Spike & Bumblebee playing football

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Spike & Bumblebee playing football
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Nemesis Maximo writes: Dat Ass tho.
Ultra Markus writes: Bumblebee: OK, Spike! ready to catch my cyberdookie!
SillyMcGilly writes: Bumblebee got confused. #1, he thought he was a cheerleader, and #2, he thought cheerleaders twerked at the football players.
trailbreaker writes: Nice booty !
Frenchhorngirl writes: How are they both still alive?
Vector sigma326 writes: Frrrip sorry! my bad
darkqueen01 writes: Spike joined football to prove that he could be strong and tough.

Yeah, his Dad thought that was funny, too. You don't see him here training his kid, do you?
Zeedust writes: Spike's career as a superhero was short-lived.

He still fared better than Robot Master, though.
Roadshadow writes: Bumblebee: Spike, I just had burritos, so you might want to step back a few-
Spike: feet? Yards?
Bumblebee: Miles.
Brawn's Girl writes: I see London, I see France, I see your underpants.
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Dragonoth writes: Bumblebee: "When they said 'take this, Lineman, and run with it', I thought they were talking about the ball, not the 'Powerglide's head' caption."
Spike: "Hut!"
Starbeam writes: Suddenly, Blitzwing burst into the stadium in tank mode and blew away Bumblebee and Spike with his "long bomb"! It was a great day for the Decepticons! Now, Daniel wouldn't be born, and Spike would not become the head of the head of Fortres
Zeedust writes: Actually, when you spend your days around giant robots, protective gear might not be a bad idea...
Masterpiece Prowl writes: 111, 110, 101, 100, 11, 10, 1, 0, hup hup hup HIKE!
trailbreaker writes: "I caught a fish thiiiiiis big...."
REEZYCON writes: heisman here we come!!!!! lets see LSU beat us
Unknown writes: Spike:Hey Bumblebee, did I ever tell you how fine your ass is? BB:Aw, ----. Not this ---- again...
Shadow Fox writes: Bumblebee- two-fourty two, hut, hut hike..Spike grab the ball.
Spike- Damn that's a nice ass..so shiny..must look...away..but can't...
Unknown writes: manomanoman... there're even more gay joke scenes in G1 than in He-man!
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Unknown writes: bumblbee get your butt out of my way
Unknown writes: Look, it's the Falcons new starting QB !!
omega icecream writes: spike;wheres the ball?bumblebee;i thoght you had it!
Arkhaon writes: bumblebee..pass that ball!!.... no not that way..
Unknown writes: Spike describes the horrors of his first ever prostate exam to his closest friend, Bumblebee.
Unknown writes: Spike and Bumblebee watch to much Terrence and Phillip.
parkwood writes: All right Mr. I just cant help myself! if u have to break wind.....say so first okay!
K-nonFodder writes: Spike "gently now .... gently gently"
Zeedust writes: Yeah, this looks like Norman Rockwell now... But the other team's linebacker is Predaking. Ouch.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee you got a little "Hunny" on ure back side there!

Its not what you think Spike!
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TetraReris writes: Spike: Next time I'm the quarterback!
Bee: But if you run in for the score, you can take your name literally!
Spike *groan*
OmnisValidus writes: Spike: My penis is this big.
Bumblebee: Oh yeah. Well mine is this big!
Spike: Awsome
Chrono writes: No really, Primes is this big.
Fallengaiden writes: Spike: Dude Bumble Bee, is that green gas coming from you??
Unknown writes: Spike is unaware that Bumble Bee is trying to hold in his laughter after having seen that dorkey uniform.
Unknown writes: Remember to past it back - but not too hard.
Unknown writes: "Huh, and all this time I thought Bumblebee was a guy...who knew. Does explain a few things though...."
Unknown writes: Spike: Bumblebee your ball bearings are showing! Wear a Kup!!
Blurr points and laughs at Kup, Kup gives him the finger and goes back to watchin' Matlock.
Unknown writes: spike: ohhh look at the shiny paint work on that! musn't touch i can fight it
bumblebee: dude are you ok?
Unknown writes: C'mon, stop laughing guys! My mom spent a lot of time on this neato keen football uniform!
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Unknown writes: (spike) remember this is TOUCH football
Unknown writes: This was the last picture of Spike taken before his internal organs were crushed in the next play.
Zu Darkness writes: Spike: I am SO scwered right now if bumblebee shoots the football right into my chest
zach writes: a robot playin football now ive seen everything
Unknown writes: after this frame: aarhrhrh!!! spike falls off the back of bumblebee after trying to tackle him.
