Hot Shot w/ his arm around Smokescreen

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Hot Shot w/ his arm around Smokescreen
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UnderYourCloset writes: Hot Shot: Smokescreen, have you ever wondered what a punch to the back of the head feels like?
Ramscreamer writes: hotshot:y'know you wanna see those 'secret' pictures of arcee i got from reflector!
arcee(off screen):ggggggrrrrrrr........
Zeedust writes: If you look at this picture from the right and slightly below, you'll see what almost looks like Japanese katakana!

Part UCC, part optical illusion!
battlestrike writes: hot shot:(giggles)so waddo u say dinner at 8. smokescreen: sure see u there(hot shot and smokescreen kiss)
Scatterlung writes: Hot Shot: It was THIS big!!!
Roadshadow writes: Smokescreen: No Hot Shot. You'll never take my Irish whiskey. NEVAR!
Predagade writes: smokescreen old friend, will you marry me?
Galaxy_Convoy writes: Hot Shot: buddddy......can i borrow $15? i really want to get the new energon toy of me.

Smokescreen: f**k off Hot Shot, i need that money to pay Red Alert cause of his bet that Optimus would die and be reborn again.

Red Alert: dam right.

Hot Sho
Alphatron writes: Hot Shot: Hey come here! I'll give 'ya a special pat-on-the-back!
Smokescreen: Stop! That's my special area!
Unknown writes: The Autobot Barbershop Quartet.
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Dash Trigger writes: Hot Shot: Whoops, missed a spot!
Unknown writes: Smokescreen: Get off. Hot Shot: Hey Bro. Smokescreen: Just kill me now this is embrarasing
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: "Time for a Nuggie!!!"
Shadow Fox writes: Hot shot- Ya bud, don't feel bad as you do nothing in the show and will die in a few episodes, just cheer up and party with the rest of us!!!
Unknown writes: AAAAWWWWW brotherly love
Mac writes: Hey budeeeee...! *hic!*
ionacus writes: hot shot; alright now lets go to the strip club arcee and aleta-1 are gonna do a 2 fembot show!!!! all: heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: So in the G1 Universe, you're meant to be a racing car and I'm meant to take over as leader when Optimus dies. Prime: Yeah, but then I come back to life!
Unknown writes: Smokescreen: No HotShot. You'll never take my Irish whiskey. NEVAR!
omega icecream writes: smokescreen; WILL YOU GIT OFF ME?!!
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parkwood writes: I love you man! seriously and its not just the boose talkin either!
K-nonFodder writes: Hotshot" Don't you just love being in armada smokescreen" SC " years fo loyal service and i get this post geeez"
Zeedust writes: "C'mon, Smokescreen! Football, Autobots versus humans, it'll be fun!" "Touch or tackle?" "Tackle." "All right, Hot Shot, I'm in... Heh heh..."
TetraReris writes: Honest humans, the turbofoxes on Cybertron are as big as my buddy here.
Manchester Devil writes: Hot Shot: Yo Smokey, I heard that you're going to be shot next month.
Smokescreen: Bol*ocks! And don't call me "Smokey" *punches Hot Shot*
Ratbat writes: I thought I made mysef clear in Oregon that I don't do that!
Zu Darkness writes: SmokeScreen: Hot shot have you been watching that retarted purple dinosaur again. Nowget you f$%^&*^ arm off me or I'llsmash you one right in the face
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: "Hey, what's that in your hand? Gimme a look!"
Unknown writes: HS: Give it back!
SS: No, it's mine!
HS PRIME! Smokescreen wont give me back my Hilary Duff CD!!!
Unknown writes: Hotshot:"hey Smokescreen i bet i have smellier armpits than you."
Smokescreen:"no i dt think so Hotshot remember i got 3 arms."
Hotshot:"ho no fare darn."
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Unknown writes: Red Alert: WTF?! Prime: Now I seen everything.
Smokescreen: what ARE you doing? Hot Shot: Come on! There's no fembots around anywhere, and you're starting to look real good to me right now!

Red Alert: What's really odd
Unknown writes: Leave him alone Hotshot.
AngelSailor-Cybertron writes: when the Autobots hang out with the human kids too long!
Unknown writes: [HotShot] Hi long arm you some beer bi*h [smokescreen]What did you say? you fool [hot shot] it all cool pal ^_*
Unknown writes: "No, you can't see my 'My Little Pony' set I got!"


