The Decepticons stand on a cliff

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The Decepticons stand on a cliff
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Ravage XK writes: Megaton is taking a nap, for the love of god don't let that probe wake him. He gets really cranky if he doesn't get his 8 hours.
trailbreaker writes: Megatron and vodka don't mix.
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Megs! You're finally back from the gym!"
Chrisby writes: "Megatron is dead! And I, Skywarp, am now leader of the Decepticons!"
Crashcomet writes: TC: Megatron, quit throwing a tantrum. We got the immobilizer, see? Get off the ground.
Bumblebeast writes: STARSCREAM !!!! You have tied my shoes again !!!
folkeye writes: Megatron " makes you think I'm afraid of heights?"
Taiya001 writes: Megatron: DAMNIT Starscream wont let me forget about this dumb bet, SURE TRY TO LEAP 300 FT AND CATCH THE RADAR, YEAH LIKE THAT WORKED
Skywarp and sideswipe LOL LOL LOL
Zeedust writes: "Okay, I'm tired of this fight now. Wake me up when the episode's almost over and it's time for me to call a retreat."
seminole1 writes: Skywarp: There he goes agin passing out when were in the middle of a battle.
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Unknown writes: thundercracker:i told him to watch out for that rock but does he listen noooooooo
Unknown writes: thundercracker:i told him to watch out for that rock but does he listen noooooooo
egarton writes: now decepticons don't give away our hiding plac...SPLAT!!!

OP-there they are...attack
Roadshadow writes: Skywarp: Megatron partied too hard.
Thundercracker: Yeah...
Soundwave: I call dibs on his wallet!
Rumble: Dammit I was gonna do that!
Dragonoth writes: Megatron: "STARSCREAM!"
Starscream: "The Mighty Megatron has fallen! Now I am leader of the Decepticons!"
Megatron: "You're lucky your null-ray hit my gyro-stabilizer. You have time to fly far away before I get up."
Warhead writes: thundercraker-you gave megatron the wrong pills
skywarp-I know ........but it was pretty funny
Screambug writes: Megatron: Oh, man. I just tripped when I finally blasted Optimus Prime right off the face of the earth!
Minicle writes: Megatron: For the last time Ravage, let go of my legs!
Marv writes: I can't believe I forgot to bring the rest of our new superweapon!!! (bangs head to the ground) STUPID!!! STUPID!!! STUPID!!!
Marv writes: Mommy, oh mommy!!! Why didn't you ever love me?!!! If only you'd loved I wouldn've become a Decepticon!!!
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Marv writes: Skywarp: "Well, we kinda figured that having a dead Megatron for a leader was still better than having a fully functional Starscream in charge... And in fact, we don't really notice that much difference!"
commander setinel writes: Skywarp:THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GIVE MEGATRON DRUGS!!
Alphatron writes: Rumble: Oh my God! You killed Megatron.
Soundwave: You Bastards.
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron: Left arm...numb ..heart burning

while the other decepticons steal cable megatron suffers a major heart attack
blackconvoy writes: Skywarp:Looks like megatron fell asleep again.
Soundwave: He has to stop watching E.
Thundercracker:Dont you mean doing E!!!
All laughing ah ah ah ah!!!
Kal-Seth writes: Megatron: look at all the tiny little ants

Megatron Develops a new hobby
Kal-Seth writes: Skywarp: poor megatron he saw his Armada and Robot's in disguse counterparts
Flashback writes: While the other Decepticons crumbled and faltered, Skywarp and Soundwave were able to meet the day with the kind of confidence that only clean, fresh underwear can bring.
shockwave_inoz writes: SOUND: "Megatron! This is no time to be taking a nap!WAKE UP!!" MEG: "Mph..wha..hang on, Ma...just a few more minutes, ok?" OTHER DECEPS: "WHA......???"
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Unknown writes: After fred destroyed megatron, a happy starsream left to celebrate, while thundercracker,skywarp,rumble and soundwave kill fred with a blaster thingy after he jumped of a cliff
Unknown writes: After an angry fred...
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Hey, we made it all the way to the top!! Thundercracker: Hell yeah... now this is livin'... the wind through your circuits, knowing you're so much higher than everybody else... if it weren't for that lightweight down th
Unknown writes: After eating bacon at every meal, Megatron dies of a massive heart attack.
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Megatron has fallen! I declare myself leader! Thundercracker: Isn't that Starscream's line? Skywarp: But I AM Starsc... stupid animators!
Unknown writes: Thundercracker (talking over the satellite phone): Yeah, Screamer, things just haven't been the same since you left for Armada. I mean, Megatron's just been shot to the floor and NOBODY'S made a vie for leadership. I guess I&
Shadow Fox writes: Thundercracker- Whoo boy, didn't see that one coming, stupid usless human Spike just came up and kicked him in the shin, then ran away..
Shockwave writes: Skywarp: It's too bad Megatron has passed out from drinking so much last night.
Thundercracker: Yea.. His plan to use this device to cut off the Autobot's live porn feed to slowly drive them insane was brilliant..(snickers). Too bad he
Unknown writes: SKYWARP:Man, he's really gotta do something about that narcolepsy.
DECEPTICONS:uh-huh, yeah.
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Are we supposed to call THAT our leader ?
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Unknown writes: Soundwave: Impossible. Narcolepsy is a human disease.. conclusion.. Megatron is faking it.
Zeedust writes: "Get up, Megatron, I was just kidding about the throw rug mode. Yopu're not a triple-changer."
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Why is Megatron dead?" Skywarp: "You see that Satelite there? It's his left testicle!"
M writes: We finally found Megatrons weakness. Tristars Godzilla via sattelite makes him collapse.
Arkhaon writes: Soundwave: I knew we shouldnt let megatron drink that last bottle of energon
Unknown writes: The truth of Megatron's shocking condition is revealed for the first time ever in this exclusive footage . . . the Decepticon leader suffers from narcolepsy . . . this story and more tonight on your very own home station, WDEC!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Now that... WHOOPS! Soundwave: And he called ME a clumsy fool! Rumble: Hey! We all know nothing can get as clumsy as Starscream!
Minicle writes: Skywarp: Heh, Megatron fell over, Megatron fell over.
Megatron: Silence, i'm er, just examining this fine background cel.
Autobot bubbs writes: All this, and more when you order your personal copy of "DECEPTICONS GONE WILD", only 29.95 with 4.99 shipping and handling...order yours TODAY!!!
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parkwood writes: Why is it that our fearless leader is the only one who hasnt upgraded to rechargeables!?!?!
K-nonFodder writes: Soundwave" didn't i tell him, effective leaders don't get liquored up"
Dark writes: I bet if we threw him off here, no one would EVER find him...
Unknown writes: Thundercracker (through gritted teeth): Just...ignore it...the tantrums never last long...
thexfile writes: Rumbel : hey you killd megatron... YOU BASTERDS !!!!
thexfile writes: megatron: (krieeing) soudwave you told us we would get sky on this satelite , i want my sky !!!

