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The Maximals Wrestle
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Heckfire writes: BLACKARAHCNIA (offscreen): "...OK, screw this, I'm going back to Tarantulas."
Thunderboomer writes: Rhinox: You...WILL..take your medecine\
gogleman374 writes: Rhinox:Primal I wish I could stop doing you!

Optimus: Rhinox take me, take me now!
Zeedust writes: Maximal Computer: "GIve 'im the sleeper hold!"

*Primal rocks Cheetor to sleep like a baby, them makes a shushing noise befor body-salmming him*

Tiedye writes: RINOX-"Don't make me kick your ass!"
PRIMAL-"Don't make me suck your dick!"
RINOX-"Don't make Cuddle you like a baby!
PRIMAL-"Don't make me suck your dick!
Scatterlung writes: Rhinox: Gobots DO suck, Primal! THEY DO!!!
Roadshadow writes: Rhinox: Oh yeah Primal you like that don't ya?
Optimus Primal: Dammit this joke is way too old!
Godfather Bluto writes: Rattrap and Rhinox: WE have always depended on the kindness of strangers.
Zeedust writes: When he tried to move the coffee table, Optimus found out the hard way just how seriously Rhinox took the Axalon's Feng Shui.
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Tiedye writes: In order to stay in shape the Maximals help each other in daliy workouts. Rinox- "Come on only three more situps you weak monkey!" Optimus-"I.......can't......breathe!"
"Rinox- work with it"
Zeedust writes: Rhinox: "Don't move... There's a bee on your chest."

Primal: "If you don't let me up, you'll have a fist on your face!"
Unknown writes: The Maximals say nothing, as the song, "Will You" by POD plays mysteriously in the background...
Unknown writes: This is what happens when a casual strip poker game goes -HORRIBLY- wrong...
Shadow Fox writes: Rattrap- Quit busting your ass circuit Rhinox, I'm beginning to think you like me working on it!!!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Good lord, Rhinox. Your worm is so tiny! Rhinox: it?
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Hey prime I saw some monkeys doing this!
Waterslayer writes: Primal: "ooh, oh, uh... Rhinox... We haven't even had dinner yet..."
parkwood writes: I told you guys! throwing our own Wrestle Mainia would be a Great way to kill some time till the others get back!!!
K-nonFodder writes: Just bc we look organic doesn't mean we are organic .. get my drift
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Dark writes: Optimus: "I'm flattered, but can't we just be friends?"
Rinox: "Not good enought, dammit!"
Zeedust writes: Rhinox - "All right, Primal, tell me where you hid my chainguns or I'll get the other guys to break your knees worse than Beast Machines Cheetor."

