How to Transtopia - A Handy Guide

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How to Transtopia - A Handy Guide

Postby Va'al » Mon May 26, 2014 9:24 am

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Hi creatives!

Here at we're always looking for excellent work of the customisation, artistic, photographic and fictional kind, and we have several sections in which you can post your creations. Yes indeed, we take a look at the following:

- Customizations, for anything from small mods and touch-ups to full repaints and kitbashes, and it includes custom Lego or Kre-O builds, too;

- Fan Artwork, is for all your digital, ink, paper, pencil, watercolour creations involving mainly, but not only, Transformers;

- Fan Fiction, for the writers among us, the prose fiction (with some comics thrown in from time to time) section keeps it safe, so no slash, erotica or torture-fest, and always follow the site rules - there is value in some of those stories too, but this is a family site after all;

- Photo Blitz, the visual shortcut, is for all your fancy photowork, from sequential art and photocomics, to funnies and truly good shots (though visit this other thread for a quick fix).

These four sections are part of what we call Transtopia. There is also an additional sub-forum, under Customizations, called Transtopian Discussion, for all your creative needs, requests, tips and anything that you believe encompasses all four of the sections above (and where this post is located).

Transtopian Discussion is also where the staff, mostly Burn and Va'al, post the weekly Creative Roundup. And what is that, I hear you silently clamour? Simple: Every week, the staff look at all the new threads and posts in the entirety of Transtopia and round them all up into one post, with links to the original individual threads. On Sundays, usually, we then make a news post for everyone to see, and offer the spotlight to Transtopia creations from you, our fellow Seibertronians!

To recap: You create a custom repaint, piece of art, or fiction to share and show off. You take photos of it, and upload them to an image hosting site like Photobucket or Flickr. Include the images in your thread, give it a title and wait for the next Creative Roundup, when your new thread will show up on the front page!

It's not based on merit, we include *all* work in the roundup. If we miss something, let us know - it's just a distraction, and nothing personal or intentional!

Feel free to ask questions below, and get posting that great work you have waiting away - we want to see all of it.
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