Optimus laying down on the ground

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Optimus laying down on the ground
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Rainmaker writes: Optimus: I CAN FEEL IT IN THE GROUND
Ratchet: You need help
BG the Robit writes: OP: Ratchet.. I don't feel good.. *crash* *hurls*
Ratchet: I told you not to go to human bars, your systems can't take it.
BG the Robit writes: Spike: Optimus, you look tired. You should rest.
OP: Evil never rests, so why should I... *crash*
Carly: Because you just collapsed from exhaustion.
trailbreaker writes: That was a big fart....
Crashcomet writes: Spike: Carly! You killed Optimus! GTFO!
darkqueen01 writes: Don't feel bad, Optimus. After a night of drinking I don't always make it to bed either.
Condan1993 writes: spike and carly: you fell over... you fell over... you fell over...
Angelbot writes: Carly: I know he misses Elita One but I didn't think his loneliness was this bad!
Zeedust writes: Deleted from Optimus Prime's TFU profile...

Weaknesses: Optimus Prime just can't hold his liquour.
StarSaber1701 writes: Optimus Prime: Oh yes; Oh Yes; yes thats is Megatron
Spike:I think I am going to Throw up
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Judynator writes: Spike: Optimus? Wake up!
Op: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
Spike: Wake up!
Op: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Spike: Hey! Wake up, Optimus!
Op: Be quit, fool!
seminole1 writes: Daniel: Gush he must've had another long night at Elita's house.
luevanoalx writes: CARLY: SPIKE WHAT HAPPENED?!
Roadshadow writes: Spike: Poor Optimus...
Carly:...Wanna burn him?
Spike: I'll get some matches.
Draego writes: Prime: how much did i drink last night?
Spike: you cleared out 3 breweries
Dclone Soundwave writes: Spike:What's the matter Prime, why are you crying?

Prime:*Sniffs* Look at this picture, I'm going to be a metal monkey in 300 years!
Not Sonic writes: hey, i found a nickel!
Starbeam writes: Optimus: "I am Optimist Prime. I voted for Kerry, believing in the good in humans. Since they have proven me wrong, I have lost my will to live…"

\cut scene to Decepticon headquarters\

Megatron: "My plan is working! Soon all the Ear
gauthic_angel7680 writes: carly: i can't believe he wants me to crawl up in there and tell him what i see.
spike: oh come on baby, i thought you like that kinky sh*t.
carly: look, just because i let him have me doesn't mean i will crawl up his ass.
Ataraxia writes: Carly for the last time, i told you he can't handle Vodka!
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Screambug writes: Optimus Prime is so suprised by the "household pests" running around his house that he simply passed out.
Kit writes: ah **** i took too much
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Spike: Oops, I forgot to mention that Hoist waxed the floor.
Prime: This is almost as bad as the time I slipped on a bannana peel.
Spike: Who knew that Wreck-Gar was the one behind it?
galvanostril writes: spike: man, prime should not think to hard about crappy parody series like RiD and Energon (lets face it people, it degraded since BEAST WARS started!)
Tiedye writes: After four million years in stais lock, it can reak havoc on a Cybertrion's back.( Optimus)- OOOOhhhhh my back!!!!!!!!!!
Tiedye writes: Spike-"Hey Optimus LOOK OUT! I just mopped the floor!(Optimus falls on the floor)"See told ya!" (Magnus comes in)."Hey Magnus the floor is wet, LOOK OUT!" (Magnus slips on floor). "I said it was wet." (Arcee comes in)&qu
Castle74 writes: SPIKE TO CARLY: Yep, he's drunk again!
Tiedye writes: SPIKE- I told Optimus that he spends too much time working. I told him he has to rest for a while, but nooooooo he comes off saying something like... " I will never rest until evil is undone"... and the he just passed out.
x writes: prime missed his target' and fell on the ground.
the target? the humans
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Dark Nemesis Prime writes: Optimus saw the future and past out when he saw hisself in a gorilla suite.
Unknown writes: Teletron 1: "Test simulation competed! Grogg-blaster is fully Operational!" Optimus: "Shgbllllleeee!"
Unknown writes: ...the result of too many late nights competing in energon drinking contests...
Shadow Fox writes: Cop- Ya, he was doa when I got here, a witness said there was some screaming, then a pulse laser rifle was fired then followed by a loud clank-boom thing..ya it's always a waste to see them die so young.
