Blaster wrestles w/ Ravage in Ironhide

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Blaster wrestles w/ Ravage in Ironhide
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trailbreaker writes: The bootleg knock-offs never transform correctly !
#Sideways# writes: If the van be a rockin'

Don't come a knockin'
Frenchhorngirl writes: "I will NEVER mimic Sideswipe again!!!"
Godzillabot Primal writes: Things were never quite the same after that prom night
Crashcomet writes: IH: What the--HEY! Git out of here and git a room! My aft ain't a motel bed!
Angelbot writes: Ironhide: I can't wait to tell Chromia about this!
psycho_425 writes: Are you sure the're wrestling or doing it?
Zeedust writes: Blaster made the mistake of trying to break up a fight between Ravage and Steeljaw.

Not sure how Ironhide got involved, but it's probably got something to to with leaving his door open.
Judynator writes: Ironhide: Come on, kitty-baby! We to spoon!
Ravage: PURR!
Unknown writes: blaster:i am going to do something what sould have been done a long time ago i'm going to have u fixed
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Roadshadow writes: Ironhide: That's it, no pie carnival for you two! It's straight to the retirement home for community service!
Blaster and Ravage: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
King Slick writes: Ironhide: Don't make me drive off a cliff.
Blaster: Ravage started it!
Ravage: I can't help it, Aerosmith's new stuff bites like yesterday's...
Blaster: Your one to talk Jessica Simpson fanboy.
Ironhide: Music can
Ravage: But I don't want to be declawed!
Ironhide: Too late for that!
Damolisher writes: Blaster: Naw G, get the hell outta me! I ain't yer new home! Now, I'ma give you three seconds before I knock yo' ass into the next century, as well as the two after it!
Magnus writes: Ironhide: Guys, knock it off quick, there's a cop coming.
Castle74 writes: You two stop that or I'll turn this van right around!
Zeedust writes: Blaster: "So you've been in the future, and no one remembers me in the Beast Wars era?"

Ravage: "Well, aside fron a certain eight-legged history buff..."

Blaster: "Well, if Blackarachnia remember
Unknown writes: Blaster: Dammit, Ravage, we are taking you to get neutered, and THAT'S THAT!
Zeedust writes: Ravage: "Who do you think you're kididing, Blaster? I'm still aroung in Beast Wars, and you're dead, buried, and forgotten. I've seen the future, and there's a hotel built on top of your dead ass.&am
Shadow Fox writes: Ironhide- That's right, no one will suspect I'm the infamous Red Van killer, ya we'll kidnap him Ravage then drive out and no one will suspect anything!!!
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PredaKing writes: Slag it Ironhide, this not the kind of pussy I meant!
Zeedust writes: After the incident with the crocodile (which is another batch of captions in and of itself), the Animal Control division of the Autobots decides they won't deal with anything bigger than a housecat. It's still a complete fiasco.
K-nonFodder writes: Ironhide=Shagginwagon Booyah
Unknown writes: JR: Blaster does an impressive belly to belly suplex to Ravage!!!
Ironhide: Get outta me you two bozos! I ain't no WWE ring!
Unknown writes: Blaster:"Prime! Help!"

Prime(offscreen)"Sorry Blaster..the sticker plainly says "Don't come a'knockin' if this van's a'rockin'"
TetraReris writes: Blaster: Oof! Ow! Bad kitty! Not nice to scratch up the upholstry.
Ironhide: Get out already, your ruining my shocks!
thexfile writes: Blaster : yes now how's a pretty baby , yes , yes , you are...(blaster gives ravage a belly button kisss) yes you like that don't you yes....