Unknown writes: Today on TF Armada: TRANSFORMERS! Not just humans anymore, Hot Shot throws Smokescreen a bachelor party but the Decepticons crash it before Fred gets to eat his cake, and he's PO'ed! You'll only find stories like this on TF Ar
Shadowcon writes: Smokescreen:You're still not getting my beer Hotshot!
Hotshot: but I NEED it!
Unknown writes: geez hot shot you need to lay off the wiskey
Zu Darkness writes: Hot Shot: I remember the day you used to be this funky Race car smokescreen.

Smokescreen: Yeah I know you lousy drunk... get your arm off me i have work to do.

Optiums Prime: Remeber Smokescreen your suppose to kill the ones who made and drew us li
Bruticus writes: How ya doin', buddy? Us Transformers with crappy arms gotta stick together!
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Unknown writes: Smokescreen: Don't you dare take my twinkie!
Unknown writes: You know IM only 12, but I like this on the same way as the others...;-)
Unknown writes: Hey, didn't we saw this on my school? Same Technique, same MISTAKE
zach writes: please dont get me mad im running outa places to hide the bodies
Unknown writes: nice shot! can u teach me that?
Unknown writes: HotShot: Man Smokie your are Da MAN!!
Optimus: I like pancakes
Beast Simpson writes: Touch me and I rip out your spark.
Unknown writes: SMOKESCREEN: Don't touch me, don't ever touch me!
little_fly writes: smokescrean: hey hot shot: hot shot yes? sc: i have a slight tummy ache: hs awwwwww sorry to hear that ;)
PlasmaRadio writes: Hot Shot: "Do you wanna see my mini-con."
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Smoke Screen writes: did you put dioderont today because you stink.
joshua writes: hey smokescreen you wanna make me leak oil(com)
Unknown writes: Prime: "get me some oil...NOW!!!"
Chrono writes: not in front of the others hotshot...they won't understand..
Unknown writes: Come on Smokey I NEED it man! I need it BAD man. I'll let you play with jolt man. justa puff somkey justa PUFF man. I'll pass this time I promiss mann I'll pass the puff man smoke it smokey Man
MindWipe writes: lets play ball toooooot!!! (whistle noise)
Broadside writes: No come on it's good for both of us.
Josh writes: eww get away optimus !! hes gonna give me the hands on demonstration
Unknown writes: Hotshot: give me the ball Smokescreen!

Smokescreen: NEVER! iTS MY BALL!!!
Zero writes: Hot Shot:Smoke screen do you think we could be more than good friends
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Unicron writes: HotShot: Don't make me shove my fist up your ass!
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Leggo my Eggo, beeyatch!
Unknown writes: Smokescreen: Im telling you guys, Arcee is NOT in this issue of playbot! Optimus: Then you would have no problems sharing it. Hot Shot: Don't worry sir I'll get it. Red Alert: Ass kisser
Unknown writes: Optimus has second thoughts about his cast list for the remake of Titanic
Unknown writes: excuse me you guys we got work to do
Unknown writes: Hot Shot and Smokescreen show the kids their dance moves that made them famous on Cybertron.
Unknown writes: "Tickle, tickle."
Dj Flash writes: Friendship...pass it on
Thunderwing writes: "Now to "accidently" shove Smokescreen on top of those annoying kids"
Unknown writes: Goddammit! If you call me Hot ROD again, I'll rip out your optics!
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Unknown writes: smokescreen: Hotshot, what are you doing back there!?
Inferno writes: Hotshot: I'm glad you're with me Smokescreen... Hold Me!
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Is that a crane on your back or are you just happy to see me?
Kamikazecon writes: lets see how you like getting a powerlink up your a$$
optimuslives writes: Prime: All right you two knock it off, or am I the only one who seems to have noticed the giant penis sized rocks behind us. They appear to be getting larger..........
Unknown writes: Hot shot: you aint gettin to the hoop dawg you aint got nothin on me!
Smokescreen: respect my line respect my line!
Red Alert: when will they realize I took the hoop down hours ago?
Unknown writes: carlos:i'd expect that sort of thing from sideways but this is just screwed up! alexis:hey rad is that a crane in your pants?
jory writes: HS: you know u want some of this! SS: look dude i dont know what u want but get ur hands off me b4 i shove my crain up ur ass
Unknown writes: Smokescreen: Don't stand too close SW, I don't want anyone to think were robot-sexuals.
Unknown writes: "Now using his super mode, Hot Shot prepares to lay the smackdown on Smokescreen using the Shining Finger!"
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Unknown writes: Hot Shot:"Come on, one little hug. That's all i'm asking."
USAF Prime writes: Hot shot is trying to make Red Alert jealous
Hot Rodimus writes: TRANSFORMERS SLASH!
Dynamus Prime writes: Hot Shot: Come on, just one hug? PUUHLLEEEEZZZZEEE???!!! Smokescreen: GET THE F#$K AWAY FROM ME, YA CRAZY TOURIST!!!
Unknown writes: Drunken Hotshot-"Do you know how much I love you Smokescreen? Do any you guys know how much this gu....... HUUURRLL! *Pukes on Smokescreen*
Starscream K'dash writes: Rad*thinking*: Y'know I think This this without a shadow of a Doubt THE Gayiest Autobot Pose I've seen.
Unknown writes: All the kids and the Autobots attempt to have their pictures taken by and old camera Rad found in an antique shop. What he failed to mention, was that, in order for the picture to be perfect, everyone had to hold still for approximately 1 hour as it devel
Unknown writes: Prime: "Why is he tickling him?"
Red Alert: "Optimus...there's a dark secret to be told with these two..."
Scourge writes: hot shot : wer JAm COPTOR!!!!! SMOKESCREEN : PRIME? PRIME : its not my falt smoke - wait isnt this a still shot?
Unknown writes: Ok Hotshot, I'm going to bend over and you just have to put it in my tailpipe...
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Unknown writes: Hot Shot: WHat's up dog!!!!! Smokescreen: What's up homeboy!!!!!
The Matrix writes: Hotshot - "Hey, watch'cha got in there?"

