'How to take out a Bounty' information

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'How to take out a Bounty' information

Postby The Huntmasters » Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:47 am

Cybertronians, now we have our ever growing group of Licensed hunters, its time to put them to work.

Click the link for more details. Please note, anyone may collect on these bounties, however unlicensed hunters will not be credited or entered into any future score charts.

Is there anyone here who you despise? Another Heavy Metal Warrior within your faction who steals your kills, a warrior who you feel deserves a painful death, or an enemy who's death you wish to publicly announce?

Here is your chance.

Step 1: Placing a bounty on your enemy.

Copy the form from the green 'code box' below and fill in the relevant boxes with an 'X', using the quoted form as a reference.

Then post it in this thread in the case of a public bounty, or PM it to The Huntmasters if you wish to keep it private.

Code: Select all
[b]Applicant Name [/b]:
• Do you wish your name to be disclosed? [ ] Yes [ ] No
• Do you wish this bounty to be disclosed publicly? [ ] Yes [ ] No

[b]Name of intended target[/b] :
• Do you wish to place this bounty on the entire team? [ ] Yes [ ] No

[b]Do you wish this to be a public or privately listed bounty?[/b] [ ] Private [ ] Public

[b]State the time period you want this bounty to be open for[/b]:

[b]Value of Bounty (in Energon)[/b]:

[b]First legal mission/arena log numbers[/b]



Applicant Name :
• Do you wish your name to be disclosed? [ ] Yes [ ] No
• Do you wish this bounty to be disclosed publicly? [ ] Yes [ ] No
(Public disclosure will alert your target that a bounty has been placed upon them)

Name of intended target :
• Do you wish to place this bounty on the entire team? [ ] Yes [ ] No
• If no, please list the names of the individual bots you wish the bounty to be placed on.
(Please also provide links to targeted team/bots)

Do you wish this to be a public or privately listed bounty? [ ] Private [ ] Public
• If privately listed, please provide the name(s) of the bounty hunter whose services you wish to engage.
(Please note that a publicly listed bounty means any bounty hunter may accept the contract)

State the time period you want this bounty to be open for:
(By default a bounty will remain open for 1 month, if not claimed by then it will be automatically closed. Be sure you have left enough time for the hunter to complete the job.)

Value of Bounty (in Energon):
• It is advised that you read the guidelines regarding costing of bounties
(Please state again whether it's for a team or individual bot(s) or both)

First legal mission/arena log numbers
• Look on your mission entry screen and copy the top mission link here, all bounty claims will need to from mission/arena logs after that number.
(This is to prevent people 'saving up' logs for future use)

Please note, we have extended the default bounty duration to 1 earth month, and recommend when setting a bounty that you allow a minimum of 2 days per individual target.

Step 2: Paying for the kill

Payments are to be handled on trust if the contract is between members of the same faction. If the contract is between members of different faction, payment will be handled by the Huntmasters, who will be in contact when the bounty is filled.

Below are the guidelines for how much an individual robot is worth. Multiply this by 12 if you wish to place a bounty on an entire team.

Transmission wrote:Bounty Guidelines, per individual target
Standard bounties as rates by Power level as set by Hunters consent.
These are not mandatory, but keep these enforced where possible to ensure all hunters are working to the same standards.

Lvl 0 = €500
Lvl 1 = €1,000
Lvl 2 = €2,000
Lvl 3 = €3,000
Lvl 4 = €4,000
Lvl 5 = €5,000

Anything above level 5 is negotiated on a case-by-case basis between client and hunter.

Step 3: Licensed Hunters Guidelines

  • Bounties can be set on individual Transformers, an entire commander's team, a specific altmode, or any combination of the above as may times as is desired in a single contract.
  • Public Bounties
    - A hunter does not need to post to say he undertaking a bounty
    - Unlicenced hunters are welcome to attempt to collect any public bounty
  • Private bounties
    - These must remain private until after completion and can only be be disclosed afterwards at the clients request
    - Only Licensed hunters can undertake Private Bounties legally
    - All Private Bounty applications must be brokered thorugh The Huntmasters to count.

Bounty Hunting questions? Try here.

Bounty Hunting Licence applications go here...
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Thanks, The HMW Staff.
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