Need help with research for a project of mine

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Need help with research for a project of mine

Postby Sabrblade » Thu May 17, 2018 11:11 pm

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Hey guys, I'm currently working on another of my personal projects and need some help with researching some information for it that has proven to be best acquired through the old-fashioned way of asking people directly instead of just Googling it.

What I am looking for is information about what time of year various school years in the United States began and ended from back in mainly the 1990s.

To anyone here who was in either kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school in the U.S. back during any year from 1990-2000, can you recall around what time of year your school years began and ended? Like, if they started in late August or early September, and ended in either late May or early June.

Specific dates are not necessary, but would be appreciated if you are able to provide them.

And in which state or states (if you attended school in more than one state over the course of that era) were these schools' years in? And which years from 1990-2000 were they? And which grades?

As an example, I myself attended Kindergarten through 3rd grade from 1996-2000, and I definitely recall that those four school years of mine each began during late August and ended near the end of May (I remember May 30th being the last day for at least one or two of my elementary school years, but I don't remember which). The school I went to at the time was (and still is) located here in Florida.

But, since school years vary by state, school district, and other factors, this wasn't the case for everyone else in the country. So, what time of year did your school years begin and end back in the 90s if you were in school back then in the U.S.? And in which state(s) were these schools' years? And when? And what grades were they?
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