Unknown writes: Spike: "Told you your shoelaces were untied, but nooo... Prime ALWAYS has to know best. Robots don't HAVE shoelaces, you said. Maybe you'll start listening to me now?"
Unknown writes: Prime:Too...much...booze...
Cain writes: Is he dead? * Carly pokes Optimus with a stick Yup, he's dead...
gir writes: cheap autobots they make these days...
Unknown writes: Spike: And If you bug Carly again, there's more where that came from!
gir writes: spike to carly: "I told you to buy energizer!"
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Dark Cyclone writes: *BUUUURp* What'd I do last night! Ow Hangover!
Unknown writes: SPIKE:(to Carly)See when I press this button Optimus does this.
X-Brawn writes: DAMM! Why didn't I install those stupid airbags?!!
Unknown writes: Spike: Poor Optimus...
Carly: Wonna burn him?
Spike: I'll get some matches.
omega icecream writes: slacking off the job huh optimus prime?well WAKE UP!
BlItZeR writes: Robot getting hit in the groin by a football.
*doing* *urrghhh* "me groin!"
Unknown writes: spike:uh... carly i would run if i were you. prime is having another sex dream.
Mirage writes: damn it spike i'm not a cheap a$$. now to get my nickel back from under teletran 1.
Jetfire Masta writes: Gawd i dropped my damn cherrio no wonder those people on the commerciels like them so much damn my head well ill do anything for them even if it means crushing spike and carly!
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Don't mind Optimus. He was up all night playing Heavy Metal War." (Shameless butt-kissing plug? Check!)
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Zeedust writes: "So this is the great Optimus Prime... Funny, I'd always expected him to be a bit taller..."
ultramegatron writes: spike: PIME have you been sneeking raw energon again your turning into an energonaholic
parkwood writes: -Spike to friend- So this is the great Optimus! I know he dosent look like much right now but I dont know anyone who would after the amount of lix he drank wow!
Alphatron2k3 writes: G1 Prime just saw the Armada Preview.
jonboy writes: And here we see the wild Optimus Primacus of the autobot species. Oy, I want to get a little closah and bag a tag on the giant bugga, but im too scared. If you can notice, the red color on his upper torso probably signifies that he is the alpha wolf of th
K-nonFodder writes: Prime" thought you said that i would get a better feel for the enemy if i tried to think like him" Spike " well i guess dusting isn't exactly a battle"
Unknown writes: {SPIKE}Man...optimus had a little to much fun last night!
Zio Matrix writes: Optimus Prime got hammered partying all nigth again...
Linkortron writes: Prime: "Ok, who's the wisenhiemer that tied my shoe-laces together?"
Unknown writes: Carly:"Oh my god! They killed Prime!" Spike:"You bastards!"
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Unknown writes: Carly:"Is prime dead?" Spike"Again? That's the 5th time this month!"
TetraReris writes: Carly and Spike *trying hard not to laugh*
Prime: Ooooo. Ow. I got to talk to Grapple about that uneven spot on the floor.
Unknown writes: Ah ----! I've lost all feeling in my legs. Stupid ass Megatron just had to put those jumper cables on my knees.
Unknown writes: Where are those p**sing Micromasters when I want one?
thexfile writes: teletran 1 : and that were today's winning lotery numbers ....

Optimus : i'm sick , those were my numbers !!!! (crieeng)if i just did not tear up my lotery card boe hoe
DestronPride writes: Awwww man... I am SO not going to work today
Blasta writes: optimus prime tried to well you know with arcee
Blasta writes: optimus prime tried to well you know with arcee
Blasta writes: optimus prime tried to well you know with arcee
Unknown writes: Where is my contact lens?
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Unknown writes: Prime: "Uhhh ... that's the last time I go on an all-night drinking binge."
Unknown writes: "That's some baaaad clam juice..."
Unknown writes: spike:oh ---- he took a overdose
Dean writes: spike:oh ---- he took a overdose
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ssss...sss.... *attempts to slither through the hallway* Sssssss.
Carly: ...and it's all because of that tv special on snakes...
Spike: All right, that's the last time we let him watch Steve Irwin do anything...
PixieStixGirl writes: Optimus learns not to run with scissors the hard way...
Unknown writes: Optimus: *narrowly moves out of the way as Blurr dashes past*...*kaTHUD!* ..Someone remind me to speak with Blurr about his "running spastically through the hall" problem...
