Pictorial/written review: Crossover iron man (unreleased tricycle version)

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Pictorial/written review: Crossover iron man (unreleased tricycle version)

Postby bacem » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:00 am

Heya guys!
I got a crossover iron man, particularly the bike mold. According to TFwiki, this mold was cancelled and never saw release, altough the fact that i own this means that is inaccurate. I got this in loose, used condition, so i don't have any packaging and instruction sheet. Anyway, let's start the review!

Vehicle mode:



his vehicle mode is a cybertronian tricycle, with a style that resembles tron bike. Red is a dominating color here, with a lot of curvature on the body, giving him a sleek feel to it.




while it seems to lack paints at first glance, further inspection shows that it has some paint details that helps break the sea of red, like the white reactor on the front and silver details on the exhausts.

Transformation on this particular mold is quite simple and straightforward. In fact, by simply inspecting the pictures on this thread, you should be able to figure out how his transformation works.

Robot mode:



this robot mode is iron man, no doubt. We now see more yellow spread across his body, and really balance out the striking red. His proportion is pretty good, and i like how his exhaust now forms a jetpack on his back.


headsculpt is, well, it is an iron man head, that's for sure. This mold has no lightpiping, and relies on painted eyes. Unfortunately, my copy suffers from sloppy paint on his face. Oh well.



iron man has decent amount of articulations. This enable him to strike a fair amount of poses. Unfortunately my posing sense is on par with hasbro stock photographer at best, so this is all i can show you.

And that concludes my review. Do you feel you missed a good mold? Or do you think the existence of this mold makes no difference? Lemme know what you think, leave a comments. ;)
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