Smokescreen - "Carlos' remains..."
Unknown writes: smokescreen do you wanna fµ©k me in the ass
Unknown writes: "if you show them the nude ones I SWEAR iam gowna kill you!"
Unknown writes: "thats the last time i ask for an oil change of THAT guy! sheeeeeeeeesh!"
Unknown writes: "that's it! in there right! oooooooooohhhh! hey why is OPTIMUS SLIME watching us? i didn't know he was into that kinda thing?"
Unknown writes: "that's it! in there right! oooooooooohhhh! hey why is OPTIMUS SLIME watching us? i didn't know he was into that kinda thing?"
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: We sure got rid of the kids, eh, Smokey?

Smokescreen: Yeah, we sure did. And get your arm off me!
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: come on lemme see.
Smokescreen: these are MY nudie mags get your own!
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Unknown writes: Hot Shot if you dont stop trying to dance with me im going to hit you.
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: im telling ya i measured it and its THIS BIG
Unknown writes: Dont worry Smokescreen Jolt does this to me all the time!
Unknown writes: Let's ditch Prime and go get us some fly honnies Smokey m'boy!
Metroplex writes: HS: I bet somebody wants a wedgie? Who wants a wedgie? SS: *GASP*! HELP! NOOO! *MMMMFFF* OP & RA: HAHAHA! Serves you right SS!
Unknown writes: hs: why are you tring to stop me from nocking those kids into the ground smoke screen. ss:because the said they would give me a lube job today if I protected them. RA: optimus why did we let the kids join our team any ways? Op:Because if we fail we can bl
ShinjiConvoy writes: hotshot: gimme the energon cookie, common were pals remember
smokescreen: Shut the hell up optimus gave it to me so nyeeeeeh
optimus: must...look....heroic....
redalert: *staring at optimus* omg hes so hot
ShinjiConvoy writes: hotshot: gimme the energon cookie, common were pals remember
smokescreen: Shut the hell up optimus gave it to me so nyeeeeeh
optimus: must...look....heroic....
redalert: *staring at optimus* omg hes so hot
ShinjiConvoy writes: hotshot: gimme the energon cookie, common were pals remember
smokescreen: Shut the hell up optimus gave it to me so nyeeeeeh
optimus: must...look....heroic....
redalert: *staring at optimus* omg hes so hot
Unknown writes: Hotshot:ha ha now you see what happens when you drop the soap! ss: aw man, well get on with it and hurry up i'm late for a pedicure.
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Unknown writes: SS: AAH! GET THIS GIANT YELLOW THING OFF ME....oh itsj ust Hotshot Drunk....
Unknown writes: hotshot: yoooo, man i just love your ass, I GOTS TO GET THAT ASSSSSS! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEE!
Unknown writes: HS: "Hold still..."
SS: "For the last time, I like my capes XL in the sholders with a taper..."
HS: "But I need EXACT measurements if you want it to look as good as Scavanger's"
Unknown writes: Hey I wanted the last cookie!
Unknown writes: SmokeScreen: DUDE!
HotShot: dduuuudddeee!
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: "Hey! Is that a crane you're carring, or are you just happy to see..." Smokescreen:"It's A Crane! It's A Crane! Geez!"
Unknown writes: HS:heh..heh..heh..hey smokescreen let me show you why they call us armada..heh..heh..heh...
SS:hold on let me find the 40 wieght.
Unknown writes: HS:So what exactly is the point of this lame show?
SS:I have no idea,I should have at least been in RID.
Prime:Man I miss G1,It was waaaay better than this lame ass show,now wheres those kids? I have an urge to kill something annoying.
Unknown writes: SS:We May Suck More Than The HeadMasters But At Least We Arent Being Led By That Dork Hot Rod...Oh Wait You Are Hot Rod.
HS:I Am Going To Kill You!
Red Alert:You Both Suck!At Least Ratchet Was Cool Enough To Merge With Megatron.