Zu Darkness writes: Megatron came over and kickedd his ass for saying he f----- his mother and she was great
Unknown writes: thats.....the last time......I let ......Blaster......use Teltran 1.......for a dujkbox.......
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Ben writes: ouch i fell
Fallengaiden writes: Optimus Prime: Need cybertoniii...umm....
Unknown writes: Carly: What's that thing on his ass?

Spike: The worst case of hemeroids i've ever seen.
Unknown writes: You sure you should of added that beer into the fuel?
Unknown writes: Carly: Quick, Spike, you be the look out, I'll grab his wallet.
Decepticon writes: how does Homer get away with it?
Unknown writes: "Trip? Why...No, I didn't trip. I just dropped My keys under Teletran...Yeah, that's right."
Hot Shot writes: no they shut down napster
Unknown writes: prime: uhh..hangover
Unknown writes: Spike: Prime can get blown up, taken apart, gunned down, but two Zimas and he's out for the count!
Carly: What a light weight, even Bumblebee drank more!
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Unknown writes: carly: Oh spike... its so big! Spike: really? Carly: yes your prime is but, your Bumblebee is small!
Unknown writes: Prime:Aaaaaaaaawwww,.... no more drinking games with Megatro-o-o-o-oooo-on!!!! Buuuuuurp!....... Spike: I guess that's it, Carly. Megatron is and remains the alcohol king
Bruticus writes: Carly: "Why is Optimus on the ground sobbing to himself?"
Spike: "Oh, nothing, just that Ironhide erased his best file on 'the Legend of Zelda.'"
Unknown writes: The extra "m" is for mmm.
Unknown writes: "Don't tell momm the highly advanced, autonomous, sentient robot babysitter is dead!"
Unknown writes: Spike:I hope he's not gonna...SNORRRRRRRKKKK...
Yipe, let's get out of here(OP is snorking)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Unknown writes: Spike:I bet he had too much energon cubes...
Carly:Jep, he better can take a nap when he's out of order...
Spike:errh, why?
Carly:He can't drive when he's so dizzy..??
Jade writes: Spike: Shhh! He's sleeping, lets go do it in his office.
Zu Darkness writes: Spike: I guessed he watched theNew Transformers Aramada series and noticed how they drew him
zach writes: man i sholdnt of taken that cake from megatron last night
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Unknown writes: I am bowling superbowling style, looking to make sure my ball goes towards the middle pin to get a strike.
Unknown writes: whene i hump my pinus comes off and and the world shakes
Unknown writes: Aaaw, Megatron kicked my balls.... He's gonna pay for that.
Unknown writes: Spike, Carly....Please....Get me....My pills...
Shadow writes: OP:Oops, I slipped. *sniff* I'm soooo ebaressed. Spike: Are you sure this is really Optimus and not Megatron in an OP costume after an energon bender?
Unknown writes: Woooooaaaaahhhhhhh... no more keg parties...
sideways writes: ups imean optimus couldn't get drunk..by hot road 69, sorry Xavier587 lol
sideways writes: oh, and no offens Xavier587 but don't forget Optimus dosn't have a mouth... so how could he get drunk...lol but that was funny....lol
sideways writes: Teacher: ok class heres the lesson for today, never, never stand too close to optimus like this, caus you never know what will hapen....!!!!
aaaaahhhh!! "squish"
all the kids: yay no homwerk!!! yay saved!!
(transformers just gained a
Unknown writes: must have been one heck of a party last night
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Unknown writes: Spike: I guess that was one Energon tequilla too much for Prime. Prime: BUUUURP!!!!! Carly: Yuk,... so that's an Autobot's way of getting drunk.
matrix_primus writes: Prime: Must... find... my... PORKRINES...
Unknown writes: Prime: "Now that's the correct way to do the ol' 'Stop, Drop and Roll' technique guys!
Unknown writes: No maw, I don't wanna go to school today !!
Unknown writes: I thought I told Bumbelbee NOT to leave his toys here
Beast Simpson writes: Spike: Oh no! John Wilkes Boothe strikes again!!!
Unknown writes: uuuuhhhhh...those were some bad doobies
dan writes: Spike: That's right, Carly. When I'm around, Prime knows his place.
Unknown writes: Carly: I'm sorry Optimus... but Spike's more my type. He's cuter, smarter, sexier, and um... human. Let's be friends!
Beast Simpson writes: Prime: SPIDER! Get it off... GET IT OFF!!!
