Rank the Transformer films

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Rank the Transformer films

Postby nfvasher619 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:51 am

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where would you guys ranks each transformers film?
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby william-james88 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:12 pm

nfvasher619 wrote:where would you guys ranks each transformers film?

1. 86 Transformers film
2. AOE
3. Transformers (2017)
4. Revenge of the Fallen
5. The Last Knight
6. Dark of the Moon

But to be honest, I dont think I will ever watch any of these live action films ever again in my life in their entirety. Only clips, like the forrest battle or the final showdown in DOTM.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby primalxconvoy » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:20 pm

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nfvasher619 wrote:where would you guys ranks each transformers film?

How can we rank the "films"? There was only one film, which was released in 1989, I believe.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Black Hat » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:29 pm

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For me, it's probably...

#1: 2007 movie. Still holds up pretty well IMO. Only movie I ever watched twice at the cinema too.
#2: Age of Extinction. The only film that really recaptured the magic of the first one. The smaller cast and actual personalities for the Autobots helped.
#3: Dark of the Moon. Some great ideas, and some of my favourite designs (Shockwave, the Dreads) but dragged down by an atrocious love interest and some really cringey moments.
#4: Revenge of the Fallen. Not a good movie by any stretch, but some seriously good fights and the best toyline we've had in a while.
#5: The Last Knight. A total mess of half-baked ideas, unfinished scripts and wasted potential. What makes it extra tragic is it's not without its merits, notably some damn cool designs (unf, that Megatron), interesting designs like WWII TFs, and the unstoppable force of hilarity that is Nitro Zeus. But ultimately no amount of good ideas can make up for the fact that this movie was absolutely abysmal.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Burn » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:31 pm

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primalxconvoy wrote:
nfvasher619 wrote:where would you guys ranks each transformers film?

How can we rank the "films"? There was only one film, which was released in 1989, I believe.

Wot? You make absolutely NO sense. Or are you attempting to be funny by pretending the Bay movies don't exist?
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby primalxconvoy » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:01 pm

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Burn wrote:
primalxconvoy wrote:
nfvasher619 wrote:where would you guys ranks each transformers film?

How can we rank the "films"? There was only one film, which was released in 1989, I believe.

Wot? You make absolutely NO sense. Or are you attempting to be funny by pretending the Bay movies don't exist?

I recommend that you post such questions here:

- the-seibertron-guessing-game-thread--p1934321.php

Far be it for us to post "Guessing Game" content here!
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby ZeroWolf » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:28 pm

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1) 86 movie because of the soundtrack and the moment where Hot Rod becomes Rodimus. It's also good to use an example about underestimating fans.

2) 07 movie I'll echo earlier comments about it still holding up and again I like the soundtrack

3) Age of Extinction yes there was things that bugged me about this film but at the same time I liked it, seeing the dinobots, the new team of autobots and I liked cade

4) Revenge of the Fallen...yes I know all of its failings quite well but there's bits I enjoy and I love the new divide song

5) Dark of the Moon I've never been so bored watching a movie, everything just seemed off.

I haven't seen last knight yet but from what everyone is saying I get the feeling that it won't be getting very high on this list
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Sabrblade » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:21 pm

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Theatrical films only:

#8 - The Last Knight - After the King Arthur/Merlin/Knights part the beginning, the rest of the movie left me completely dead inside

#7 - Revenge of the Fallen - even when you remove all the disgustingly gross potty humor, the remaining plot just ends up being pretty meh.

#6 - Dark of the Moon - Just a very miserable movie overall.

#5 - Age of Extinction - This is not a good movie, but is probably the one that I feel the most neutral about, since for everything I like in it there is an equal amount of things I dislike in it.

#4 - Beast Wars Metals: Convoy's Great Transformation - Just the Beast Wars season 3 episode "Cutting Edge" with the final scene at the end removed and with scenes from the episode "Optimal Situation" placed at its beginning. "Cutting Edge" was always kind of an "eh" episode to me, but not bad. Due to the edits made to it for this Japanese movie version of it, this version feels more disconnected from the rest of the show than the English version did. Still, as a standalone one-off adventure (being even moreso in this version), it's fun as it is.

#3 - The Transformers: The Movie (1986) - This is mostly just a guilty pleasure film as there are a ton of issues with its story and behind-the-scenes reasons for why certain things happened they way they did in this movie. Nonetheless, the animation's stunning and the music's great, but that's about it.