Unknown writes: Hot Shot:PRIME!!SmokeScreen Just Stole My Sack!!!
HotShot:This Is My Weed Go Cop Your Own Sack!
Prime:Now I Know Why Our Show Sucks So Bad.
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Unknown writes: Ya know bud we may suck more that the headmasters but at least we arent led around by that dork Hot Rod
Deszarus writes: Now for the last time Hot Shot, I'm not gonna pull your finger damn it!!!
Unknown writes: SC:I wann kill those darn kids! HS: NO, I want to! OP: If you can't decide, I'll kill them myself
Unicron writes: Red Alert: What the hell are you two doing over there?!
Red Alert writes: What in Cybertron's name are you to doing over there?!
Unknown writes: Hot shot: C' mon, Smokescreen! If you punch me as hard as you can, I stop sockin' the linin' daylights outa' ya'!
Unknown writes: Smokescreen: Hey Hot Shot, These are some nice pictures of your mom!
Unknown writes: Hotshot as he slam dunks a basketball in Smokescreen's Fuel Gauge: Yeah, in your face! Smokescreen: What the -?
Will writes: Hotshot: Don't you think it's about time we tell them about us, Smokescreen? Smokescreen: No, I'm just not ready yet!! (starts to cry)
hannibal writes: Hot Shot: Gimme that, you knucklehead!
Smokescreen: No, it's mine, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
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Unknown writes: 1000 bottles of energon on the wall 1000 bottles...
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Gimme that!
Smokescreen: No, it's MINE!
Optimus: Okay, settle down, you two are turning Armada into Beast Wars. *Ominous Tune*
Hot Shot & Smokescreen: No, not Beast Wars! *Ominous Tune*
Unknown writes: HOT SHOT: This is my G1 HOT ROD impression...NO YOU DON'T MEGATRON!
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Give me back my keys! I need those to start my engine in the morning! Smokescreen: Keep away! Keep Away!
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: "Ooooh! What does this button do?!?!" Smokescreen: "?!" (Yeah, I also watch Dexter)
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: "That's what they call a hammerlock! Now to get out of it, you reach between your leg and grab one of mine!" Optimus: "Hunter!" (Sorry guys, been watching old WWF tapes! The Triple H teaches Trish wre
Unknown writes: Megatron: "Amazing what you can do with Photo Shop...and a little editing! >Yes< Now to send it off to the Daily Star with the headline: Autobots Gay? Or just plain happy?! (Megatron ALWAYS gets his revenge!)
Unknown writes: Caption: Smokescreen starting to understand why Hot Rod is now called Hot Shot (Now if we only could figure out why Ratchet is called Red Alert!)
Unknown writes: Puff, puff pass. YOu know the rules.
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Time for noogies!
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Unknown writes: Hotshot: I'm fine, looke behind! Smokescreen: Who say that!?! Hotshot: You go wrong way, you fool I say. Optimus: Stop, quoting from the movie!
Slappyfrog writes: Anytime's a good time for Schmitt's Gay Beer.
Chee-toy writes: As Hotshot and Smokescreen rubble, Optimus wonders why he brought them along.
Unknown writes: RedAlert: I'm I in the shot? HotShot:Hey Smokescreen have you been drinking your about to fall over on those fleshbags. SmokeScreen: I think it's you whos had a little to much motor oil my boy. Prime:Whazzz uuuppppp. RedAlert: Guys you w
Abrogate writes: Hot Shot: Hey, Smokescreen, glad to have you on board Armada!! Hope ya like it here!!
Smokescreen: For the last time, my name is Grapple, and I have no idea how I got on this stupid kid show, but my agent will definitely hear about this. And if you do
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Have you been a good boy this year?