rest : dam , this is not fair , bumber , tupide soundwave..

Soundwave : it's always my foult , who wants to se sky anyway
Unknown writes: Megatron:Mmmmmff! Mmmph, mmmm!
Soundwave: What did you say?
Unknown writes: Who wants to jump?
Unknown writes: Megatron explains the wall climbing effect in the Batman T.V. show, which he thinks is the greatest acheivement of fleshling culture
Unknown writes: Megatron:"hey!! Help me find my contact lens!"
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Unknown writes: Megatron:"Hey, check it out! A peephole to Arcee's bedroom on the ark!"
TetraReris writes: Jets and Rumble *trying not to laugh*
Megatron: Every single time! Soundwave! Next time tell me I'm about to step into a hole!
thexfile writes: soudwave : ( at end of yoke) so the dock tels the insectecon 2 leave him alone and bug off
megatron : ahhhh ahhhh hhhhhha ahhhh ahhhh hhh hhh ahhhh
thunder cracker : i do'nt get it ??
megatron : ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh hhhhh ahhhh
skylinx :
Unknown writes: thundercracker: man im sick of this planet.. i know (snaps heels together) thers no place like home theirs no place like home..."
(Meg falls over after another rediculose statement from thundercracker)
Meg: "blaaaaaalala"
Ratbat writes: Hah, Screamer been doin it wrong all this time! One good beer, he hits the ground.
DestronPride writes: Megs: WhoOoOoOAh... I am SO wasted.
Thundercracker: Lasers... autobots... treachery...all it actually took was 3 6packs to down the 'mighty' megatron.
Unknown writes: Skywarp: "Uh, Megsy, playing dead won't win us the battle."
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Whoops.

