writes: Fat bot's need love too
Silent writes: Starscream:Where should we hide this before Megatron's suprise birthday.? Rumble:Who the hell cares. Let's just hide it where he wouldn't look. SS:But Megatron looks every where. Rumble:Who gives a crap.
trailbreaker writes: Starscream has waaaaaaaaay too much energon and gets frisky with Megatron's favorite statue.
trailbreaker writes: Megatron super-glued Starscream to the bug as a cruel joke.
trailbreaker writes: Rumble -- "See Starscream? The caterpillar turns into a beautiful"
-Ry- writes: Rumble had just stumbled upon the most akward moment of his life. Not only did starscream come out of the closet, but Rumble was his next victim.....
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Happy Noodle Blacker writes: Look at this tick we pulled off Trypticon!
fuzzy butt writes: Rumble" you wnat me to crawl up that things what?"
scream" wan wan wan now get off your butt and into the buggs!"
fuzzy butt writes: so what we going to do tomorrow night Brain?
Take over the world Pinky, now help me get this bug into the rubber under pants while I rub butter on my butt.
fuzzy butt writes: Megatron is gonna flip when he finds this in his bed!!
Rumble" I'm telln I'm telln"
fuzzy butt writes: some how I don't think this is going to fit in to your apt.
fuzzy butt writes: ahhh see I told you he liked you
scream" bad bug, bad bug down boy down sit siiit
fuzzy butt writes: so any ways, their I was with a baby seal in one hand and a ballpin hammer in the other, win WHHOAH!!!! HOLLY BAT POOP I ALMOST WALKED INTO THI ENORMIOUS BUG THING
fuzzy butt writes: om nom she bomm on re nom seh bom, OOOH great buggy of grand stature grant me, in your buggy wisdome the buggy power to annoy the living crap out of megatrom, nommo nommo wizz bang phlop
fuzzy butt writes: Yo scream, your bling blink is way mongo, you know what i is preachn my nizzle
fuzzy butt writes: Damn xian soda mach, GIVE ME MY money back!!!!
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fuzzy butt writes: no wait wait a little more to the left, a little more, no ok ok , more to the right a little more, no stop, ok alittle to the left a little more
fuzzy butt writes: Ok Rumble All that I have to do is say the magic words and ......
fuzzy butt writes: lets see how powerfull the power rangers are without their bug of power.
fuzzy butt writes: Red rocket , Red rocket, comon good bug red rocket!
fuzzy butt writes: So let me git this strait, megs told you that rubbing the venution spitting beetle's belly would make stronger?
fuzzy butt writes: one pill makes you larger, one will make you small, go ask Alice win she's ten feet tall.
So don't go chasing wrabbits down thoes holes...
Damnit Rumble quit singing and give me a HAND!
fuzzy butt writes: ok CHARLIE bROWN, ERR starscream, i'll hold the bug and you run up and try to kick it..K
fuzzy butt writes: Hey umm, Starscream, ahh, don't take this the wrong was but, umm, you got A HUGE BUG ON YOUR face!!!
fuzzy butt writes: Errr.... Hrrmph... gooogit....
Are you shure that you moved this by your self
fuzzy butt writes: Yet once again Starscream has too much to drink and rumble has to save him from a fate worse than death,"COYOTE LLooVVee!!!"
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fuzzy butt writes: Do a little dance make a little love get down to night get down tonight
fuzzy butt writes: follow the rabbit you said, eat the mushroom you said, this is it screw you I'm goin home
Alphatron writes: Rumble: How the heck to we get this back to Megatron??

Starsceam: Whoever said I'M taking this back to Megatron?
Ratbat writes: It's a terrible irony, Rumble, that we are about to destroy the Autobots with a weapon they created!
badjimmy76 writes: Got it, now to really ---- it off I'm gonna stick my thumb up its butt.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"What's that?"
Starscream,"Like it,I bought it at Big Lots,it's an oversized Beastwars knock off,pretty cool huh only set me back a dollar too."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: 17 years those and those friggin cicadas are back.
turbo97 writes: Oh No, unicron has crabs
turbo97 writes: WOW a whole new definition to bugs in the system
turbo97 writes: Im gonna win this years halloween contest for sure!
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turbo97 writes: 20 foot tall and it carries lyme desiese too?!?!
turbo97 writes: where's the orkin man when you need him
turbo97 writes: Starscreams hidden hobby has been discovered, Teaching bugs how to waltz
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Didn't Megatron say he'd clip your manly wires if he caught you trying to merge with anything again?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"This it's a Super-Deluxe Insecticon."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"Isn't this awesome I got it at Bombshell's yard sale,won't this look great on my den wall?"
Rumble,"Wow Megatron must've really beat the hell out of you last time you tried to take over,cause that things ugl
dolenarda writes: Yeah you like it when someone watches dont ya you big bug
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Rumble,"Dear god Starscream are you humping a giant bug?"
Starscream,"Yes why?"
Rumble,"No reason,I get sloppy seconds.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"Damn it Rumble where the hell you want this thing it's heavy you know."
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