Cheetor makes a weird face

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Cheetor makes a weird face
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197 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
weebot17 writes: Cheetor maximize
Rainmaker writes: Cheeter: ...and that's why I can do this with my eye!
Tarantulas: I could've gone a few more stellar cycles without knowing that.
Riptidemtmte writes: "HERPA DERPA DERP..."- Cheetor
"Oh Primus, Cheetor's gone cock-eyed!"- O.P.
"AAAAAAAAAAAH"- Everyone else
Heckfire writes: CHEETOR: "WHoa, so THAT'S why Silverbolt hangs around you so much..."
BLACKARACHNIA: "Mmmphmphrrlle mph."
REGI ICE writes: Cheetor looking beautiful.
galvatron224 writes: ON TOP OF S(HICK)TTEIGH
Zeedust writes: Cheetor: "Aw, man... My mother was right! It's stuck like this!"
Unknown writes: OOOOHHHHH yeah thats right Megatron right there
SilentBlaster writes: Cheetor after he saw Transformers Energon
Unknown writes: (in a drunken stupor) daaaaaaiiiiiisssssssy!
daaaaaaaiiiiiiiisssssssssyyyyyy! giiivee mmmmmee yerrrr ansssssswwwweeeeerrrrrr truuuuueee!
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Lich Lord Dranas writes: Why you should never have sex on a web!
Roadshadow writes: Cheetor: That's the laaaaaaaaaaast time I smoke weed and and eat donuts...
Marv writes: Predacons...took...brain...ate it, too! Cheetor no notice much difference...
Uber_Kosh writes: Here's a lesson kids: Don't take drugs, become a Maximal and they give them to you for FREE!

(Shamelessly plugged from 'Love Actually')
Zeedust writes: Cheetor gave into his beast-mode instincts and ate Rattrap. Rattrap, in retribution, wreaked havok on Cheetor's digestive system.
Unknown writes: "I'm gonna sue Jack Daniels for hitting me, with a trunk of a big ol' Live Oak tree. He hurt me this morning with the bright sunlight. I'm gonna sue Jack Daniels for what he did to my face last night."
Unknown writes: If you think Cheetor's face is weird now, what til he sees who he slept with.
Shadow Fox writes: Cheetor- Ya..making a scary face, you better run, roar..Hic'..ya gonna scare..stupid humans trick or treating..Hic'..think I'm just gonna lay down for a bit.
omega icecream writes: it feels like i got hit with a metal pole.
Unknown writes: " Yup you've seen Girls Gone Wild, now its time for Cheetors Gone Wild 2"
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Zeedust writes: "What is WITH some of these captions?"
ultramegatron writes: oooooo my aking head this hangover is a killer why did i have so much energon last nigh
Unknown writes: Eww i knew I shouldn't have eaten that fruit.
K-nonFodder writes: just a bit higher *purrred* oh yeah thats the spooot meeeeow purred
Dark writes: Cheetor: "Whoa... I didn't even know spiders HAD tongues."
Zeedust writes: "What's that...? *Sniif, sniff* Rhinox!"
Unknown writes: Welcome boys and girls. Todays lesson, Don't Smoke Crack.
TetraReris writes: See! I can almost cross my eyes!
Unknown writes: God Damn, what kind of energon joint was that. Oh god i'm stoned.
The Chosen One writes: "did N.E.1 here know that im alergic to ... spi ... ders?! ACHOO!"
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Unknown writes: Heeeeeey maaaan, you wanna hit this? *puff puff* Come on, it's some stank sh*t!
gLOVES1000 writes: dude...i got the munchies
Dude writes: guys where is that smell coming from . oh wait that was me
Unknown writes: Iam glad mom was right about you bad girls
Unknown writes: Man Iam I tird aw do we have do it agine BlackAracnia and AirRazor ok ok I sleep with bot of you
Unknown writes: why did blackarchina almost kill cheetor when,well you know
Shadow writes: Cheetor: Mama warned me about protoforms like you... Black Aracnia: Shut up and enjoy the ride, fuzzface, before Silverbolt gets back!
Unknown writes: fred did you fart your making cheetor sick
Rhys writes: (face twitches uncontrollably)...Argh! Rhinox...NAKED! My eyes, my beautiful eyes.
jason writes: (fart) I knew that i shouldn't have eaten those beans!
