Movieverse Shattered Glass Ep. 1

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Movieverse Shattered Glass Ep. 1

Postby p4t » Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:03 am

:BOT: is evil, :CON: is good

Hi guys, today i want to make a story of the movieverese (aka:bayformers) Shattered Glass, this is episode 1:

In this world, it is the opposite...
If the :BOT: are good, here they are evil, they were lead by the evil and merciless 40 feet tall Optimus Prime. He leads his evil :BOT: to destroy the good :CON: .
Their home planet, Cybertron was once a peaceful planet, until and evil unknown cybertronian belived to be named Sentinel Prime manipulated the mischevious Optimus Prime to help him in his plan to destroy the universe. Upon discovering his evil older brother's actions. The good :CON: Megatron (which unfortunatly is only 30 feet tall) recruited some of his most trusted friends such as Starscream, Soundwave, Stinger, and Barricade to team up against the evil :BOT: league. Unfortunatly, the :BOT: has more allies, such as Bumblebee, Ratchet, Jazz, Ironhide, Drift, and Sideswipe. Making this a 7 vs 5. Unfortunatly Optimus Prime's manipulating intelligence allows him to recruit even more evil :BOT: . After an epic battle, Cybertron was destroyed to dust, leaving it's core, the AllSpark flying to a planet named.... Earth.

To be continued in episode 2
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