Cheetor- "HEY!"
Shellfox writes: Tigertron- See Air Razor this si the second reason I don't stay at the base
Unknown writes: Primal:Why should I?
Rhinox:Because Rattrap and Cheetor are doing it in the other corner.
REEK-ON writes: Optimus: "No means no Rhinox!"
TetraReris writes: Rattrap: Help! Dinobutt has lost it! Help!
Dinobot: Shut up and take your medicine vermin.
Primal: Rhinox, please let me up.
Rhinox: Sorry boss, but that fued needed to be settled a long time ago.
Unknown writes: "pleeeaaassseee get off of me Rinox!"
Rinox: "no..."
The Chosen One writes: Yeesh! this is making me uncomfortable. (to rattrap) you hav a nice ass, but that's not so appealing at the moment!
Unknown writes: Optimus: "Excuse me, Rhinox, would you be so kind as to GET OFF!"
Cheetor: "Ratface, I swear on Primus that I will tear you apart if you do not get your fuzzy butt off me!"
What the Pit has gotten into the "R
Unknown writes: *thinking* I wonder if I can see my reflection on Rattrap's butt...
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Unknown writes: Gross but true: This scene is BOTH bestiality and homosexuality. Now, excuse me while I vomit.
Unknown writes: this started because optimus looked at rhinox's butt
OmnisValidus writes: Beastiality Wars
Mad Man writes: OPTIMUS:OHHHHHH HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fallengaiden writes: Dude get off me!!
Unknown writes: We don't have time for this!
Decepticon writes: Beastiality at it's lowest
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Are u sure this wrestling?!
Unknown writes: Little did the Maximals know that the spy cam was left on, and that there secret was out.
Unknown writes: "SAY UNCLE!"
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Unknown writes: And thats just a preview of what'll happen next sunday at Wreslemania!
Shadowcon writes: Rhinox: Now to revive the victim, first form a tight seal around his mouth.
Cheetor: NOOOO! Cheesebreath!
Unknown writes: Jipe!
I don't wanna be in that fight!
Unknown writes: "I'll show you exactly why they call us maximal!" Director: "Cut, cut, CUT!"
Jade writes: What men do at partys when women are not around
zach writes: geesh i just wanted to know where the mens room is dont get so pushy
Unknown writes: don't make us tear off ur arms, you animals!
Unknown writes: ohhhhhhhhh yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!
Rattrap writes: Are you gay ?
Beast Simpson writes: we are pathetic... rattrap: Your tellin' me! I've been waxing my butt for the past three hours!
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Beast Simpson writes: Uh-oh, gas leak...
prime writes: rhinox would you mind getting off me please.
Chrono writes: Oh my, i nevr knew you felt this way about me, but don't ask, don't tell
MindWipe writes: we should do this partner swapping more often! ugh hut aieeee! heck yeah!
Broadside writes: I must say Primal you're much better than Airrazor ever was
Unknown writes: omg stop humpin me
Unknown writes: rhinox: oh primal... make love to me again!
Unknown writes: Rhinox and Rattrap: No singing dammit!!
Unknown writes: Optimus: i was looking at my reflection in rattraps big shiny butt when suddenly you want to screw me
rhinox: was irresistable
cheetor: hey rattrap i want to see my reflection
rattrap: why i otta
Unknown writes: Rattrap: How many times have I asked you not to waste the chrome shine to polish my butt while I sleep?!

Cheetor: But it's hilarious! And will you two take that somewhere else?

Rhinox: Hey, if we don't practice, the Predicons will
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Unicron writes: F#$@ing + wrestling =
GWW, Gay World Wrestling
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Admit your love for me!

Optimas Primal: Never! Arcee has my eternal Spark!
Unknown writes: rhinox: that was fun
cheetor and rattrap: its my turn to screw optimus
Unknown writes: Rhinox-"Optimus, I beg you not to do it!"

Optimus Primal-"I must, I have to join theExpansion Pack, it's the only way to shut that Adam Sessler up!"
Unknown writes: Secret cameras reveal what REALLY goes on at the Maximal HQ.....
Thunderwing writes: "I always said we should have a family night, but this is ridiculous!"
Inferno writes: Rhinox: "Maybe we should sign up for a Beast Wars Tag-Team Brawl"
Unknown writes: Rhinox: oh Optimus i cant hold it in any longer i am in love with you. Optimus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa get awya plz get away.
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Shut up and kiss me
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Unknown writes: Optimus: Time and time again I keep telling you guys you can't have my bud light!!!!!
Rattrap: That line is getting old optimus real old.
Rhinox: He had bud light?
Unknown writes: Horror of horrors, Rhinox and Rattrap pull a train on Optimus!
Unknown writes: "Rhinox, can't we just be friends ?"
Unknown writes: Ok, that's it! No more wrestling for you guys!
Unknown writes: You never truly knew how shinny Rattraps ass really was, until now
USAF Prime writes: What BW's was really like.
Unknown writes: ALL PILE ON
Unknown writes: LETS GET IT ON!!!
Unknown writes: [REF} "1,2,3 AND THE WINNER IS..."
Unknown writes: Rhinox: And I say Rodimus Prime IS better than Optimus Prime

