Rattrap and a mouse

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Rattrap and a mouse
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ArmadaPrime writes: Rattrap's audition for the Device Label line was met with only moderate success...
Optimum Supreme writes: Evolution of mouse
william-james88 writes: So baby what do you say we go for some fondue some time.
Heckfire writes: Eeeeyyyaaahh, I got no idea why dere's "Secret of NIMH" porn on yer browser. Honest.
REGI ICE writes: Heya, cous, how's it hanging?
Sondura1 writes: Rattrap:Hey baybeh you come here often?
Zeedust writes: "Rattrap's beat mode is on the table," they said to him. Thus, a simple misunderstanding and a tired, overworked animator lead to a proposed Cel-Animation pilot for Beast Wars being scrapped, making Mainframe's proposal the front-runn
Flame Cheetor writes: Rattrap:He looks different from a mouse,maybe my beast mode nots a mouth!
Zeedust writes: Mouse: "Rattrap... I am your father!"
Rattrap: "That stopped bein' funny around 1989..."
Roadshadow writes: Rattrap: Do I know you from somewhere?
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Roadshadow writes: Rattrap: Feelin' lonely? I got somethin' for ya, hehehe.
Mouse: Stay the hell away from me, I don't want any girl scout cookies.
Minicle writes: Rattrap with stunt and publicity double.
Minicle writes: Rattrap with stunt and publicity double.
Minicle writes: Mouse: Hey Rattrap old buddy, wanna trade places?!
Rattrap:HEH, not likely.
Minicle writes: Early Machine wars prototype for Rattrap.
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Hey baby, how's about you and me go back to my place for a little hibbedy dibbedy?
Shadow Fox writes: Rattrap- Hey baby, wuz up..hey wait..that scroll button..your not a chick your a man..gross!!!!!
metalformer writes: what kind of mouse are ya? humans certainly have weird ideas.
omega icecream writes: hi my name is rattrap, whats yours?mouse;.....thats ok take youre time.
apex writes: Rattrap:"ah useless hunk of junk... i bet you can even transform!"

Mouse(in robotmode before picture): "RollerBall Maximise!!"

Rattrap:"well thats a new twist"

