The orbit: Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

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The orbit: Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Postby Cryhavok » Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:34 pm

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Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Hundreds of vorns had passed since Shockwave had been onboard of a Decepticon battlecruiser for the last time. Apparently, much had not changed. The Thanatos was an ancient ship by terms of most races. While slightly smaller build than the Nemesis, Thanatos was nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. Reliable and powerful, able to lay siege on a planet like Earth with ease and if necessary, burn all the life from the planet. Shockwave certainly knew this, for he had designed the ship and put it through a number of aggressive trials before it had been officially enlisted to the fleet, after all Thanatos had been the first of its class. Had Megatron commenced more ships of Thanatos' class to be built since Shockwave's own disappearance - the military operations commander did not know. What he did know was the complete layout of the ship, which allowed him to navigate into the bridge with ease.

Recovering from the effects of an orbital bounce faster than most Transformers, Shockwave had not stayed to wait for the others and was thus the first to arrive to the command bridge. Sitting down on the command throne, Shockwave interfaced directly with the ship and began to run full system diagnosis while accessing all the databanks of the ship simultaneously. Being one with a weapon of power such as the Thanatos was always tempting. The thought of eliminating Megatron through a precision strike against the command bunker of Mt. Saint Helens was compelling to say the least but considering his current position, he needed to prove himself again in the optics of the other Decepticons before he could challenge Megatron. Otherwise they would more likely just turn against him rather than follow him.

While perfectly able to pilot this ship alone through sub-routines he had installed to the ship ages past, Shockwave opted to wait for the other Decepticons to arrive and take their positions. It was better to let them to live in the belief that a ship like Thanatos required a minimum crew of 3 to operate.

"Take your positions." Shockwave commanded as the various Decepticons began entering the bridge. "Prepare the transwarp drives and keep the ship cloaked. Target: Cybertron."
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Re: The orbit: Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Postby Ember » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:51 pm

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Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Razorclaw moved along behind Shockwave and Blackwind. The Seeker femme seemed to be on the Shockwave’s heals. Seemingly she was to keep a close optic on him; she was, after all, Megatron’s pet. He would have to make sure he stays out of whatever Megatron wants her to watch, this way he keeps his nose clean in the optics of the Supreme Leader. Razorclaw watched as Shockwave took his place on the command throne. The Predacon Commander swiftly made his way to the helm and began an interface with the Thanatos’ computer systems.

Razorclaw nodded when he received Shockwave’s command. He engaged the cloaking device and began the process to engage the transwarp drive. All he needed was the navigator to input the coordinates to their home world.

She kept in pace with Shockwave as he made his way onto the bridge of the Thanatos. Once he took up his position on the command throne Blackwind took up hers directly next to the throne. She crossed her arms over her chest and watched as the various other Decepticons made their way to their assigned stations.

As she watched the cogs of this machine working together her mind began to wander. Her thoughts were filled with scenic pictures of Cybertron the way she had known it. To be back would truly be most welcome. But she had to keep her processors on her tasks; she had to watch every move Shockwave made, and she needed to keep an optic on the scientist Thunderwing.

It was strange that she had never heard of his experiments before, then again she was no scientist. She did, however, find his latest discovery very intriguing. The use of a carapace to shield against the inhospitable conditions of the planet was ingenious; she had to pick Thunderwing’s processor to find out exactly how he did it.

A slight smile made its way to her delicate features as she thought of the scientist and his accomplishments. She quickly looked about her to make sure no one had noticed her moment of deficiency. She caught her composure and re focused her attention on Shockwave and her mission.
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Re: The orbit: Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Postby Smokescreen85 » Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:33 am

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Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Divebomb materialized on the orbital bounce platform and quickly followed the others through the corridors with his cache of ammunition in tow. He made a slight detour to the ship’s armory where he dropped off the ammo and weapons he had taken from the Mount St. Helens base. Once everything was secured and in their proper place, the flying Predacon hurried to the bridge where he knew the others would already be waiting.

Divebomb stepped through the bridge doors and looked around to see that Shockwave was already on the command throne with his babysitter, Blackwind, by his side. Once the cycloptic mech gave his orders and Razorclaw had taken the helm, Divebomb knew exactly what to do. Without further delay, the flying Pred made his way to the navigator’s station and took a seat. Razorclaw had already engaged the cloaking device and begun powering up the transwarp drive. All that was needed now was to input the coordinates to Cybertron.

Divebomb accessed the computer terminal in front of him and quickly plotted a course for their recovering homeworld. He then turned to Razorclaw and nodded. “I have inputted the coordinates for Cybertron, sir. Navigational systems are ready for departure.”
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Re: The orbit: Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Postby FuzzymusPrime » Fri Oct 09, 2009 1:10 pm

Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Swindle took up his position at the weapons console. He knew it was unlikely he would be using any of the awesome firepower of this vessel, Shockwave seemed intent on stealth and speed, but it would be prudent to run some diagnostics anyway, which would give him some idea of what this cruiser was capable of.

Phaser Cannons, Distruptor Arrays, Ion Torpedoes...Wow, this is one impressive piece of engineering, and it seems to be tightly designed too. You wouldn't really be able to sell pieces of the ship, you'd have to sell the whole thing as one piece.

"All offensive and defensive systems are at full efficiency, Commander Shockwave. We can go from total cooldown to full battle readiness within 37 kliks, should you command it."
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Re: The orbit: Decepticon Battlecruiser Thanatos

Postby Ember » Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:12 pm

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Decepticon Battle Cruiser Thanatos

Razorclaw initiated some last minute diagnostics and then looked to Divebomb after the Predacon flier announced he had entered the coordinates and that they were ready for departure. Razorclaw nodded and then moved the Thanatos out of Earth’s orbit. Within moments the battle cruiser was far enough away from the planet’s orbit that the Predacon Commander initiated the transwarp drive. Seconds later the Thanatos was on its course back to Cycbertron
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