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Unknown writes: Tartantulas: Dude, get the hell out of my bed! Do that in the bathroom!
Unknown writes: Hey Rattrap... what was that white powdery stuff again??
Unknown writes: Does he ever shut up?
Decepticon writes: Cheetor: What're YOU lookin at?
Unknown writes: "Man, I don't care what anybody says, this energon spider web hammock is SOOOOO comfy!"
Hot Shot writes: looks like i missed the litter box!
Shadow writes: No more cat and mouse, got it. Now Rattrap, let me down!
Unknown writes: me no retarded
wut ? you do !
broke windows hyaatffggfghgfh!
Unknown writes: dude, wheres my car?
Jade writes: Ohhh BlackArachnia.
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rokas writes: [Cheetor]are you looking at me?
Ricochet writes: This is the last time we play Dizzy Kitty
Unknown writes: Dude i'm like toasted...
Unknown writes: Dude, Where am I.... That tie stick was da bomb
Jade writes: cheetor having a moment. DON'T COME IN I'M BUSY.
zach writes: uhhhhhhhhhhh i think i feel those extra cheesy nachos comin on
Unknown writes: thats the last time I pi$$ raptor off.
Greg writes: I KNEW I SHOULDENT OF DRANK all those 1000000000 beers
Greg writes: I KNEW I SHOULDENT OF DRANK all those 1000000000 beers
Mr. X writes: E.T. Phone Home!
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Unknown writes: Yooooooo....dude what was that $hit, molasses? YOOOO, get me a pail! Me an you gonna see my lunch again....
Primal writes: I'm wasted.
Unknown writes: Cheetor: Ohhhh... Next time Tarantulas rapes me he really must use a condom... I can't take that many toxines...
Beast Simpson writes: I dont think I shouldve taken that moist towlette from that hobo...
Unknown writes: "crunched nuts"
Unknown writes: Why does my ass hurt...?
dan writes: Energon? I don't take d-drugs!
Beast Simpson writes: Jimmy cracked coooorn and I dont caaaare...
Unknown writes: Does this really need a caption to be funny?
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Unknown writes: oh yeah baby, right there oh oh....yeah there it is
Unknown writes: god, what was in that cake last night?
trtl writes: oooooooooo... so happy... drugs... are good *faint
Unknown writes: cheetor: duh I like chicken when it's fried duh!
Sideswipe writes: Oh my, Brittanica, mmmmm, mmmmmmmhhh, purrrr that feels sooooo good. Watch out your about to get milk in your face!
Unknown writes: this is why not to overabuse catnip
Muse writes: Do you think if I hole my face in this position long enough it will stick?
cheetor writes: daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
macabremouse writes: Sheeeit, that energon was laced with somethin
MindWipe writes: and thats what a stoned animal looks like children. tommy will you please go to the back of the class and swith off the projector now
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Broadside writes: WARNING TO ALL TRANSFORMERS.... The effercts of too much energon!
Unknown writes: Duh.........................................
Unknown writes: 4 x 4 = 42995? Whoa, I must've on a booze spree...
Unknown writes: oh my god I shouldn't have smoked that.......wait what the hell...what kind of sic s&m crap is this??
Unknown writes: oh my god I shouldn't have smoked that.......wait what hell...what kind of sic s&m crap is this??
Doug writes: did you get the number of that bus
Zero writes: Cheetor:Up no down oh yeah thats the no stop please! please!lease no stop
Unicron writes: uhh, wait. 1+1=...duh....
Unknown writes: Cheetor: Whoa, talk about chugging down a can of Red Bull...
overdrive writes: [megatron] no more energon for you kitty... yeesssss
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Unknown writes: cheetor: woah you need a matainance bott badly tarantulus.
tarantulus from below: hehehehehe
cheetor: dont laugh with you mouth full
Unknown writes: when the doctor said id feel a litle discomfurt i dint think he ment like this
Mythos writes: argggg to much energon is a baaaaaaaaad thing
Unknown writes: Hey Cheetor pass that sh@#!
Unknown writes: Was it Blackarachnia or airrazor i was with last night?...ugh!...damn brain freeze!!
Orion Pax writes: Optimus sir... I thought you said you would cut down on the burritos...
