Optimus laying down on the job

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Optimus laying down on the job
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BG the Robit writes: What no one else knows is that he's throwing up all the beer he drank that morning into a hole under his facehole.
Mugshot writes: "Optimus, get up! They've finally got a caption that ISNT G1 or Animated!"
Lockdownhunter writes: Y U NO WORK?!! 073H$$V
Heckfire writes: "Geez, Primal, just light a damn match. There's no need for the melodrama."
"...wild...bean...vines...PRIMUS...I need...air..."
Unknown writes: Rhinox:I'm dissapointed in you.

/ ! \
Zeedust writes: In the end... 'twas BOB FORWARD killed the beast!
Sondura1 writes: Rinox:Oh Primus he's drunk again
DeltaSilver88 writes: Primal: WOOOOOAAAHHHH! *SPLAT*
Rhinox: HEY! Why the hell did you drop outta the sky like that?
Cheetor: He's trying to act out the scene from 'Band of Brothers'. See? He's gettin' up... The line!
Primal: To hell with that!
Angie Prime writes: Primal: Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!
Rhinox: Hm? You say something?
Primal:.....I hate you.
Rhinox: Shh! I'm answering do this caption contest thing with me and you in it!
Garurublue writes: "I swearz to drunk, I'm not Primus...*hic*"
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Roadshadow writes: What happens when Optimus Primal drinks too much whiskey.
Starbeam writes: Optimus Primal's Tarzan impression failed for lack of vine.
Thanatos Prime writes: Primal:Mmm... this dirt ain't bad rhinox, try some.

Rhinox: I truly am the only sentient being on this planet.
Zeedust writes: Rhinox: "Back to work, you lazy monkey!"

Primal: "But I've been building towers nonstop for three days, and I outrank you! I haven't slept, I've been so busy! Can't I at least get a lunch break?"

Rhinox: &qu
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Rhinox: I TOLD you to watch that first step, Optimus, It's a doozy!
Primal: NOW he tels me.
Unknown writes: Rhinox: You should've had breakfast Optimus. Optimus: I did havvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve breakffffffffffassssssssssssst... Rhinox: ...I mean a real breakfast, not beer...
Nightpaw: Hey, it's probably the only thing that will have it with him...
Unknown writes: (Rhinox) Optimus, what are you doing?
(Optimus Primal) You can bet I'm not eating banana's!!
Shadow Fox writes: Rhinox- Ya I know that this series disappointed fans optimus primal..but that doesn't mean you have to get drunk and pass out crying.
Unknown writes: Primal:I shwear*hic*to*hic*Primush, I'm not*HICCUP!*jrunk.
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Unknown writes: (Rinox) lazy bum rinox do this rinox do that i do all the work while he pretends he's flying over a field of roses. (primal) la la lllaaaa le whooopeeee how cute waponater shot me.
Alirion writes: "My God, you're right! We really do have no shadows! Hey, I look like I'm flying!"
Unknown writes: What happens when Optimus Primal drinks too much whiskey.
omega icecream writes: this is a dumb caption!
Arkhaon writes: optimus primal the drunken monkey
Unknown writes: Optimous Primal had some fun last night.
Zeedust writes: TruKK HiT MuNky, D00d! (Sorry, couldn't resist! ^_^;)
parkwood writes: Man its always something with you when there is REAL work to do! But whenever we we try and take a break! -Rhinox-
