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Motto: ""It is all about pain.""
Weapon: Fusion-Powered Anti-Gravity Gun

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Military Operations Commander
Alt. mode: Ray-gun
Weapons: Built-in gunbarrel, replacing left hand
Special Abilities: Total command of the electromagnetic spectrum; ability of generate variable rays from infrared to ultraviolet and so on.
Height: 35ft / 10.68 m
Quote: "Clarity of thought before rashness of action."

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 10
Dexterity: 07
Speed: 08
Endurance: 09
Courage: 09
Firepower: 10
Accuracy: 10
Melee: 09
Tech Skill: 10
Charisma: 07
Rank: 09

Profile: Of all the Decepticons, Shockwave's method of operation is most characterized by the cold, brutal efficiency one would expect of a purely mechanical being. He enters every battle not with the bloodlust of his comrades, but with a scientist's approach to solving a problem. He seeks Megatron's position of supremacy over the Decepticons not because his ego demands it, but because his logic-circuits dictate it. He feels Megatron's all-consuming thirst for power only hinders its achievement. With smug certainty Shockwave believes the reins of Decepticon power will inevitably be his - after all, he reasons, its only logical.

An ancient mechanoid even by Transformer standards, Shockwave has seen much. He has gone from a celebrated hero of the liberation wars against the alien oppressors of times nearly forgotten, to a reclusive scientist during the Golden Age of Cybertron. However, this phase of voluntary reclusion, had been a choice - an experiment of his, run by his endless logic driven thirst for knowledge. With the stagnation of the evolution of the Transformers species and growing corruption within the senate, Shockwave finally drew a conclusion that in order to accelerate the evolution of Transformers species to be able withstand the challenges of the future he had to take more active role in Cybertron's development.

This proved to be a difficult task. His reclusion from the Cybertronian society had severed whatever ties to power he had once held and despite of his immense power he could not openly challenge the senate. The opportunity rose with the rise of the underground gladiator circuit. And particularly through one specific Transformer whose success in the arenas had started to gather hundreds of followers in a very short time - Megatron. Megatron's followers were connected not only through violence but they exercised rebellious if not controlled behavior towards ruling class of Cybertron as well. Convinced that Megatron was the stimulant that would free Cybertron from its stagnant, eroding society. Shockwave orchestrated a deliberate operation of arming Megatron's burgeoning army with advanced weapons through a wealthy, corrupted senator Ratbat who merely saw it as a chance to increase his own wealth.

The trust Shockwave had placed on Megatron did not go to waste for soon the gladiator turned rebel leader decimated the senate and took control of the city state of Kaon. Not long after, Shockwave made his presence known to the young tyrant and pledged his allegiance to him after a lengthy conversation which convinced Shockwave that the two shared similar goals. For thousands of vorns Shockwave served Megatron as his second in command. A military operations commander specialized in maintaining and fortifying all aspects of the Decepticon military, overseeing supply and communication lines as well as weaponry, ships, and bases. He was adept at maximizing available resources and seeking out every possible advantage in any situation.

While the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons originally served Shockwave's intentions, producing battle hardened soldiers and new technology in relatively short time, it eventually became apparent the war was consuming Cybertron's resources in equally rapid space. After several attempts of repairing the balance by trying to convince Megatron to change his approach to the war, Shockwave soon drew a conclusion that Megatron's way was too wasteful and his obsession of crushing the Autobots harmful to Cybertron and Shockwave's own grand scheme. Megatron was no longer fit to lead. Shockwave's logic circuits reached a conclusion that the only way to reach the optimum results was through overthrowing Megatron and becoming the leader of the Decepticons himself. However, Shockwave was not ready to challenge Megatron for his calculations proved them to be evenly matched. The risk of losing was too great, thus an edge had to be gained to ensure his victory. Shockwave began methodically isolating himself from the active frontline duty, focusing on logistics and scientific pursuits while letting Starscream to take his place in the frontline as Megatron's closest lieutenant.

During this time he did many experiments that led to discoveries such as the triplechanger process and transwarp drive. Yet, the definite advantage over Megatron still avoided him while Cybertron itself was running out of time. Desperate to save the homeworld of the Transformers and its vast storages of knowledge, Shockwave began studying on accelerating an energon seeding process he had originally began under Jhiaxus' tutelage - thus visiting various suitable worlds seeded in the past with experimental energon substances in hopes of creating a way to refresh Cybertron's energy storages and gaining an access to energon potent enough to overthrow Megatron. His plans never came to fruition as the revengeful Dynobots assaulted him as he was about to finish investigating the results of his earlier seeding of Earth with seemingly the most potent patch of experimental energon. Despite eventually proving to be too much for the Dynobots to handle, Shockwave and his plans were buried along with the Dynobots as Grimlock's designated failsafe against Shockwave's potential victory was activated. Resulting in the Dynobot ship on the orbit of the planet firing the nearby volcano - causing an eruption which buried Shockwave along with the Dynobots.

Abilities: Among the Decepticons. Shockwave's power is said to be second only to Megatron's and even this has been questioned. His total command of the electromagnetic spectrum allows him, in his ray-gun mode, to emit a coruscating beam of energy in a wide variety of forms: high-energy explosive gamma rays, x-rays that allow him to see through almost anything, blinding visible light, super-hot infrared rays and radio waves that can either send messages or jam other radio signals are but a few of the weapons in Shockwave's arsenal. He is also able to emit many of these rays from his single optic in robot mode. Shockwave remains size consistent with his robot mode when he transforms to his alternate mode, a ray-gun, that is, more than 40 feet long. He can fly in either mode using powerful jet thrusters in his boots (which become the handle in his ray-gun mode) and is easily able to reach speeds common for human jetfighters. Being a product of an era where energon was more plentiful, Shockwave's energon consumption is much greater than most of the other Transformers of his size. However this does not turn into a weakness as long as Shockwave has an access to hydrogen that he is able use to fuel a small fusion reactor installed into his midsection.

Weaknesses: Weaknesses: Although his logical brain center is usually an advantage, more intuitive and emotional thinking processes often confound him, particularly when his adversary is human.
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