Unknown writes: Cheetor:"Man, I just stepped in my own cat-crap!!"
tfpredaking writes: Man, why anyone likes Beastwars is beyond me, we SUCK!!!
Unknown writes: Ohh, I shouldn't have eaten so many deceptiweenies.
Unknown writes: They're taking my underpants! Acck!
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Battle Angel writes: That was decaf?
Unknown writes: When Lazy Eye ATTACKS!
Unknown writes: ::sniff, sniff::: pewww.
optimuslives writes: Oh that laxative worked wonders........
Unknown writes: Woahhhhhh.... that is the LAST time I go with Rattrap to a keg party...
Unknown writes: This is the last time I let rattrap talk me into boxing matches! Damn you Lenox this isnt over yet!!!!!
ryo777 writes: Hey guys seriously, the reason I'm making THIS face is because most of your captions SUCK ASS!!
ryo777 writes: DAMN!! If I LOSE anymore teeth, I could officially qualify as "White Trash", and go on Jerry Springer!
ryo777 writes: Now remember kids, ALWAYS brush your teeth so you can have a NICE smile like me.
Unknown writes: cheetor, the latest victim of daterape. cheetor: oh man i think someone put something in my energon last night.
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Unknown writes: cheetor:oh blackarachnia! what if silverbolt finds out! tarantulus:i'm not blackarachnia. cheetor:ah what the hell then.
Unknown writes: Ahhh My Freakin Head Im So Wasted! Santa: Waaasted! Dang! That Makes wanna get naked and jump on a Cheeta wait I already did!
Unknown writes: *Hack* I hate *hack* fur *hack* balls.
Unknown writes: pain...pain....pain in the glavin....
Unknown writes: Cheetor finds out one of the setbacks to being a living being, getting kicked in the nads....
Unknown writes: groin
Unknown writes: Man! I love glue!
Unknown writes: HIC, I LOVE YOU RATTRAP
Unknown writes: HIC
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Unknown writes: The rest of you can stop posting now. Shin Gandalf won.
Unknown writes: The horrors of reading SRK threads!
Starscream K'dash writes: cheetor: You Can Take Away My Spark..but You'll never Take MY FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: man dont turst kung fu karl and his wacky tabacki
jazz921 writes: Wow, Bigbot was right, I shouldt chase my tale in a plasma storm!!
Unknown writes: Sweet Primus, what is that ugly--oh, just my reflection again.
Vector Sigma writes: "Word of advice...stop eating the fat free chips!"
Unknown writes: the colors man the colors
Unknown writes: No more catnip before bedtime!
Unknown writes: Dang... Rattrap... Your farts can fry melt silicon... PU !!!
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z writes: Cheetor: Shouldn't have had all them burritos before the battle with this chick...
Will writes: I'm close!! I'm close!! Almost......OOOOOOHHHOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOO!! One of the many reasons why I love this organic form!!
Sledge writes: Too many Energon brownies....
Unknown writes: Go away!!! I need to be alone! Blackarachnia'll be here in a moment!
Unknown writes: Is it just me or are there flying Laserbeaks all around the room?
Unknown writes: Ratrap: Dude, what's with you? You look constepated!
Ibanezjimjim666 writes: You mean they gave the part of "Scrat" to an anorexic squirrel????? $#!+.....I wonder if "Armada" is still casting?....
Chee-toy writes: "I see the future... TransMetal... Beast Machine... Mini-cons... Yuck!"
Alexander writes: Whoa coluurz...
Unknown writes: Uuuuuh! Too much catnip!
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Manchester Devil writes: Cheetor: "I hope that love child of Airrazor and Tigatron on crack doesn't show up."
Silverbolt: "What did YOU say!?"
Ironhide writes: oh i don't feel good: BLECH
Firestorm writes: "Whoa- Tarantulas, do you mean that this was part of the same batch of crack that the record execs were smoking when they signed Jewel? KEWL!"
Chachi writes: "I am so... BUZZED!"
Unknown writes: Cheetor: Yo! Get that moldy old onion out of my face! It stings!!!
Unknown writes: Cheetor:Man I got to get some more of that stuff!
Unknown writes: The Constipated Face
Unknown writes: Drunk Cheetor:Waddya call dish shtuff agin? Tarantulas,cackling:Hee,hee,ha,ha,ha, booze my little pussycat, booze!
Dynamus Prime writes: The statue got me high, the statue got me high...