Beast Simpson writes: Spike: ....this isnt....TACKLE football is it??
FortMax writes: Spike: Ahhhh! nuts in face!!!!
FortMax writes: Spike: (thinking) wait a minute...Bumblebee has balls!?!
Unknown writes: Spike: Too bad wedgies don't work on giant robots.
Unknown writes: Spike: "If I don't get 100 yards this game, I'm gonna talk to the coach about getting a new fullback!"
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Unknown writes: Spike: Bumblebee's ass is mmm-mmm good!
Prime: O_o Too much information...
Unknown writes: must... resist... tempting... tight end...
Beast Simpson writes: Man....that IS a bad case of hemroids....
Unknown writes: Spike suddenly realized the significance of playin tackle football with metal robots
Unknown writes: Spike:"Alright, I'm all geared up. Time to go in and clear up that constipation!"
Unknown writes: wait a minute, i think i can pull the giant poll out of your ass *yoink CRASH BANG SMASH* ---- lucky i was weraing this protective gear
Unknown writes: Here it comes...right out of his a@%...Here it comes...any day now..
Unknown writes: i'd better be care ful or the outobots might squish me uhoh,runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: i'd better be care ful or the outobots might squish me uhoh,runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
MindWipe writes: Here comes another contraction.... you're 8 cm dilated I can see it's head! Just one big push! Aren't these themed births great?
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Unknown writes: GRAB BALLS!!!!
Unknown writes: It was at this moment that Spike regreted introducing Bumblebee to the wonders of chilli concurry
Unknown writes: What is Spike looking at?
Unknown writes: spike: hike i said hike oh! crap ahh! stop lickin me!!
Unknown writes: ok bumblebee i will give you a reach around now.
Unicron writes: Bumblebee: Suffer my wrath! *fart*
Spike: NOO!!!! Not the fart! Oh godamnit... (passes out)
Unknown writes: Spike: OK Bumblebee, I'm ready to do that football scene from Jackass now!!
Mythos writes: Spike:i know u autobots drop huge loads but is the padding really nessesary?
Unknown writes: 43-58-27...nice wax job you got there
Unknown writes: NCAA violations placed against Spike, for trying to grab Bumblebee's caboose on the field.
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Blast Cannon writes: Spike: I can see the head! I can see the head! Keep pushing!
Prowl writes: Spike:I'm going to get you! BB:Optums! he's doing it agan OP:Spike quet tring to grab bumblbee's ass!
Me Grimlock writes: Spike is too damn stupid to use a number for his uniform. He needs his name on it like a 3-year-old.
Battle Angel writes: Okay Bumblebee, try not to pass the ball UP my nose this time!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee's not looking....now I can GOOSE him !!
Unknown writes: Spike: "Hey Bumblebee, is how the Primus Cup is Played on Cybertron?" Bumblebee: "Why don't you ask Blaster."
Unknown writes: Spike: *Sniff* Dear God what did you eat
Unknown writes: The XFL reaches a new low.
Unknown writes: I like metalic butts and I can't lie
Unknown writes: Why couldn't it be Arcee instead??
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Unknown writes: Spike: Forty-seven... thirty two... sixty-nine! Sixty-nine! Sixty-nine!
Unknown writes: Spike: Your...ass...so...shiny!
BB: I knew he'd get too randy once we made him that personalized uniform!
Unknown writes: [Spike] Bumblebee...you guys don't fart, do you?
Unknown writes: Spike: "Hey, you switched to a new wax!"
mario writes: Spike: Do you think we could make it for the World Games in Ireland? Bumblebee: This is American Football. That's
European Soccer.
mario writes: Spike: Do you think we could make ir for the World Games in Ireland? Bumblebee: This is American Football. That's
European Soccer.
Unknown writes: Spike: Hey, gimme the ball, I think I can eliminate Brawn with a Pierce Shot!
BB: You idiot, we're playing Football, not Dodgeball!
Spike: I blame Atlus for this?
BB: Atlus?!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: bite my shiny metal a$$.
Spike are you trying to get us sued by fox!?!?!?
Bumbluebee: shut up you dipstick!!!!!
Unknown writes: Ok Bumblebee lets try to take the ball and not hit the ball
Unknown writes: "Hey Bumblebee, a little ointment will take that rash away...."
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Unknown writes: Spike: Gosh, I hope I don't look as dorky as I feel right now.
Unknown writes: Spike: Wait! The ball comes out where?!
Unknown writes: Spike - "Ok, one more push, that's it... it's... it's... it's a boy! Congradulations, Bumblebee, you're a mommy" Bumblebee - "Oh, Hotshot, he has your nose!"
protoformX writes: Must...not...make...anal...sex...joke...
