TF Web Stores: Countries Based In?

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TF Web Stores: Countries Based In?

Postby shajaki » Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:53 pm

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ive been ordering a lot of transformers in the past year. if not from ebay, then big bad toystore since their "pile of loot" feature was appealing. but lately (id say my last three shipments) i have had to pay customs charges usually to the tune of 50-60 bucks. im in canada, and i know bbts is american based. the lady at my post office told me that customs will probably ding me on anything over a value of 150 bucks. if this is true (and history leads me to believe) then the pile of loot feature is kind of redundant. this doesnt really bother me anyways as bbts's prices are usually slightly higher that everyone else anyways.

so ive been looking at the other big online retailers and trying to find what countries theyre based in, and some websites are hard to navigate. so ill share what i know and im asking for help to identify the ones i cant. thanks in advance!

toy arena: USA
hobby link japan: japan
yahobby: china
kapow toys: england
ehobby base shop: china
ages 3 and up: canada
aces toy store: USA
tf source: USA

toy moda: ?
chimungmung: china(?)
robot kingdom: ?

if anyone knows any other great sites ive missed feel free to post them!
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