Kreo Custom G1 Devastator

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Kreo Custom G1 Devastator

Postby cloudballoon » Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:20 pm

After seeing echotransformer's version of Devastator, I went and did my own version of G1 Devastator.

The main difference between his and mine is that I used only 1 Devastator set instead of 2. That's why I have to compromise quite a bit more, especially mixmaster's barrel & Scavenger's wheels tread (used only 1 set). I did borrow parts from my pile of loose bricks left over from other builds to make this though.

Although I don't have enough pieces to make it color accurate, I did my best atm to make each limbs to have a more harmonious instead having different colored pieces all over the place.
This Devastator has a swivel waist, adjustable front&side hip armor pads, adjustable knee pads.

What's notable is the double ball-joints at the ankles for added stability while standing. The double ball-joints lock the front-back movement in the ankles, although it still rotate in/out sideways (it can do a 90 degrees split with the feet still lay flat...but then the ball joints are too weak that it can't stand up at this position and always go for a side split, LOL!). To regain full movements I just have to unhinge the rear ones for action poses. But with such a huge build (it's over a feet tall), even though its can do all kinds of poses -- 180 front/back/side in the hips, over 90 in the knee, and full ball joint in the ankles -- the real posability on the legs is limited due to its weight. It just won't stay put for me to take a photo of without tumbling down.

Hope you enjoy seeing it.

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Re: Kreo Custom G1 Devastator

Postby njb902 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:38 pm

That's just awesome.
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Re: Kreo Custom G1 Devastator

Postby Mindmaster » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:20 pm

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Devastator done right. Fantastic job!

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