Tear Your Soul Apart (Slog)

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Tear Your Soul Apart (Slog)

Postby Fires_Of_Inferno » Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:33 pm

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Continued (somewhat) from the-sweet-suffering-slog-t51163s100.php

Subject Name: Slog
Crime: Multiple Murder
Sentence: Spark extraction and imprisonment for an indefinite amount of time

""Slog suffers from a unique form of dementia where he sees potential artwork in the structures of other creatures, and that only by releasing that potential can a work of art come through. It appears that, to Slog, "releasing that potential" means extensive mutilation that can vary from precise and surgical, to savage rending. Either way, it requires the death of the subject."

He is not at all the type who I would normally consider for this sort of procedure. His gruesome affinity for horrific carnage left a trail of gore from Kaon, Vos, and Polyhex, until the Autobot authorities finally caught up with him in Tarn. Not that his path was hard to follow, but he had a way of disappearing just before he could be discovered. Again, very poor stock.

However, his CNA is the only one in the maximum security center that is compatible with the others, with some minor modifications of course. Hopefully it will turn out successful, unlike my last experiment. His CNA has been segmented with some sequences replaced and some removed, enhancing his abilities and adding in the fusion sequencer.

Sometimes, I wonder what it's like to be one of my experiments. My body altered, my spark changed, to have my very being taken apart piece-by-piece. I imagine it would be interesting but... unpleasant. Thankfully that is something I need not worry about. The CNA restructuring cycle is almost finished."

The stooped Cybertronian got up from his desk and made his way to a large pod with carious tubes and wires connecting from seemingly random spots in his laboratory. He pressed a button on the control console and the metallic wall changed from an opaque dark blue to transparent. Within, held up by a metal harness and with his cranial chamber panels opened with wires sticking into it, was Slog. His exo-structure had changed, but he was still recognizable. A few more keystrokes and the harness descended so the creature was set down on his feet, and the pod slowly opened with a mechanical hiss.

"Subject Slog, Component G-006, Awaken!"

The hunched scientist commanded. At first there was no response, then the soft crackle of an energon pump came as the commands' reply. Mechanical whirring and a soft grinding came from the gold and black Cybertronian as his optic flashed to life. He made no movement, taking in his surroundings before slowly raising his head. He recognized Senator Jhiaxus standing before him at the console of the pod he was in. With a grin, the smaller mech replied.

"What's your pleasure, sir?"
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