Ironhide : ( moning noises ) i'm getting sick
Unknown writes: Blaster: Bad kitty! You just used Ironhide as your litter box!
Ironhide: Oh, so THAT'S the uncomfortable feelin' in mah parts...
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Why does that always happen when someones is in my car?
Unknown writes: Blaster(avoiding flying claws from Ravage): "Can't travel the planet without a pet" you said!
Ironhide: Aw shuddup! Your music's no picnic either!
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PhoenixPrime writes: If this van's a rocking...
Unknown writes: Scooby and Shaggy never had this problem in the back of the mystery machine.
Unknown writes: "help! im being eaten by the back end of a van! help!"
Unknown writes: he better not transform! ouch!
Unknown writes: Ohh! Yesss! yes! ohhhh! yes!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I didn't know cons where invited to the party.
Unknown writes: Ironhide: (yelling back) And you're sure you didn't see him coming?
Blaster: No way man! I mean, one minute there was just this giant radio with Decepticon symbols all over it, and next minute I'm getting pounced by Ravage!
Bruticus writes: Ironhide: "Hey! You kids knock it off back there or I swear I'll pull over!"
Unknown writes: "Ok, I got Ravage! Quick, shut the door! And don't say the V-E-T word!"
Hot Shot writes: yes oh yes harder harder yes oh yes
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Unknown writes: Ironhide: Leakin' lubricants, when you see Ironhide a rockin', don't come a knockin'!
Unknown writes: Blaster: Help.... ravage just sh*t in the van! Iron hide: just had the inside vacumed! Optimus... Help... The poo poo has me pinded!
Unknown writes: Blaster: Help.... ravage just ---- in the van! Iron hide: just had the inside vacumed! Optimus... Help... The poo poo has me pinded!
Unknown writes: Blaster: Oh Ravage... put your dong in my mouth. Ironhide: I guess you like beastyology wars!
Unknown writes: Ironhide : Lubricant! Use the damn LUBRICANT!
Unknown writes: Whaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!! That was a good one Ironhide, tell me more good ol' jokes.
Unknown writes: So Robots have PETS too, I hope they won't wanna have HUMAN later...
Unknown writes: Ahhh!
Looked that! He's playing with his doggy!
pawmaster writes: blaster: I din't know you had feelings about me in this way. ravage: well you do now.
Zu Darkness writes: As Blaster and Ravage pound each other to a pulp Ironhide finally desided to drive to a lake and drowned them both and making his own Fation "The fed up with taking orders faction"
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Zu Darkness writes: As Blaster and Ravage pound each other to a pulp Ironhide finally desided to drive to a lake and drowned them both for leaving slighly whitish stains all over him
Unknown writes: this van would be nicer and bigger if I didn't refused to be a mini-con!
zach writes: ive heard of kidnapping and dognapping but this is ridiculous
Unknown writes: Blaster: .. And here we have the PROSTATE GLAND...
Strscrm3000 writes: Hey guys this isn't what I meant when I said get a room
Unknown writes: "We're living in a VAN down by the RIVER!!"
Unknown writes: UPN's next location for Smackdown will be...inside Ironhide?!?! :)
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Look, if all the Decepticons could fit inside Astrotrain in the movie, then this WILL work!
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Blaster, how many times do I have to tell you - stop practicing to be a Rockette in my caboose!
Beast Simpson writes: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We are SO wasted!!! HAHAHAHHA!!!
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Unknown writes: When they heard a Scooby Doo movie was in the works, Blaster, Ravage and Ironhide decided to try out for the roles of Shaggy, Scooby, and the Mystery Machine. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go as planned...
Unknown writes: And here we have rare footage of the wild Cybertronian Red Van giving birth.
Unknown writes: y'all stop crawling up my ass! wheres the desencey!
Unknown writes: ironhide: get it on in optimus' base,not on my
Unknown writes: Oh come on, not in the car you two, stop making out!
Unknown writes: blaster:would you mind getting of me.
blaster:hye i thought you couldn't talk minpaster.
Chrono writes: this is
Unknown writes: i always wanted to feel you inside me...*blush*
MindWipe writes: we do not solicit any form of sexual conduct on the premises
Broadside writes: Here kitty kitty kitty!!!
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Unknown writes: dude c'mon guys optimus just cleaned out the back with the shop vac...okay thats enough get out! Save that crap for a statio wagon transformer
Unknown writes: Ravage! BAD KITTY!
Unicron writes: Ironhide: Could you wrestle somewhere else besides in my ass?
tfpredaking writes: If this van's a-rockin', don't bother knockin'
Battle Angel writes: How come we have to bring him to the vet?
Galvatron writes: Ironhide: When this van's a rockin' don't come a-knockin!!
Unknown writes: ravage for oce i'll have the chance to get into blaster...ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh
Unknown writes: [Ironhide] Get that Kitty our of my is supposed to be me inside the Kitty.
ryo777 writes: Ravage: HEY!! This me "ON TOP" sh*t ain't working!! SWITCH!!
ryo777 writes: As if being seen IN a minivan couldn't get ANY worse...
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ryo777 writes: Blaster: It's not the back seat of a Chevy, but it'll have to do...uh, no offense Ironhide!
ryo777 writes: Blaster:"Have your pet SPAYED or NEUTERED?!!"...SCREW YOU, BOB BARKER!!"
Unknown writes: blaster:uhhh ironhide. i think your dating service is slightly flawed.
Unknown writes: (someone likely posted this one already....)
When Ironhides a rockin, don't come Knockin!
Unknown writes: Ironhide: "Does this mean we're having a threesome?"
Unknown writes: Ironhide: "I don't know what you two are doing in me, but you'd better clean up when you're finished."
Unknown writes: Blaster: oh ravage not here. Ravage:hay whats the matter guy? blaster:what if soundwave sees us. ravage:don't wory about him he's busy with frenzy and besides if he dose come around ironhide i will tell us. ironhide: keep me out of your
Unknown writes: I: Geez Blaster, how many times to I hafta tell ya to not transform inside of me!
B: But I thought he was--he was mine--argh! You gotta help me here!
I: Not until you get out of me!
BumbleBug writes: Blaster: I just went 3 rounds with Ravage! *FLASH BACK*