Skywarp: If anyone asks, Starscream hit him.
Chrono writes: Why is he always drinikng, dad beats us..and falls down so much..
Unknown writes: Megatron: ...Oh yeah? Well your mother was a toaster!
Skywarp: Take that back! *punch*
Megatron: oww...
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Ben writes: megatron: aaaaa no i fell and cant get up and cant see us destroy the autobots!!1
Fallengaiden writes: Rumble: Megatron, Megatraon!! Get up, this plan will really work this time.. promise..
Unknown writes: Rumble: Thundercracker, quit slouching.
Skywarp: When do we get to watch girls gone wild?
Soundwave: Where's my eyes?
Megatron: This sand tastes like dirt.
Unknown writes: Skywarp - "Starscream's goin to get it for dropping the banana skin"
Unknown writes: "3,000,000 intergalactic Channels and the best you can find is "Wheelie in Las Vegas?!"-facefaults-
Unknown writes: megatron repeats the great song of RHCP: "I Like Dirt"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: 982 channels on dis thing and all we get is Lifetime.
Megatron: No more "touched by an angel" for the love Vector Sigma! zzzzzzzz
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Haha! Megatron has fallen! Now I am the new leader! You must all obey me! Megatron: I'm not dead, you moron, I just tripped, that's all. TC: Jeez, and I thought 'Screamer was bad.
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Oh, Boy Oh, man, gimme a break, that was his 20th Tequilla Energon Cube for our leader. That should be enough.......Megatron: Deeeuuuuuzzzzzzzzuyyyy... Aaaaaoooooopooooooooopooooaaaabs(
Unknown writes: Oh for the love of... Not again! If anyone found out about Megatron's nacrolepcy problem we're sunk!
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Manchester Devil writes: Skywarp: Megatron still can't believe Starscream joined the Autobots.
Thundercracker: So...this satilite can't pick up anything worth s**t!
Unknown writes: megatron: uunhh.huh?wha-snuh!? Rumble: Sshhh! Go to sleep,sweet prince. MG: you guys are so gay.
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: He is not going to be happy when we are forced to tell him that we used his battery for our new laser pointer
Unknown writes: Skywarp: I told Megatron that raiding that Radio Shack for batteries was a bad idea.. Thundercracker: Hey, at least the RC we got for Rumble was kinda cool..
zach writes: i told him i thought somthin was wrong with his legs
Unknown writes: where's thrust? he went after a minicon somewhere around here.
Beast Simpson writes: Decepticons: How low can you go!! (Megs falls)
Soundwave: ......apparently not too low.
Shadow writes: Megs: Okay, listen up: I'm gonna take a nap. The probes in charge until I get up. Thundercracker: This s humiliating...
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Stop it leader i know we lost, but why do you have to be such a DRAMA QUEEN?!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "The beam is about to fire!! Hit the Deck!!
Soundwave, Rumble, Thundercracker and Skywarp all together: "Wuss!"
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Orion Pax writes: Megatron: Okay! who the F$#K threw that Goddamn sattelite? Starscream:*from somwhere offstage* Now i shall rule, let see you interrupt my coronation again, bitch!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: You guys are sure he's unconscious?
Others: Yep.
Soundwave: Ok guys, just don't watch. I'm nervous
Megatron regains consciousness: What happened? My fecalizing extractor is sore.
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Hey Rumble, when can I play with that gizmo of yours ?
Rumble: Never, go play with yourself !!
Megatron: Why me ? Why do I command a bunch of dweebs ? When... does... the hurting... stop ?
*Bangs his head against the floor*
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Think we should wake him up?
Skywarp: He'll wake up on his own. who's next
Rumble: The bong is mine!
Skywarp: That'll be five bucks
Rumble: Five bucks?
Skywarp: Energon weed is hard to get these days
Unknown writes: Rumbel: What a light show
Thundercraker: Get a jiggy wit it
Megatron *falls* Im surounded by morons
Soundwave *thinking* I dont even get the plot to this
Beast Simpson writes: Megatron: .... I still dont see any tiny bunnnies down here!
Skywarp: Oh, theyre down there... just keep looking.
dan writes: Megatron repeats Hitler's mistake on Doomsday.
Unknown writes: Cool paint job: 3,000,000 credits Cool voice: Several million years of self-discipline Tripping your commander and having the ability to blame it on someone else: Priceless
Unknown writes: Megatron: What the...! *THUD*

Soundwave pulls his foot back to its original position.
Unknown writes: Skywarp: We'll show those Autobots by shooting them with our "Happy fun fun full of joy" beam~!!!

Megatron: "..."
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Unknown writes: I'm so tired of bieng Re-issued.
Beast Simpson writes: I told you Megatron, catapaults are not toys!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: *snore* (mumbles) Must kill Optimus. *snore* No Oppie, gimme back my teddy bear! *snore* (suddenly wakes up) BLAST IT ALL TO THE INFERNO! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I FELL ASLEEP?!
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Don't give him another one of those Tequilas, Rumble. We still need him
drunk Megatron: Aaaapoooooopaaaps (Autobots) ...HIK!!!!!!! BUUUUURP!!!
Rumble: Okay, he has a hangover already.
Unknown writes: I don't have to pick him up. i'ts not in my union contract.
Unknown writes: Me falling asleep on keyboard trying to think of caption:gt65bmry h7uuuuuuuuuuu/;.kjhjuuu
Unknown writes: o god megatron is drunk yet again rumble wake him up or something
Unknown writes: Skywarp: So, how long do we stand here? Soundwave: Until Megatron says we can leave.
Skywarp: But Megatron was shot and killed 3 weeks ago.
Soundwave: He specifically said, to stay here and guard the sattelite thingy until he said we could go.
Unknown writes: After one too many energon cubes, Megatron was forced to 'bow to the porcelin... laser-sattelite-thingy'?
Unknown writes: Skywarp: You would think after one too many tequillas he'd learn. Soundwave:*thinks* Finally I shall rule..and I shall call the universe...the Soundwave galaxy.
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Unknown writes: Skywarp: Okay he's out. Begin phase two of Operation: Like A Rock. Everyone, pull off his arms and legs and throw them in the water.

Shockwave: Oh, so that's where the "like a rock" thing comes in. It's whe
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Okay he's out. Begin phase two of Operation: Like A Rock. Everyone, pull off his arms and legs and throw them in the water.

Shockwave: Oh, so that's where the "like a rock" thing comes in. It's whe
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Um, how long do we have to hold this pose like we care? Megatron was a tool.
Rumble: Yeah, let's just kick him while he's down. Soundwave(thinking to himself):I'm hungry.
Unknown writes: Skywarp:"That's right, bitch. You ever going to badmouth Armada again?"
Megatron:"No, sir"
Omega Supreme writes: Megatron: Soundwave did you trip me??
Soundwave: No it was Skywarp I swear.
Skywarp: what I'm not the one standing right next to him with a foot stuck out.
Megatron: SILENCE FOOLS!!!!!!
Unknown writes: megatron-"must... get to... water... so.. thirsty..." skywarp-"megatron.. we don't drink."
rumble writes: megatron why are you hitting your head on the ground?????????????????????????????
MindWipe writes: Skywarp:Man the view's beautiful from up here!
Megs: I don't care I'm too stoned
Unknown writes: skywarp: I might as well take command megatron was on a drinking binge again last night.
soundwave: who is crrying home this time?
Rumble: Go to hell I know why you ejected me out and I ain't doin it!
Unknown writes: EVERYONE!!! get on the ground and H@#$p the floor
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Unknown writes: Shockwave: Sir, we warned you not to watch the all-night Midnight Run.