(Rhinox, quickly takes the pictu
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apex writes: Rattrap: "hay baby, wanna come back to my place? i got windows XP" *wink*
apex writes: Rattrap: "aww man! i knew boss monkey said he could easily replace me but this really blows"
Unknown writes: At the Carnegie Museum, Rattrap stands beside a mock up of his prehistoric ancestor, the computer mouse.
ultramegatron writes: rattrap: hey baby wana go out and get an ice cold glass of energon
parkwood writes: You know us rats got to stick together! because if we dont look out for eachother....who will! whats that....youre a mouse! Oh so its like that now is it!!!
Alirion writes: Rattrap (doing a Butt-Head) Come to Rattrap, bay-bee. Huh huh huh...shiny...
K-nonFodder writes: Rattrap" hey uncle vinny, hows the family... oh so lil Mark was upgraded to an apple well good for him"
Zeedust writes: "So my Beast Machines body is either this or the legless thing? Tough choice..."
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Hey chick, wanna have a date.
Mouse: Click.
Dude writes: oh babby that was good
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Megaplex writes: you know,..uh, i've never done this kind of thing before,..but I want you to know, that uh, I'll treat you good and give you what you want.
Chrono writes: That's not a mouse, now this is a mouse!!!
Unknown writes: Rattrap: As long as I remain calm and don't move...that cat won't even notice...
Unknown writes: Rattrap: okay, whose lousy idea was it to set me up with a FRAGGING COMPUTER MOUSE!?
(off-camera) Dinobot: *snickering*
jason writes: hey! i better get out of here before they stick a USB cable up my ass thing that im a mouse!
Unknown writes: Ummm, which part of you is the head and the rear?
Unknown writes: yor tails bigger than mine
Unknown writes: "Ok, I get the frigging idea, ok? Next onna you punks that tries to double click me gets blasted in the toukas!"
Hot Shot writes: hey baby!
Shadow writes: Doin' anything tonight?
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Zero writes: rattrap:i said i was sorry but the mouse had three ways to click.so can we have some fun now
Byjana writes: Rattrap: Hey mouse!! Can I said to you Micki?
Unknown writes: peeweedesigner has a small brain about as small as a mouse and a pp thats even smaller!
Unknown writes: your on my turf now.
Ricochet writes: Rattrap: Hey Baby!
Unknown writes: Life imitates art, doesn't it?
Unknown writes: finaly! some who apriciates my cracks
zach writes: and i thougt i was a mouse
Unknown writes: I want to be a mouse, can we switch places? you can be a autobot and I can be a mouse.
Beast Simpson writes: You come around here often?
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Unknown writes: Mouse: y would u be named after everything u fear?
dan writes: So, you're not a real mouse either, huh? I think this is the beginning of new friendship.
Beast Simpson writes: Mom, I dont wanna be like you and Dad! I told you, I wanna stand out! I wanna act!!
Rattrap writes: hye i'm the real mouse here so scram.
MindWipe writes: yo! i am supposed to be the only rodent in this stupid cartoon!
"oh sorry...easy mistake to make"
"i suppose!, now get the heck outta here befor e i get my boyfriend optimus over here in ur face!"
Broadside writes: Hey let's see you transform into a car then!!!
Unknown writes: Come into my room and i'll show u my "lead"
Unknown writes: oo whats up big boy lets go in the room
Unicron writes: Hi there. I'm a mouse. What about you?
Unknown writes: I think it's self-explanatory
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Inferno writes: Rattrap: Heeya beautiful, come here often?
Unknown writes: Wanna plug 'n play?
Unknown writes: rattrap: how am I supposed to get on you to copulate??? you're too slippery! god I miss botanica!
Unknown writes: Newsreporter: "...And in other news, a terrible accident occurred this morning when a very groggy Bill Gates woke up, and, while working on his computer, mistook Maximal Rattrap for his computer mouse..."
Unknown writes: Rattrap: What the hell do you mean that you are a nudered mouse!?!?!?!?!?!
Unknown writes: I think the mouse pad is worth more than the rattrap, because all of the re-issues have killed all of the gay transformer lines.
Unknown writes: MOUSE:man these beast wars toys are crap!
Shadow writes: Rattrap: I leave for five cycles and they decide to replace me with this!? Primus help us all...
z writes: Rattrap: Hey!!!! That isn't a very funny joke!!!! Why are they called Mouses anyway????
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Heh, heh. Welcome to my pad...
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Unknown writes: Rattrap:"Damn it! This is the worlst blow-up doll ever!"
Unknown writes: "So... come here often?"
Chee-toy writes: Rattrap: After surfing alot of these fansites... I think we have alot of angry fans.... jeezz.
Unknown writes: Julian aka Bethlehem, i advise you to stay out of it if you know whats good for you. when the energon pub comes back up, read some stuff there, and you will understand.
Unknown writes: Holy crap! What the bot is wrong with this "pi$$ed off" guy, he's sure got a pair of teeth on his balls or sumthin. He needs some damn ritilin before his head veins explode. I don't know what he's talking about
Unknown writes: Rattrap: What the hell are you supposed to be?
Unknown writes: THATS IT BILL!!!
im suin!
Unknown writes: "Come smack me in the butt !"
Polar Claw writes: bootleg!
Unknown writes: So you're a mouse and I'm a rat. Cool!
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Unknown writes: Rattrap:"Hey, good-lookin', you from around here?"
Air Dawg writes: "So you were invented by IBM?"
Firestorm writes: "Maybe Cheetor won't find me.... It's not my fault he left his journal on the console."
Unknown writes: Rattrap and his second cousin twice removed... Mousetrap
Unknown writes: Hey baby, come here often?
Jeremy writes: this is the mouse of th efutre will by then there me a new caption on here?
Unknown writes: Rattrap before and after the Axalon crash-landed on Earth 65 million years ago...nuff said
Unknown writes: Mmm... So where's the inport slot?
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Hmm... let's see what's new on seibertron.com. Oh boy, a new caption picture has been put up. *Double click* Hey... w-wait! WTF?????????????? *looks around paranoid.*
Unknown writes: So I'm a rat and that's a mouse? And I thought they're suppose to look alike...
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Pokejedservo writes: If Scott McNeil was a Computer Mouse Designer.
Unknown writes: Hey baby, how'd you like to come check out MY pad tonight?
TheRo-Man writes: Netscape window...MAXIMIZE!!! (right click)
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: "Right hand red, right foot blue!"....it's Transmetal Twister!!!!!
USAF Prime writes: *rat trap* I'm not worthy!!!!
*mouse* Go Away!!!
Unknown writes: A transformer version of romeo and juliet....a really warped version
Unknown writes: Ratrap:I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I love it! I shall call you Renaldo...I hate it...
Unknown writes: I shall call him, Mini-Rat-Trap.
Unknown writes: Sooner or later Steve Jobs had to invent the IRat!
Hot Rodimus writes: I see no difrence,how about you guys?
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raijinald writes: Rattrap: I wish I could do the stroking on to those porn games like you Jerry.