K-nonFodder writes: Rhinox" sir excuse me sir if you lay there any longer we will have to charge you for the night"
Unknown writes: Rhinox, "I told him not to reinact King Kong!"
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Zeedust writes: Just so you know, the ground is further away in this pic than it looks. Ask poor Optimus... Ouch.
Unknown writes: rhinox: i told you not to tell that to airrazor
optimus: oooouuch......
TetraReris writes: Primal: Look! I can make a sand angel!
Rhinox. Uhmm hmm... that's nice.
REEK-ON writes: Monkey-ass bastard. Make me do everything!
Unknown writes: I warned his fury butt not to touch my computer...
Unknown writes: "How does the ground taste, Optimus?"
JP writes: Rhinox: "Oh no. He wasn't kidding when he said she was drop dead gorgeous..."
Dean writes: optimus:ahhh thats some good ----. Rhinox:----ing drug addict
Unknown writes: "Ok Optimus ... just hold on... we'll see if that spider was poisonous or not..." *thwack!* "Damned 56k..."
Chrono writes: so that's what a dead ape looks like. Go figure I thought they'd smell more.
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Unknown writes: Optimus thinking - why can't Rhinox give it a rest. He borded me into status lock
Unknown writes: "Try to take the keyboard from me, eh? That'll learn'em. Now....Bring up Yahoo...and type in..Transformers...porn..."
Hot Shot writes: no i dont wanna play
Zu Darkness writes: Boy did I have way too much to drink
Unknown writes: Hmm, well even leaders wanna have a nap before they give the orders...
Unknown writes: Maximals, Roll Out! ... Oh ----!
zach writes: optimus now is not the time for a nap
Unknown writes: next time I won't shoot you in the legs with two bullets, next time I enemty it into your head!
wonder what this button does? (presses big button) awwww!!! nowonder! its that damn car crusher magnet! I am stuck,nooooo! I can't shoot meg
Unknown writes: (riknox)He never can stay on his knees long enough
Unknown writes: Next time you call me queer I'll go even deeper...
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Beast Simpson writes: Optimus, stop having a temper tantrum! Youll eat your energon and LIKE IT!!!
Unknown writes: hey! my doo looks like Prime!
Unknown writes: hey! my doo looks like a Prime!
dan writes: Rhinox: Yeah, Prime pooped out from all that fisces flinging at the Predicons last night.
Beast Simpson writes: Geez, now EVERY loser thinks he can break dance...
Unknown writes: Prime:I bow down before you mighty rhinox...You are master....(thinks..curse those raiders for losing...i'll never bet again..I feel like a fool)
Rhinox writes: come on prime don't feel bad it wasn't your fault.
MindWipe writes: ooooh i feel as if im falling !!!
Broadside writes: MMMM Don't care bout command just want to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Unknown writes: "AND HERE COMES OPTIMUS PRIMEUS FROM THE PLANET OF CYBERTRON, he leaps over the horse, tripple back flip, half pike and a 360 WOW THAT WAS MAGNIfi...*SLAP* ohh...
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Unknown writes: Oh my my aching motherboard give me a break will ya I'm just havin issues wth the ground very exiting issues
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Oh, just because I don't give him the last banana smoothie, he starts having a hissy fit!