Ironhide: Innnnnnn the red corner we have the boom boxing Blaster! and in the bluuuuuue corner we have the con with furballs... RAAAAVVAAAGE! Ok I want a free clean fight!
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raijinald writes: Blaster: RAPE!! RAPE!!!
Unknown writes: Settle down back there or I'm turning this war around and taking us back home to Cybertron.
Shadow writes: Ironhide: Hey! If you two don't sit down and shut up I'm going to turn myself around and go home, got it?
iron hide writes: IRONHIDE: if i'm a'rockin, don't come a'knokin
Unknown writes: Blaster; Who's my little kitty cat, who's my little kitty cat?
Ravage: MEOW!
Blaster: OH yes you are!!! *kiss kiss kiss* I wuv you wittle kitty...
Ironhide: Sweet lord...
Unknown writes: IRONHIDE: I should've been the TITANIC...get that Decepticon out of me!
Dynamus Prime writes: Ironhide: One of you will have to get out. Blaster: No way! Two can play!
Unknown writes: Ironhide: If you think tackling Ravage is hard, wait 'til you play Double Dragon II.
Unknown writes: Hey, you two! Get yerselves a room!
Unknown writes: Ironhide:"Hey, be careful back there! I just added the new shag carpeting! Damn those crazy kids...!"
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mouse writes: Ironhide just "loves" backseat drivers...not really ^.^
Unknown writes: Blaster: Listen up, boys n' babes! If Ironhide's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'! 'Cuz I ain't showin' no pity to this Decepticreep kitty!
Pokejedservo writes: "When Car Commercials go bad" TONIGHT ON FOX!
Unknown writes: Ironhide:"Damnit kids, if you don't stop fighting, I'm going to turn myself right around and go home!"
davewelttf writes: As you can see Ravage and Blaster were trying out for the roles of Fred and Dino for the flintstones but it never caught on
Bobimus Prime writes: Ravage: Please save me from that botty boy Soundwave!
Unknown writes: B: oooo Ironhise, i didnt know you were so comfortable on the inside! I: Shut up and play with the kitty
Unknown writes: Look I'm a sexy boy! DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG!
Bobimus Prime writes: Your on holiday minding your own business and then a panther jumps on you out of nowhere
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Starscreamsghost writes: Blaster: Dammit, I hate it when Steeljaw's in heat.
Unknown writes: Ironhide's new motto: If this van's a rockin, don't come a knockin.
Unknown writes: Ironhide shows the Autobots Blaster's terrible crime... CAT JUGGLING!
Unknown writes: Hey, that cologne Starscream gave me smells a lot like catnip...YAAARGHHH!
Unknown writes: Down, Dino down!
Skyfire writes: Jesus, how many Potato Ole containers are inside of Ironhide?
Big Grim writes: Blaster:" Ohh, I'll be walkin' like a panther tonight !!"
Big Grim writes: Blaster: "Woman, what's with the Dogs ,Woman ?!?".
Unknown writes: Blaster: Ohhh ravage I've never done it in the back of a van before
Unknown writes: Blaster:Okay, that's it.! No more Flinststone cartoons for you, Ravage!
Ironhide (to himself): This is the only way we will ever get Blaster to take a bath!!!!!!
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Shadowman writes: Will you stop slashing my face for a Scooby-Snack? I didn't think so!
PredaKing writes: Ironhide: "Hey, Blaster. When I said I was going to get you into my backend this wasn't what I had in mind."
Ravage: "What the f*ck!?! I'm out of here."
Blaster: "Oh no you don't!
Unknown writes: The mystery of Cybertronian reproduction solved.
Firestorm writes: Ironhide's undercover operation as a rental van takes an abrupt twist.
Unknown writes: If you two stain the sheets, you gotta clean 'em!
Unknown writes: Trust me, Blaster, that is not a kitten.
TeleTran2005 writes: This is what happens when Transformers become sex deprived
Unknown writes: Hey!!! Keep it down, you two! I could overturn easily, y'know!
jedixtat writes: I bet this $#!& never happens to Rachet!
Unknown writes: "I'm tellin' ya Blaster,I'm too fµ©kin' small fer you ta be havin' yer Primus damned wrestlin' matches in ma frickin' trunk!!!" yelled Ironhide as
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Unknown writes: You can stop kicking now Blaster, we cleared the water a mile ago..
Unknown writes: Oh ravage! Yes! YESSS!!!