Jerry Mouse:(Moving back en forth)........
EDIMUS PRIME writes: this is what rattrap would've looked like if beast machines went on for another year
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Ha ha! I can transform, you can't...
Mouse: ....(no response)
aeleven writes: SO your An input DeviCe ....., hOw AboUt i Input with you BeFore tHe reSt Of thE ParTyPooPERs Get BaCk. ;)
Unknown writes: You're not much more than meets the eye, now are you?
Ironhide writes: this is not funny
Unknown writes: Introducing the newest Maximal...Compumousetron!
Rattrap: Oh brother...They must be getting desparate back on Cybertron.
Unknown writes: Rattrap "Bro,I have 2 small balls but why do you have one big one"
Unknown writes: I don't know what the heck is going on.. im confused..im oh gawd lets have some tea an crumpets at applebees. Then we will ride my big red ballon to David BOwies spaceship whilst listening to Tom Waits doped up on some mighty trippy enrgon acid c
raven2k writes: Rattrap:Hey baby wanna comeback to my place for some cheese Botanica wouldnt mind
Mouse:Hahaha Foolish maximal I am RID Megatron in disguise
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Maxima writes: Just CLICK me, baby!
The Matrix writes: Rattrap's new prototype form counterpart.
Riptide writes: Rattrap: What the slag is this? -Person off screen whispers to Rattrap- Rattrap: I'm gonna be a minicon! Where's my agent?
AchTee writes: Rattrap: Hrmph... at least I have pink feet!
Unknown writes: RATTRAP:Here we are. Two mice who aren't afraid of cats!
Unknown writes: Computermouse: My tail sticks in my mouth!
Unknown writes: Computermouse: TERRORIZE!
Rattrap: Oh no, he's gonna click on Bill Gates!
Unknown writes: ...ok so, which end do I talk to?
Ash-Attack writes: Mouse: im about to retire and this is the best replacement they can find!!!
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Firestorm writes: Rattrap suddenly realizes one day that he should have gone to college after all.
Sledge writes: Where do I plug in the MiniCon?
No One writes: Rat Trap cringes at his new Armada upgrade.
Unknown writes: "... and this girl comes to me and she's like errr and i'm like YEAH WHATEVA!"
Unknown writes: Get Lost, Punk!
Unknown writes: My what a long tail you have . . .
Unknown writes: After hanging around the Axalon all day, Primal told him to get friendly with the computer once in a while! Primal didn't mean it quite as literlaly, though!
Unknown writes: Rattrap: "I have to plugg my til into where?!?!"
Unknown writes: I know what YOU were clicking on last night!!!
Pokejedservo writes: Rattrap: And THIS is how I'm going to spend my time on New Years Eve?! YOU BETTER GET ME SOME GOOD CHEESE AND CYBERTRONIAN CHAMPAGNE FOR THIS SEIBERTRON!
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Pokejedservo writes: Rattrap: THIS is whats going to be my body armor?! Oookay...
Unknown writes: hey baby, u around here often?
Indiana writes: hey, you only have 1 ball?
Firestorm writes: All Rattrap remembered was that someone named Bill Gates wanted to see him.
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Hmmm, you are one ugly mouse! Got any cheese?
Unknown writes: Rattrap:I miss my old Beast Mode...
gabriel writes: Ratrap:Thats A Mouse?!
Air Dawg writes: Rattrap: A computer mouse. Hmmm.
Shadowman writes: "This is what I'd look like if I Became a Transmetal 2. Curse those designers."
Unknown writes: Mmmm...it's as easy as picking between Mac OS/Win XP! Not.
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D-Extreme writes: Ratrap: What the?! You aint no real mouse!!! Damn.
Unknown writes: mouse to hooked up mouse-dude you're hooked up to a dell
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Alright, wussy, I challenge you to a game of Double Dragon 5 for the top rat in the whole pack!
Unknown writes: Rattrap: Plants may shrivel up and die, but you and me'll be together forever baby...
Starscream K'dash writes: rt:Me Click You Long time!
Unknown writes: raptrap: this was the first model of me as a transmetal
Dynamus Prime writes: Rattrap: I tell ya, the things comin' outta these Pods keep gettin' weirder and weirder!
Unknown writes: USB my shiny red rear! I'm wireless, baby. Ooh, yeah.
Shermtron writes: Rattrap: When the guys @ seibertron.com ran out of show pics, I came to help but why do I feel so dang cheap...
Skyfire the Artist writes: It was always Rattrap's duty to guard the mouse, but he never knew why.
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Unknown writes: Sorry, guys! I gotta agree with Herk!! You're not giving us much to work with!!! But I'll be back!
Unknown writes: The age-old question; which came first?! The rat from pre-historic Earth, or the mouse who generated it!
little_fly writes: "awww man its not fair i am smaller than the mouse, i am a rat not a mouse, rhinox sould use the mouse for his computer"!!
little_fly writes: "awww man its ot fair i am smaller than the mouse, i am a rat not a mouse, rhinox sould use the mouse for his computer"!!
Unknown writes: Caption: If Hasbro had their way making a Armada RatTrap...
Unknown writes: This isn't even a funny picture.
Unknown writes: "This is the last time I use a computer dating service."
Unknown writes: "Was it good for you, too?"
Unknown writes: " ...and last time we did it, you gave me a VIRUS!"
Unknown writes: "...yeah, I think Armada sucks, too."
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Unknown writes: "So...come here often?
Unknown writes: "Mom always liked you best."
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