Shockwave vs the Dinobots

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Shockwave vs the Dinobots
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trailbreaker writes: "Me Slag poop on you!"
Ravage XK writes: Did we break him?
Rainmaker writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock hate cheap knock offs that don't even stand up! Me want refund!
Frenchhorngirl writes: GRIMLOCK: Me, Grimlock, make better leader than Optimus!
SHOCKWAVE: Jerk, please.
Godzillabot Primal writes: The only logical explanation is that my skidplate was kicked in by Optimus in an alternate reality.
Zeedust writes: Shockwave: "All I said was that Pterodactyls aren't technically dinosaurs..."

Grimlock: "Me Grimlock not remember making you Personell Director..."

Swoop: "Me Swoop peck your eye out."
Superion_007 writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock only say Boo!!
Dragonoth writes: Grimlock: "It just fake knock-off repaint. Now broken scrap. Me Grimlock want money back!"
Roadshadow writes: Prime: Here ya go guys, a Shockwave chewy toy!
Dinobots: Yay!
Shockwave: Crap...
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Dinobots: FOOD!
Shockwave: my life has reached an all-time low.
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Magnus writes: Grimlock: That it, Shockwave! [click, click] Now, raise right leg a little [click, click] Good. You sexy [click, click] You pouty [click, click] You flirty [click, click] Now toss head back [click, click] Camera love you [click, click, click].
shockwave_inoz writes: GRIM: "Mmmmm, me Grimlock so hungreeeee. Want to munch metal." SLAG: "me Slag see purple food on floor." GRIM: "YEEECHHH! On floor! Who knows where it been?! Anyway, me Grimlock HATE grapefruit flavour! Me want
shockwave_inoz writes: SHOCK: (thinking) "I KNEW I should have stayed in bed today, it would have been more logical. I HATE mondays."
Zeedust writes: Sludge: "Me sludge no get staring contest joke."

Grimlock: "Him Shockwave only have one eye."

Sludge: "Oh... Me Sludge still not get it..."

Grimlock: "Me Grimlock give up."
Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock no think staring contest was good idea..."
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Is it me, or is this fight a little bit one sided?
Unknown writes: Shockwave: ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Shadow Fox writes: Grimlock- Me Grimlock no make that mess.
Slag- Sorry me slag couldn't hold it anymore, hurt on way out though, I must have eaten him whole.
Unknown writes: Grimlock : Shockwave not so tough now eh?
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Damn, that was easy.
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Unknown writes: ow plzzz Prime may dinobots keep him, he so sweet and nice
Shellfox writes: G-Uglest chew toy in history
Unknown writes: "Me Grimlock say he dead, Jim."
Alirion writes: Me Grimlock always wanted Shockwave toy but Prime say it lead to violence. *stomps* What he talking about? Me Grimlock not violent. *stomp, stomp, stomp*
Minicle writes: Grimlock: What this?
Slag: It look like Shockwave.
Snarl: Maybe it new toy. Swoop: From Daddy Wheeljack.
Sludge:Ooo! me like dollies.
Shockwave:(Weakly) Help me!
K-nonFodder writes: just bc they have a club doesn't mean they're organized
Galvatron writes: SHOCKWAVE: "Bah-weep-granna-weep-niddi-bon--my ass! These ass-clowns don't understand the universal greating.
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock underestimate me strength. Me Grimlock only look at him uh, 1 eye.

Swoop: Anyone would pass out after looking at you. You have roadkill breath.
Grimlock:It look good at time.
TetraReris writes: Slag: Look what me found.
Snarl: Is dead?
Sludge: Me no think so.
Swoop: Can Swoop peck his eye out?
Grimlock: Me say we all stomp!
thexfile writes: Snarl: wat's this thing boss

swedg: looks like something ...

rest : do you know ?? now do you ?? how knows ??

grimlok : QUIET !!! me grimlok thinks he knows as fearlus leader...Must be sumkinde of primative cyerbertronian lifeform...
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thexfile writes: grimlok : next stop cybetron , despetecon goodies , war and home
Astrotrain writes: G: They not last here, Me Grimlock glad me built on earth!