Primal: NEVER!!!
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Dynamus Prime writes: This is what happens when the voice actors get bored...they do scary things to their characters.
Unknown writes: Ok, show's over--nothing left to see here, people.
Unknown writes: Rhinox-"Optimus, Optimus! I had the most wonderfull dream. I was a Tank like transformers called a Vehicon and I was kicking your butt and............ and I think I'll shut up now."
Ash writes: Rhinox "Note to self: don't listen to Cheetor and Dinobot the next time they have suggestions.."
Starscream K'dash writes: "You had me at Hello..."
bigfoz writes: rhinox: the last rolo was mine!
Unknown writes: BWTF Smackdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Rhinox "Why me? All right, next time i'll go berzerk for a change!"
Unknown writes: Prime: this is the last time i propose a Caligula day.
Unknown writes: Cheetor: Is Airazor back yet, my hindquarters ache so much!
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Unknown writes: 1....2...3!!!! the winner of the match: Rhinox!
Will writes: Optimus: Rhinox we've got to find a new way to download information to each other. Rhinox: You know you like it ^_-
Unknown writes: Rhinox "The things i do for you Optimus!"
Unknown writes: Smeg! I don't remember this during the BeastWars! It must be a Cersored thang
Sledge writes: Rhinox -- "Look Prime, this is what Spike and Carly taught me...."
Unknown writes: Optimus: I must say, but this Wrestling crap is overrated.
Rhinox: Oui.
Optimus: Then what the hell are we doing then?!
Rhinox: I'm sharing you the technique to win in Kirby's Tilt N Tumbel on the Gameboy Color.
Optimus: But it
Optimus Primevil writes: Survivor series XXIV will be the best survivor series ever!!!
FortMax writes: RHINOX: I want rough monkey sex now damnit!!!
FortMax writes: Rhinox: I'M HORNY HORNY HORNY
FortMax writes: I freaks me the F**K out that rattrap is oral servicing cheetor
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Unknown writes: before the golden discs there was the golden ass
Ash writes: Rhinox - Tell me the truth Optimus! What is really going on between you and Dinobot?!
Unknown writes: Why Rhinox...I didnt know you cared that much.
Unknown writes: Rattrap: eeeeeeeeek Rhinox: Damn it Rattrap! come back here and help me squash this spider on Optimus' forehead!
Unknown writes: Why can't these Maximals get along?!?! :)
Unknown writes: Oh Optimus, you're such a beast.
Unknown writes: GORE! GORE! GORE!
Unknown writes: Rhinox: I'm horny! Horny horny horny!!!
little_fly writes: optimus im in a bad mood!,rhinox sorry optimus but im afraid you will have to be disarmed., rattrap why you little!! chetor get off of me rattrap. this is one bad wwf match ??
atomsplitter writes: optimus. harder baby harder.
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Unknown writes: Rhinox's jealousy of the affair between Optimus and Rattrap explodes into an impromptu rhino rage session.
Devastator writes: Damn Ratrap, you shouldn't shine your ass like that
Dragontron88 writes: weve all only known each other for a while stuck on this miserable planet with these "beast" modes so lets get busy
x writes: WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!
Skyfire the Artist writes: Left hand yellow, right foot green...
Metroplex writes: Announcer: The Tag Team champions of Optimus and Cheetor are down for tyhe count. 1, 2 ...
Unknown writes: Cheetor: Duuuuude.... sick.
Unknown writes: Dinobot: Somestimes I wonder if I should have stayed with the Predacons
Unknown writes: ...and as the Maximals beat each other up after not bringing enough Gamebox controllers, on the tv in the background, the coms are whooping their asses on Super Smash Bros Melee.
Chee-toy writes: Rhinox: Don't make us have to put you two at different ends of the ship now!!