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Unknown writes: Spike: "prime is this some sort of invitation."

Carly: "Spike no, you promised"
Unknown writes: And you said alcohol doesnt affect robots
Unknown writes: prime:i mast get up,help me spike.
spike:i'd love to but your tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavy if you know what i mean so bye.
Unknown writes: This is how sick I feel about all the different Transformers using my name.
hot_rod writes: Ooooohhhh! Spike did you spike the energon!?
Unknown writes: i think we may have used a bit too many roofies...o well now lets get those pants off him!
crono writes: See i told you kids, your worse than a damn cat, are you happy, i finally tripped over you, now go home.
MindWipe writes: we really need to get a receptionist that isnt epileptic! all this flashing monitor screens stuff is making them all fall over!
Broadside writes: Finally an answer to the age old question......... Do robots sleep?
Unknown writes: the "PUNY" humans drank the "MIGHTY" optimus under the perverbial table
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Vega writes: It's a sad day for team Autobot. The gold would've been theirs for sure if only Optimus could've nailed the dismount...
Unknown writes: whoa hes totally drunk last night cause he drank jack daniels
Unicron writes: Spike: I'm telling you, he's drunk!
Carly: No! He's just kissing the floor
Unknown writes: how do you suggest I find your dad put my ear to the ground and listen for foot steps.
Unknown writes: "Spike, did you leave your skateboard out on the floor again?"
Unknown writes: Spike: I told you we should have tidied the magnets away!
Unknown writes: Spike: Uh. Optimus, you're supposed to sun-bath outside!
Unknown writes: AAHHH! Prime! You just fell on my dad!!!
Shadowen writes: PRIME: Who waxed the floor?!
Unknown writes: I can hear the Decepticons coming!!
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Unknown writes: inth voice of betty from kung-pow "mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh nappy time."
Potimus Prime writes: "Mini-Optimus, quit humping the Ark!"
Unknown writes: Spike-"I told you Prime shouldn't have watched that banned Pokemon epsiode, now he's in a seizure.
Unknown writes: Carly:"What happened?" Spike:"Prime went out all night with the Dinobots, and he's drunk off his ass." Prime:"Huh? N'way, Shhpike *Hic!!* I'm not intoximicated! I'm shober
Unknown writes: CARLY: What's Optimus Prime doing?
SPIKE: Using his newfound power... x-ray vision.
CARLY: What's he looking at?
SPIKE: Uhhhhhhhh (sounds sarcastic)
OPTIMUS PRIME: (mumble)... all ... those... (drools)... all those girls... no... mus
Unknown writes: optimus you squished spike.
Unknown writes: Spike: Quick! Make it look like an accident!
Battle Angel writes: See? Even Prime liked that Pokemon episode! Uhh... Prime?
Unknown writes: Carly: "Prime's Dead" Spike: "Don't Worry he'll return with a new look and cool powers"
APOLLO writes: Carlye: Oh no, Optimus is dead!! Spike: So what else is new.
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Unknown writes: Spike: Oh my god! they Killed Optimus (Spike is punched by thblue guy)Blue guy: don't you dar finish that saying
Unknown writes: When evil appliance cords trip big robots!
Kamikazecon writes: I was SURE than my Energon cube rolled under that computer pannel
Unknown writes: After Spike uploaded windows XP into Optimus
Unknown writes: optimus finds out after his return that galvatron is in fact mégatron rebuilt.
realising he didn't destroyhis nemesis, optimus cannot handle de disappointment saying, whilr cying: oh no not again! now I have to star all over again!
Unknown writes: Optimus after founding out he's a father
Unknown writes: spike: you know something you are freakin me out optimus.
Optimus: if you listen real close you can hear the ocean waves. they are so peaceful.
Spike: we are in a F@&#* volcano you idiot!!!!!!
Unknown writes: spike: you know something you are freakin me out optimus.
Optimus if you listen real close you can hear the ocean waves. they are so peaceful.
Spike: we are in a F@&#* volcano you idiot!!!!!!
Unknown writes: oh man dont take the brown energon its bad for you...
z writes: Optimus: Need... food...
Humans: Umm... Optimus? You're a Transformer... you don't need food...
Optimus: ...? Oh yeah!!!
Optimus: Need... energon...
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Unknown writes: After hearing him trash Armada, Prime decides to pull a Five-Star Frog Splash on Wheelie.
Unknown writes: After discovering that he has been re-issued, Prime cannot handle the joy.
