Collection for my son

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Collection for my son

Postby Beverios » Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:47 am

This will be my first post and I will try and update it with pics as soon as I can.
Ive started to dig up my old toys and I always took good care of them so most are still in ok condition. I wonder what you think I should try and get next?


Prowl 1984
Sunstreaker 1984
Ironhide 1984
Wheeljack 1984 ( 1 shouldercannon broken )
Snarl 1985
Inferno 1985
Smokescreen 1985
Red Alert 1985
Air Raid 1986
Skydive 1986
Fireflight 1986
Slingshot 1986.....but no Silverbolt...
First Aid 1986
Rodimus Prime 1986
Lightspeed 1987
Powermaster Optimus Prime 1988 ( broken socket for truck/hauler connection )
Chainclaw 1988
Fizzle 1988
Skyhammer 1989
Jazz pretender 1989
Battle patrol 1989
Racecar patrol 1989
Countdown 1989
Monstertruck patrol 1990
Hotrod patrol 1990
Metrosquad 1990
Bumblebee 1990
Blaster 1990
Snarl 1990
Sprocket 1990

Blitzwing 1985
Brawl 1986
Swindle 1986
Blast off 1986
Onslaught 1986 Always used Cutthroat because I didnt have Vortex to make Bruticus
Dead End 1986
Breakdown 1986
Wildrider 1986
Dragstrip 1986
Motormaster 1986 so can make Menasor
Slugslinger 1987
Scorponok 1987
Cutthroat 1987
Flywheels 1987
Skullgrin 1988
Octopunch 1989
Stranglehold 1989
Bludgeon 1989
Starscream pretender 1989
Airstrike patrol 1989
Sportscar patrol 1989
Military patrol 1990
Soundwave 1990
Shockwave 1990
Banzai-tron 1990
Gutcruncher 1990
Takeoff 1991
Overlord ??

I want to save this for my son so if by any chance he loves them as much as I did/do there is a nice collection worth keeping.

Ive now bought Megatron and Soundwave with Lazerbeak and think about getting Skywarp and Thundercracker, and the Rumble/Ravage discs so I have most of the "original cast" on the Decepticon side.

Any special Autobot you think I miss? As i wrote, I will try to add pics when I can.
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Re: Collection for my son

Postby skynet1O1 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:28 pm

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Wow, you and I have a similar G1 collection. I love the other ones too but G1 was what I grew up with.
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Re: Collection for my son

Postby Beverios » Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:40 am

Yea, they are great, and really held up, not like other toys ( Dinoriders, M.A.S.K and such )
that often broke kinda easy.

Think I should get Ratchet in some form, Grimlock and maybe Ultra Magnus.
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