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Unknown writes: Primal "I take that back Rhinox, you don't need to go on a diet!!Okay?!"
Anonymous Iggy writes: Tigatron: Airazor, THIS is why I don't stay on the Axalon.
z writes: Please, Rhinox, I'm not like that! Really!
Yeah Rattrap! What he frickin' said!!
FortMax writes: Optimus Primal: Oh Rhinox now thats what I call a "hard hero"
FortMax writes: Rattraps two blaring butt-cheaks are beyond disturbing
Unknown writes: Rhonox: You ate my last tube of Pringles and I want 'em back!
Anonymous Iggy writes: Tigatron: Airazor, THIS is why I don't stay on the Axalon.
Anonymous Iggy writes: *Dinobot walks in* Honestly, I can't leave you kids alone for five cycles!
Alexander writes: Uh o spagetios!!!
Unknown writes: The great Maximal pastime--backyard wrestling!~.^
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Unknown writes: The Maximals help Primal after he chokes on a chicken bone.
Unknown writes: What? They're all out of energon-sicles? RIOT! RIOT!
Shermtron writes: maximals fight over last paycheck.... wow primes making a million
The Matrix writes: "YOUR A BUNCH OF DAMN BULLIES!" - Optimus Primal
iron hide writes: and this tag team match is one sided with primal/cheator are being deffeted by rattrap and rinox. Oh theres a tombstone from rinox to primal while r.t is trying to pin chetor
Unknown writes: The Worst Game Of Twister I have Ever Seen!
Firestorm writes: The Maximals go berzerk after learning about their upcoming roles in Beast Machines.
Unknown writes: WWF/WWE has been copying from Transformers for years. TF: Rubsigns WWF: Don't fall for cheap imitation. TF: Generation 2 WWF: The new Generation. TF: Beast Wars WWF: RAW=WAR Now the transformers are trying to copy from the WWE. Trying to get in t
Unknown writes: Where's Stone Cold Steve Austin when you need him? WHAT?!
Unknown writes: Caption: The reason why Rhinox was happier being Tankor!
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Unknown writes: Cheetor: "Alright! Left hand, Blue! Okay, Big Bot! You lose!"
Primal: "That's just Prime!"
Rhinox: "You just had to put Cheetor in charge, didn't you?!"
Rattrap: "Wish
Unknown writes: The newest additions to WWE RAW: Optimus Primal and Rhinox. (I hope you know what you're doin', Eric Bischoff! We may have another Triple H fiasco on our hands...)
Unknown writes: This is what happens when Maximals drink beer and watch Felecity!
Mirage writes: oh no here comes all the gay jokes
Chachi writes: Rattrap: "Keel you!"
Cheetor: "Not if I keel first."
Optimus: "So why the Hell are you sitting on me, Rhinox?"
Rhinox: "I felt left out."
Unknown writes: Oh, good, maybe this is the episode where they all die, and then we can all go back to watching G1 Transformers
Bodycount writes: This is what happens when your rat alt sidekick brings over MARIO PARTY 4...and forgets the 4th controller.
Unknown writes: the picture says it all
magnaboss writes: I really like monkeys.
Unknown writes: Optimus:Ohhhh youre good and lead!
Rhinox:i took ballroom dancing in college...
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Unknown writes: Maybe well make it to the WWE!
Unknown writes: This is what happens when you don't have female transformers on the ship
Pokejedservo writes: And now for the Christmas Rattrap Theme "Silver Butt".
Unknown writes: words fail me
Unknown writes: Jim Ross: Welcome to Beast Wars Royal Rumble #1! The winner will date BLACKARACHNIA!
Unknown writes: Rhinox- If you call me a hippo again, so help me God I'll bend you into a monkey-pretzel!
Unknown writes: Cheetor:BOT-PIIIIIIIIILE!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Rhinox: Gimme back Marian, Optimus!
Rattrap: Yeah!
Optimus: Dudes, you've played too much Double Dragon!
Unknown writes: CRIPPLEFIGHT!!!!!
JP writes: Rattrap to Cheetor: "You and your brilliant ideas kid! Sheesh! We're all gonna die!"
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