Slag: Me also Glad...
Omega Supreme writes: Shockwave: Argh watch where you put your foot Slag, damn you!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: "I am all yours, Dinobots. Use me, abuse me!"
Fallengaiden writes: Shockwave showing the dinobots how to play dead.
Megaplex writes: I was kidding, all I wanted was to play fetch! no! don't play fetch my arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
buddhaquest writes: Slag, step on his groin! That wake him!
Zu Darkness writes: Shockwave learns a painful lesson after bragging that he take down the dinobots single handed
Unknown writes: Me grimlock teach you to cut us out of third season than we look for speilburg about royalties for jurassic park
Unknown writes: Grimlock: What for you laughing at, snarl?

Snarl: He has morning wood.

Slag: Me slag say that make no sence....
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Unknown writes: Me Grimlock think Con dead. Not bother to check. Lets go.
Unknown writes: >>CLANG!
buddhaquest writes: You Smart!! You tell us why we no merge!! Tell now purple Decep... uh... purple? Wait... doesn't that mean him like to ...?
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock not bail you out of jail again Slag, me broke. Snarl: He only pull you over because your blinker was on.
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock say, Shockwave out of order. Him drunk. Dinobots, carry him away!!!
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Ok... let's butt f*ck him! Me Grimlock love butt f*ck!
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Ok... let butt f*ck him! Me Grimlock love butt f*ck!
Unknown writes: grimlock: who be lettin the drunks in again?

snarl: but me think they funny!
Unknown writes: This is for causing are buddies to go extinked
Ricochet writes: We know what you did to our buddies on Earth
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Zu Darkness writes: First shockwave, hen Whelle then the world MWAH HAH Hahha
Unknown writes: Is he dead, let hit em with stuff to find out!
Unknown writes: the gig is up
give us the enajon cubes
zach writes: Hmmmmmmmmmm one robot vs. five dinosaurs what are the odds of that?
Unknown writes: shockwave: I am sorry I knocked your last bowling pin over! I promise not to bowl Eve....SMASH..... (glimlock stomps on him, then eats him.)
glimlock: hope he likes my metal acid!
ionacus writes: grimlok:hey who is hungry.slag/snarl/swoop:me hungry! grimlok:we got decepticon bar-b-q right here! shockwave:nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo
Beast Simpson writes: Grimlock: Me said trip wire will work!
Unknown writes: Damm, they don't make decepticons like they used to!!
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock say Shockwave's about to get raped three ways.
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Ow...did anyone get the number of that bus...?
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Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock happy Shockwave's chest is too big too look down. Otherwise, he know that we about to kick his ass.
Beast Simpson writes: Hey ther! No hazings!!
Unknown writes: Like pet cats, the dinobots have a bad habbit of catching live things and leaving them around the Arch for the other Autobots to find.
Unknown writes: grimlock: he's in the position! lets start the fun!
Unknown writes: Me grimlock say Dibs on bright flashy thing.
Unknown writes: GANG BANG!!!!
Shock Wave writes: did you have to step on my arm look what happened to it because of you.
Unknown writes: "Coma along Shockwave, time for another visit to re-hab"
Chrono writes: Well i say we eat him.
MindWipe writes: what is it?
i dont know
maybe its a present?
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Broadside writes: Tired of being a minor character Slag snaps
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock laugh at little wimp who cause big trouble!
Unknown writes: (dinobots fighting over who screws him first)
shockwave: you will all get a chance......i mean, c'mon....heck im like a doorknob.....everyone gets a turn
Unknown writes: SLAG: Dude, I think you broke his head.