Unknown writes: After watching 1 ARMADA episode,Optimus drops dead.His last thought:I was better off as the FRIGGIN' GORILLA!!!
Unknown writes: After watching 1 ARMADA episode,Optimus drops dead.His last thought:I was better off as the FRIGGIN' GORRILLA!!!
Unknown writes: Prime: That's the last time I let Ironhide talk me into drinking his homemade Enerbeer...
Unknown writes: Prime: Quick Impression for ya!!! A BEARSKIN RUG!!!
Spike and Carly: not funny Prime
Unknown writes: Prime: So this is Armada....
Unknown writes: Prime: Spike...why didnt you WARN me that you waxed the floor!!!
Unknown writes: Carly: i think you should take "The Clapper" out of Prime beofre the rest of the autobots get here.
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime commits suicide after hearing Kelly Osbourne sing.
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M writes: prime passes out after spike and carly read him the new scripts from season 3 and the movie
Unknown writes: Op: Man...that's the last time I let Wheljack use one of his inventions to wax the floor...
Unknown writes: I...am nev*gasp*er...going jo...gging with...the Dinobots...again...*cough*.
frank writes: "Carly, let's remove his head and replace it with Wheeljack's !!"
Suzuki writes: Oh great; he wasn't Y2K compliant.
Unknown writes: The aftermath of the autobot keg party.
mouse writes: Carly:Optimus? Spike:Don't even bother Carly, because once you get him to sleep you don't want to wake him up. Carly: Well, why? Spike:Ever seen a Transformer at six in the morning, it ain't a pretty sight.
USAF Prime writes: Optimus Killed himself after watching an Episode of Armada.
shckwv writes: Spike: Optimus died doing what he loved, committing suicide.
shckwv writes: A very special Optimus Prime Chrismas, discovery of his secret drinking problem.
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shckwv writes: Spike and Carly enter the room and find Optimus dead on the floor. Spike: Why Primus why, he was to beautiful to die!
Unknown writes: Prime: Spike!!! What did I say about leaving banana peels on the floor!?
Unknown writes: One Tequila...Two Tequila...Three Tequila...FLOOR!
Unknown writes: Yo, Prime, that's MY Gig, you hear?!
Suzuki writes: “He’s not dead, he’s just resting.” “This is an EX-Optimus Prime!!”
Unknown writes: Luckily, Optimus Prime had Wheelie there to break his fall... (And there was much rejoycing...)
Unknown writes: Now, just put his hand in the bowl of warm water, it'll be so sweet, I swear!
jory writes: OHHHHHHHHHHH thats the *burp* last time i go out on a energon binge *faints*
Unknown writes: "Man, Optimus, what a fart !"
Unknown writes: OP: Our... future is.... doomed! Carly: What's he talking about? Spike: He just finished watching an episode of "Armada."
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Unknown writes: LETS DISMANTAL HIM
Unknown writes: OW THAT GOTA HURT
BLACKBIRD writes: spike:optimus fought YU-GI-OH in a duel monster,duel
optimus:did not c the white eyes blue dragon,white lighting attack....now we lost the mini-cons forever
D-Extreme writes: Spike: I think prime drank too many energon again
Carly: ..........
Unknown writes: "Please...d-direct me to the nearest Dairy Queen..."
Unknown writes: No... I just watched the new "Armada" series.
Unknown writes: When not fighting Decepticons, the Autobots throw wild parties, have sex with cars and kitchen appliances, and sleep where they fall.
Unknown writes: Nore Playstation 1/2, nore Nintendo 64, nore the X-Box, nore Sega, or the Gameboy Advanced are a match for Teletran 1!!
See here the result: Prime's wasted after playing Tetris on Teletran 1
Unknown writes: Spike: OH MY GOD! YOU KILLED SPARKPLUG! Carly: bastard!
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Unknown writes: Prime: Spike, I had this nightmare again! I was a philosophical Monkey, part machine part bio
Unknown writes: 3rd Strike Chun Li is overpowered! Forget it, no, I won't play that game again! Go away!
Unknown writes: Optimus faints as Spike tells him he won the lottery.
Unknown writes: Such a pretty house. Such a pretty garden. No alarms and no surprises. No alarms and no surprises. No alarms and no surprises please.
Unknown writes: "Man! That is the last time I eat 3 boxes of Energon Goodies!"
bob writes: prime: quick spike, pull my finger!
Unknown writes: gee....forgot to transform before I let my self drop!!!