Optimus: I WANT IT!!
Unicron writes: Rinox: *grumble* Every time he comes back here, he comes back drunk!
Unknown writes: rhinox:i shouldnt have had the bean berito
primal: the smell.......
Unknown writes: now you're just copying generation-1 megatron.....thats sad
Unknown writes: Rhinox-"I told you this would happen if you Download AOL into your system but would you listen, Noooooooo."
Unknown writes: HOMER SLEEP NOW!!
Unknown writes: That's the last time I let YOU get behind me, Rhinox.....
Unknown writes: That's the last time I let YOU get behind me, Rhinox.....
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Unknown writes: op: Face.....numb....can't...move.
Rhinox: I'm worlkin on the tlransporter now captian
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Damn it primal how many times have i told you you just cant get drunk on the job.
Brawl writes: Primal: On a scale of one to ten I am SO drunk.
Unknown writes: stayin up late drinkin that booze agian werent you?
Optimus:Go to hell you! and stop the room from spinning!
Jon writes: Optimus: "Yeeeeargh! *THUD* Rhinox: Well thats just dandy! I told you to watch for that plothole Optimus!
Unknown writes: Optimus - "Help, I've become a poorly constructed action figure with limited mobility and articulation!" Rhinox - "WOOOO DOGGY, let the sodimizin' begin, YEEE HAAAA!!!!
Unknown writes: Primal: Help, I've fallen and I can't get up.
Rhinox:It is this kind of idiocy that prevents me from feeling sorry for what I'll do to you as Tankor.
Primal: Who?
Rhinox: I've read ahead a few scripts.
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Didn't I tell you that this radio tower is NOT a tree???
Unknown writes: "Hey Rhinox, I'm mooning Starscream !"
Unknown writes: Rinox:haha you fell
op:shut uuupppp
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overdrive writes: OPTIMUS: "supermaaaaaaaaan" *thud*
overdrive writes: RHINOX: THAT'S IT! optimus your not gettin anymore energon here. now go home and sleep it off.
overdrive writes: OPTIMUS: "supermaaaaaaaaan" *thud*
Unknown writes: op:weeeeeeeee(splat!), rinox:oh no
jory writes: Optimus: I can fly, i can fly, i can.......flop
Rhinox: oh boy not anouther one. You gota trasform top fly and you bubble butt
Unknown writes: Rhino: He's been in that postion for a while. I wonder why he likes sand so much.
Unknown writes: Rhinox: W0W!! I never knew that the Eiffeltower in Paris was so high, Optimus. Optimus??? OP: Just let me die in peace ooohhh my agin'headache!
EDIMUS PRIME writes: optimus, the temporal probe will be back any minute now,STOP MAKING DIRT ANGELS
Unknown writes: Optimus: Man, that was some good taboo-of-a-name.
star_saber writes: oprimal: all right that's it that's the last time i go to the all night gay strippers club with only a hand full of penies!! rinox: i didnt hear anything, i didnt hear anything!
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star_saber writes: oprimal: all right that's it that's the last time i go to the all night gay strippers club with only a hand full of penies!! rinox: i didnt hear anything, i didnt hear anything!
Unknown writes: Rhinox:...so then by duplicating the transwarpsignature and converting it to a disc it then allow me to download...Optimus are you listening to me?? OP:zzzZZZzzzzzz
Unknown writes: OP: Oh, man! Rhinox, get down here and help me find my contact lens?
Unknown writes: I told you you'd be wasted now did i or did i not
Firestorm writes: Hey, Rhinox! You'r enot going to believe it, but someone wrote your sister's name and phone number on the ground here!
Unknown writes: Looks like someone spanked that monkey.
Chee-toy writes: Rhinox: Dang... Chee-toy can spell squat. Oprimal: Can you at lest get her to give me back my bearings?
Chee-toy writes: Rhinox: HAhahaha... That'll just the spamers out of our circuts. OP: Great... Now give me a hand in fixing mine.
Unknown writes: This is what happens when you spank your monkey for too long.
Unknown writes: "Oh yeah, watch out for that banana peel..."
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Unknown writes: Rhinox: He's Alive, ALLLLLLIIIIIIIVVVVVVVEEEEE!!!!!!!
Firestorm writes: Hey, Optimus, mind lighting a match.... I guess not.
Firestorm writes: Cartoonist Frank 'Monkey Boy' Cho attempts to get his latest 'Liberty Meadows' strip past the censors.
Firestorm writes: I told you that it would be a while, Optimus. Next time, bring something to read and you'll stay awake!
Unknown writes: Unreal Tournament message: Optimus Primal left a small crater.
Unknown writes: While surfing the net, Optimus and Rhino found a file that was called "Pokemon-Electric Soldier Porygon (The Banned Episode)". I think you hardcore pokemon fans can guess what happened to Prime.
Unknown writes: Optimus Primal: "I've fallen and i can't get up!" Rhinox: "I told you not to smoke that plant Optimus! But did you listen?! Noo"
Seibertron writes: This is a test for IP tracking and ISP HOST tracking.
Unknown writes: Optimus: One moment I'm in the ark passed out on the floor with Carly and Spike standing over me and the next I'm passed out in a monkey suit with Rhinox standing over me! Weird!
Unknown writes: "Oooh! After laying down the Rhino's Elbow, Rhinox prepares to climb the cage and win the match!"
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JP writes: Rhinox muttering to himself:"Rhinox do this, Rhinox do that! A Rhinos work is never done around here.."
Unknown writes: optimus stop humping the ground! damn horny ape
raijinald writes: Quake Message: Ape Convoy cratered. Ape Convoy does the lemming thing. Ape Convoy is in the wrong place.
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Prime, I'd hate to tell you this, but you'd better wake up quick! Megatron is gonna make sure we don't get back home to Cybertron, so move it and take the next hit for me!
Unknown writes: *Rhinox* Cheetor you left your toy in the middle of the room again!
USAF Prime writes: *Rhinox* For the last Time Optimus I am not gonna sleep with you!!!!!!!!!