GRIMLOCK: Good! Me raid till, you four get new releases!
Unicron writes: Grimlock: Me, Grimlock, hungry! Swoop: Me, Swoop, see food!
tfpredaking writes: Slag: This no look like Playbot! Grimlock: Maybe try another pose! Sludge: uuuuhhhhh, maybe have wrong gender? All: ....Naaahhhh!!
Battle Angel writes: All me Grimlock did was burp! Deceptacon no have to fall down!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: "I Humblely admit defeat"
APOLLO writes: Grimlock: Shockwave dumb Decepticon, taking on all us Dinobots by himself. Dats like horse jockey trying to tackle de entire Bucs defense.
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Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me grimlock want what he was drinking
Inferno writes: Slag: I hate to admit it but: "SLAG IT!"
Kamikazecon writes: Unfortunately no-one informed Shockwave that playing dead only fooled bears.....
Inferno writes: ANNCR: "In the red corner, a handgun that acts like mister Spock. In the blue corner, a quintet of pissed off dinosaurs. Ready, FIGHT!"
ANNCR: "Well, that was quick."
Unknown writes: what happens when you call Slag fatter then Snarl
Unknown writes: At least you won't see me as an Armada character
gabriel writes: This is the worst TF ever! It can barly stand up!
Firestorm writes: Unfortunately for Shockwave, no one warned him about the Dinobots' legendary flatulence.
frank writes: "Me Grimlock say, who left this crap on the floor?"
M writes: slag: Heh guys how wants to go hafers on a rape charge
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Unknown writes: Shockwave:"Can't...feel...arms!"
USAF Prime writes: *Grimlock to all* See! this what happens when watch Armada. You kill self! Now believe Grimlock?
shckwv writes: Slag: You have a honest a potato.
Starscream K'dash writes: Shockwave:Please....Be gentle..... C'mon I don't Bite...hard
Dynamus Prime writes: Grimlock: Now that we caught him, what we do with him? Slag: Boil him! Make Byrillium Baloney! Sludge: Deep fry! Snarl: Honey roast 'em! Tatse like peanuts! Swoop: No! Barbeque! All: YEAH!! BARBEQUE!!! BARBEQUE!!!
Unknown writes: When La Blue Girl meets Tranformers.
Starscream K'dash writes: Coming Soon: "THE SHOCKWAVE 500"
Unknown writes: shockwave-"build a spacebridge" he says "decepticons only use it" he says but NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO
Unknown writes: Slag: Gar... me knocked him over! (to Soundwave) I'm sorry!
Soundwave: Apology... not accepted.
raijinald writes: Cybertron version of Jurassic Park. Robo dinos are going to dismember their humanoid prey.
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Vector Sigma writes: Grimlock: "Next time, you best have my money...bitch!"
Unknown writes: Shockwave: proportions way off...cannot..maintain...balance...
Unknown writes: Shockwave: thats does it im going ti kill you all.
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock call drumstick!
Unknown writes: Shockwave teaches the Dinobots the art of synchronized swimming. Only... he forgot the water.
Unknown writes: Shockwave: You may appear to be so powerful just because of your intimidating looks and large numbers, but a person against all odds can beat anyone like Billy Lee in Double Dragon!
Grimlock: But he got killed by Big Boss Willy before rescuing Marian,
Unknown writes: Shockwave: "He can't see me if I don't move"
Blast Cannon writes: Grimlock: Now quick, take his wallet!
Nameless writes: The Real Reason Why The Dinobots Were On Cybertron Under The Supervision Of Shockwave:

OPTIMUS WAS FED UP WITH THESE MONGOOLS!!!! (let another fool take care of them... hehehehe)
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Unknown writes: Shockwave keels over after seeing what appeared to be 5 gigantic robot dinosaurs...
Unknown writes: Grimlock: My name is Daryl. And this is my brother Daryl. And this is my other brother Daryl. And this is...
Thus Shockwave short circuits trying to understand the illogicity of it all...
Unknown writes: today on "Bass Fishing" the dinobots.
Chachi writes: Shockwave: "Observation: I'm buggered."
Grimlock: "Really? What your first clue, genius?"
Unknown writes: Galactic Man?? Sorry, dude we thought you were someone else.
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Ack, he no Shredder. Stupid Slag picked the wrong guy. Where is can opener guy? Tell Grimlock or Me bash brains!
Unknown writes: "Deck the hall with parts of Shockwave...Fa La La La Laaa, La La La Laaa..."
Unknown writes: OK Slag, turn him over, Sludge, watch the door, Swoop, grab the beer, and Snarl, sing Barry White!
Unknown writes: Another career in pizza delivery comes to a screeching halt.
Unknown writes: Another career in pizza delivery comes to a screeching halt.
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The King writes: When Jurassic Park meets Star Wars next on FOX.
Unknown writes: excuse me, Shockwave, just got knocked da f**k out!!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Open the door, get on the floor, everyone do the dinosaur...
Grimlock: This song sucks!
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Open the door, get on the floor, everyone do the dinosaur
vorlonshadow writes: Shockwave: If I play dead they might leave me alone.
Unknown writes: no remember eating that
Private_Random writes: Shockwave: I'm not dead yet!
Unknown writes: Slag: You right Grimlock! Him do make laser noise if me step on him here!
Unknown writes: Grimlock: ARRRRRR!!! Me Grimlock no like you!!!
Unknown writes: Grimlock: ARRRRRR!!! Me Grimlock no like you!!!
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Ibanezjimjim666 writes: This week on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre.....The Land Before Time part 52: Journey to the Future!!!
Optimus Primevil writes: Announcer: The DwO (Dinobots' world order)has just attacked the undisputed champ.
Unknown writes: ME wonder why human look at us in t.v. all the time. IS it me hair?
Unknown writes: HAHa HE look like me upside down
Unknown writes: Quick, grab his shoes!
Unknown writes: Slag: YAAY! Chew toy fun!!! Shockwave: no... please... stop...
Unknown writes: GRIMLOCK:Us Dinobots slay the one-eyed purple monster in Spike's pants!
Unknown writes: Us Dinobots stomp Shockwave into ground like purple grape that he is!
Rest of the Dinos: Stomping grapes, stomping grapes!
Unknown writes: You want me to stick my horns WHERE?!
Unknown writes: The Dinobots' REAL job...working as hitmen for the Russian mafia.
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Unknown writes: prime-dinobots attack!
*2 seconds later-....good....job!
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me give him "Magnum" like Zoolander taught me, and he fall down...
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock expected more of a challenge..
Firestorm writes: Grimlock: What? You mean he Christmas turkey? Me Grimlock say we got gyped!
Big Grim writes: " Me Slag think Him presenting !"
Jeremy writes: shockwave: oh oh im ur biggest fan guys i mean wow ur the *grimlock head shockwaves head off* grimlock ate shock wave he have no face
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Sorry Optimus, Me Grimlock tag him too hard.
Skyfire the Artist writes: The aftermath of Shockwave admitting that he was Wheelie's biggest fan.
Unknown writes: Headline: Dinobots dumb-founded as Shockwave tries to scratch an itch on his back
Unknown writes: A new chew toy for the Dinobots! ^_^
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PredaKing writes: Shockwave: "Perhaps if I lie perfectly still they won't see me?" Grimlock: "We Dinobots may be dumb but we not that stupid you cold piece of slag!" Slag: "Hey! Why is it they my name means something
Shermtron writes: Shockwave falls before tony sopranos newest lackys... the dinobots... pay up shockwave.
jeff writes: Shockwave falls before the collective might of the Dinobots!
Unknown writes: You promised us a party, where are tha babes and snacks???
CapeMike writes: Prime quickly rued the day that Spike told the Dinobots about how cats leave 'presents' at their master's feet....
Unknown writes: [The Dinobots try out for the new Slim Jim commercial] Snap into it, Shockwave! SW: Just kill me now.
D-Boy writes: Grimlock: what's wrong with it?
Slag: Dead battery I think...
Unknown writes: Grimlock:WHERE YOU HIDE DINO-CRUNCHIES!?!?!? Shockwave:It wasn't me!I swear to Primus, Starscream did it!!! Slag:fµ©k Dino-Crunchies! Me just eat him! Shockwave:NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Triple H writes: Grimlock: It's time to play the game!!!
Glen writes: SHOCKWAVE: Ain't it always the same? You get in the mode, then company shows!
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mouse writes: Fire Breath, the breath that stop a Decepticon dead in his tracks...poor Shockwave had to find this out the hard way.
Unknown writes: Unable to comprehend the Dinobots' own 'special' interpretation of the English language, Shockwave's newly installed Word Program crashes his entire system.
Firestorm writes: 5 Dinobots.