Ashes writes: I love you, floor!
Starscream K'dash writes: Prime:gah!!! Cybertron and All it's moons Belong to me!!!!!
Starscream K'dash writes: Optimus:BUMBLEBEEEEEEEEEE!!
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Prowl writes: Spike: Optimus still couldn't understand why Transformers needed minicons in Armada, and his logic ciruits overloaded.
Unknown writes: sideswipe(off camera): Hey, Prowl, why is Optimus on the ground?
Prowl: He found out that his reissues smoke stacks where shortened.
Jazz: I thought it was because Bluestreak and I would be reissued cheaper?
Mirage: At least somebody's rei
Unknown writes: Spike, don't...tell...anyone.
Starscream K'dash writes: Spike:uh I think he's Deactivated,carli.
Carli:oh well! Let's do it on the Space Bridge
Spike(Very Happy): BOO YAH I thought U never Ask
Starscream K'dash writes: Can't....Feel...Circuts..Must..Talk..Like Shatner!!!
smurphy writes: ahhh, from now on Jack doesn't live here any more.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Arrrgggg, now I know how it feels after 6 cans of beer...
darren writes: ohh man i am so wasted i can just pass out on the floor...oh wait i am on the floor...s£!t!!!!
Unknown writes: "DAMMIT! Tinkerbell, I need more fairy dust!"
Unknown writes: OOF! Hey,I COULD fly in the first season! Really!
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Unknown writes: optimus: geeezzzzz wheres that beyblade i saw it it spon right under telatron 1
Voodoo writes: Spike: "Jesus... 3 beers and dude's out. What a lightweight."
Unknown writes: This is what happens when Optimus Prime gets hooked to an electronic drug...and when Carly and Spike let him have too much of it. Spike: "I think he's dead.." Carly: "Well it's your fault for letting him have t
Unknown writes: spike - karly you just had to put on the all day lassie marathon didn't you?
Unknown writes: Spike:"What happened to Optimus?" Carly:"I dunno...He was watching 'Armada', made a horrible noise, and fell over." Spike:"Yeah, 'Armada' does the same thing to me."
Unknown writes: Spike: Is he trying to do the worm?
jazz921 writes: Carly"now isnt that just prime!" Spike"yes it is!"
Big Grim writes: Carly - "Whats that big blue lump on Prime's Ass ?". Spike - "Heh, Now You Why Megatron has A Trigger For A Crotch !".
BumbleBug writes: Spike: That's what british day time TV does to even Autobots.


Carly: *clings to Spike* Make it stop!!
The Matrix writes: Optimus after on hours of online technical support.
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EDIMUS PRIME writes: spike,"this isn't so bad last time i found him like this he had his arm around grimlock,and asked me if i wanted to have a threesome."
Unknown writes: Spike: Help! He's fallen, and we can't get him up!
Firestorm writes: Spike...Carly... don't eat the clams....
Unknown writes: Oh Prime's asleep. Spike says. Prime"zzzzzzz...Megatron!!..mumble...mumble...zzzzzzz."
Unknown writes: Spike: He just found out Starscream wants to switch sides. .
bigfoz writes: carly: 'quick spike, grab his wallet!'
bigfoz writes: i knew that game of twister was a bad idea...
ToXmAn writes: Prime: *HIP* too much Vodka for today .... *HIP*
ToXmAn writes: Spike: you see i told you i could beat him
Unknown writes: What happened here? Why is Optimus lying on the Ark's floor?
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Unknown writes: Prime: Earth gravity must have been altered by the Decepticons.......
Spike: Nah, it's just your hang-over Prime.
Prime: Yes, too much Energon too drink at Primus Eve!
Unknown writes: Carly: "Spike! Optimus Prime is mumbling in his sleep! Something about dis-engaging his powercoupling-filter and reconnecting to someone called Elita One! What does that mean?" Spike: "Uhm... Never mind! Lets just leave him alon
The Matrix writes: What Optimus Prime looks like, after being trampled by the Dinobots.
Starscreams Ghost writes: Optimus Prime: Autobots! Tuck me in and roll out!
Firestorm writes: Spike: Let's get him to bed before the others realize he's been to a strip club.
Carly: How do you know that?
Spike: Uhhh... that's not important.