#2 - Transformers (2007) - the only one that feels like an attempt at being a decent movie (not necessarily a decent Transformers movie, but a decent movie movie). Spielberg was the most involved in this one and it shows. Though, at times, the "boy and his car" story and the "alien invaders vs. U.S. military/government" story do seem a bit too separated from one another, but as this was the first attempt at a live action Transformers movie, I can cut it some slack that the sequels don't deserve.

And the number 1 ranked Transformers movie is...

#1 - Beast Wars Special: Super Lifeform Transformers - A triple feature extravaganza that honors the past, present, and future with each installment. "Clash! Beast Warriors" is a fun little recap of Beast Wars season 1 written and edited uniquely enough to almost be a new version of that story. "Lio Convoy's Critical Moment", while slightly at odds with the greater continuity of the Beast Wars Second cartoon, is a very fun and exciting done-in-one adventure that helps develop Lio Junior's personal growth as a character and features both a fearsome new foe in Majin Zarak and a neat bit of fan service in Optimus Primal's special guest star appearance. Not to mention the double Energon Matrix enhanced forms of Flash Lio Convoy and Burning Convoy just oozing with awesomeness. Finally, the preview of Beast Wars Metals in the form of the season 2 episode "Bad Spark" is surprisingly kept relatively accurate to the English version, with only minimal changes and adlibs that were typical of the Japanese Beast Wars dub. Though, Rampage was kind of turned into a joke, but what can you do.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Deadput » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:17 am

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Live action movies only because it makes no sense to put the old 1986 movie among them since it's like comparing Apples to Oranges, if I was to put it on the list it would be at the bottom since the only thing I actually enjoyed was the first 20-ish minutes until after the battle of Autobot city, the rest of the movie was ok but it was boring.

Anyways I'm going to start with DOTM: It had some great mystery stuff, Sentinel was the best villain of the movies, there are some great character moments both Transformer and human and it was the best theatrical experience for me with the best 3d and arguably cgi of the movies and it had my fave Autobot cast even if I like them more of what they could be then what they actually did like Dino is my fave Autobot of the series but that's mostly due to his look and his character in outside material.

2007: One could argue it's the most well made of the movies, I don't got much to say about it that no one else has already said besides how I wished that Longarm and Wreckage were among the cast and that there was 1 maybe 2 small scenes where the Decepticons meet up and establish their personalities a little.

Age of Extinction: I think it had the best Autobot cast character wise as well as another good villain in Lockdown I also liked on how it tried to establish a bit of a universe before TLK botched it up, I consider that film to have the most boring action though, another good thing is that besides that one law scene which wasn't "that" bad the humor wasn't juvenile.

ROTF: Had some pretty bad scenes for sure but most of them were not plot relevant and could be edited out if one had video skills, I consider it to have some of the best action scenes as well as the most interesting and creative character designs.

TLK: I don't hate the film but it's the only one that I'm considerably disappointed with, had some nice ideas, cool designs and characters such as Cogman and Hot Rod (Time gun was awesome) there was some ok action and excluding a couple scenes it had probably the second least offensive comedy, I wished that Topspin and Trench were part of the main Autobot cast, said Autobot cast actually going with Bee and having more scenes, the Dinobots actually having a story role and that most of the Decepticons made it to the final battle (Excluding Mohawk and in this version Berserker), oh and give Dreadbot an Australian accent or some voice and personality that doesn't match his appearance.

Oh and TLK introduced Nitro Zeus my fave Decepticon of the franchise and for that I will always somewhat appreciate TLK for existing.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby EvasionModeBumblebee » Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:43 pm

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Alright, here's my list:

Some of the best action in the series and I really enjoyed the tie-in with the Apollo missions. Not only my favorite TF film but one of my favorite movies ever. There are some moments that are cringy and didn't need to be there, but the positives far outweigh the negatives on this one for me.
2. TF07
While there isn't as much action in this one, It's still a great movie. One of my favorite things about this movie is how threatening the Decepticons are made to be - Blackout wipes out a military base in the beginning, Megatron kills Jazz and beats the tar out of Prime, it takes almost the entire Autobot team to take Brawl down, and Starscream puts dents in Ironhide and Ratchet at the same time after blasting Bee's legs off. This is one of the major things that I felt was missing from the more recent films, particularly TLK.
This is a weird one for me. It has incredible scenes like the forest battle, Bee vs. Rampage, and Optimus vs. The Fallen that are awesome, but it just has so much of that vulgar humor in it that it really drags the film down. I own an edited version of the movie that cuts most of that out, it actually makes it a FAR better movie. I think I actually put ROTF at the bottom of the list in a previous ranking for that reason, but there are still some really cool scenes in this one.
4. TLK
While I do like this one, it has some things that bug me. Some are continuity things (like Hound showing up perfectly fine after Megatron blasts him in the junkyard), but a lot of my issues with the movie come from the fight scenes.The Bee vs. Prime fight was short and they showed almost every second of it in the trailers. My other main problem is with the Decepticons. With the exception of Megs and Barricade, the 'cons just act goofy and get sawed through like butter. There are some things I enjoyed, though. I liked the return of Lennox and Morshower, and the end with all the Autobots fighting Megatron was cool. It's lower on the list, however, because I didn't care much for the medieval storyline and the fight scenes were lackluster compared to the previous films.
5. AOE
This one has grown on me with time but it left me with an empty feeling walking out of the theater. I liked the idea of a smaller Autobot crew that we get more time with, but I didn't find the new Autobots to be as cool looking and interesting as the 'bots we got in '07. The pointless romance sideplot in this one is worse than the others, but I will say I think Mark Wahlberg is a better lead than Shia was. He at least doesn't scream as much. The film was kinda jarring for me at first with Ratchet being brutally killed and then with Prime threatening to kill humans (although I was totally fine with him killing Attinger in the end. He was shooting him to save Cade). The final fight was ok, seeing Bumblebee take on Lockdown was really cool, I just wish they hadn't used the Imagine Dragons song during the fight itself. Jablonsky's a great composer, just let him do his thing. Overall, my least favorite of the bunch - although I still enjoy it.

Although there are a lot of negatives on the lower parts of the list, I still really enjoy these movies and they're without a doubt my favorite part of Transformers. I didn't include the '86 movie but it would be after AOE because I just really don't like that movie.It is sad that the movies may be ending soon, but I can't wait for Bumblebee later this year. Who knows? Maybe it'll do really well and make them rethink the reboot. That being said, I have to give props to Michael Bay for these movies. I can't think of many directors who could've turned Transformers from a toyline in relative obscurity into a 6-movie series that's brought in billions of dollars.

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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby TulioDude » Sun May 06, 2018 11:38 am

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This is one is just awesome.Even after all these yearas,seeing the Transformers springing to life,still gives a feeling of awe.The most balanced of all the films.Everyone gets a chance to shine.

2)Age of Extinction

This one really gets me on a personal level,because it has a lot ofthings I wanted out of the sequels.
-Has a smaller cast like the first film,that its uses in its favor.
The Autobot Squad get more personality.
It has a realistic fallout form the events of Dark of The Moon,if humans weren't pissed of Transformers after that,then something wouldbe wrong.
It has humans character that aren't related to the military,but still fee like they belong on the story,
Its has the Optimus vs Galvatron truckmode chase that I wanted form the previous film
Overall,its a fun movie,Lockdown is a great antagonist.The only thing is that they should't have advertised the Dinobots as the friving force behind the story,it really a story about the Aubots surving in Earth.

3)Revenge of The Fallen

They way this one ups the stakes from the previous film was unexpected for me,but it was great to see.It increased the Transformers screen time.That battle scenes are great to watch.This pace is good.It introduces a bunch of new characters,but I wanted to see them explored more.

4)The Last Knight

The new character are introduced really well,Hot Rod,Cogman,if every time a new Transformer appeared it had the focus that these guys got,the opinion on some of them would be warmer.The Decepticons are threat again,I missed to see them with individuals names.
Unfortunately this movie didn't connect all the lore like the trailers implied it would do.Its gives new backstory,but doesnt delve enough into that.
To be fair,I'm glad the Unicron didn't fully appear more,I didn't want to be someone who only appears at the ending.
A fun film,but for movie five,somethings should have been avoided.

5)Dark of the moon

This one has lots of good things(sentinel Prime plot,the way Soundwave and Laserbeak appear out nowhere,the fights)bu it has a lot things that drags it down(Sam subplot about feeling important,the change in focus from Transformers from the human crew sneaking around the city,Starscream's death scene)
Many put this above Revenge of The Fallen,I do agree that it does somethings better,but the pacing for me kinda bogs it down.The story of Sam in the previous film didnt feel it interrupted the Transformers's story like this.The new characters get more personality,but some of them were used briefly before dissapering.
Still a fun movie,but is a long one and doesn't use its screen time in its all-full potential.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby TurboMMaster » Sun May 20, 2018 7:45 am

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Sabrblade wrote:Theatrical films only:

1) 87 Transformers Movie - propably mostly because This movie actually have STORY, and it's hard to deny, Unicron is still something impressive, even after all these years. They introduced Galvatron, and decided to turn G1 into something more serious.