1 C-10 loose Shockwave.

Tonight on the WWE.
Unknown writes: Hey I kicked all your dino asses in the comic books. Damn you cartoon writers!!!
Unknown writes: "Come on! Grimlock breath not that bad!"
Suzuki writes: Thanksgiving late, but we make acception for better turkey!
FortMax writes: ...and that was the first and last time the dinobots played football with shockwave
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Him already pass out? All we do is say "boo!'
Slappyfrog writes: Sludge: Have you seen our puppy?
Shadowman writes: Upon realizing he was no match for a group of deadly dinosuars, Shockwave had one thing to say...Shockwave: Oh #&!%!!!
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Big Grim writes: Grimlock: "Worst Goal Celebration Ever !"
Pokejedservo writes: Shockwave is having a particular disliking to the Steven Speilberg version of "Transformers The Movie".
Unknown writes: Caption: The truth as to how Shockwave gained his popularity in the TF-Universe!!! Lying on his back, waiting for the Dinobots to c...uhm...arrive! :)
Unknown writes: Grimlock: "Me Grimlock GREATEST Warrior!!! Look!! Have Shockwave Bear-skin rugg too proove!!!" Slag: "Him grimlock say Bare-skin?!" Sludge: "What he say?" Swoop: "Me Swoop say Whoopee!&quo
Unknown writes: Grimlock: "Me Grimlock GREATEST Warrior!!! Look!! Have Shockwave Bear-skin rugg too proove!!!" Slag: "Him grimlock say Bare-skin?!" Sludge: "What he say?" Swoop: "Me Swoop say Whoopee!&quo
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Shock wave you idiot you were to stand againt the wall dang it THE WALL!!! how do you expect to be good at hide and seek? Sludge: Wall Purple! Ground blue! My god are you color blind!?!?!?
Unknown writes: Grimock:Why Shockwave lay down like candy?
dino writes: shockwave: I had to stay on this planet Help me
Ratbat writes: Grimlock: Now you Shockwave know how Jesus felt
Unknown writes: Low on funds for their Energon habit, the Dinobots resort to mugging Shockwave.
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TeleTran2005 writes: Me Grimlock eat you now
Unknown writes: As Shockwave's computer could not process the fact that Dino's aren't extincted, he completely falls in shut down...
Unknown writes: [Slag speaks] Guess what, Shockwave? You're about to become molten metal!
Unknown writes: Snarl: Me want his limp
Slag: Me want his leg
Grimlock: Me want his head
Swoop:Me want his arm
Sludge: Me want his foot
Shockwave: Just let me have my only eye please!
Unknown writes: Hmmmm... Me Grimlock think energon is getting drasticly low here...we go back to earth!
Unknown writes: Grrrrr... Me Slag bite his dick off!!!
Unknown writes: Hey Dino's why don't you relax and come lay next to me, and soak up some sun dudes!!!
bob writes: Oh my god! Shockwave has shrunk!
Cyberman writes: Shockwave: I've fallen and I can't get up.
Unknown writes: Tonight's matchup, Shockwave vs the Dinobots!
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Unknown writes: ECW! ECW! ECW!
NateTheMan writes: Grimlock: "Here Optimus, we bring you present we caught in field. Sorry for teeth marks"
Unknown writes: Slag: Excuse me! Grimlock: phew!! What you did Slag? Me Grimlock say no more taco's for you, you kill new friend. BAD dino!
Unknown writes: Running towards the Spacebridge terminal, Shockwave slips on a cyber-banana peel ¦oÞ
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Maybe if i play dead theyll go away!
Unknown writes: The Dinobots made an unannounced visit to Cybertron... right in the middle of Shockwaves aerobics session
Unknown writes: Shockwave: Just slide away nice and slowly.
Riptide writes: Shockwave: Auntie Em I saw you and you and you in my dream. What! Your not Auntied Em.
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