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Postby f-primus-unicron » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:38 am

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i dont know if i should post this in fanart or customs, because, i have already printed some of the models and there are some photos on the store(will post them here as well...maybe)

i originally posted this on tfw2005 forums but they dont seem to care, so im trying here

im still updating the tfw seccion and will be doing so here as well

Link to Store -> <-Link to Store

(before windblade became the official name of the latest popular idw fembot and comic of the same name, many people already used it for custom weapons, characters, techniques, and i dont know what other things and so i used it as well for my OC, though i might change it because now is hasbro's property, but for now it is still my shapeways store name)


i have no PROFESSIONAL education about 3D design or modelling, but i consider myself somebody with talent, and im very meticulous with everything i design, though sometimes because of that it takes me way more than anyone else to finish a single model.

yeah, i have had models that needed tweaks here and there, and the always present need to improve them, but lets be honest, even the most popular or experienced 3D designers in the tfw2005 forums have had as many problems with their models as me.
and while i have still too much to learn, i've had success with some of my designs, and im not talking about how well they sell but about the actual quality of the product.

the reason i started to do this is because i get annoyed with the fact that there are so many great figures out there, that have such small flaws that if designers worked at least one more hour on it, they would have been AWESOME, so i try to fix those small things.

something i just love to do, is... give my figures whatever gun or accesory that looks good on them

and sometines i make some pretty random ideas i have in mind, just because....

Product LIST:
(note: will be adding some renders and if available, photos of the products later)

some figures have their arms or hands oriented incorrectly, do not have enough articulation, room to move or the right proportion, so i made some joints to fix that

Rotf DLX Cannon Bumblebee Elbow joint ... terialId=6
Status: (Not Tested Yet)
the figure is not exactly the best or the most "popular" Bumblebee of the movie saga
but isn't that bad, i do like it, but those gorilla arms...., this, will fix that, and the best part, is, that it still will be able to transform

Dotm VYGR Ironhide Shoulder Extension ... terialId=6
Status: Good
everybody knows that although a pretty good figure, that shoulder articulation is BAD, so i made a joint that just clips in between the bicep and the actual shoulder, and adds a FULL ball-jointed shoulder, and better proportions overall, still transforms and all,
the one in the photos is made from junker pieces which i replicated almost exactly, the prototype was bought by a friend, and was a little bit loose, and it seem he added so much floor polish or superglue to tighten it up, and he broke not the prototype but ironhide's bicep, though some other people have had the same problem with the figure without my addon.
i have already fixed the addon FIT and thightness

AOE GEN DLX Strafe/Snarl Wrists ... erialId=62
Status: (Not Tested Yet)
just as simple as unpeg the hand, ut the new wrist, and peg the hand back, you now have a properly oriented hand, and it still has decent movement, and can be tucked slightly in the hollow part of the arm(will make an extra joint later to make it completely fold inside, but for now, this is what i came with), it works with snarl too but you have to fiddle with the joints to get the hand look right, if not, it will look pretty weird

MOV 07 DLX Arcee Wrists ... erialId=62
Status: (waiting)
a lovely figure with just one big problem, that many movie figures seem to have, gorilla arms, so i made her baljointer wrists, that will be placed between her hands and the original joint on the arms, that will give her not only full rotation but the hability to completely fold her hands in vehicle mode, and an slightly better arm proportion, work with first editon arcee but since it already has long arms it will make them even longer and look a bit wierd


DOTM DLX Bumblebee Windows ... terialId=4
Status: (Not Tested Yet)
the idea is simple, i dont liked the rally nets hanging from the roof, so i removed them on my figure, and flipped up his regular windows, and noticed they look rather bad, they are at a 90ยบ angle,they dont blend with the vehicle mode curves and look kinda weird, so i designed a pair of windows to replace them and they are at the right angle so they look like part of the vehicle, you still need to cut the rally nets, because of the new angle doesnt allow them to be folded like the original ones


(Alternate Version) ... terialId=6
Status: Successful
the figure really needed his swords so i designed some sets one based on the concept arts and videogame design
another as accurate as possible to the movie appearance, and by request of a friend a modified version that fits the original rotf mold
this are the ones based on the game design and concept arts for the movie
they fit pretty well, and in a twist, they work like a charm for prime rid arcee, they store in vehicle mode in both figures, because they use a 5mm peg, they should work with DOTM sideswipe as well but i dont have the figure so i dont know about storing them in vehicle mode

(Accurate Version) ... terialId=6
Status: Successful
updated version using screenshots and some updated concept arts
but still, i could not replicate the exact cyberglyphs so i just put the letters D I M G(Damn I'M GOOD), in decepticon graffiti so decepticons now he is damn good before those swords cut them
they fit as well arcee but the angle of the tip of the blades does not let the blades come closer for vehicle mode, but at the same time, fit better in sideswipe's, still no clue if they fit or not DOTM sideswipe

(Accurate Version) ... erialId=62
Status: doesn't work with polished alumide, and so the other versions shouldnt
a modified version to work with the ROTF mold, instead a 5mm peg it uses a 3mm peg, 3.5mm at the top, 3mm at the botom to work with the hand design

(Accurate) ... terialId=6
Status: (Not Tested Yet)
im not talking about the mechtech the DOTM comes with or the pistols the HFTD one has, im talking about the actual design of the guns he used in the mexican standoff, i just made them so i dont know if they fit or not in vehicle mode, (at least the HFTD) but using a 5mm peg they should work using the ports on the DOTM figure

ROTF Sideswipe GUNS
(Accurate) ... terialId=6
Status: (Not Tested Yet)
again, edited to work with the rotf version, don't know if they fit or not in vehicle mode

will be redesignin this thread to be better, more compact and easier to read, will be adding more links, images and info for each product
stay tunned
for now, you can still see my current products on my shapeways store(link in signature and at the begining of this post)
thanks for understanding

here is a list:
for starscream rotf voyager class(hand and elbow, weapon set, thrusters with concept claw)NOTE: not even close to fakebuster83's design
ancient mech sword(original version, upgraded version, upgraded version with side peg, upgraded version with rotating peg)
energon prowl rifle(with extra missiles and some deign tweaks)
volt pistols(smal spring loaded pistols, extra missile pack)
springer generations voyager class upgraded swordNot: transform from sword to rotor blade to wierd railgun
battle gatling gun (right and left versions available)
a dice with autobot logo...but no numbers

upcoming projects:
beast hunters voyager class ACCURATE optimus prime head (with transforming battle mask)NOTE: nemesis(custom) and first edition style head too
rotf jolt deluxe class upgrade
dotm jolt deluxe class upgrade
knees, leg armor and better feet for rotf starscream voyager class
ratchet gun and saw blade(two guns and an accurate circular saw)NOTE: 5mm compatible
maybe i will finish that scout class g1 windcharger -_- someday
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