Smokescreen: Yes, I think.
z writes: Optimus Prime: What are those two idiots doing?
Red Alert: I've got no clue sir...
Optimus Prime: Looks fun!
Hot Shot: So Smokescreen, about that movie...
Skyfire the Artist writes: Hot Rod drops a piece of ice down Smokescreen's back plates.
Unknown writes: Hot Shot gets ready to give Smokescreen a physical....
Unknown writes: SS: Why you hit me hotshot?.
HS: There was a bug on the damn Back.
Prime: Nice Fat ASS Hot shot!.
Red alart: You got a nice blue ass you got prime !
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Unknown writes: SS: Why you hit me hotshot?.
HS: There was a bug on the damn Back.
Prime: Nice Fat ASS Hot shot!.
Red alart: You got a nice blue ass you got prime !
Unknown writes: Hotshot:All right, Smokescreen, I saw those twinkies now gimme some! Smokescreen:Gimme gimme never gets,bitch! Hotshot:Awww c'mon, just one?
Unknown writes: Squeel Smokescreen...squeeeeel. Optimus, wait your get sloppy seconds.
Unknown writes: We're in a sucky show, but we're still happy.
Unknown writes: We make a great team, don't we, Smokescreen?
Unknown writes: Victory is ours!
Unknown writes: Way to go, Smokescreen!! We clobbered those Deceps but good, didn't we?
Unknown writes: Hey dude!!
Sideburn writes: O.P.: What are they fighting about now?
R.A.: Somkescreen keeps calling Hot Shot "Bumblebee".
O.P.: Hmmmm...I do see the resemblence.

SS: Bumblebee!!
H.S.: Get back here, bastard! I'll KILL YOU!!

O.P.: Where's
Firestorm writes: Unbeknownst to Smokescreen, Hot Shot just wanted his Twinkie.
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Unknown writes: Prime: Right, now I want a clean fight, and come out fighting!!!!
Unknown writes: Fight Club, Transformers style. Smokescreen: I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
Unknown writes: HS: (G1 Megatron impression) Fall... fall! I would have waited an eternity for this! It's over, Prime. SS: (G1 OP impression) Never! OP: (to himself) Did we really have stupid lines like that?
Unknown writes: HS: (G1 Megatron impression) Fall... fall! I would have waited an eternity for this! It's over, Prime. SS: (G1 OP impression) Never! OP: You morons, that's the wrong show!
Unknown writes: HS: (G1 Megatron impression) Fall... fall! I would have waited an eternity for this! It's over, Prime. SS: (G1 OP impression) Never! OP: (to himself) Now where have I heard that before?
Pokejedservo writes: Hot Shot: Who wants a hug? S.S: FOR THE LAST TIME! NOT ME!
Slappyfrog writes: Smokescreen: "No, they're MY Cheesy Poofs!"
Unknown writes: Hot Shot: Hey, now that you're Back, let's go smoke this stash I found!"
Optimus: Hot Shot, what's that in your hand? What are you doing?
Optimus Primevil writes: Smokescreen: Weren't you supposed to be smaller than me?
Unknown writes: Hotshot: Hey buddy, long time no see! Ooh, as a reunion party, what say we beat the kids into a bloody pulp? Rad:Something makes me think that we'd better get out of here right now...
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Unknown writes: Optimus: What are you doing? Fighting for a single electronic notepad?!
Hot Shot: No, that bastard stole my Phantasy Star Collection game.
Smokescreen: Hey, your Saturn is in the Pawn Shop so I stole your Gameboy Advanced version.
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"Call Me Maybe"
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