2) Transformers: The Last Knight - actually, I really enjoyed this movie. Sure, it's not perfect, but by Bayverse standards, the plot is interesting and characters are expressive. It nice to see Megatron as bad ass again. And Anthony Hopkins is always a win.

3) AOE - at least it's a decent summer blockbuster which is fun to watch while drinking, so still, much more than first Bayverse Trilogy.

4) TF 2007 - the only movie from the first trilogy that is actually watchable. But again - maybe only thx to nostalgia?

5) ROTF - I hoped that after the first movie, Michael Bay will improve... I was so naive

6) DOTM - the only good things about this movie is return of Leonard Nimoy and this soundtrack. Not only that movie is boring and bad, it also used to be a conclusion, and it was terrible as a conclusion.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Counterpunch » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:32 pm

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1. Dark of the Moon
2. TF 2007
3. Age of Extinction
3. Revenge of the Fallen
5. The Last Knight

I feel like over all, despite a few flaws, DotM is the best over all film. The Optimus/Sentinel/Megatron dynamic is great. The film is actually nail biting at moments.

The 07 movie would probably be tops for me if it had more robot screen time.

RotF and AoE are a tie to me. Both have some good elements to their designs but suffer from some awful plot points.

TLK is a horrible movie, bloated and nonsensical.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Rysquad » Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:24 pm

Strictly Live-Action (since this is the Live Action Film Forum)?

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
3. Transformers
4. Transformers: Age of Extinction
5. Transformers: The Last Knight


I have DOTM at number 1 because IMO, it has the storyline that matched the original G1 cartoon the most. The city battles were fun (and I don't mind some Decepticons were taken out by humans).

ROTF could have been better but I feel like that writer's strike got in the way. Dead silent in the theater when Prime dies.

The first film needed more scenes with the Autobots. I get the storytelling, the boy and his car, seeing the film from the human point of view. Probably cheaper to do it that way.

I hated the portrayal of the Dinobots in AOE - the movie could have probably done without them. And I was put off by Optimus' lines about killing humans.

If I could rank TLK lower, I would. The. Worst. One.
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Combat Zero » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:31 am

I don’t care about the live action films much, but if I had to rank from tolerable to unwatchable it would be:
1. Transformers (2007)
2. Dark of the Moon
3. The Last Knight
4. Revenge of the Fallen
5. Age of Extinction (it is so boring, I felt asleep halfway)
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Re: Rank the Transformer films

Postby Nacelle » Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:25 pm

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1. Predacons Rising: I felt it was a pretty great conclusion to my favorite TF series. Yeah it did sorta mismarket itself (as did the third season of the show) by making predaking and actual predacons out to be the main antagonists but tbh I'm glad they focused more on the established characters and introduced a few new ones instead of completely overhauling the cast.

2. The 1986 Movie: compared to the show, animation was great and color errors we're far fewer. Admittedly the deaths of the Autobots at the start were too rushed as they went down way to easily but, overall, it was pretty enjoyable. Particularly since it made megatron and later Galvatron actually seem threatening instead of guys who scream call for a retreat all the time.

3. The 2007 movie: it's a pretty enjoyable dumb action movie. The action is pretty cool and, unlike the sequels, there's a countable number of characters (even thought they don't have a whole.lot of personality). The whole point was to be a dumb action movie and it was fairly enjoyable as such.

4. Age of Extinction: at least interesting compared to rotf and dotm. Not really good but still.

5. Revenge of the Fallen: all over the place with some cool scenes like the forest battle.

6. Dark of the Moon: revenge of the fallen by worse basically.

7. The Last Knight: ok I thought about whether to put this one higher because it's almost funny just how messy and rushed the plot is. İt felt like the writers just took random concepts from all over transformers history and just shoved them all into one film, alongside a ton of random new stuff. Not that I mind new plot etc. I actually like the whole thing with transformers having been in Earth's history. But it hardly feels like a transformers movie. All the live action movies focused more on the humans than the actual transformers, but this one is by far the worst case. The majority of the action scenes involve the TRF (transformer reaction force). The majority of Autobots do nothing for most of the movie. And half the deceptions are killed in seconds. Literally. They give them these extravagant intros, and hype up this intense battle, and then the deceptions don't do ****. At least in the other films most deceptions got to at least fire or punch something or have some sort of fight scene before going down. But half the deceptions here skip that and go straight to dying. The plot is so genuinely messy though that I actually burst out laughing multiple times at how ridiculous it was. Still, gonna put it as lowest .
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