The TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE Comes to Theaters Nationwide on September 27 Only Courtesy Fathom Events

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Re: The TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE Comes to Theaters Nationwide on September 27 Only Courtesy Fathom Events

Postby NTESHFT » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:14 pm

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I got my ticket. And not a moment too soon....only 5 seats left for my local theater....... I begged and begged to go see it when originally came to theaters but my parents wouldn't do it. My grandma bought me a a vhs.....well multiple copies....I wore out 2 copies I think.....
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Re: The TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE Comes to Theaters Nationwide on September 27 Only Courtesy Fathom Events

Postby Rodimus Prime » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:06 am

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How do we get the posters? At the theater when we show up for the movie?
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Re: The TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE Comes to Theaters Nationwide on September 27 Only Courtesy Fathom Events

Postby Bumblevivisector » Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:12 pm

I turned 5 in the summer of 84, and got Sludge that Christmas, but with so many awesome toy properties at the time, TF didn't really stand out as a favorite. Fans younger than I probably don't understand just how many other transforming/combining robot toy lines there were at the time, in every big-box, drug store, or Five & Dime, so it took a while for TF to pull away from the pack with its superior designs and fiction. I actually liked Thundercats and Voltron better than the pre-Movie cartoon, but my mom thought the former were sexually suggestive or something, and that the latter had too much satanic symbolism (not understanding who the bad guys were, I guess), so when I got in a fight in 1st grade over which Voltron was better, they decided to encourage my budding TF fixation and routinely buy me the mini-vehicles and cassettes, in hopes that I'd shut up about Voltron (dad bought me the big die-cast Lion Force toy anyway). I mailed away for an Ominbot and Powerdasher, which gave Hasbro an address to send that S.T.A.R.S. advance movie poster to, well before the first TV ads. There was never any doubt we would see TF:TM ASAP.

Funny, the only reaction I recall from other kids was the shout of "Laserbeak!" when the first recognizable character flew out. If there were any screams and crying when Op died, I must have been too stunned to notice. At age 7, I'd already gotten cynical enough to know the cartoon barely had continuity from one ep to the next, and that trailers always made movies look cooler than they actually were. So the question "Does Prime die?!?" was met with an understanding that nothing would actually change, so of course not. Therefore, seeing this in the theater in '86 was the only time a movie actually shocked me by being several times better than whatever I was expecting going in, an effect I will never experience again. Sure I liked Optimus, but maybe because my dad's the most stable guy on earth, I was fine with surrogate-father-figure-leader dying a heroic death and passing leadership on to a younger character I could actually identify with. And most of the other deaths amounted to characters whose toys were so clunky I never wanted them being replaced by cooler-looking new guys, so I was perfectly fine with it. Violence finally had consequences, including a better story and characters! And since my parents mostly played folk and country, the music was this huge breath of fresh air; I wouldn't budge from my seat until the credits were completely over, I just didn't want it to end.

As we walked out, the last family to do so: "I didn't know a movie could be that good!"

"Yyyyyeah, we're picking the movie next time." I think they may have actually said it in unison.

And when new eps of the cartoon came back, I realized it didn't have to end, and Transformers has been my favorite thing ever since. Animation quality apparently didn't register with me at age 7, but I genuinely liked where season 3's story went way more than in the first 2 seasons. And you know what? Rodimus Prime was actually a better leader; cartoon Op led his troops into certain death only to be saved by circumstances beyond his control at least two times too many for my taste. When we got a VCR for Christmas of '87, TF:TM was the first movie we ever rented, but I didn't get my own copy until early '98, from a video store that closed not too long afterward.

Saw it on the big screen once more at BotCon 2000, but will damn sure be seeing it at an AMC next month!
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