Hey Blaster, next time get a hotel room.
Unknown writes: Blaster: Layn' the smackdown!
Unknown writes: Ironhide watches as Ravage fits into Blaster nicely......
Unknown writes: don't come a-knockin' if you see this van a-rockin'...
Unknown writes: Ironhide: When I said bring some pussy back, I didn't mean Ravage
Bodycount writes: Blaster: It's 2006, do you know where your new hi-fi system is!? OWWWWW!!!...What's that Ironhide? What, you died in the movie? That's right, but at least your body is useful for something...
Unknown writes: Ironhide feels rustling in the back... Ironhide: AAAHHH! Blaster, you're f--cking the enemy Blaster: I can't help it man, Ravage is like, so sexy!!!!!!
astrotrain's first friend writes: Blaster: woha! easy Ravage! its my first time!
Unknown writes: BLASTER: "Dammit, Ironhide...GERBILS! I said to use gerbils!!"
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Grendrill writes: Blaster: OH YEAH...rape me like a pony...OH YEAH

Ironhide:...uh guys what r u doing back there?
Shockwave writes: Just one question: Did Blaster and Ravage shrink down to the size of the average human, or did Ironhide grow into one mountain-sized mini-van?
Unknown writes: Alright, I can understand how you could forget to fill up when we stopped at the gas station, but I'm telling you this looks A LOT stupider than me getting out and pushing!
Sledge writes: Blaster -- "Ironhide, don't transform or we'll be stuck in your butt!"
Shermtron writes: What your not lassie
Unknown writes: Blaster (getting knocked down by Ravage): Oof! You HAD to tell him that we were going to see the carnival. Man, hope he doesn't pee on me on the way.
Unknown writes: The new 2003 Chevy Ironhide -- Practical SUV on the outside, Wild WWE on the inside.
Unknown writes: When Barry white's music hits the radiowaves you know that love is in the air.
Unknown writes: How blaster and ravage really got their names.
Unknown writes: Scooby-doo---where are you!
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The Matrix writes: "Keep it down back there!" - Ironhide "He started it!" - Blaster
Firestorm writes: "....WHERE I LIVE IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!" (Chris Farley reference. If you don't get it, it's OK.)
Slappyfrog writes: It was only when Ironhide transformed later when he realized just what Ravage's "surprise" was.
Slappyfrog writes: Ravage never could sit still in the car, but Blaster still had to find out the hard way.
Professor Smooth writes: As the Autobot's 'Shaggin' Waggon' Ironhide had the job of driving young lovers up to 'Makeout Point'.
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