Unknown writes: Spike: I hope he doesn't fall backwards Bumblebee: AAAAAHHHHHHHH! Spike: OOOOOOWWWWWWW! (muffled) Hey, Bumblebee, could you please get off? Hello? GET OFF!
Unknown writes: Wow Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud baby's got back!
TheRo-Man writes: Spike- "Ok, this definently the WORST superbowl halftime show since they had the BluesBrothers 2000 sing 3 years ago."
Unknown writes: Spike and Bumblebee gearing up for Seibertron.com Bowl XXXVII. And Carly's the cheerleader! Go have a look at her, okay? (What a babe!)
Unknown writes: Looks like Spike is going for a game of Grab-arse.
Unknown writes: We Are The Cheeky Girls, You Are The Cheeky Boys... La La La LAáááaá!
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TheRo-Man writes: Spike "I can't believe that Coach Parcells actually realized only Robots can keep the Cowboy's from losing"
Unknown writes: Spike: So Bumblebee, what are you expecting, a malebot, or a fembot?
Bumblebee: Shut yer Pie Hole!
EDIMUS PRIME writes: spike thinking,"playing football with a volkswagon and his giant car pals maybe i should rethink this the odds in me getting dead should be pretty good
Unknown writes: *spike*backup backup

*bumblebee* Ihope no one is taping this!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: Ah, crap! I got hemorrhoids!
Unknown writes: Maybe if i didnt wear my name on my shirt, girls would talk to me and i wouldnt have to take a robot in the butt...nah.
Unknown writes: Must..resist..urge to..kick Bumblebee..in the ass...ah screw it.
ryo777 writes: *The REAL reason why the other Autobots always wondered WHY Daniel has Bumblebee's eyes.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee:Spike! NOT in public plz! that will people say?
Spike:Lucky Bot?
Unknown writes: Spike:oh man this is goin to hurt!!!!! bumblebee: dont tell me yopur afraid of the ball spike!!!
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Unknown writes: Not to the nuts, not to the nuts!
Unknown writes: Spike: Wheelie? What the heck are you doing back there?!
Unknown writes: Always a tight end, never a wide receiver.
Unknown writes: I sure hope Bumblebee doesn't backfire....
Unknown writes: Take a dump in my hand
ryo777 writes: SPIKE: Uhhhh, Bumblebee...I think I have some Preparation H at home you can put on that bad boy.
ryo777 writes: "Now this gives NEW meaning to "interracial" dating :).
ryo777 writes: Awwwwww GROSS!! Metal nuts!!...I hope when they reformat him into "Goldbug", they take away Mr. Happy, and add a koochie.
ryo777 writes: Oh well, he wasn't my first choice, but Tracks was already involved with Sunstreaker.(sigh)
ryo777 writes: SPIKE: Screw internet dating, I asked for "Alotta butt!", not an "Autobot"!!
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ryo777 writes: SPIKE: Aw ----, if I weren't such a loser I'd go find me a REAL girl. Oh well, I guess METAL ass is better than NO ass!
ryo777 writes: Spike: Damn!! I've been hanging out with the Autobots for so long, Bumblebee's ass is starting to REALLY look good to me. I shoulda known he was kinda fruity by looking at his PINK interior!
Unknown writes: BUMBLEBEE:...and you're sure i wont get a virus from this sort of thing? right...
Unknown writes: Spike: "It's always the same. Never the horse's head, always the horse's @$$"
overdrive writes: SPIKE: (dinobots voice) "My rigid grill structure is bearing in on..."
Unknown writes: I doubt that Prime would want the matrix back, Bumblebee
Unknown writes: I doubt that Prime would want the matrix back, Bumblebee
Unknown writes: spike:sniff up, did you do that bumblebee, what you been eating.
Unknown writes: Spike (thinking):"Okay, so Bumblebee's a little Autobot, yeah, this wont be too bad...Aw, hell, he's gotta weigh,like, a TON!! I'm gonna get SPLATTERED!!!" Bumblebee(thinking)"heh, heh, heh!! This is g
Unknown writes: Spike:TWO,FORTY-holy ----,what the ---- is THAT?!?
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gee writes: Bumblebee: PFFFFFFFFFFFFT
Spike: *drops the ball* Oops...ewwwww
Unknown writes: Spike suits up for savety. Just in case the Autobots realize he is a human...just like those Armada-kids!!!
Unknown writes: SPIKE: Remember, you spike the football when you touch the endzone; NOT CARLY OR ME!