Megatron: Shut up and prop me against some rock.
Shadowen writes: MEGATRON: I'll make this question real simple, so you scrapheaps can understand. *Who ate the banana that $&#*ing banana peel belongs to?!?*
Unicron writes: Megatron: Damnit! How did my shoelaces get untied!? Shockwave: Rumble, eject. Operation, tie his shoes.
Unknown writes: Rumble: Get his car keys!

Skywarp: Nah, let's get his Mastercard!
Unknown writes: skywarp: what happened to megatron?
rumble: we gave him a bachlor party with cybertronian strippers last night.
skywarp: megatron isn't getting married.
rumble: i know.....i just wanted to see some strippers.
Unknown writes: Megs: Will we be able to pick up Sky 1 with this gismoe?
Unknown writes: Starscream:Now that Megatron is lying on the ground for a matter of seconds,I am leader of the Decepticons!
Unknown writes: And thats why drinking heavily before a battle is bad for you...
Unknown writes: hey, who farted?
Unknown writes: I LOVE DIRT!
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Unknown writes: Megatron fall down go boom
Unknown writes: Megatron fall down... funny.
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Oh My God Megatron!!! Soundwave: See What Happens When You Take Ephedrine Right Before Trying To Take Over Earth.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Damn!!! Sorry Guys I Thought I Got All The Local Channels With This Dish Netwrok.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Damn!!! Sorry Guys, I Thought I Got Local Channels With This Dish Network.
Phoenix writes: Megatron: Dam I missed!
Unknown writes: Rumble: Whoa this is some killer S#!t....
Thundercracker: whoa... Megatron is like.. wasted.
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: "You can relax, Megatron. The wasp has gone."
MacrossFA19 writes: (Rumble)hey Thundercracker, did Megatron really blow a fuse when he found out this thing wasn't direct t.v???
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Even with this probe thing our computer is STILL slow as hell!
Skywarp: At least Megatron's too drunk to care.
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Unknown writes: [Thundercraker, What the hell?][Skywarp, I knew it!] [Rumble, so thats what he does when he is not eating planets, gross!] Megatron passed out after looking at Unicron in a distant universe screwing a planet bigger than he is.
Omega Prime writes: Skywarp: Don't worry Thundercracker megatron usually lays like this for a good hour after Cybertron porn.
Unknown writes: SOUNDWAVE! You told me this cable descrambler would work and the Spice Channel is still scrambled? DAMMIT!
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Uh, Skywarp, you weren't supposed to cut the energy-absorbing machine on BEFORE handing it to Megatron...
Unknown writes: WHAT???? I spent all afternoon building this thing just to find out Charlie lost on the Bacholorette???NOOOOOOOO.........
Unknown writes: thundercraker:" what happened to megatron?"
skywarp:"his favorite boyband didn't win the mtv teenybopper award."
matt writes: Hmm , I wonder if its true if you can see naked China girls all the way through this hole.
Unknown writes: TC:I guess you were right Skywarp. 5 forty's will render you unconscious for more than 2 hours.