Unknown writes: I hate those little hanger-on guys so much!
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jeff writes: Heyyyyy...bein' trapped in Blackarachina's web ain't so bad, after all! =)
Shermtron writes: Cheetor just got rejected as the next chester cheetah... mmm cheesy.
majic9ball writes: "littering and...smoking the reefer"
Unknown writes: Is Dejavev Gone? Trantulas:he he he he is drunK!!
Unknown writes: Oh, Black Arachnia...You're the best, baby!!!
FortMax writes: oh blinked
Unknown writes: being normal sucks I can't wait to be a transmetal!
Unknown writes: I know what happened?
-Terrantulas-ha ha ha it worked, Megatron won't be able to stop our spider cheetah babies!!!
Unknown writes: Seems like Cheetor got his first swig of energon.
Unknown writes: This is why BW stunk... ROBOTS DON'T MAKE FACES!
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Unknown writes: In an alternative Reality the quantum surge had the same effect as a mild stroke:
Prime job Cheetor, just two more weeks of Physical Therapy and maybe you'll be able to talk with the left side of your mouth too!
Royal writes: Audience: AHHHH Bitter BEER FACE!
Optimus Primevil writes: Cheetor on the magical Hasbro crack
Unknown writes: I sure hope no one notices my glass eye
Unknown writes: Whew...No more roller coasters for me...Ugh...
Unknown writes: Looks like Cheetor got his first glimpse of the Armada cartoon
Unknown writes: Say Cheese!

Cheetor: Blegh...
Soundwave writes: uunnngghh!!thats it!! no more burrito`s for me!!
magnaboss writes: Mama always said stupid is as stupid does, so I made myself look like this.
Unknown writes: What are you looking at? Freaks.
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Pokejedservo writes: (As he is watching DBZ with Sean Schemmel as Goku instead of Ian James Cortlett.) Cheetor: They...replaced MY voice actor with THIS guy?
Unknown writes: cheetor auditioning for "dude where's my stasis pod"
Unknown writes: RD:now make your battle face
cheetor:this is my battle face!
jojo writes: so you normally have these spots?
Skyfire the Artist writes: Now, Cheetor, it's off to Macy's to become a lady's fur coat.
Unknown writes: Uhh..I think I had too much alcohol.
Dynamus Prime writes: the room...spinning so, I'm wasted...
Slappyfrog writes: Tarantulus: "So it is true: smack 'em on the back and their faces will stay that way!"
JP writes: Of all ther stupid stunts i've pulled..
Unknown writes: Man! You look just how I feel...
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Unknown writes: Cheetor?! Nah! Just your typical Transformers fan trying to make heads or tails out ALL the Cybertronian story-lines/Unverses! G1, G2, Cartoon, Comic, Toys, American, UK, European, Japanese, Original, Head Masters, Master Force, Victory, Zone, Battle Star
Ground Zero writes: Dude, it's like I'm in a bong... wooooooo... wooooo...
Unknown writes: Cheetor: Head injuries. Yeah, I know all about head injuries . . . -.-;
Unknown writes: Ugh. what happened? I remember drinking a lot and then waking up in this web with Tarantulas. Tarantu.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
Unknown writes: wwaahhhzzzuuuppp???? I said, wahhhzzuuppp!!??
Private_Random writes: Yello........I'm bog eyed!
Unknown writes: Cheetor fall prey to evil pot-smoking predacon.....GANGA-tor.
Firestorm writes: Upon seeing this image, Silverbolt freaked out and shot both Cheetor and Blackarachnia.
TeleTran2005 writes: Whoa Man, This is some good S**t
Unknown writes: Cheetor: (drunk) Row, row, row you boat gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream!!!! (AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH)
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Unknown writes: Cheetor: (drunk) Row, row, row you boat gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile, don't forget ot scream!!!! (AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH)
Unknown writes: Dude that was some goooood weed! a cookie?
Unknown writes: i am stuck on a web and i need help,my energy is fading i wish rhinox were here :((
dino writes: Cheetor: I had to much to drink
Suzuki writes: Ah man! When am I gonna finally pass Rattrap!?
Lioconvoy writes: Haaaaaapppppy Graasssss......
The Matrix writes: Reason #23 On Why To Not Get Drunk = "You'll look like this"
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