Unknown writes: Dude... You have to start using unleaded gas...!
Unknown writes: Spike: What the hell was I thinking?!
raijinald writes: Spike, the CYBERTRON BUTTMASTER, is about to merge into his transtector to form GLUTEUS MAXIMUS.
Unknown writes: WWE introduces its newest Tough Enough season with new trainers Bumblebee and Spike. Spike: This is how you execute a DX crotch chop. Whooo!
Unknown writes: Spike in thoughts:::
Ow man, I'd wished Arcee was standing in front of instead of that Crumblebee!
Unknown writes: Spike: Just remember, if you're gonna rip one, let me know so I can GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! I don't think I can stand another one of your engergon emissions.
Unknown writes: Spike this is the absolute STRANGEST fantasy ive ever heard of.
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Unknown writes: Ok Bumblebee its gonna sting at first but then itll feel REAL good.
Shadow writes: Spike: I'm fine as long as he doesn't step on me...
Unknown writes: Okay this time let it go as soon as you see my hands Fumble-Bee!
TeleTran2005 writes: Spike the Turd Burgler is about to strike his next victim
Unknown writes: spike "damn it Bumblebee push it out i am ready to catch that turd! Bumblebee "almost ready spike, here gose uhhhhhhhh!
Rodimus Primal writes: Spike: Am I wearing too much gear for a piggy-back ride?
Voodoo writes: Spike: Yeah, I know I'm no Kurt Warner, but heayh, at least my wife's hotter than his wife.
Unknown writes: Sadly after fumbling the snap, Spike realizes the "S" on his helmet stands for "sucks".
Unknown writes: Man! This is a tough training program! Who's Lombardi Prime anyway?
Unknown writes: Not knowing humans can't be repaired like robots, Bumblebee hikes Carly's head.
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FortMax writes: Spike: Geez Bumblebee you have huge balls
Unknown writes: Man I wish you didn't have your tailpipe back here Bumblebee
abominus writes: Look at the size of it!!!!!!!
Skyfire the Artist writes: Spike realizes that Bumblebee sat in someone's gum.
Bumblebeex88 writes: ok now I think I see a head,...PUSH! Eww!wheres wheeljack when ya need him?
Unknown writes: Don't worry, Bumblebee--I'm kinda new at football myself.
Unknown writes: CONGA!!! Everybody!!!
Unknown writes: Caption: Spike's idea of 'protection'!!! (Poor Carly! :) )
Unknown writes: Bumblebee: "Aww, man!!! I hate it when Carly is out of town and Spike gets 'in the mood' again!!!"
Unknown writes: Caption: Bumblebee explaining his name to Spike. BUM...Ble-bee!!!
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Unknown writes: Caption: Bumblebee giving his reaction to a Hasbro creative artist who wanted to give him a new Armada-body!
raijinald writes: Spike: Hey! Quit farting on my face BUG ASS!!!

Bumbee:(Farts) I ate hi-octane leaded burritos this morning.
Unknown writes: Spike: OH GEEZ Bumblebee
did you just pass gass?
BumbleBee: Sorry dude
Chachi writes: Little does Bumblebee know that if he hikes the ball to a human, it'll go right through their chest...
Unknown writes: If he spews oil on me this game. POW! right in the lugnuts.
JP writes: Bumblebee: "Hey Spike! If a Dinobot tramples you, then can i have your cd collection?"
Unknown writes: Oh no! There's going to be burstin'? (Think City Slickers)
Unknown writes: If he spews oil on me this game. POW! right in the lugnuts.
Unknown writes: "Bumblebee, can I ASS you a question?"
Sledge writes: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones signs their next star QB....LOL
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Unknown writes: Hut! hut!
Shermtron writes: Spike: uhh bumblebee why is your cup here...
Shermtron writes: Bumblebee: ok spike dont get to close under center...
gabriel writes: Spike:Uh.. hold on bumblebee you got honey leaking out of your buTT!
Unknown writes: Why does Bee look so... Feminie in this pic? Guess all the wait he put on over X-mas made him image conchance @:)
Chee-toy writes: Skipe (to self): Dang... the size of those ball-bearings!!!
Unknown writes: Aw Bumble Bee, you farted!
Pokejedservo writes: The fact is I don't remember when this scene came in. But my question is...do I REALLY want to?
M writes: spike: please let it be the football i caught
Unknown writes: Spike (thinking): Please don't fart, please don't fart...
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Rhinox writes: "Don't worry Bumblebee ... I've got you covered! Heh heh!"
Unknown writes: "You've got a nice tight end there Bumblebee"
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