SW: Told you so.
Unknown writes: [Skywarp] Hey, how'd Megatron end up unconscious??
Unknown writes: Megatron:If i put my head really close to the ground...HEY! I can hear those Autobots coming! I'll stay down here till either they come or the portable satalite modem finishes downloading the "mature" version of Christina Aguile
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Unknown writes: skywarp:"Since Megatron's boozed up again, I'm in charge. I say we use this here cool ray-shootin' doohickey to eradicate the bikinis from all the human chicks on that beach down there. All in favor say 'Hell Y
Unknown writes: (TC);You Autobots are through! Heh, even without our immobilizer I could fry their circuits extra crispy.(Megatron); NJAAAH!(Rumble); Sure, until your circuits are fried extra crispy instead, 'cause you trusted Skywarp here to cover your back. He
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: Must get to edge... must see what is happening. SKYWARP: Let's help him. (kicks him off) Oops. :-)
Unknown writes: TC: "What happened to Megatron?" Skywarp: " The future probe Showed him something called "Beast Machines: Season 2" and then he started screaming like a little girl about his head floating around next to Un
Chris writes: I guess some Decepticon's can just hold their liquor better than others.
tfpredaking writes: Skywarp look, our ray to alter the future isn't working!! Megatron just took his own life rather than become part of that Beastwars Crap!! Skywarp: Even in death I feel were screwed into becomming a part of that Sh*t!! Damn You Hasbro!!!
Unknown writes: M: Help me! I can't swim! I'm drowning! Soundwave: Don't you think you should tell him that he's 8000 feet above sea level? Skywarp: Why? Soundwave: Maybe then he'd get up, stop crying like a baby, and aim tha
Unknown writes: Megatron: maybe if i lay like this i can snipe prime better. AHHHHHH I cant seee
Thunderwing writes: "Now face, the fearsome might of the Immobiliz....geez, this would be alot more impressive if you weren't unconcious, Mighty Megatron"
Unknown writes: Tired of Megatron always trying to hit on Elita 1, Optimus Prime finally beat him up. For the finale blow Prime hit Megatron in the universal male weak spot.
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Unknown writes: thundercracker & sound wave, "MEGATRON!?!?!" Skywarp "now you see Megatron was takin these nudie pics of Arcee and his poor spark just gave out, and thats all i know, honnestly." Rumble "yeah right&
Unknown writes: Skywarp 3:16 says, "I just whipped your a$$!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp 3:16 says, "I just whipped your a$$!"
Unknown writes: Megatron" Son of a.. Even with a mass destruction ray the Raiders can't make a third down conversion".. Thunder Cracker: "I think my legs asleep...." Sky Warp: " I can't believe i bet wheel ja
Unknown writes: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!
Unknown writes: (TC); Over there, Arcee! DON 'T IMMOBILIZE HER RUMBLE! Btw, now that Megatron is out of the picture thanks to Wheeljack 's gyro-inhibitor shell, do you think I have a chance with her? (Rumble); Whadaya askin' me for. If I wasn &
Battle Angel writes: Okay, now who took out Megatron's battery, and what the heck is that thing?
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Simon says fire the laser thingie.
All: FIRE!
Soundwave: Lay down.
Megatron: Okay!
Soundwave: I didn't say Simon says.
Megatron: .....DAMN IT!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron:I want my MOMMY!
Soundwave: That *is* your mother.
Unknown writes: Quick kick him whilst he's down!
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Unknown writes: Skywarp: Man, he's totally wasted... Thundercracker: Who cares, man, the stupid satellite dish won't show Sex in the City!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON:zzzzzzz SKYWARP:thats it!,im joining the autobots
Unknown writes: I can't find the remote for that thingy!
Unknown writes: Megs: *sobbing* Noooooo! My frisbee! How could you! Skywarp: Man, that was kinda cool...
Unknown writes: The Worm!
Ravage writes: Skywarp - Quick - get his wallet!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "All Hail the Mighty PROBE!!!" Skywarp: "He has lost it" Thundercracker: "I don't know the PROBE does look deadly."
Unknown writes: Megatron: That darn mini-con has to be in there somewhere !!!! ARGH
Soundwave: He must be wasted, he thinks he is in Armada.
Unknown writes: Megatron: That darn mini-con has to be in there somewhere !!!! ARGH
Soundwave: He must be wasted, he thinks he is in Armada.
OGoldwings writes: After drinking too much the night before, Megatron bowed to what he thought was "the porcleian god"
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Unknown writes: Wow, those Harry Potter beans do taste like the real thing!
APOLLO writes: Skywarp: Starscream must be kicking himself in the a$$ right about now.
Thundercracker: Yeah, He jumps to Armada looking for a better leadership opportunity, and now we have to sit here without a legitimate leader cuz Megatron had to call Omega Supreme&a
Jetstorm writes: Megatron shows the Deceticons his new dance move: The Worm!!!
Unknown writes: The decepticons stand on a cliff, though, some lie down.
Unknown writes: rumble:Thats the last time we take him bar hopping
Unknown writes: Dark times for the Decepticons - the probe is now in charge.
Omnikron writes: SKYWARP: I've never seen him THIS drunk on Energon before!
Unknown writes: Rumble: what exactly were you guy's roshamboing for anyways?
Skywarp: (shrugs) I just wanted to kick him in the crotch.
TC:(looks at watch) Megs fell, but wheres Screamer, this is where he'd claim leadership o_O
Unknown writes: Megatron: "No one saw that right?"
Strife writes: Rumble: Hey Skywarp, whats up with Megatron?

He just saw a preview for the second half of Armada and 2003 TFs. Turns out if it isnt the Matrix (WWI, G1v2), its Unicron (G1v2, Armada). Oh well, maybe we'll get an original idea in 2004.
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Strife writes: While Skywarp and Thundercracker rejoice at their new Armada designs coming from the projector, Megatron, once again being a green tank with stuff knees, collapses. Damn US Toy laws.
Decepticon writes: Decepticons:I QUIT MEGATRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