Unknown writes: Spike: Hey Optimus! There's a Decepticon attack! Optimus (Drunk): Whaaa? Spike: There's Decepticon attack! Optimus: Whaa? Carly: Aren't you listening? Optimus: Don't shout at me ... (passes out and drops)
Chaotic Serenity writes: Optimus: (thinking) Now, if I play dead just a bit longer, maybe Daniel and Carly will finally leave...
Unknown writes: Sadly, it was only after their hangovers had disappeared the next morning that the other Autobots realized one among them was missing...
Dynamus Prime writes: Spike: Uh, Optimus...? Prime: Shhh! Hear that? We have termites under the Ark!!!
Cyberman writes: Spikes: Prime's sick!
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Ash-Attack writes: prime: hey i just had the worst dream, Hot Rod became the leader of the autobots!!! Spike: yeah like that could ever happen!!
Unknown writes: Alright...who spiked the energon punch??
Unknown writes: Spike: Yes, Prime! Muahahahaha! Now the Ark is mine! Carly: Spike??? Spike: No! Not Spike! (removes makes) Donny Finkelberg! Carly: ??? Donny(depressed): nevermind... my character sucks.
Unknown writes: Spike: Yes, Prime! Muahahahaha! Now the Ark is mine! Carly: Spike??? Spike: No! Not Spike! (removes makes) Donny Finkelberg! Carly: ??? Donny(depressed): nevermind... my character sucks.
Unknown writes: Prime: Damn it, Megatron hacked into my program and reformatted me so I'd act like a beached whale!
Ripley writes: Optimus: Help me i've fallen and I can't get up!!!!!
Big Grim writes: "My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink and I don't Love Primus !!"
jesse writes: Damn robotic stoner. He took too many hits on the energon bong again.
Unknown writes: Is it just me, or is that an unusual angle for Prime's head to be in?
Unknown writes: Carly: No, I said: "Spike, get him some energon." Not: "*Spike* his energon." Spike: Oops!
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Unknown writes: Optimus Prime after he just found out he was gonna turn into a fire truck in "TF: Robots In Disguise". Either that, or Peter Cullen wasn't doing his voice.
Unknown writes: prime stop drinking and driving cause your wasted!!!!
davewelttf writes: Carly: hey, Optimus...
Spike let him be, he was up for the last few days and nights waiting for Santa Claus
Unknown writes: Optimus is looking for his Transparent Contact Lenses.
Unknown writes: Optimus: Euugrrrhh....note to self: Never eat 155 Whapper Burgers all at once.
ian writes: Spike: Optimus what are you doing?
Prime: Wrestling with Mirage, why do you ask?
Spike:Riggghhtt sorry i asked
Chris writes: OOWWWW
Unknown writes: Ironhide and Hound:
"Y'know, it's not very assuring to wake up every morning to find your boss trashed at a computer console."
"Amen to that."
FortMax writes: Spike: oops
Junior writes: boy, am i fµ©king tired!
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Unknown writes: See, one glass of Energon wine and he's out. Can't hold his oil down.
Unknown writes: Aw s--t, that was some bad a-- weed .
Unknown writes: Spike: Car;y! Get Rachet! Prime's having a spark attack!
Unknown writes: Don't you just hate it when your Optimus Prime, the pride of your Transformers collection, keeps falling down?!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Ow
Unknown writes: Prime: What did I tell you about those freakin'banana peels Spike. Spike: Oh, sorry Optimus, I guess I missed the trash reseptical again, my bad.
Unknown writes: well now that i have enjoyed the view your carlys breasts. i wonder would you like to see them from mine?
Hairball178 writes: Prime: "All right, let's go over this again--I want you to massage my midsection."

Spike: "Carly, you get the floor buffer; I'll get the sandblaster."
raijinald writes: Prime accidently stumbles at the couples'newborn son, Daniel.

Carly: MY BABY!!!
raijinald writes: Commentator: Prime tackles chip in a football game n here's what happened. Referee Spike blows whistle. PRRRRRRT!! That is a good tackle from Prime indeed.
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raijinald writes: Prime is dreaming talking in his sleep.
Prime: Oh baby! Im gonna come.
Spike: Hey prime wake up.
Prime: DAMN!!!
raijinald writes: Prime talking to Spike n Carly.

Prime: I see u 2 hiding in an engine room doing something like this. Uh! Uh! Uh!
Unknown writes: Prime: Hey I found a Cheetos...Hey there are my keys!
Unknown writes: Optimus:hmm... Decepticon come here. Spike: how do you know?
Optimus: Audio receptors sticky.
