Marvel Select Avengers

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Marvel Select Avengers

Postby Insurgent » Sat May 14, 2016 2:55 pm

I picked up the MkVI Iron Man from the Avengers film back in 2012, because Iron Man. It was just meant to be a one off, unless I coul dfind a War Machine to go with him (but not hte IM3 that was a Iron Patriot repaint. For some reason, I don't like the chest on that guy). Anyhoo, recently decided to pick up the rest of the team gradually. To that end, today I picked up Age of Ultron Thor and Black Widow. And you know what? These are some really nice figures. Big enough to have a good presence on the shelf but not too big that you need an entire room devoted to them.

Thor has a great likeness and I don't know when they changed the articulation, but Stark had some pretty naff leg articulation, but the two I picked up today are quire insnae, Natasha especially. She can even get in one of those low to the ground, legs akimbo ready to spring poses she does. The likeness of Natasha is not great, I mean you can tell it's meant to be Scarlet but it's not as good as Thor or Stark. At first, I was going to skip her and wait for them to make a better likeness on a future figure, but then realised it's taken 6 years to get one figure in this scale, poor odds of another coming along.

They also came with a base that sit together. Normally I'm not a fan of bases like this, they take up space, but this one is surprisingly well done. And it's HUGE! Looks like the base they raid at the start of the film, sandbags, reels of cable, boxes and a destroyed turret (i think that's what it is). And the thing is big enough, Stark can comfortably fit in the middle of them.

I definately intend to pick up the rest of the MCU Avengers.
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