Inferno writes: Skywarp: "Talk about a "flat-liner"
Firebird writes: Megatron: Now that my ultimate weapon is operational, I can do the one thing I have longed for since awaking on the accursed mudball - Take A Nap!!
dan writes: did he say 'simon says?'
Unknown writes: While Megatron is finally reduced to tears by the poor reception of his Direct TV dish, Skywarp doesn't have the heart to tell him they still don't get MTV2.
frydaddy15 writes: geez skywarp, you'd think with that big "gun" of his, megatron would have more stamina in the sack
::soundwave: soundwave superior in bed, megatron inferior
Galvatron writes: Skywarp: Good shot Soundwave! It's about time you stood up for yourself and took down Megatron!!!
Jeremy writes: megs: oh arcee my ture love im so sorry but its not fault i love evil
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Suzanne writes: Skywarp: Aw hell, Megatron's drunk again!
Unknown writes: (TC); One more blast and..YES,we 're done, right Rumble? (RUMBLE); Lesee:Auto-,dino-protecto-..(SKYWARP); Airealbots, Skyfire, Cosmos, Powerglide and Omega Supreme plummeting..Yep, we got 'em all.(SOUNDWAVE); Affirmative!(MEGATRON); Skyw
Phoenix writes: When gravity attacks!
Unknown writes: This way I can use my back canon as well!!!!
Unknown writes: What I don't understand is that you still are white as snow after all those hours in the sun Megatron...
Unknown writes: Hey, I am just soaking up the sun dudes!!!
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Okay, who was the funny one to put that banana right there?"
Unknown writes: Skywarp:There goes California! Megatron:Noooooo! Thundercracker:Shouldn't have bet against the Bucks all mighty leader! Soundwave:Tampa Bay All the way! Rumble:Yeah what he said.
Unknown writes: Megatron: "My back is killing me!"
Soundwave: "Rumble, activate pile-drivers. Operation: Swedish massage."
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Pokejedservo writes: It's nice to see that no matter how akward it is for Megatron lying down like that, the other decepticons just look away. And whose say that they have no respect?
TheRo-Man writes: Wait, get up Megatron. I don't think the Autobots will attack, apparently the French and Germans believe we DON'T have weapons of mass destruction...those fools! Ha, Ha, Ha.
TheRo-Man writes: Skywarp - I am sorry Megaton, the message just came back on the sattelite. They turned down your request to be a judge on "Cybertronian Idol" OK, don't cry! Maybe there is still a chance to get on "Survivor Junkion&
Unknown writes: (TC); Guys, I think we now know who else, beside Megatron, sniffed from that energon residue stashed at our headquarters. (Rumble); Uhu, but Starscream 's jerks, jolts, hairpin turns and rapid velocity changes make it hard for me to immobilize hi
Unknown writes: "I'm not WORTHY! I'm not WORTHY....!"
Unknown writes: Megatron: Oh great satellite, teach me your ways Soundwave:...
Unknown writes: Megatron: I'M BLIND! Soundwave: You're laying down on th ground stupid! Megatron: AHH! I'm laying on the ground...AND I'M BLIND!!!!!
perceptor writes: Megs: "I claim this land in the name of Spai-!" Soundwave: "Cybertron..." Megs: "Cybertron!"
Unknown writes: (TC);Hit him already, Rumble! (Rumble);I 'll ge..argh! He 's leaping upwards again! (Skywarp); I see him. You know it 's funny,I always thought Megatron would be toppled by the likes of Screamer, Shockwave or Scorponok and not b
Unknown writes: (TC);Hit him already, Rumble! (Rumble);I 'll ge..argh! He 's leaping upwards again! (Skywarp); I see him. You know it 's funny,I always thought Megatron would be toppled by the likes of Screamer, Shockwave or Scorponok and not b
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Gundamv3 writes: thats the last time we give Megatron all our buds
Unknown writes: As Megatron saw how the Pope kissed the ground after landing, he decide to do the same
dcsnowdog writes: Damn! Not Again. That's the last time we take Megatron out partying before a big mission.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Uhhh...what happened? I Must have passed out. And why am I so sore?
Rumble: I dunno...all we saw here was you laying face down and a dollar pinned to your chest.
Bah writes: Bah
Inferno writes: Megs: "My back is killing me!"
Soundwave: "Rumble, activate pile-drivers. Operation: Swedish massage."
Unknown writes: no more energon beans for rumble...
Unknown writes: MEGS: one energon,two energon,three energon FLOOR! MEGS: Pritty COLARS.
Big Grim writes: Megatron "And finally the last step to installing our new satalitte dish, quick everybody bow to Rupert Murdoch !!!"
Unknown writes: (Soundwave); Attention, Megatron has fallen!
(Skywarp); Oh-my-god!!
(TC); They-killed-Meggy!!
(Rumble); You-bastards!!
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Okay... turn it a little to the left and... Yes! The TV downstairs is working again!
Unknown writes: ok now this tv aint MEGS:goin' nowhere until they release black convoy in the uk! RUMBLE:would you feel better if i destroyed toys'r'us?MEGS:maybe, and can i have an armada happy meal too? SW:affirmative!