Unknown writes: Prime:So...tired...must...sleep...
little_fly writes: time for some sleep or at least a nap? mabey not must fight this sleepy felling ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Unknown writes: Once again, gravity claims yet another transformer...
gir writes: Spike: looks like his batteries are low again...
Unknown writes: Prime: "autobots , lets crawl out!"
Unknown writes: Prime: " oh crap i forgot to transform!"
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Unknown writes: its moments like these u need minties
Unknown writes: Prime kneeling down to look at action figure on the floor while spike consoles carly in the background: "WTF! THATS WHAT I LOOK LIKE IN BEAST MACHINES?!?!!?"
Unknown writes: Prime after learning about Armada, the minicon gimmick and Beast Wars
Automaster writes: Prime:I'm not good enough. There's something wrong with me. Nobody listens to me.

Mental Illness is a disease. For more information go to www.paxil.com.
Slappyfrog writes: Spike: "Think warm thoughts, Optimus."
Slappyfrog writes: Optimus: "Very funny, Teletran. GIving me a bed alt-mode for Spike and Carly is a hoot. Now TURN ME BACK!"
Firestorm writes: Prime passes out upon realizing that the Chicago Cubs have finally won a pennant.
Cyberman writes: OP: Wake me when Santa gets here.
Unknown writes: Op.Pr.: Damn! Human parties are good! Sleepy...so sleepy......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Unknown writes: Optimus: "Quick!!! Duck!!! I think I see one of those Hasbro designers!!! If they ask for me... I'm not home!!!"
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Unknown writes: Carly: "I told ya, Spike! We shouldn't have given the Dinobots all those hot spices to eat yesterday!" Optimus: "Spike... You... Must... Open... Window!"
Unknown writes: Spike: "I tried to tell him... Scotty 2 Hotty is not one of the WWE's most popular wrestlers and that he better not try that stuff at home!" (Remember kids, leave the dangerous stuff to the wrestlers)
Unknown writes: Prime has a major systems failure after he discovers he once joined sparks with a monkey!!! (I STILL can't get over the fact they made the 'Prime' a gorilla)
Unknown writes: Optimus did not fail the drop test, so there will be a reissue of him
Unknown writes: Spike: That must've been some New Year's Eve party!
Unknown writes: Spike: Oh no! It must be some Decepticon plot?
Prime: Nope I just had too much beer!
Unknown writes: Prime: "Your right! It DOES sound like a train is comming..."
Pokejedservo writes: If only his left hand wasn't so..."low".
The King writes: I forget I can't fly.
Vector Sigma writes: Spike: "I guess Cartman wasn't the only cartoon character to get an anal probe"
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Unknown writes: After learning from Teletran-One that there are only seven fembots in existence.
Ashes writes: Ashes: You know, I once read some where it was strange that whenever you see the Ark from the out side it was tilted but when you see it from the inside every thing is level. When I discoved Superdeformers one of the comics there explaned this by saying
Phoenix writes: When narcolepsy attacks!
Skyfire the Artist writes: Ugh...tell Ratchet and the others...not to eat the fish.
Shermtron writes: Prime is getting advise from satan on how to beat the decepticons.
Shermtron writes: Prime is fallen and cant get up...
Slappyfrog writes: Tonight on Cybertron's Funniest Home Videos, see what happens when one unlucky Autobot gets it with the world largest wiffleball bat.
Unknown writes: prime will give me head
Unknown writes: help!!!!!!!!i've fallen and i can't get up,ohhh my back
Unknown writes: Missing ELITA-1 has given Optimus a bad case of blue reproduction units.
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Unknown writes: Uhhh... note to self... never go into suspended animation and expect to eat beef after 160,000,000 yaers.
Unknown writes: Spike:"Great! Prime's groin fell on Chip!"
Unknown writes: Prime:"Help, I've fallen and I can't get IT up!!!"
Unknown writes: Prime: "I know you guys can get it! i took it out of my chest put it on a chair (to clean it) FORGOT then sat down! LOOK! if you would just climb up there you'll see it? ya can't miss it! what d'ya say?"
Unknown writes: "Prime did not like what 'Handy Andy' and 'Carol Smiley' had done to the new and improved Autobot HQ".
Unknown writes: Spike: " He never told ME he was epaleptic? best change the computer screens."
Unknown writes: too...much...beer
Unknown writes: "Prime i'm pregnant! ......... and your the father!"
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