*Optimus* I can't take it anymore!! I'm gonna kill myself!!!

*Rhinox* Nope not gonna work
Optimus Primevil writes: Rhinox: Just a little more and i'll get that gorilla plush doll...
Unknown writes: someone forgot to tell Prime they emptied the pool
Cyclonus writes: Rhinox,realizing that in the next TF series, not only does everything suck, but he also turns bad and dies while Primal comes down with Alzheimers, decides to kill Primal and steal his voice box and sends it to Hasbro to use for Armada OP, with the guaran
Unknown writes: Rhinox: and that Prime is "Armada"
prime? prime?
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frank writes: "Optimus, you'll love sniffing this new energon glue!! Optimus...?"
Unknown writes: Optimus lays a killer far......
ToXmAn writes: Hail to Rhinox
Unknown writes: Rhinox: I told you to watch that first step...but did you listen? NOOO!!
Optimus: well thats just prime..Now get over here and help me up
Pokejedservo writes: Why Rhinox should not make towers on top of giant gumballs.
davewelttf writes: On one occasion Optimus primal forgot that his prime jets were removed for repair and this is the result
Firestorm writes: Imagine the tactical advantage from putting these radar sites up on hills.... is it just me, Optimus, or did the mountain suddenly vanish leaving us to hurtle to our deaths?
Unknown writes: After Rhinox turned down the marriage proposal, Primal got himself totally wasted.
Unknown writes: Rhinox: I have to do EVERYTHING Optimus? First i have to beat up Megatron and now everything depends on me! Prime.
Zeus writes: Rhinox: Hey Optimus, betcha 10 Energon chips you can't do a Quadruple flip with a half-twist from the top of this tower!
Optimus: You're On ... Here I Goooooooooooooo .........
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Unknown writes: OP: I could have sworn there was a swimming pool here just a minute ago... Rhinox: Optimus and booze, just don't mix!!
Skyfire the Artist writes: Optimus leaves the work to Rhinox while he samples the Pepto-Bismol flavored soil.
Unknown writes: Rhinox is subbing for Primal because P got a migrain from Megs.
Unknown writes: Why did Airrazor leave me for that punk@#*& Tigaron
raijinald writes: Quake message: Ape Convoy becomes bored with life.
Bluestreak writes: Optimus: Hey Rhinox look I'm Superman!!
Unknown writes: Rhinox:Ok, I got three questions to ask you fella. Who are you, where did you get that maximal brand time ship, and why did you kill Optimus?

Tankor:All you'll need to know is that you will know why I did that and you will thank yoursel... I m
Unknown writes: Rhinox: "Don't worry, Optimus! I have that fantasy-program of RatTrap out of you system in no time!" Primal: "Please hurry! Must stop humping the ground!"
Unknown writes: Rhinox playing real-life version of Beast Wars the Game as Optimus Primal. Guess who lost.
Unknown writes: Optimus, did you hear that boom? Optimus? OPTIMUS?!
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Firestorm writes: Whoa- Optimus must have made a high leap off the diving board. I don't think he's even come down yet!
Slappyfrog writes: Rhinox hated it when Optimus, drunk on energon, tried to fly while still in beast mode.
Unknown writes: Oh, for the love of Christ.... I didn't say no,Optimus, just not right now!
Unknown writes: Optimus tests his "I can fly in beast mode" theory.
Chachi writes: Rhinox: "Optimus, this is not 2001: A Space Odyssey and I am NOT building the Monolith! GET UP!"
Unknown writes: Rhinox: With this mind control, I can make mak u do what I tell u to, now, bow down 2 me!! OP: Yes masters! (Lies down)
BLACKBIRD writes: i knew should not have partyed to hard,oh my aching body
protoformX writes: "Oh, great and mighty Rhinox. I live only to serve..."
M writes: optimus gets drunk and passes out after reading the script for beast machines
Unknown writes: Rinox:Y'know,Optimus,a Bungee cord REALLY helps if your'e Bungee Jumping!
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Unknown writes: Primal after trying to note to all of these immature posters that airing your dirty laundry to the public is just a feeble attempt as sympathy from people, like him, who should not give a s£!t, and don't.
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Great, nows not the time for you to get over energized again!
optimuslives writes: You know, we can't change the situation so what is the point of bitching about it. Obviously, there are problems, but that does not mean we should all jump ship and do nothing but bombard Ryan, what would you do if you were in his situation and
Stelartron writes: Optimus Primal after seeing how many pi$$ed-off people posted here. RHINOX: *looks over* Slag... he's overloaded again...
Unknown writes: Gasp! A dead Munky! Let's eat it!
Shermtron writes: whoa dude
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Optimus have many times have I told you, you can only fly in robot mode.
Unknown writes: Dang it, Rhinox! Stop leaving your tools everywhere!
Shermtron writes: Rhinox:geez optimus is drunk again on the job..
OP: burp!
Shermtron writes: look rhinox snow angels...
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Unknown writes: "WOW! That laser on top of this thing really works, doesn't it Optimus? Op...uh oh...
The Matrix writes: Tripping over a rock and knocking yourself cold. Another side effect of hunger...
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