trypticon writes: Skywarp: heyy, ain't that arcee swimming past by? Thundercracker: yep, my what a gorgeus body too! Megs: Where?!! where?!! Soundwave: target not visible. probably already shift position... Megs: Nooooooooo!! (slams down on to the floor in despai
tulip writes: Skywarp: Err Megatron, you can stop swimming now. We're out of the water
Unknown writes: Megatron: Decepticons, act cool!! it's my ex-wife.
Private_Random writes: Whose the swine that gave me the dead leg eh?
Unknown writes: *no comment*
mario writes: Megatron: Agh! Too many energon wine coolers!
Unknown writes: (Soundwave); Unicron approaches. E.t.a. 5000 astro-seconds.
(Megatron); Vector Sigma take my life! I beg of you!!!!
(Skywarp); Took him long enough. Hey ya metallic giant meat-ball, over here! I 'm ready to become that butt-kissing Cyclonus!
Optimus Primevil writes: Megatron: Allah be praised!! Hasbro is going to release a unicron toy.
Skywarp: But wasn't it a while ago you were praying to Allah to curse them for what they did to the TFarchive?
Megatron: Quiet you...
- Back to top -
Sheba writes: Skywarp: Wassa matter Megatron, afraid of heights?
Megatron: No! I'm afraid of falling!
TheRo-Man writes: Megatron " 50 bucks for PowerMaster Optimus Prime! I give up, Skywarp...point the laser dish at Toy'sRus and FIRE!"
Jonathan writes: The smoke cleared, the results final. Thundercracker and Skywarp won the dance-off over every other decepticon. Megatron and soundwave was the second place finishers, with megatron colapsing wimpering "I still function..."
Unknown writes: skywarp-you know guys you just had to tell megatron armada made a second season
Unknown writes: (TC): Starscream thinks he 's Laserbeak!
(Rumble): His logic-chips are fried! I 'll try to hit him with the immobilizer and put him out of his misery.
(Skywarp): I think Laserbea.. uh I mean Starscream 's, chicken. Man, Screa
Unknown writes: TC: Immobilize Nightbird Rumble.
Rumble: I'm trying Thundercracker!
Skywarp: Look at her go. Megatron ordered us to immobilize her but what did you tell him that made him collapse like that Soundwave?
Soundwave: She 's carrying his ba
Unknown writes: TC: Psst Rumble,I think Megatron 's higher brain functions got disconnected when Optimus Prime nailed him with a grazing shot to the head.
Rumble: O no, that means he can only react to what someone tells or asks him. What was it Optimus Prime sh
optimuslives writes: Soundwave: Analysis-Energon Overload. Reconciliation-Sleep it off. Thundercracker: Dammit, you win Skywarp, I thought Megatron could handle the 80 proof stuff.
FortMax writes: Megatron: must make top of mountain...other decpticons...can fly...up.....foolish planes....oooof
FortMax writes: Megatron: behold my....arg, who the hell tripped me. Soundwave: heheh
- Back to top -
FortMax writes: SOUNDWAVE: Die Autobots!! THUNDERCRACKER: Take that Autobums! SKYWARP: Destroy every last one of them MEGATRON: oooof, so sick, gonna lie down for awhile
tony writes: "The mighty Megatron has fallen!" "I knew my fancy coloured trip wire would work, he's colour blind!"
Unknown writes: TC: Rumble, you sure the immobilizer has enough power to immobilize all the autobots?
Rumble: You bet, just look at it flare up.
Skywarp: Same thing is happening to our leader.
Soundwave: By what,.. anger..,bliss..,energon..?
Skywarp: hemorrhoids.
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Dammit they have mirrors
Brawl writes: Skywarp: Wait somethings not right here. Thundercracker: What do you mean? Skywarp: Megatrons on the floor and Starscream hasnt proclaimed himself leader yet.
Brawl writes: Skywarp: Wait somethings not right here. Thundercracker: What do you mean? Skywarp: Megatrons on the floor and Starscream hasnt proclaimed himself leader yet.
Unknown writes: Megatron after the worst hangover ever!
Unknown writes: Megatron: Blasted Rumble forgot to pick up his toys again! Tripped over his dumb little laser top!
Unknown writes: Everyone is awake execpt Megatron.
mario writes: Megatron: They could've picked a better caption contest than this! *falls asleep*
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: SKYWARP:STARSCREAM's right:MEGATRON can't cut it as leader anymore. Let's toss him over.(Everyone agreed)
Unknown writes: The tribe has spoken. Megatron, get your things. You must leave Survivor Island.
Unknown writes: Megatron finds his new found Muslim faith can get in the way during battle.
Unknown writes: ????
mario writes: Megatron sleeps while Thundercracker and Skywarp test Starscream's null ray.
Unknown writes: Megatron prays that Scott Steiner defeats Triple H at No Way Out 2003. Either that, or Starscream used his Null Ray on him again! Ha ha ha.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Must... change direction of laser... autobots on other side... skywarp:if starscream thinks he's the new leader....
Unknown writes: Megatron: Everyone, pay your respects to Allah!
Unknown writes: Skywarp: Megatron... BEHOLD! My Death Ray... Megatron?

Soundwave: Your death ray just killed him.
Skyfire the Artist writes: None of them had the heart to tell Megatron that Mecca was the other way.
- Back to top -
USAF Prime writes: That's the last time We leave Megatron at the bar alone
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Megatron
I told you to Quit drinking, this always happens
Rodimus Primal writes: Thundercracker: Megatron, what's wrong? Megatron: I've seen the future, and it isn't pretty. Skywarp: You mean...? Megatron: Yes. I will be in Transformers: Armada. Rumble: GASP!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Ravage. Eject. Mark territory on Megatron."
TeleTran2005 writes: Hot damn, that laser F**ked Megatron up
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: What's with with Megatron?
Rumble: He just saw the previews for Terminator 3
Thundercracker: Oh, this is not going to be pretty.
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: That's it. I give up, no matter what we've tried up to this point hasn't work (metal crunch here)I give up! RUMBLE: Hey Thundercracker, why is Megatron crying? THUNDERCRACKER: Well how can I put this lightly?...CAN Y
Unknown writes: And just as the device buzzed to life, Megatron's eyes widened and he collapsed, shocked that digital cable truly did exist...
Unknown writes: Who knew Megatron couldn't handle 2 pina coladas?
Glen writes: You maniacs! You blew it up! Oooohhh, God damn you all! God, Damn you all to hell!!!”
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: I tire of these cheap, predictable scalp-brained schemes.
Starscreamsghost writes: Thundercracker-What's up with Megatron? Skywarp-He's working on a new transformation. Megatron- I'm a little rock, no one can see me, I'm a little rock.
Unknown writes: [Rumble]Hey look, Megatron is laying down on the job again.
[Skywarp] Hey must have had a rough night last night.
[Thundercracker]I don't think that he is playing dead.
Unknown writes: All hail the mighty floating laser thing!
davewelttf writes: Rumble: What's that noise coming from the device? Skywarp: No that's Megatron snoring again
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: What's wrong with Megatron?
Soundwave: He's afraid of heights.
Unknown writes: [Skywarp]The autobots would have lost eons ago if only Megatron didn't have a drinking problem
Unknown writes: [Skywarp] Hey, what happened to Megatron?
[Rumble] I don't know.
EDIMUS PRIME writes: Megatron," Don't just stand there you fools,get down here and help me find my contact optical enhancher.It fell out again!"
Slappyfrog writes: Soundwave was aware of the ramifications, but he just couldn't resist sticking his foot out.
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Rumble take this.
Unknown writes: Megatron:- " of married...with...childre..sapping all..of my power!"
matt writes: jeez i wish megatron would stop drinking this much
jedixtat writes: meet the new decepticon leader "Herbie the Robot"
Unknown writes: Megatron: Rumble what in blazes are you doing, you're shooting the wrong "bots." You're not even tall enough to see over the cliff, stand closer to the edge!!!. SKYWARP: Yeah maxi-turkey, who's side are you o
Unknown writes: THUNDERCRACKER: Oops, sorry. Don't worry Megatron, the effects should ware off of the other Decepticons soon enough. MEGATRON: Yes but by that time we who remain will all be scrape metal by then!!
Unknown writes: MEGATRON: Oh no!!! I've immobilized my entire Decepticon army, the Autobots will surely oblitherate us now (metal clank here) AGGHHH!!! RUMBLE: Hey (pant, pant) Me.. Megatron, you've still got us four together we can build a new bette
Unknown writes: Oh my gosh! They killed Megatron!! Those Bastards!
raijinald writes: Beast Wars Megatron may passed out too at the next caption.
raijinald writes: In the Destron side, It's Megatrons turn to pass out in this caption.
- Back to top -
Shadowman writes: Soundwave: Megatron, we have just killed Starscream and Optimus Prime. Megatron? Skywarp: Poor guy, killed by the one thing he hated: Happiness.
Unknown writes: quick he's fainted thats push him over HAHAHAAAA
overdrive writes: We're the kings of the castle.......
Suzuki writes: The “Weekend at Bernie’s” spoof was not going very well; Skywarp forgot that he needed to hold Megatron’s body up, and Soundwave kept forgetting to rewind himself after his tape finished.
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: WE WILL AVENGE MEGATRON'S DEATH!
Unknown writes: The next time we choose a leader, make sure he isn't afraid of heights!
TheRo-Man writes: Megatron "I sold all of our energon for this DishTV Satelitte and the damn thing doesn't get Cartoon Network! Damn Humans! Damn them to hell!"
Unknown writes: RUmble: Whats wrong with our fearless leader?
SoundWave: Too much to drink last night
Unknown writes: Megatron: Ow
Thundercracker: Have a Nice trip? See ya next fall
Megatron: Oh shut up
hannibal writes: Megatron: Help!, I've fallen and can't transform!
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Skywarp, Megatron has fallen. Help him up.
Skywarp: When I 'm reformatted into Cyclonus in about 2 years from now.
Megatron: I can 't bear the thought becoming purple with an orange cannon and a slave to Unicron. It can &am
Shermtron writes: Megatron: Shhhh if i can put my audio receptors too the ground i can hear the autobots coming...
Shermtron writes: Hey look guys megatron cant stay sober for our misson... LETS KICK HIM!!!
Unknown writes: attempting "the worm", Megatron knocks himself senseless...
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: Why is Megatron crawling about on the ground? Skywarp: He lost a bet to Starscream, and has to grovel about on all fours for one week. Megatron: I'm gonna *KILL* him for that too!!
Unknown writes: Skywarp ties Megatron's shoe laces together
Unknown writes: Megatron walked down the runway as the next contestant in the "Miss Macross" contest. He fared no better than Minmei
Unknown writes: Megatron's newly discovered fear of heights.
Unknown writes: Is this the direction of mecca?
Unknown writes: Skywarp: I told you so.....
Megatron: Shut up! Was I SUPPOSED to know that anal probes are NOT intended for anal sex?!? It worked with petrorabbits!
Thundercracker: Wait a second! That's not an anal probe!
Skywarp: Exactly. Wait, shouldn&#
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: Caption: Megatron worshipping the devil for granting him eternal existence!!! Little does Megatron know this means the coming of ActionMasters, G2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Machine Wars, RiD, Armada....
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Lord Megatron! Report complete! Unable to retrieve Space Probe! No sign of golden disc!" Megatron: "What have I done?! I'm ruined! RUINED!!!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: "Everytime it's the same! Whenever we get to the sea he starts mumbling something about a rubber squeeky-toy Duck!"
Unknown writes: Carly rewired the wrong mechanism... -oops!-
Unknown writes: Megatron: "All the channels in the world with this dish AND STILL NOTHING ON!!!"
Unknown writes: Skywarp: "What is our leader doing?" Thundercracker: "He seems to be looking through a hole or something! He's probably scouting for that Brawn-guy already!!! What a great leader!!!" Rumble: "Yeah, but
Unknown writes: Skywarp: "What is our leader doing?" Thundercracker: "He seems to be looking through a hole or something! He's probably scouting for that Brawn-guy already!!! What a great leader!!!" Rumble: "Yeah, but
Unknown writes: Megatron: That's the *LAST* time I have that low-cal energon again. Man I'm pooped...
Unknown writes: Don't worry, Megatron--we'll melt Autobot headquarters in no time flat! :)
Unknown writes: Thundercracker: What happened to Megatron?
Skywarp: Don't know, Armada maybe?
Soundwave: Possible, Rumble-tacticle anyalis.
Rumble: Nah, its not Armada! He just had Beast Machines flashbacks!
- Back to top -
Unknown writes: megatron lays on the ground as other watch
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